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Reason [04 Dec 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | Chingy - Holidae Inn ]

The reason for my screen name for this journal is b/c one night Stacey and I were making drinks and its the name I thought of at the time. And I have been confused about everything in life these days. I dont know what is wrong with me but its just ME. GRRRR I dont like it but I will survive!! LOL Life is nothing but CHANGE and DECISIONS!! I hate decisions. You would not believe how long I debated with myself today about my lunch
break at work!! It was like starting at like 10 or so and I got hungry but I have nothing at work to eat just plenty of water bottles to drink. There are vending machines downstairs but I dont have any cash, like most of the times. So I needed to go somewhere that takes credit cards. I was hungry and tired. I was changing my mind every five minutes saying yes Im hungry and should go to Wendys or No dont need no food, go for a walk instead. Then when i fell asleep for lik two minutes at my desk, I woke up and said I should go take a nap. And I thought if i didnt eat now I would come home from the gym dying and starving. So after long debating I ended up in my car and ended up at Wendys!! LOL I dont know why either b/c right before I went I wasnt hungry anymore and sorta tired. I ended up ordering 3 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers!! WTF was I thinking? Or better yet why wasnt I thinking! I ended up eating them all three and I wasa full for hours and did manage to eat at dinner time. But I need to eat right as I dont eat anything in the morning or at work but when I come home im in EAT ME mode!! LOL well enough about damn food yuck its making me sick actually thinking of it. See I get depressed at night and say to myself im not going to eat tomorrow but I end up at some point doing so. But I love my WATER!! Yum Yum.

I cant stop biting my nails, grr. So bad for me and my health! I will get sore fingers soon if I dont stop. Looks like I will be getting my nails done the rest of my life b/c when I have the fake stuff off I end up getting hang nails and then pick and bite at my real nails until they get down to my nerves, literally. Ewww. That is a lot of wasted money to look pretty, why must we do all this for life??? guys and ourself?

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