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12th February 2003

5:52pm: Just another shitty day
OI, I'm sick of winter, I'm sick of school...I want it all to be over and summer to come QUICK!
Current Mood: cold
Current Music: Taking Back Sunday-You're So Last Summer

10th February 2003

9:07pm: This is just cool
Oh well cheerleading is pointless...Zisken gets it in the ass hard and life sucks:)
Current Mood: angry
Current Music: Marylin Manson-Coma White

3rd February 2003

8:40pm: hey hey

So yesterday we get *3rd Place* at competition n' the varsity girls took home 1st:) The JV's come so far! I'm proud, and *Most spirited* yaaay it's been exciting. Game tomorrow...Oh freaking Joy:( all the way in Hudson Falls.
Current Mood: lazy
Current Music: Simple Plan- I'm Just a Kid
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