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[31 Oct 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | goodnight, my angel <3 ]

Okay, so I just got back Trick or Treating with some people. It was boring but oh well. Just updating because I haven't in so long. Gotta run. Later.


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A singer, A writer [28 Oct 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | the used - poetic tragedy ]

Well, JP's dead. His wake was today, but I didn't go even though Amanda and Michalin wanted me too. I didn't know the guy well enough... I mean, I didn't even cry. Some said he was a prick [Mario] and some said people just hurt him wherever he went [Kristyn, Joey, Katie] I don't know... like I said, I didn't know the guy well enough.
On to lighter news, Angel's party is this weekend and I'm siked. Today I went and bought a bunch of CDs, horror DVDs, and Vampire books [knowing me]. I can't help my mind from wandering though. I mean, a month? Really. I guess I'm just hoping too much. I'm listening to my old The Used cd, and I found a song that describes him perfectly to me. Poetic, tragic. Yup; that's him.

...JP took the coward's way out. The easy way. And I'm too wore out to make the whole trip, I always liked the easy way better. No, this isn't some demented suicide note. I'm just typing out the rambling thoughts that float around in my head. I ramble when I'm nervous and I always seem to anxious and nervous these days. (I think he's gone) Wtf is wrrrrong with me? I just need to tell myself I don't care, and get on with life. Right? I mean.. John's hot. He'll be at Angel's party.. But he looks so much like-- Ack, don't even think about him.
It bothers me that the one true person I could tell ANYTHING to is gone. I can't talk to my parents about anything, I don't have any friends left willing to strike up a serious conversation with. I've separated myself and I feel it in my empty house and the school hallways. I don't like the morning's at school, I get a taste of how it use to be and, oh, there's the bell.. on with your pathetic life, Britney.. wouldn't want to let that depression slip away for not even a moment, right? What should I be complaining about?! I have plenty of friends [but they're all school friends], my parents love me [but really don't like me], I'm not hideous [but I'm sure as hell not pretty] Well, guess there's a downside to everything. It's all his fault. He doesn't know and/or care either.

I'm just so tired.

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[17 Oct 2004|06:06am]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | taking back sunday - decade under the influence ]

WOW. I'm still up at some 6 in the morning. I couldn't sleep. Me and the male parental unit went and got movies after supper: House of 1000 Corpses, The Brotherhood, and Vampire Clan [with Drew Fuller. <33333] What a hottie. It really pissed me off cause, after we were done watching House of 1000 Corpses on the VCR, I was gonna go downstairs and watch my two DVDs I got on my DVD player and the SCREEN WENT BLACK, but the sound was still playing, I was like "awh, fuck." So, I tried hooking it up to my tv. Didn't work. Tried the computer. Kept freezing. Plugged in PS2. No picture. I was like.. "God hates me; wtf." I finally got fed up and forgot about the DAMNED DVDs.. I will watch them, though o_o I WILL SEE DREW as a demented vampire-obsessed teenage fuck-up. I mean, c'mon... every guy I like or ever went out with fits that discription. ROFL. I'm changing tactics though! no more bad boys, no more "i wear all black", no more trench coats, no more... bad anything. ;[ emo guys are starting to get hotter. there's something in the water!!! goths just... i dunno, don't appeal to me like they used to. punks are okay, but they get annoying and the regular emo fucks piss me off with their.. "life sucks. i'm gonna go jack off and cry while listening to an emo song then go to bed to dream about a better life with no poverty." the NEW emos are like.. "life sucks. so fucking what? turn the radio up." ;D I like them. And.. Tiff has decided I needed a new god [wtf?] He's Emo.. He's Erik Anthony, my new emo god! <3 He's great... he gives me pixie stix at 4 in the morning. >=] OH.. and.. y'all should know about this little conversation that took place almost 2 months ago, roflz:

me: they need a new perfume
rhianna: something exciting
me: something jewish
rhianna: jews on fire?
me: no.. j00z on fire
rhianna: it'll smell like a creamatorium
morgan: i'd wear it
me: i'd do you
morgan: down, boy

o_o a little friendly conversation among rhianna, morgan, and myself during choir a few weeks ago. =D Okay, well.. it's almost 6:30 and I still haven't slept. I swear to Erik, I'm turning nocturnal. My friends and family are getting worried. Saying I sleep all day on the weekends and barely sleep at night. When I do sleep, I'm getting nightmares AGAIN [I SO don't wanna go back to a therapist] and, my mum thinks i'm predicting stuff. which I told her was impossible and seemed outrageous to even think about. then she went on to tell me about something that happened after i had got off the phone with her; that i had said something was gonna happen and it did. i told her it was coincidence but she wouldn't believe me. i just rolled my eyes and shrugged it off as nothing. another thing, last night, i woke my mum up JUST to look at the sky because it was all.. navy blue and black and the clouds were really white. she said i did the same thing as a kid, in the exact same fashion; like it was happening all over again. i don't know. i never really believed in supernatural stuff until about 2 years ago, and even then, i still SORTA thought it was fun and games, but now i'm not sure it's fake anymore.

-ex oh ex oh, britney

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Just, no. [09 Oct 2004|11:45pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | yellowcard - 1 year, 6 months ]


That ruined my goddamn month.

Fuck you. "was it fun for you to watch me fall apart
and suffocate me while you held me in your arms
i swear to god, i wish i never let you in
i just hope i never hear from you again."
i regret you
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I can't FUCKING breathe !!! [08 Oct 2004|02:35am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | yellowcard - memories of you ]

[ Current Mood ] irritated
[ Current Music ] silence
[ Current Taste ] pitch black mt. dew
[ Current Make-up ] mascara
[ Current Hair ] up. messy
[ Current Annoyance ] my hot bedroom
[ Current Smell ] vanilla
[ Current Favorite Artist ] uh... stfu?
[ Current Desktop Picture ] a ball and chain ;x
[ Current Favorite Group ] yellowcard
[ Current Book you're reading ] The Silver Kiss
[ Current CD in CD Player] yellowcard
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] black
[ Current Refreshment ] pitch black mt. dew
[ Current Worry ] everything

[ You Touched ] my mum
[ You Talked to ] my mum
[ You Hugged ] kristyn
[ You Instant messaged ] tim
[ You Yelled At ] classified
[ You Kissed ] classified

[ Understanding ] barely
[ Open-minded ] occasionally
[ Arrogant ] sometimes
[ Insecure ] a lot of the time
[ Interesting ] to others, yes.. to myself? no
[ Random ] hell yea
[ Hungry ] no
[ Friendly ] not really ;] lol
[ Smart ] ...is this a trick question? ;[
[ Moody ] HELL yes
[ Childish ] just a little
[ Independent ] it always depends
[ Hard working ] when I want to be
[ Organized ] mostly yes
[ Emotionally Stable ] no
[ Difficult ] oh yes
[ Attractive ] definately not!!
[ Bored Easily ] lol yea!
[ Messy ] when i'm lazy
[ Thirsty ] not right now
[ Responsible ] i don't wanna be
[ Obsessed ] with many things
[ Angry ] all the time
[ Sad ] every day
[ Happy ] some of the time
[ Hyper ] almost always
[ Trusting ] yes
[ Talkative ] when i'm hyper lol

[ Kill ] you'll read about them in the obituaries soon enough
[ Slap ] no one really... i don't slap?
[ Get Really Wasted With ] classified
[ Get High With ] classified
[ Look Like] someone prettier than me

-W H O-
[makes u laugh the most?] stacy or michalin
[makes you smile] i'd rather not say
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them] classified
[who do you have a crush on?] definately classified
[has a crush on u?] no one's talking anymore ;[
[is easiest to talk to] steph

-D O. Y O U .E V E R-
[sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you?] nope
[save aol/aim conversations] nah
[Wish u were a member of the opposite sexs] eh, not really
[cried because of someone saying something to you] yeah

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend] no
[been rejected] so many times
[rejected someone] yes
[used someone] hopefully not
[been cheated on] yes
[done something you regret] I regret a lot

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[smoke cigarettes] i quit.. well, i'm quitting
[obsessive] I already answered this; yes
[could u live without the computer?] for a few days
[color ur hair] almost every month
[ever get off the damn computer] of course
[habla espanol] sadly, no, but je parle francais! ;D
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?] dunno, don't care. i'm only on the look out for a few
[drink alchohol?] yes
[like watching sunrises or sunset] sunsets are dimmer, quieter <3
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain] i could be emo and say emotional, but.. physical pain hurts more cause.. well, it's physical, but emotional pain COULD lead to physical... um, yeah

-N U M B E R-
[of times I have had my heart broken? ] 2
[of hearts have broken? ] 0
of guys I have kissed?: 8
of girls I have kisseed?: 3
of cd's that I own?: more than 300?
of scars on my body?: 20+
of things in my past that I regret?: again; a lot

that's all folks. leave some love !!!

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Update [06 Aug 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Slipknot || Duality ]

Y'all blow, you little cocksuckers! Muahahaha. Okay. And she's gone. -->

I rawk your nonexistant cawk.

Lick a clit, bietch <3 [lol kexi]
Suck a dick, bietch <3 [lol zack]


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fucking HELL [31 Jul 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | MSI - Kill Yourself ]

Alright. I just got back from camping last night. And I crashed AS SOON as I got home. I'm invested with bruises, bug bites, scratches, and even a few spider bites. AND, ohhhh. AND I have an irritation on my elbow from where a fucking DADDY LONG LEGS released VENOM on my skin... after... Katie pulled the damned bastard out of my hair. I was freaking out. I hate any spiders, except tarantulas. >_o I'm a weird one, I know... I've come to embrace the thought. Rofl. Wow, so.. I'ma go. xD Laterz.


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come one, come all [25 Jul 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Slipknot || The Virus of Life ]

I can't stay away. Heh. I don't want to go camping tomorrow. I'll be gone for 5 days, and I'm still wired from the past 3 nights. Mhm, but I don't wanna think about the fair, cause then I'll think about that little cocksucker and... damnit, I don't want to think about his ass. Anyway. I'm finished packing. I'll be leaving Monday morning around 7 a.m, getting home around 9 p.m Friday. I hope that back to school shit is on Saturday, I can't afford to miss it or I'll have no clue where any of my fucking classes are. I'm so excited, but thoroughly pissed off about going. If anyone wants to reach me before 7 tomorrow, just call.. or, hell.. I might be online.. so.. SpeshialKae on AIM. kthnxbmw on Yahoo!, kay? Later.

I want to stop... thinking.

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ain't nothin but you baybay [15 Jul 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | petey pablo | freek-a-leek ]

hey y'all. i'm still in illinois, takin' care of my aunt janet. so unshibby. i get to go home saturday. i'm SO happy! lolz, okie day, this was just a quick update. (don't wanna lose my blurty!) lol

anyone wanna do somethin' when i get home, call me. you know tha digitz.

brit-a-kinz <3 !! ;D

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Blurty Need Not Apply [23 Jun 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Alanis Morissette || Ironic ]

I'm Done With Blurty.
And Xanga. If You're
Lucky, I'll Update
Once A Week. There's
No Point In Keeping
Them Fresh If No One
Reads Them But Me.

Love To Ya! Biotchs.
o_O Lol.

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I snuck int0 Stephy's j0urnaL !! [11 Jun 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | aLL american rejects || swing swing ]

[f r o m t h e t o p.]
name:: britney
birthday:: may 11
birthplace:: n0rmaL
current mood:: amused
current taste:: miLk
current hair:: dry chL0rine-y and curLy
current clothes:: bLack sh0rts and a buLLd0g shirt
current annoyence: my Left hand keeps shaking
current smell:: chL0rine
current thing you ought to be doing:: eating s0me wendy's
current desktop picture:: I'm n0t h0me, but this Lapt0p's deskt0p picture is fL0wers
current favorite band:: bLink182 (d0i) and dashb0ard c0nfessi0naL thanx t0 stephy
current book:: n0 current fav0rite b00k
current cd in stereo:: aLL-american rejects =D
current crush:: brian and kerry! (haha)
current favorite celeb:: i have n0 cLue
smoke:: n0t anym0re
do drugs:: n0t 0ften
have a dream that keeps coming back:: just 0ne
remember your first real love:: never had a first L0ve :(
still love them:: i supp0se i have n0 0ne t0 remember
read the newspaper:: n0t.. at aLL
have any gay or lesbian friends:: i 0nLy have bi friends, lesbians and gays kinda scure me
believe in miracles:: yeah, but i've yet t0 experience 0ne
believe it`s possible to remain faithful forever:: yes
consider yourself tolerant of others:: heLL n0.
consider love a mistake:: in s0me many res0nabLe cases
like the taste of alcohol:: Liqu0r yes, alc0h0L n0. yum
have a favorite candy:: i L0ve aLL candy, what are y0u taLking ab0ut? lol
believe in astrology:: that i d0
believe in God: n0t quite g0d, but 0ther things
have any pets:: tw0 d0gs
got to or plan to go to college:: 0f c0urse
have any piercings:: i have a L0t
have any tattoos:: hehe, d0n't y0u kn0w it
hate yourself:: n0, but i hate many many things ab0ut me
have an obsession:: yes
have a best friend:: i guess y0u c0uLd say that
care about looks:: i care ab0ut mine
love life:: n0ne at the m0ment.. 0r ever f0r that matter
first crush:: kevin or aLex
first kiss:: 0h g0d d0n't make me reLive that 0ne
single or taken:: singLe :(
ever been in love:: i can safeLy say i've never been in L0ve
do you believe in love at first sight:: i beLieve in it, but haven't experienced it
describe your ideal significant other:: i d0n't have t0 describe them, i kn0w them

[ a p p e a r a n c e. ]
hair: dark br0wn
eyes:: green hazeL
height:: 5'6" hehe

[ l a s t t h i n g y o u. ]
bought:: c0ntacts, but i st0Le a neckLace after that, L0L
ate + drank:: cherry c0La and wendy's
read:: read::

[ l a s t p e r s o n y o u. ]
talked to:: stephy
IMed:: danny
hugged:: n0 cLue
kissed:: dunn0
had a serious conversation with:: eric and stephy
yelled at:: eric haha =\ not quite
befriended:: eric!! 0mg h0tness.

I'm s0 d0ne.


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h0Lding 0n t0 the cL0uds [08 Jun 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | dashb0ard c0nfessi0aL || I Am Missing ]

HeLL0, I'm just d0ing a quick update because there's n0thing g0ing 0n ar0und the h0use. Every0ne's 0ff d0ing their 0wn thing, which is c00L. I think Denise is g0nna take me, Stephy, and Zack to Wings. I wanna g0 see Ge0rge, but I'd rather g0 see Kerry. Haha, Stephy kn0ws what I'm taLking ab0ut.

"Can I have a c0ndom? The case is L0cked!"
"They d0n't want y0u in there."
"That's s0 sad."

Haha. With L0ve,


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[06 Jun 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Blink-182 || What Went Wrong ]

Okay, so right now me and Stephy are chillin in the living room looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. Jealous, yet? This afternoon we went and got tattoos and how lower lips pierced together! It was fucking rad. She has a naked mermaid on her calf and I hate a firey sun type thing, I dunno--a cool design. Well, gotta run. Sorry I haven't updated in so fucking long. Peace.


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[29 May 2004|09:17pm]
Switched to Xanga!

User: fxckingwh0re

Yeh, biatch.

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Uh, uh. Not cool. [22 May 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | the beatles || eight days a week ]


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Here Comes The Sun [17 May 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | brian's voice || i love you, britney ]

I never realized how much I liked Brian until I saw him cry.


Where are you and I'm so sorry.
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight.
I need somebody and always.
This sick strange darkness.
Comes creeping on.
So haunting every time.
And as I stared.
I counted webs from all the spiders.
Catching things and eating their insides.
Like indecision to call you.
And hear your voice of treason.
Will you come home?
And stop this pain tonight?
Stop this pain tonight?
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[16 May 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | The TV. ]

What a j00 j00 bean!

Pumpernickle! >> Score!!

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Belated Birthday Wishes, Wenches. [12 May 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | slipknot || wait and bleed ]

Happy birthday.. to.. me.
Happy birthday.. to.. me.
Happy birthday... to.... me-ee.
Happy.. birthday. To. Me.

It was yesterday. It was awful. Now it's over. Thank god.

My mum let me stay home today since yesterday sucked. My dogs are at the groomers, so it's just Sally and me.

I hope I didn't miss a final or anything.

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[09 May 2004|12:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | g love & special sauce || milk and cereal ]

Happy Mothers' Day, bitches. <3

Don't miss Modest Mouse on Dave Letterman Friday, May 14!! Okay? Laterrrrr...

Washin' the caaaars.
Chikin MkTwitcher loves her Chikin MkMandi!!! Score.

I luz Brian <3 I've got his sweater.

I love this SONG!!! Omg, Steph. It's hilarious. It's an actual song. ;x I totally downloaded it cause I'm retarded.

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Nothing's Seems To Be Right When I'm All Wrong [05 May 2004|11:13pm]
[ mood | vulnerable ]
[ music | modest mouse || satin in a coffin ]

I hate you all, don't talk to me again. You can all go to hell, I don't give a fuck about him. This place is worthless. I don't belong here. In my head, always blinding pain. I can't make the ringing go away. So fuck you all. My life, I'm taking. You'll all be sorry that you're not here for my waking.

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