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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Subject:NEW Shit bout to drop all over tha fucking GLOBE!!!
Time:10:30 am.
Music:Dark Lotus - Bad Reputation.
I'll be dropping tha psycho shit till i dry up and DIE MothaFockus!!!

TWIZTID - Cryptic Collection VOL.3 - DROPPING may 18th 2004
ZUG IZLAND - 3:33 - DROPPING june 1st 2004
ANYBODY KILLER - Dirty History - DROPPING june 15th
PYSCHOPATHIC RYDAS - Run that shit Bitch! - DROPPING @ tha GOTJ`04
BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE - Colton Grundy - DROPPING july 20th 2004
ICP - Hells Pit - DROPPING august 31st

-Fresh AiR
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Monday, April 12th, 2004

Subject:I `bout to Murder Fo Tha Lotus...
Time:4:13 am.
Mood: quixotic.
Music:Dark Lotus - Corrosion.
Black Rain Falls Upon Us...

Ever feel tha blade of your hatchet slicing your hatchet swings with a quickness and a sharpness that you could never imagine.

Maybe you haven't heard, tha message of BLACK RAIN has dropped...Tha shyt on DL has got that wicked tatse all over yo lips..."Gimme That Blood" - Dark Lotus

When you feel scarred about who you are, take a look around at who are aren't and axe yourself if you would be better off dead...if so maybe you should let me do that for ya...we wouldnt want you to mess up or anything.
Let me take something off your bout your life? I dont know how my soul is doing but it is on tha auction needs a bit of straightening out, sorry i got it a bit twiztid!
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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Subject:What Tha Fewk?!?!!?
Time:5:07 am.
Mood: busy.
Music:Everybody Rize - ICP.
Even if yo tities was fat i still wouldn't fuck done told everyone and yo mama that you got some warts on yo clit and shit!...WHUT THA FUCK!??!!
What did ya think you were doin` fuckin my clean dick when your stank puss wuz infected...fewk you hoe!
*smile* Yous a liar and my dick be squecky clean and so is the best deep thoarter i know. Fakes are so easily spotted they stick out like a swollen broke hang-nailed fucking sore thumb! You wuz so easy to spot as a faker but i fucked you fault nah, it was my dicks fault. HAHAHA...

If you got a problem with my shit then get the fuck outta here.

FAGGOT! FAGGOT! I call you that cuz you act like a bitch. Yo bitch is more of a man than you. You'z just a silly faggot. Yo girl has got your ballz by a supa tight grip. You aint acting like a man let only a juggalo, yous been acting like a juggahoe and i think you like it...yous a bitch that expects others to fucking "get" you. The only thing that gets you is your dawgs licking yo balls. You need to be tossed away inside a box, locked away and left for decomposition, and maybe you will die in...well...i'll give you 2 dayz to run outta air or maybe you will die of starvation.

TO die is to have answers answered and to understand why you lived the way you did.
WHATIF"S!?:: What if you died by man hand, hot butter knife punched through your heart, instant answers punk
What if we was chillin on a bridge and, opps, you got pushed, sorry, you fell over tha side to a nasty death...but you wouldn't die on impact you would definetly feel that water rushing in yo lungs as you went under and you gasp for "air" but geuss what , no longer is "air" there for you.
What if you were in a car accident on I-95, while getting high, you would be high as hell and then you lost control, spun into the guardrail but then flew over to the other side whil hitting three or four cars and finally hit the trees on tha other side...and i know you feel that.

Fuck death man...i spit in the face of death...i aint scurred, why are you?

there are two possible scenerios that will succumb to my they are and no fear for them both.
1) I will get lung cancer, put on from the newports that i smoke!
2) I am going to be shot by some dumbass wannabe thug gangsta that had a problem with me when he was in high skool

Bring it on bitches! Scary got one i gots way fucking more than that..could you handle it?? i doubt it yo. well here is at least one from me. I am going to get a pistol and when i turn twenty one i am getting my consealed weapons permit...might cost me a grip but i am gonna be strapped soon...within this year i am gonna carry a G-U-N everywhere i stop ticking me off fools! and to think they allow crazy people like me to carry some kind of killin` machine.../HAHAHA\ CRAZY man!

well fewk it i aint got shit to spew no mo...
...i can't wait to life is so, uhh BLAH!
...I am rizing in sky, i will be going to SHangri`lah
Fresh AiR
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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

Subject:Wrap yo head up in a glad garbage bag...
Time:6:51 am.
Mood: anxious.
Music:TwiZtid - CNT.
I got Headz steady fallin off all around me, shit haz been wicked!
Any one been on tha coppin` block lately...i have been looking into the mirror but i have not been able to see the reflection too clearly. Can any1 think to remember where the crow from the neck is currently residin`.
Ressurrection through all of the Juggalo's eyez.

I got a cracked and shattered reflection when i gaze into the mirror.

I want you to touch the mirror and say "twiztid inside yo mind se7enteen times"

My eyes are burning, time to think about getting new balls for da sockets...can i borrow yourz?

The outlook i see is foamin` over the top and the sound it makes is deafing but i turn it up more to drown in the noise because silence is even more deafining...BITCH WHUDDUP?!

I doubt that any peeps are showing their true love right now because as we all now the final part of the Wraith Era: The Sixth Jokers Card is soon to be upon us. Many are afraid of whut this may mean for them in their own life, but know that the message is running deep with tha hatchet and don't worry bout shit cuz..:we don't die, we get high, we don't DIE! we get high! DIEMUTHERFUCKA DIE!!!

another brand NEW NEWz updat from your nasty neighborhood twiztid cereal bowl killing juggalo: I GOT SOME WICKED SHIT FO DAT A$$:
:CHECK IT: Brand fewkin` new Rydas album is in tha wurkz, and ya'll ain't ready for that bass pounding shit unless you got two 12"z pushing at least 300wattz each...i know that shit is gonna rip!

:straight outta Jay's stink hole:~"Hope y’all ready for some flavor. Just when you all thought it was over. You thought you, as a Juggalo, had been deemed too much freshness with the coming of Dark Lotus. You thought that the Hatchet Fam couldn’t get any fresher. YOU THOUGHT WRONG… HIT THE BONG, AND PASS IT ON. You have yet more coming. Another fuckin' spoonful of medicine, another hit of that bomb shit. Our news taking away your painful blues. Ladies and genitals, get ready to nut your panties and boxers as I drop a neutron bomb upon your face. I will now peel back your wig so far back you will find it all the way at the heels of your feet. You are about to get schooled like a college professor. I’m going to… fuck it here it goes. I announce to your very eyeballs, right here and now, the return of…
Cell Block, Foe Foe, Lil Shank, Bullet, Full Clip and the introduction of Converse and Sawd Off. The Psychopathic Rydas."
:i hope all you juggalos know `bout blaze ya dead homie and Colton Grundy by now...if not will open you shit up real WIDE knee-GROWZ...hehehe
:The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 is finally here...tha freshness that will ensue as of july 15th til july 19th it'll be crucial...whos going with me...i will eat a goldfish for a ride to oHIGHo to see tha wicked shit...IM NOT THROWING UP SHIT either!
:mo info of tha Gathering: tix go on sale march 1st at 7:00pm thats a monday so get yo time right LO!

You best get on tha ball before that shit rolls over and crushes that ass...HAHAHA
That's enough outta my stink hole so go blow up yo skool or something, IM OUT!!
FresH AiR
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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

Subject:Chopped off head:Chillin in my lap
Time:6:11 am.
Music:ICP - Redneck hoe.
If your a lil Kid Ima take ya...If you're an old lady Ima mug ya,,,
Your best friedn is tweetle dee and you're twettle DUMB!
It's like that Bitch, and that's tha way it is...
Yo, My Doc. says Ima pyscho...But fewk him: Ima wicked Klown and Ima `bout to let tha bass GO!
Come to think I'm down with all my killaZ...Wussup bitch? Lettme get tha shot!
Axe ya a question!!!,,,
Why are you like that, why am I like this?? I have arrive to show you a new land...ThE GheTTo ZonE!!

Letting tha Fucking Bass Go!!

Can't fuck wit tha Juggla...!

Get up Bitch!!! Fuck I'm out here with tha june bugs and shit!!!

Welcome to the show in all it's horrible-ness and amazing fucking wonders...wondering why you're reading gotta be either a juggalette or a juggalo. This is a fewkin` insight to the mind of a JuGGalo...
The carnival has consumed all Followers and has shown light on all of it's secrets...Juggalos know what this is about :faygo, killin`, neden, hoes, and rockin` shows!: Ain't no way any two-bit jugga-hoes be reading my shit.

If you're a poser Bill`Y, then you's tha hoe! {|HAHAHAHA|}

My forehead scares tha oldest lady into having a stroke and my wicked tounge inticses tha sexiest bitch!
All these hood-ratz got a place:tha place is my basement in tiny fucking pieces ]:->

Wouldn't it be funny if i had put a kick me sign on yo back and everyone:even yo mama: kicked your ass all day long...Personally I would JuSt DIE laughing at your punk ass {haha}

Come on in to see tha show cuz your sou is already here but yo mind needs to fucking see tha fewking diamonds raining...this is a ClowN ThanG...Bioootch

Out to get some Faygo waiting for all `de kids to get kidnapped...WhaT's it called when you steal a dog,,,Dawg-nappin`??? and that whole cat-nappin` don't make a damn bit of sense yo! Fewk It...Ima out to start jack some snacks, then shove some tacks in yo back! {hahahahaha} Late `Lo's an` `Lette's!
Scary Klown;

"First Day-out, and I caught my nut!" - IC:mutherfucking:P
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Friday, November 7th, 2003

Subject:hahaha i am all over tha place now but this is strictly for juggaloism...
Time:10:22 pm.
will be putting more..and more...and MORE on here when i get time..

The End Will Consume Us All...
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