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    Thursday, December 4th, 2003
    4:12 pm
    sad... very very sad...='-[
    everyday i feel more n more sad.... not 2 mention lonely.... and the reason 4 this i cuz since i started 8th grade..my best friend and me hav been growing apart from each otha we dont hav any classes 2getha, ive known her for 4 years now and i feel like im being replaced..... she has these other friendz at skooland shetaks to them waaaaayyyy more than me.... now when ever i c her itz just like if we had known each other 4 da littlest time... and we werent even best freindz, it seems now like we dont hav anything 2 say 2 each other exept 4 hi and bye...Maria i hope ur lookin at this rite now cuz this is exactly how i feel whenever im ookin sad n u ask whatz da matter well just read this n u'll kno.everytime she leaves me 4 one of her friendz i feel really onely and like if i didnt have any friendz, the reaon i say im feel like im being replaces is because there's this friend of hers [or should i say best friend]andevry single time i tak 2 her the word "livia" has be i da conversation... i cant have a normal conversation with my best friend withought hearing da name "Livia". maria i wonder if all these 4 years weve known each other have been a waste of time?... well i know they havent been a waiste of time 4me.. i still consider u my best friend cuz u r ... arent u? but we have to talk more often so i know how u feel...what am i going 2 do?????? i wish i had my best friend by my side so she could help me out here... but oh yea this is between her and me...pleaze maria dont ever replace me!!!!! I dont kno wut i would do....

    2 BeSt FriEnDz. . .
    BaSiCaLLy UnStOpPabLe*
    TeAr Us ApArT? nAh . . .
    MiSsiOn impossible!!!or is it possible????i wish i knew

    aLL oUr MeMoRiEs wiLL be LoCkEd Up tiGhT
    EvEn aLL oUr sTuPiD fiGhTs
    ThE LaUgHs, ThE tEaRs, ThE cRiEs, ThE fEaRs
    HaVe bUiLt Up ThrOuGh ThE yEaRs
    I'LL nEvA LeT uS bE ApArT
    N u wiLL aLwaYs ReMaiN iN mY hEaRt... = my bff n 4 life!!!!

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: avril lavigne.....im with u...
    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
    4:05 pm
    hey pplz wuz ^??? well i just got home from skool about an hour ago, ma sis is not herre no1 z herre!!! so basicall im home alone!!! so now i get 2 do wuteva i wanna! like sleep 4 example... lol... im soo tired!!!
    well 2oo bad 4 me!!! i gotz sooo much h.w!!!! sum 1 help me... well guess wut im not doin no fuckin h.w!!! ill just hav 2 get a 0 2morrow! oh well!...now im gonna go 2 sleep ive been awake since 600 and im relly tired so ill say byesies now n ill go 2 sleep.

    bye luv yall... (specially jon)lol


    Current Mood: tired
    Monday, December 1st, 2003
    6:11 pm
    bored...but happy
    im soo bored!!!! well let me tell ya bout last weekend it wuz just da best!!!! i went 2 port st. lucie 2 c our new house itz lookin great itz really surprising how these worker build so fast but plz slooow dooouuun!!!!i dont wanna move yet!!!! well ne wayz i also went 2 orlando 2 visist ma cousins...cuz it wuz ma lil ousinz b-day 2oo n so i met my big cousinz wifes step brother whoz 15 y the way n he wuz rely HOTT!!!! so we taked al nite n stayed u till like 4 in da mornin just hanging out... by the end of da nite i really liked him and realized i got a crush on him!!!!awww well da best part is that i think he had a little crush on me 2 cuz he kissed me when we were gonna go 2 sleep!!!but just on da chiek... it wuz good ne wayz i thought of him all nite n almost couldnt sleep... da next mounin we hung out again n then i wuz leavin 4 a farm(lol) n he said he wuznt going =-( i wuz depressed all day!!! until i got 2 drive da little jeep there n so i pressed on da acceleretor all da way!!!! i wuz goin soo fast n could feel da wind in ma face it wuz da funnest thing!!! when i got 2 ma cousinshouse again he opened da door n hugged me...awww we ate lunch n then i had 2 come home cuz there wuz skool 2 day!!!! >=-< i wuz soo mad cuz he lives soo far away... but then da best thing happened!!!!! he kissed but but not on da cheek this time... on da lips!!!!!! yay i felt sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!! ya well thatz ma story.... im soo mad i couldnt stay one more day!!!!oh well i guess ill have 2 wait till next time i go 2 orlando... im gonna miss ya jon!!!! his name i jonathan by the way... (*sigh*)


    Current Mood: bored
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