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Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
10:25 am - I need a vacation.....
Putting up with a VERY upset Severus last night. I wonder if Severus realizes I side with Loo on this... better keep it quiet though don't want to have him yelling at me most likely because I have no qualms smacking him around. No matter how much I love him. Lunarians, are Lunarians are soul-mates, lifemates are all decided LONG before we even come into existence. So Angius pissed off the Potters/Weasleys and so forth Sevvie does that mean you rather have Tivona depressed or even dead??

*Scowls* No... but...

No buts! What done is done but at least support them, Goddess know they're going to need it in the months to come. I hope they enjoy Hawaii this weekend though, they both need a break. Athena, only knows what Tivona has been through this last month being turned back into a teenager and such, so let them be happy!

I think I'll go visit my husband and wife for the rest of the weekend, I miss them terribly not to mention I wish to give Solstice a giant big hug. My little bookworm sent us all a copy of a faery story she's working on, I think I saw Tivvy drooling over it precious. Loo stared at it for a moment before he got death glares all around, than he decides to read it.

So Braed, Bella.. keep the bed warm for me. I'll just send Mr. Pissed off back to Loo and come straight home!


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