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    Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
    10:16 am
    WAT UP!
    Hey guyz wat up Dis is my new BLURTY!!! yaya!!!!!!!! lol az most of da peeps readin dis im MANDA!!!! WHHOOHOO!!! lmao well rite now im in computer class and im supposed to be reasearching the 1990's but HAH dats hillarious lol. i mean why does school have to be so gosh damn boring. o well i mite be gettin a phone soon and im march im going to EUROPE WHOHOO!! lol my gparents are taking me to amsterdam and we ares taying there for a month yep yep wat fun huh?? I cant wait. yea so today i have to go and get my passprt and shit lmao. I remeber last year we went to canada and i forgot my passport and we were like held back 5 hours but dey finally lett us go lmao. well gots to go to social studies class soon (UGGHH!!) ill talk to ya guyz laterz luv ya lotz byez muaahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!