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    Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
    8:25 pm name is bran...don.
    sorry ladies, i've just been busy with alot of homework, regular work, sex work, drama, booze and adventure. minus the sex, the drama, the booze, and the adventure.

    I had tracy in the backseat of her boyfriend's cadillac (hi matt).

    it's about time i go to a party now. start on that booze and adventure

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: alkaline trio
    Saturday, April 26th, 2003
    12:59 am
    wow do i suck at this or what!
    Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
    10:27 pm
    "a kiss?" "no" "a kiss?" "maybe" "a kiss?" "yes"
    so i guess when i wrote "birthday update soon" i really meant "birthday update sometime in the future when i finally take time to sit down and write it all out"

    i promise at some p;oint i will write it all down and itll be the greatest entry youve ever read

    it does involve nudity. just so you know because you wanted to

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: commercial on tv
    Monday, February 24th, 2003
    10:59 pm
    i am alive. just barely
    birthday update soon

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Current Music: the fire theft - its over
    Thursday, February 13th, 2003
    12:58 am
    my birthday
    is tuesday. buy me things. like alcoholic beverages because i will be old enough to legally drink them

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: forever ending- forget the streets
    Sunday, February 9th, 2003
    10:40 pm
    whatever kyle i had i got. i am now working two jobs. going to school full time. playing in a shitty band. ive been to sick and busy for this journal. but here i am at maximum voltage to tell you whats been happening. i know youve all been dying inside awaiting the news of how the date went. so ill put you out of your misery and tell you.

    so the date went okay. but one night stands just dont work out. no no sex was had. not even a kiss. i got the distinct impression she didnt like me as much as i like her. we ended up seeing lord of the rings and going to eat after. but like i said i dont think she really liked me in that way. i ran into her last week at denny's. she was with two of my friends jen and jess. they were leaving just as i got there though. and i found out from jen that she's into someone else. she said tracy likes me but shes been all about this other guy for a while now. so i guess im out of the running. but. jen also said tracy has a blurty and livejournal. but she wouldn't tell me her names. im not going to search either because im not one to invade privacy. well enough about that before depression settles in.

    the problem with being in a band with a bunch of guys that are older than you is that they are all two steps closer to quitting than you are. i really doubt dave's commitment to really going all the way with this. it really bothers me cause this is what i want to do with my life and now its being put on the back burners. i have a feeling that its never going to happen with this group cause even i can't get it really moving.

    i don't know in which direction my life is going right now and in a way i've always liked it that way...but i want some general idea. im scared that my musical career is going to lead me nowhere just like dave and brian feel theirs have. i hope i can find a way out of this dead end street.

    other than shitty girl and band stuff ive been working my usual shitty job plus one at papa john's. which isnt so bad but im dreaming about pizza constantly. ive also been writing papers for school in my free time.

    as of right now, my life officially sucks

    by the way. jens burty is "hotwaterjuly" and jess's is "shomehowtoshine" so feel free to try and find tracy's journal and tell me what she's thinking... im not invading her privacy if its not actually physically me lurking... right?

    Current Mood: shit
    Current Music: starting line - a goodnights sleep
    Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
    10:46 pm
    the girl who gave me a flower
    i am talking to her online right now.

    IHopeYouRFalling: so what did you do last weekend?
    EmotionsDelayed: i went to a local show
    IHopeYouRFalling: so did i
    EmotionsDelayed: seriously? was it fordirelifesake and before i go?
    IHopeYouRFalling: was.
    EmotionsDelayed: no shit
    EmotionsDelayed: i didnt see you there at all
    IHopeYouRFalling: yeah.. i was off being fetal in some corner...

    i didnt see her at all though! i came at the end (well snuck in) for the last two bands but the place wasnt big youd think i would have seen her. that sucks.

    ok i am going for it...

    EmotionsDelayed: maybe we could go see a movie friday night
    IHopeYouRFalling: okay sweet

    i dont even know how to ask a girl on a date without sounding like a fucking moron. if my band wasnt shit i could invite her to a show. but she said yes so my life is perfect. a girl saying yes on a date with me. it doesnt happen often folks so lets observe a moment of silence in its honor.

    thank you.

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: before i go - forgetting to forget(?)
    Sunday, January 12th, 2003
    6:26 pm
    people think im interesting!
    probably only because i write about the interesting parts of my days here. you dont know that i actually sit in class and work all day and when im not in class or working all day, i am not studying i am practicing with my band. speaking of, kyles got the flu or something else really bad so no practice this week or probably next. and lemme tell you, we need that practice.....

    and i just noticed this, but i got this blurty a couple months ago and no one hardly ever responded. now the whole blurty community (minus the celebrities) are coming by. maybe because ive just now started to respond to other people...but i just caught that and thought it was weird

    Current Mood: confused
    Thursday, January 9th, 2003
    8:17 pm
    annoyances of the moment
    why does everyone on here make their journals friends only and then say if you are worthy or up to par, they will add you? why would anyone want to be added when they dont even know if they like the journal they are trying to be added to? and why are there so many goddamn celebrity journals?

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: smashing pumpkins
    Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
    11:08 pm
    hot chicks driving
    today was one of those days. you may not know what kind of day im talking about. ive only experianced it twice now. its called the hot chick driving day. see its like this. your driving and you look in a car and the chick driving is totally hot. nothing special. maybe 6 cars later...another hot chick driving. soon every other car is being driven by a hot chick. wow i musta seen like 15 hot chicks. it was great. i hope one day you can experiance this miracle of the modern day.

    my family is so nuts. my dad was throwing a hissy-fit over his lost mag-light. haha. then my brother started throwing a hissy-fit over the fact that my dad was having a hissy-fit. my mom started throwing a minor hissy-fit cause everyone else was having a hissy-fit. "IF I HEAR THE WORD HISSY-FIT ONE MORE TIME IM GONNA PISTOL-WHIP SOMEONE!" haha good times.

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: smashing pumpkins- ava adore
    Sunday, January 5th, 2003
    11:54 pm
    today at band practice mike and i argued about this song we've been working on forver because we just cant seem to make it flow right. so i guess we're ahving "creative differences" but adam said he was talking shit about me a couple days ago so when i confronted him about it he told me he was just mad but everythings fine now. i let it go but hes still acting like hes got a stick up his ass. i always thought he didnt really like me but has to because were in a band together. like he just thinks im a talantless fuck and am only in the band because kyles my best friend. not that theres anything that makes me think he thinks that. but what is there to make me think he doesn't?

    now im just talkin out my ass...

    i do that sometimes

    Current Mood: restless
    Current Music: green day - tired of waiting for you
    Friday, January 3rd, 2003
    11:41 pm
    last night at like 3 in the morning after going to a party (and i use that term loosely) me and kyle decide to stop at farmer jacks to pick up some snacks. as we're leaving this girl comes up to me and gives me a flower. it was dead but still. not one to be upscaled, i reached in my pocket and gave her a half melted mini santa chocolate thing with most the foil off. im romantic. but at that percise moment, she fell on her ass. i guess she slipped on ice or something. maybe her knees just went week at my chivelry. kyle helped her up bastard. 'i believe she gave me the flower, and not you" so i then proceeded to ask her about the weather or about something equally as stupid. by the end i got her screen name because she doesn't like phones. or maybe she doesnt like me. but she was funny so i think ill im her. hopefully she'll remember me

    and that loose term 'party' i referred to earlier, was actually this group of guys trying to get the whole like 3 girls that were there to lay them. we watched a movie while they made those attempts. i cant remember the last time i went to a good party. new eyars definitely sucked.... the last party i remember going to i was trying to hit on this girl and then her boyfriend walks up and he was the size of hulk hogan or something im surprised he didnt kick my bony ass. he glared at me the rest of the party flexing his muscles ominiously. yeah id say that was not a good party...

    Current Mood: lame
    Current Music: mxpx - gsf
    Wednesday, January 1st, 2003
    5:38 am
    i went to a new years eve bash with kyle and megan. i definitely didnt feel like a third wheel or anything...i basically sat by myself and sulked while they made out because i suck at this whole talking to girls thing. i didnt have anyone to kiss at midnight so i decided to get drunk. but then some kid fell off the banister because he was so shitfaced and almost broke his neck. besides kyle and megan were both smashed so i guess i was automatically the designated driver. i dont really like getting drunk anyway

    for real now, im not a bad looking guy. i dont think so pretty outgoing i just suck at keeping girls interested or something. ah maybe im just a loser who spends too much time skating, playing guitar, and working his shitty job.

    so besides feeling sorry for myself for being a girlfriendless loser i did end up meeting two cool people. nick and his girlfriend (i think i was the only single there) i think we went to high school together or something because they were really familiar. but nick was thinking of starting a band and so we talked about music mostly. since my band isnt working well lately i dont think a side project could hurt. id talk more about that but im tired as fuck so goodnigt

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: starting line - a goodnights sleep
    Sunday, December 29th, 2002
    2:49 am
    for all it's worth
    im tired of my life. its all starting to bore me again like it does every once and a while. it's definatly time to make some changes. i need to put the moves on some girls, start puttin in applications for new jobs, exploring new musical paths...

    today my friend was held up in detroit and his car was stolen (though he got it back with everything missing inside it) i feel really bad for him, but i don't know what it means to me. im not scared to be mugged like everyone else. i can't give him my empathy cause ive never had anything like that happen but i can send him my sympathies...for all its worth.

    i told laura id write her a song before she moved and i did. at first it was really silly to make her laugh but i liked the part that was serious so i cut the fat off (including a part where i sang in yo wansom les mek fauch, besurka) i was surprised at how it came out. i started it as an 80's hair metal song cause i thought it was funny but it ended up sounding alot like a blink182 song. hmmm. maybe thats because laura likes punk kinda. anyways i like how it turned out, even though i sound like a whinny little girl when i sing but oh well. sucks for her i guess. i think im actively growing my hair out now so i can be a real rocker. i wonder what ill do with it when the sides get to long...

    Current Mood: rock star
    Current Music: guns n roses - welcome to the jungle
    Friday, December 27th, 2002
    7:25 pm
    i was a pirate for halloween too. my swords name was estabon.
    i just had a traumatic experiance. i drove to kmart to pick up a camera and as im driving there i see out the corner of my eye...a pirate. i looked just in time to see a 3 foot pirate statue sitting in the window of a used funiture store. so i went to the atm and got out 100 bucks (that i was getting anyways for SD) and i was going to go impulse buy it. i couldn't be more than 50 bucks. i walked in and there was not a soul there. i walked all the way to the back of the store and found some bubbly little indian guy propped in front of a droning 13" television. "i was just wondering how much that pirate in the window costs." he gave me a stupid look and chuckled as he uttered "299." 299!!!!!!! ITS JUST A STUPID PIRATE STATUE!!!!!!! USED!!!!! OLD!!!!! USELESS!!!!! i was either gonna post it proudly in the corner of my room (next to estabon) or give it to kyle...well im sorry kyle but i don't like you that much. thats like my whole paycheck. geez. thank goodness for the bathtubs and suds! they temporarily set free this quandary.

    and as for christmas. go to hell, christmas.
    Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
    12:11 pm
    is this what you had in mind?
    so im on call this morning (as if that doesn't suck already) so i have to wake up at 10:30 call and ask if they need me to come in to work. i call in and my boss says to me "naw i think we're ok". HOLY HEAVEN ON HIGH! im excited i get to go back to sleep. 2 minutes later...the phone rings...i know who it is so i don't answer the sister walks in "brandon phone". "what?" "brandon we need you to come in to work someone didn't show up" "i thought i didn't have to come in" "well you do now" "whatever" CLICK! so i get up and put my uniform in the dryer cause its still damp in the washer haha and jump in the shower. *KNOCK KNOCK* "WHAT?" its my sister "YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO INTO WORK ANYMORE" "HOLY HELL!" brandon slams fist into shower wall. man im pissed. next they'll tie strings to my arms and legs and puppet me around from the balcony. man i hate my job.
    Monday, December 23rd, 2002
    11:06 pm
    i havent started christmas shopping yet. i wonder if my little sister will do the shopping for me if i pay her. for real im too lazy to get up off my ass and go to the mall and by presents for the people i love and cherish the most. i dont have enough money. i ripped a big hole in my favorite jeans, tore my leather belt in half (and then quarters and eighths), and i think laura took my sweater to pensylvania. i need to buy new clothes. so christmas presents and new clothes are on the list. santa better be good to me this year and fill my stocking with cold hard cash. this job just aint doin it for me.

    and just for the record. i am lonely and need to meet a girl.

    Current Music: bright eyes - lover i dont have to love
    Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
    8:03 pm
    im quite possibly the most loved guy out there. do you sense the sarcasm?
    72 contact...with anyone...i could be dead for all anyone knows

    Current Mood: unloved
    Current Music: saves the day - freakish
    Saturday, December 14th, 2002
    1:03 am
    everyone come see the fornicators
    so get this...i was working friday night and everyone had gone home. i was done cleaning so i was just chillin in the lobby alone. my manager comes out of the managers office and says "brandon...we hear banging on the wall, we think someones tagging in the bathroom. go check it out" so i walk in the bathroom and i hear people in there and i think to myself "they are tagging" then i see two pairs of feet in the handicap stall and i think "ooh i got em...they're busted" then i saw the clothes on the floor and think to myself "oh nevermind...they're changing"...then i see one of the shirts is pink and my eyebrows raise...then i distinctly heard a moan...i bolted out. how gross. how conveniant that there were two cops there. apparently thats a fellony...they got busted, but i don't think they went to jail...funny, when george michael did it he got in big trouble.

    my managers are so stupid...i told them what happened and they jumped out of their seats and hurtled over chairs and desks to come see leaving a wake of distruction behind them. "OH MY GOD THATS SOO GROSS! I WANNA SEE THEM AND MAKE THEM FEEL MORE UNCOMFORTABLE! I WANNA STARE AT THEM LIKE ANIMALS AT THE ZOO! I WANNA BE A COMPLETE IDIOT! wait...too late"

    so i hate my job and im getting a new one as soon as possible. i got written up for being 5 minutes late and the managers are getting real stupid about stupid rules. im soo pissed off at them right now. i can't wait to quit. i thought of a few ways
    1. slip out quietly so no one notices i left
    2. screw around for the last two weeks and get banned
    3. leave a nice note on the message board in the break room with my number so everyone can contact me
    4. three words...BLAZE OF GLORY!!!

    what do you think?

    Current Mood: predatory
    Current Music: rancid - she's automatic
    Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
    1:20 pm
    bust...i found out that my registration isn't in 9 days like i its tomorrow. i think i need to see an advisor but im entirely too lazy. i hate school. i wanna be a rockstar anyways. although if i figure that i don't wanna be famous...i would probably just be a rockguy or something along that line.

    Current Mood: lazy
    Current Music: stabbing westward - things i hate
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