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FOODS DONT LAUGH it is for ME OK!!! [03 Dec 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Jay-Z - Change Clothes ]

I am writing what I eat for my own use ok so dont mind me if you are reading this, just skip it ok!! DONT READ!! quite boring and not needing or important

Dec. 1st Eats

I had a smoke on way to work
24oz. water bottle
15 minute walk
whole banana
bag of ruffles barbq chips
30 minute walk
Peanut M&Ms bag from vending machine
2 or 3 smokes
KitKat Bar
Chinese food at the mall

Dec. 2nd Eats

Smoke in morning before work
24oz water
bag of pretzels from vending machine
24oz water
*had headache, cold, and sleepy*
honey roasted peanuts from vending machine
Another bag of pretzels from machine
*so sick feeling*
24oz water
small fun size bottle caps candy
24oz water
2 smokes
roasted beef
2 boiled potatoes
boiled carrots big spoon full
5 cups of water
a WhatUwouldCallit candy bar!!
2 cups water
2 cups of skim fat free milk
like 10 to 15 triscuits (crackers)

Dec. 3rd Eats

Smoke on way to work
like 9 tictacs throughout the morning hours
4 24oz. water bottles during the day
at 1:15pm went to Wendys and got 3 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers
24oz water bottle
Dinner had two baked/boiled potatoes (leftover from last night)
A Pork Chop with honey barbq sauce
5 cups of water
KitKat bar
3 cups of water
A chocolate like sundue icecream cone thing from Swann Company
3 cups of water

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Stupid thought! [03 Dec 2003|10:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Bone Crusher - Never Scared ]

Lately is is weird that many guys are saying things like how pretty and beautiful I am!! Yeah right. Ok thank you for the comments. Some are hot and others make me feel uncomfortable to be around knowing the way they feel about me! LOL Makes me think of about the times you are driving and how at times you can literally see guys trun and stare hard LOL what would be so funny but sad and terrible is that some time to see one run into something when they take their eyes off the road to look at me. Like that would happen and I hope it really doesnt. I dont wish any harm on anyone. DONT BE HATIN'!! But I know I stare at guys too when I have a spare second to look!! especially at stoplights.

Dont ask what made me think of all that mess! LOL dont mind me the Retard!!

Love all good people in the world!!!

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Random Stuff [03 Dec 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | OutKast - Way you Move ]

Hello remember Bernie Mitchell???? Stickgirl?? LOL OMG that was so funny. We are so white.

I am Briefly looking through the junk email parts saying funny stuff that entertain me THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT, Watch Paris go Buck Wild! I want a new “Penis Patch” oh yeah!!! Grow a longer Penis Fast. “Get anyone you want In Bed” Of course I know I can do that already!!! “OMG Dogs can Talk, get the Dog Translator.” I rather care about a cat, aww look at the cute kitty!! LOL Funny stories about me saying that many times!! And I have some following my path on that one! LOL “GUYS PLEASE HER IN A BIG WAY” Yeah that is right we need more than two minutes!! Only 2 minutes?? Gosh I feel the pain!!! Wrong hole, Fool! Omigod I’m cumming WHAT ‘Im cumming Ohhhhhh!! Quote that from Don’t Be a Menance!! The shiznit! This is from someone named Jenna and subject line is SlutzRus!!! LOL LOL Thanks Jenna for the already known info! LOL Just playing with you girl I know that wasn’t you just another Jenna! I crack myself up sometimes. Look at what I am doing.

I think someone is talking crap about me as my ears have been ringing a lot the last couple of days!! LOL I remember when people used to say all that stuff. Still wonder if it is true. I dont care what people think or say about me!! I know the true me and that is all that matters, right!!! Correct! "If you dont give a damn, we dont give a fuck!"

Man I was tripping baaaallllllllss last night!! Sorry I had to write it like that as that is how I spoke it. The other day Jenna, David and I were at the mall and I was looking at some big balled bracelets and saying how I would like one of those with the big ballllllllllsssss b/c as I was saying balls David grabbed and tickled me on my sides!! It was funny to hear, you should have been there.
Back to last night. I bet Stacey thought I lost my marbles!! Which I have a long time ago. I was going cucooo on the phone with her saying the most random, stupidest and the funniest shit ever!! Wish I recorded it but I wasnt thinking. I was so hyper at the time I needed to be asleep. You know how at times when you are tired but dont go to sleep or dont realize it and stay up and get into a goofy mood, well I guess that was mee last night. I was in a happy mood all ngiht for some reason. I guess b/c I completed some things like putting the Christmas tree up after I told my parents I would starting Sunday!! I got it up on Tuesday and I cleaned up my room some. I was in a good mood that is all that matters to me. Its not always that I am lately. But I try to do so everyday and think positive and dont get mad at anything b/c life isnt worth it and nothing needs to be stressed out as much as some people take shit.

Off of the radio (thanks for the laugh Mark) Girl its Fat Ass Friday so they doin' it for their 250lb+ girls y0 at the ALLEY!!

Words from people at work talking about going to ther Christmas party and who they are bringing..."I chased mine away" from Melissa and "I tried to but I don't know what happened, they still around!" from Carly!! It is so funny they are talking about men!! I could say I am in the middle! But have happened to me. But I really want a GOOD KEEPING!! Are there any out there in this crappy generation??? Umm how about NO!! If there is he is LOST and doesnt know hes way around yet. I hope its not too long.

Darn I am mad I didnt get to save my convos I had last night b/c I thought they were funny about what guys would do to meet up with a girl!!! waking up at 4am to run miles to your house just to say Hello

I seem to day dream about alot of things such as GUYZ!!! When am I not thinking about them??? LOL sorry I am always having Guys on the brain. I was dreaming about seeing "Mr. Perfect" that lives too far but I will not go and explain what I pictured but come on you should know by now what about!! FUCK ME SANTA FUCK ME SANTA!!!

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