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crack rock steady [27 Aug 2003|10:03pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Choking Victim- Hate Yer State ]

i was special this morning
did the freshman orientation thing
the freshmen this year suck horribly
they're rude, disrespectful, and just plain stupid.
it's pathetic, really.
it was me, jenna, kim, andrew, and 2 juniors, kyle and... ummm... russell... or something.
showing 25 rude freshmen around.
i just walked, they followed and i was just like "there's a.... bathroom, there's the 3rd building.... there's the 4th building.... the 5th building... and the 6th building is english and science. okay. and you're not listening. thanks."
that was our tour.
because the rest of the group didn't want to deal with the freshmen.
i don't blame them.
andrew was so cute.
he was doing like the 3rd grader "i like you" punches and trying to get me to talk to him about music.... and hobbies... and itchy noses...
he doesn't like me.
well, as a friend, yes.
it was just cute.

and i got screwed with this morning.
i got a phone call that said i wouldn't be able to get the diploma i was aiming for.
so i went up to sort it out.
"oh we're sorry, you definatley can. we overlooked your record earlier. we had it written that you were short credits. but you have more than you need. "
i dislike stupid people.

be hip

i know they know dont drink drive slow insane no brain dress down look plain pick fun no gun no girl gotta run flipside can i cant think suiside [27 Aug 2003|12:02am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Suicide Machines- Too Much ]

work 10-2 today
not bad
went to the mall with laura
got a very very nice sweater from Lucky
and 2 shirts from american eagle.
they're cute.
and no tax is nice
then, we chilled at my house for a bit.
then made a tea and croissant run to dunkin donuts.
tomorrow morning i have the freshman orientation at school
oh yay.
getting to school at 8 am to show some kids around school.
oh well.
then i have work 3-7
fun fun fun

be hip

rollin on twenties. with the top back. so much money. you can't stop that. [26 Aug 2003|12:10am]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | Ludacris- What's Your Fantasy ]

i got my glasses today
i feel like super nerd
i haven't worn glasses in 4 years
i had glasses first grade to ninth grade
then i had contacts
now i have both
and i'm not used to glasses now
when i look down while walking, it looks like i'm walking uphill.
and everything's curved when i move my head.

so i hung out with laura after i got my glasses.
i cut her hair.
then we went to the diner.
and i spilled my strawberry soda all over myself.
so i walked home along sunrise highway with a wet crotch / leg / torso.

so then me and amanda went out.
we went to visit laura at work.
so we hung out there for a bit.
then decided to catch a train to rvc to go to starbucks because we were thirsty and sheeit.
and lynbrook is a black hole.
so we had to wait an hour for a train.
but starbucks wasn't open anymore.
so we just took the train to baldwin.
we never have to pay for our train rides.
that's cool.

and while we were waiting for the train, we talked to philippe.
amanda called him or whatever.
but i talked to him for like 15 minutes.
what a funny kid.
and there were some kids smoking on the end of the platform.
and i guess someone saw all the smoke (there was alot of it) and called the fire people.
because a 2 fire engines, some police, and fire chief people showed up.
but me and amanda told them it was just some kids smoking, and they already left.
because they were looking for a fire.

that was my day.
exciting, i know.
work tomorrow.
exciting, i know.

be hip

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