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    Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
    4:18 pm
    .*.you'll love each other, or you'll hate each other, but you'll never be just friends.*.
    hey guys im glad i finally got this thing up and working lol it took me a while im not very good with computers lol yeh well today was my first day back to school from spring break yeah i had a butt load of make up work from yesterday and we got interums today i did good im so glad lol :) yeah but my day wasnt that great the strap on one side of my backpack broke lol and same thing happend to my purse it was freak but yeah! yup im pretty durn bored lol nothing to do..... im going to relay for life saturday and sunday yes!! staying out all night with out parentals that i know! lol yup well i dont have much more to say so ill ttyl luv ya babes x3]] AlExXxXxXx!!!!

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: everybody in the club gettin tipsy