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    Monday, December 29th, 2008
    2:39 pm
    Archer of the world is the only feather rank of Mountain Suite
    Wang Yi: "" Book of Mountains and Seas "have made the country's feather, people die, or one win of Health who also hairiness." Feather as a member of the family, feather light bones Mountain, a beautiful gesture, though flexible, but not Fragile, born head has a white "divine Wings." They are human beings and women of God and future generations, as a defender of family feathers, powerful skill that they are both excellent Archer is the brave warrior, and so on Gongnu good at using long-range weapons. Precision shooting skills, Yongronghuagui appearance, and other race like, achievements on the mainland with a perfect classical mythology.

    Yu Mang Du Xingke not only strong but also "a perfect world," Archer good, that must be used or Gongnu can catapult him to play (she) had the strong attack power. Although they have a powerful physical attacks, but also not good at close in the attack, for even more agile requirements is important. Yu Mang to the enemy is brought about by the devastating long-range combat, with the shortest period of time to kill the enemy Yu Mang is a permanent change doctrine. Therefore, Yu Mountain Suite have the rank of a light-based, with their high-explosive attack, one can often spike monster. Yu Mang for the design of a light, not only fully take into account the player's pursuit of precision and speed characteristics, but also incorporates some quick feather mount, coupled with attacks on their own groups and powerful array of arrows, the dazzling splendor of the very strong Kuanglei days Eagle, so that they can easily face the ever-changing battlefield.
    runescape money
    When the plume reached Mans 30, made 250 prestige value, to the rank of Zu Long City Department official appointed to receive the rank of a package. (A light hunters, hunting legs were a)

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    When the plume reached Mans 60, 2000, made prestige value, to dream of the Hong Kong Department official appointed to receive the rank of three-rank suite. (A light assassins, assassins legs a)

    Figure 3

    Figure 4

    When the plume reached Mans 90, made prestige value of 10,000, 10,000 flow to the rank of the city Department official appointed to receive the rank of five-level suite. (A light Avenger, a leg Avenger)

    Figure 5

    Figure 6

    When the plume reached Mans 99, has made 150,000 prestige value, the flow million to the city's Department to receive the rank of officer appointed seven-rank suite. (A light to disciplinary punishment to a leg)

    Figure 7

    Figure 8

    When Yu Mang reached 100, made 250,000 prestige value, the flow million to the city's Department official appointed to receive the rank of the rank 8 package. (Hunting shadow of a Feng Qing, hunting the wind shadow of a leg, the wind shadow hunting Longbow)

    Figure 9

    Figure 10 runescape gold

    "Handsome" to give the word to put on packages of the rank of the best interpretation of the plume Mans, they appear to form an experienced and agile, next to the skin so that the design of each of the lines look more beautiful. Set the rank on the mainland is not only the perfect symbol of honor meritorious service, but also a symbol of the achievements of each of the heroes that only those with strong self-confidence and the ability of the heroes before they can fully control them, the biggest power play.

    Eight Immortals crossing the sea, and various outreach Qi hero supernatural powers; Jin Ge Iron Horse, the world Qunhao bloody battlefield. In the ensuing days, we will gradually open your "perfect world" all professional "package rank of" mystery, every mouth-watering parts of the package, as well as its effects are packaged so that we very much look forward to !

    Fun for all the world-made

    You must have a certain player on the "perfect world" the beauty of fresh, year-round spring and the town of Taoyuan, bleak review of the secretive cream city, the mountain is covered with pine and cypress avalanche ... ... Hill players in the Zounanchuangbei, can be a pleasure to watch these The scenery, the elimination of travel fatigue.

    And in the near future in the next game from the snow, not only perfect for a fraction of the mainland added to the charm in the winter, but also to the player's physical and mental bring fresh smell. Snow, though not charming spring, cool summer, autumn, the flirtatious, but otherwise a delight. The sultry spirits of the snow, Sasa Durian, one after another triumphantly, as spring blossoms, non-stop dancing, wanton kiss to the mountains, the lake kiss, kiss people's faces. Snow-wrapped, Yushu Binghua, the elegant and white people into the world. People to forget the world outside the dispute, unnecessary troubles to clean up people's hearts. Winter is also the beautiful scenery gradually changed with the times, love the winter landscape you can not miss this beautiful white!

    According to the setting sun in the snow-covered plot feather City, fishes out of swaying green, as if to tell an old story. From time to time there is snow from the wind blowing through the people's cheeks gently, and turned out perfect mainland is so soft in the winter, so harmonious.

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    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Weather gradually dim down all over the sky was thick, low cloud cloud. Tsui Chuk Ching Chung those branches, the plot of snow, hung with the sparkling ice. But life continued, it cang see Chung green, green disclosed under the snow, still in the birth of hope.

    Figure 3

    Figure 4

    After the snow in the early Qing, Yushu Jean-chi, picturesque shade. The dazzling days, the white snow in the mountains this shining light. Toyama and the earth covered with a white goose-like, just like the waves of the sea Fanzhe silver. From the Congcong with low shrubs, in exchange for a quiet beautiful picture.

    Figure 5

    Figure 6

    Long-term growth in the mainland trees are perfect in the winter backed by the brilliant shine bright, like the brave warrior, waiting for the whole winter in people's side. Staring at a distance to the eyes, Weiwei Xuefeng, Jianqiaojunba, snowy, silver-Feng Yu-zhu, against the sky, most magnificent scenery.

    Figure 7

    Figure 8

    Zu Long over the entire city Piaoqi also a beautiful snowflakes. Looking ahead, the land thousands of miles, turned into a powder block of jade in the world. In the sky clouds over the entire city of pure white boundless, the land of snow and the sky was the color mix. Implicit in as Bai Wu, deceive hazy twilight.

    Figure 9

    Figure 10
    runescape power leveling

    Winter is the season of romance, the imagination is the winter season. The light snow all over the sky like Liu Piaodao the perfect every corner of the continent, a dress every inch of land, snow-white costumes came to greet the New Year. Broad "perfect world" has a different landscape, different seasons, you can be perfect in every continent where the footprints left by themselves, tours of the world's best scenery. Here you can be a real round-the perfect time to 80 days; more sirens can be leaned Kuama Pentium; wings can start flying into the sky. Come on, let the "perfect world" to draw you a piece of ice and snow, desert, oasis, the beauty of the world's oceans.
    Friday, December 26th, 2008
    9:48 am
    "Perfect World" 39 copies of the details of the dead home



    Basic properties runescape money

    Additional Properties

    Black necklace nest



    Anti-matter: 57

    The value of life +12
    The value of experience in addition +1%


    Yao Shi


    Dodge: 57

    Physical +2 runescape gold
    The value of life +12
    Physical harm reduction +2%

    Black nest ring



    -Attack: 15

    Accurately +72
    Physical +2

    Mission: sending troops Yaozu

    Trigger level task: 19

    The premise of tasks: complete the task of world harmony

    Trigger task NPC: 10,000 of the city elders
    With a copy of the monster for the animal or monster-Orc

    Mission objectives:
    1, 8 and kill the nest and the long long and 8 nest Archer;
    2, the day-to kill.

    Here the new players can find the primary players of equipment and more experience, a copy of the same as entering into a separate room for all here will not have to worry about other players and you have robbed the experience of the phenomenon is new Players upgrade equipment, get a good place.
    Alluring woman as a "perfect world (account to download the registration area Sogou say)" Chapter II: The Two hegemony of the most attractive profession, their charm has become a figure of the mainland on a perfectly beautiful scenery, and accompanied at all times in the They also have a pet around the remarkable ability to fight. With the top copy of the opening up of more powerful forces of the evil spirit of the pet to stand beside him, on the following to introduce a new pet, "Hercules."
    runescape accounts
    Cool's "Hercules" is a "perfect world" Chapter II: The Twins open hegemony in the new pet, it is huge, robust physique, seem to give people a sense of security, is fighting you play around Pets must show off. Strong, "Hercules" to attack both at the same time, 3 hits, as well as the resumption of growth in the higher initial state, and the growth of the life it has also become a major advantage, coupled with itself with the 3 5 skills more prominent Its advantages, fairy and skills shows up with the extraordinary advantage, making this combination of close to invincible.

    To have such a strong pet is also a matter of fact it is not difficult, because "Hercules" on the top copy of the chapter in one of the "Valley of God," for the frequent in the "Valley of God," the player must have seen "Hercules "That's the image of strong build, which is guarded by the" Valley of God, "a copy of" Hyun Gu, "guard BOSS.

    Valley of God on Hercules BOSS

    Players can step in the Arrow Villa NPC "God's son, four-head" to reach the "Valley of God," the entrance into the Valley's first "on-witch", here on his way to eradicate the "Hung Ling monument" after the release of transmission NPC "witch So that the air-chi, "and the eradication of the witch-on guard BOSS" bloodthirsty Ming Tigers "could" Wu-chi, so that the air "sent to the" on-Hyun. " When the players arrived, "Hyun Gu," you can see at the end of the guard here BOSS "Hercules". Then we have to do is to destroy it, and "Hercules pet eggs", then you only get a patron saint of the service.

    runescape power leveling

    Hercules Property

    Show your ability to work together to explore the closest comrade-in-arms and deep, God, the patron saint of the valley will succumb to your flag
    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
    4:48 pm
    To talk about guns trump professional soldiers
    There is a realm called "patience." runescape power leveling
    There is a vision called "broad."
    Nengren because ordinary people can not tolerate, so powerful!
    Because there are a tolerant and inclusive heart, so powerful!
    This is the gun fighter!
    "Heaven will be a major drop in man also, we must first suffer their hearts, bones of their labor, their physical hunger ... ..."
    God is fair! It seems that all of the strong must have gone through many trials need to test. Do not experience the wind and rain, it is difficult to become You Chuxi people! After the bitter suffering of people, we will have his day early!
    It is a temper of the will of the professional! Patience seems to be a young soldier shot the eternal theme of the times. It is a game, patience, Ding Li, mind! Who's more patient, who is the stronger Ding Li, who is more broad-minded, who can become a real gun fighters, who can become a real strong! runescape accounts
    In all of professional soldiers is a difficult job training, and compared with the swordsman and quasi-Knight, the soldiers shot is particularly hard to practice! From a, 10, 20, 30 ... ... to a snail's pace, we slowly climbed to a 70! Such a long time we have been unknown, bow their heads to do their own things to do! The outside world is very exciting. Master ice Leihuo drug simply falling out of the day! But I know that this is not their game. Arrogant and despotic people who are not eligible will not be able to dominate the world! Therefore, we have chosen to remain silent for the time being, we are bit by bit, one of the basic skills to kill a thorn start step by step to hone his down-to-earth, we believe that this is a hard by the strength of the world. So we do not impractical, we work hard to choose! Our hearts have a firm belief: We want to be real strong! A tumbler of indomitable spirit of one of the strong real!
    Iron and steel general body of the general will of iron and steel iron and steel general spirit! However, we have wronged, was small Qiangguai Master is the day we met, from the beginning, used to bullying by others, we see that all the world's dirty ugly dark side. However, we believe that the world is bright, we have always firmly believed that the world is still far more good than bad! Master Qiangguai were small, they were also called "junk", sometimes it is really a gas not to fight! ! However, we cool, because we never like those Shubei. The strong as we should know how to use a tolerant and inclusive kind of mentality to a descendant of the ignorant inclusive of these. Our patience, our tolerance, not because we are weak! Just because we know that the real should have a strong tolerance of the heart! runescape gold
    Finally a 70! Finally a 80! At the same time, to open a three! For example, all of a sudden explosion in the sky Xianglei, everyone was shocked, has been unknown soldiers of the original so powerful gun! ! Yes! It is our time to board the stage, which is our response to the crowded Denggaoyihu time! A long roar, full of internal forces, we declared to the world: the fight of our time! Batter guns, spears, unique, massive blood, guts of the Dragon, we skelter, in-depth every one of the most dangerous battlefield! A assassinate making the blood more than 20,000, had been bullied so that our Master were stunned, amazed! Everyone amazing secret: really
    I am a gun fighter, but I do not say that I am the best! After such a long-term endurance and hone the mind, I have been well aware of the "outside Shan Shan, who was outside the" truth. I know that the real should be very strong, humble! At this point I just need a smile, I know in my smile, my self-confidence on the smiling faces of the waves on quietly off!
    (B) runescape money
    Following a gun battle on to talk about the taxi point, the point of view about the site and found the gun posts warriors are few and far between, for three-plus points a gun battle after the turn of the method is less! The other plus point of a gun battle related to the old post, seems to be a suspect out-of-date. Lianqiang a lot of soldiers do not know the new people how to increase the gun battle in the end, the following to talk about my personal views.
    Saturday, December 20th, 2008
    2:42 pm
    Adventure Island marked fly, how much you can bear the test of time?
    Like the professional standard, but now a marked decline (not me against you), to listen to me:
    runescape money
    1, close disability, the group did not attack so helpless

    In turn 1 when the occupational and there is no significant difference between the soldiers are the only group to attack, attack Master stability and a higher attack. 2 turn, has become a standard knife and did not attack the two professional groups, slow escalation of the tolerance we have. 3 switch, all powerful, beautiful Gongnu the group to attack, knife flying bombs, the general feeling of flying Chong Ji, the soldiers attacked the strong force, the fire of drug Du Wu, have gained experience as simple as that. The standard manual, just a single brush, one by one, the experience is too slow to attack Super instability, although a good multiple, but the feeling is like an arrow through the crossbowman so silent, affected by terrain, the limited scope of the vertical. Blood plus short-ah viability of the super-poor (with the exception of BT-chi-wide wash of blood, meaning there are now?). Even the hang of the player, not as 4 to push the blame skills, close disability, be able to efficiently upgrade it?
    runescape gold
    2, three fly a few people available?

    3 to 4 after the break to fly my dream, this is also the majority of the people, now also called bar-bar holes hole it? Although the 3 lines open bar, but also encouraged dressing, so in order that the interests of the virtual, it is necessary to do? Just before the people less than scramble, and seconds into the wound, but it can wait until the afternoon of a field. Now? Instead of dressing, that is, no one. Expedition leader is not canceled, he Zhakun mother or a person belonging to the! ! Moreover, even if dozens of individuals together into Zhakun burst rate is not very good, if a hermit to fly to grab a 3, then the probability should be less than 1%.
    runescape accounts

    3, burst down the value of Dart, the net worth of assets shrink sharply

    The dart price is a good thing, ah, this is the fact that it? The plug-run, in particular, that there are hidden weapon wounding the function of a person a set of gears enough, with gear Archer added 27 attack, however powerful. And then hang on a daily basis the increase in the market tens of Section 100 groups, ah oversupply. Gear is a price slump, but I did 2 months on how to play, before the 1800 market price, I received 1500. 1000,800 market now will be able to receive. Standard scores of groups like the P & I 200,000,000 for the super money-burning career, I really like blood, 200,000,000 I could buy 20 pieces of transport sauna also left tens of millions.

    4, professional pirates Could it be from the same root?

    Pirates career has seen the light, as if there was a pirate is a branch of the musketeers, and his skills seemed almost to fly with standard, but also to strengthen the power version. S is a strong opponent of the flight. We want to prepare to play the new job, there is a natural dart Kuangshuai Hello.
    runescape power leveling
    We wrote, is not silent in the outbreak, in the silence of extinction. Adventure Island in 3 to the time for all of us have a strong fight BOSS output, we have to push the peak. Adventure Island is now standard on the fly seems to be a lot of injustice, and this is our fate. Finished, thank you.
    Thursday, December 18th, 2008
    10:52 am
    Adventure Island on washing the blood decryption ---
    Only 2 to refuse to talk about boxers are disabled

    - No manual

    - May hang is not very good

    - But when no manual skills are good

    - Coming back to the first horse 240%
    runescape money
    - 100% halo blame the high injury

    - A little strange to back a horse kick and a half months and then blame the blood is running out and then back to a horse (there is the feeling of chopped leaves)

    - And then hit bone, said Guan fill save over 420%

    - Quxun strange time to save a little trouble

    - And then do not blame away from too close a consistent bone

    - Directly to blame themselves before

    - Concluded that the most controversial of the batter flying dragons

    - I admit that the rise of the dragon is a long interval

    - Long or 2 = more than a hundred strong

    - Would be able to use a combination of skills

    - Long or strange big hit - a hundred strong - strong run out of a hundred can be used or followed by the use of the Dragon

    - Playing through most of the blame when the bone - back to the horse - kick and a half months - there is no death or even another dragon

    - Operate their own multi-Lian Lian

    - Do not blame their own skills did not do a good job
    runescape gold
    Pirates of the pan, add and soldiers, almost Archer Oh ~ ~

    1. Shaking points: intelligence is the best of luck and are 4, regardless of level. If you can not shake 4, 4, 5, a good drop!!!!

    2.AP the distribution of points: This is mainly around to see what your second career. Second, there are two to career choice, one boxer (Infighter), the fire was the second gunman (Gunslinger). Boxer attack, gunmen fire fast . If you want to turn boxer, according to the 3-2 power points; If you want to Gunmen fire, on the edge of the 3 plus 2 min. Why did not someone say that to increase by 4 to 1, after I learned, The soldiers should know that played, 20 multilevel storms have hit crocodile Miss ..... Although this attack is not high, but we do not seek to attack high, just high-tech (with technology, Suansha attack it!) .

    3. Skills to a distribution point: This is the second round to look at what I said next, respectively.

    Boxer turn, this increase: fast action (or above) - a hundred-boxing (or above) - to play a half (11:00) - gallop (or above).

    In the order: 10:00 quick action - a hundred-boxing (or above) - Fast action (full) - kick and a half (11:00) - gallop (or above).

    Gunmen to fire, this increase: fast action (full) - Erlian shells (full) - kick and a half (11:00) - gallop (or above).
    runescape accounts
    In the order: fast action 10:00 - Erlian shells (full) - Fast action (full) - kick and a half (11:00) - gallop (or above).

    Gunmen fire to a shortcoming, which is not aggressive, but the chances of Miss few boxers to the contrary.

    Boxer turn on the power distribution equipment, the speed of the fire by gunmen equipped with agility equipment.

    Nuotelesi pirates in the transfer Kerin, Kerin Nuotelesi in the upper left side of the corridor most of the cabin. Needs 10, 20 agility.

    The place to talk about upgrading:

    1 to 10: Needless to say, Rainbow Island, 10 and then mix them.

    11 to 20: pig's oceans, the Green Shuiling hole, and fall well, just too many people, we have to play boxing less than scramble the blame.

    21 to 30: abandoned the task team.

    31 to 40: Carnival, almost nobody 30 to 36 group, the financial resources to go. To find the best 40-class brother or sister, and then they take you, N upgrade soon.

    50:101 ~ 41-team, or a small brush to find a priest to the devil.

    51: Sky City, the task team, you should back up slowly, then mixed the blood of bar.
    runescape power leveling
    Equipment: My equipment is very general, the Maple Leaf hat over 100% of the volume, some of the pirates of the ordinary clothes full 100% of the volume, referring to section 30 of the full 100% of the volume, you do not despise me, ha, I have a total of Millions will, in fact, 100% of the volume is enough, why should I risk increase of 10%, 30%, 60% of this volume.'s No money to increase the volume of other proposals.
    Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
    8:58 am
    Junior game experience
    From a start on those who do not have to do boring tasks `

    Daguai first small green snail.
    runescape money
    5 `hit play on the blue level in the snail.

    By 6 will be able to play in the red. 7, and then to go up to the task of all to accept them `do not do the people who take risks will be prompted to` how do you do.

    By 8 or 9 when the striker to play `go` flower mushroom to turn professional to play on the nines pig.

    Rose to 15 and then go fight forest mushrooms gill. In the 21 `do it on the city abandoned the task of the Oh 4.

    Education is more than the `new` how to upgrade.

    Plus point tips:

    Shooter: You can follow all the equipment to increase agility and afterburner.

    Warrior: 10 pre-agile. 30 Otherwise, however, hit the green mushroom. `4, and then force. Agile 1.

    Magician: 14 pre-luck to all 14 intelligence plus `` can you point increase in the level of `you grade on how much you how much luck. .

    Fei Xia: I do not like it does not say `Ha ha.

    I am a wind of the mainland: `My name is fat penguin's top de-lung useless` `I am not a top-de-Wo Nangfei` Oh
    runescape gold
    The original is that I made the trumpet, made a point of the revision:
    Good morning, the first time I made ,#@^$&%*@%$. . . . . . (N million words omitted)
    To talk about options:
    -------- Physical attack in recent ---------------------
    Knife: fast, good batter, and bomb attack near the turn 2 Wang, a short-sighted elections knife can, but very little blood Oh (better than the standard, at least there is a shield)!
    Braves: Compared with the same knife, the blood is also very high, but difficult to practice early, but the eyes can be a long election, to 4 to 4 on the power and prestige to 10 hours a grudge, BT Yes, 1 minute to play 708W blood, like those who may be violent Election).
    Long 7:3 to one of the dominant, high blood thick + attack is slow, long-sighted, who is not afraid of being Qiangguai optional (2 to practice hard, but insisted that victory! Refueling).
    Knight: The combination of fighter and wizard, 3 hours to be able to choose in accordance with monster skills, good 2 to 4 on the turn Needless to say, anti-high blood thick, career-conservative (the most money, but is a poor meat Shield (BS does not mean Knight ...)).
    (In addition to the knife, the other to save money are)
    Physical attack is far -------- ---------------------
    Bow / crossbow: skills of the highest, HP / MP is better to attack the general, the speed of the general balance of occupation, no eyes were optional. Love the speed with bow and crossbow love with the attack. (More money for the poor) runescape accounts
    S: The best space-age gladiator of the fastest growing occupations, 3 to one of hegemony, less blood, to 2 hours would be a blessing, with 2 to 3 jump, to go without leaving any trace, (it Shuai), but when they turn 4 The ability to weaken, the new generation of choice! (S expensive, but high-mobility, single attack Wang)
    Department of magic -------- ----------------------
    Fire drugs: high-attack, slow to 3 to the most awe-inspiring (high-attack refers to the group to attack, attack Aiqun optional long-sighted, short-sighted love to attack those who single-optional).
    Ray Ice: poison attack than fire abated, faster, 2 to King (Oi Kwan options are short-sighted to attack, attack single-love vision of the elderly optional).
    Pastor: the sacred profession, but at the end of the attack, Wang grants, 4 to hegemony, and selfless dedication are the first choice! (Upgrades when no one group will be very slow)
    PS: Department of magic magic little more than blood, the lower survival, Wang Qun attack, the single weak attack, Shunyi, not batter, choose carefully!
    (To many drugs, not suitable for the poor, but also attributes the battle, must be psychologically prepared!)
    --------------------------------- runescape power leveling
    After the harm done to amend li!
    Friday, December 12th, 2008
    4:54 pm
    Pirate Adventure Island boxers on the road
    Second, to the second part of the (boxer)

    Strong-operation: level rise, as well as to increase the use of AP to increase HP, increase the maximum amount of the increase in HP. That is, to strengthen hp, full 10-level, upgrade hp largest increase in +30

    Precision boxing: Boxing series of arms and weapons proficiency percentage increased. Man 20 Grade, 60% of the skills, shooting 20

    Back to the horse: a maximum of 3 behind the enemy to attack, attack monster can make a certain probability of dizziness. Man 20 Grade, the aggressive 240%
    runescape money
    Long or batter: 2 degrees imposed by the enemy to attack. Single attack skills, over 20 class, 290% damage. Cooling time of about 1.5 to 2 seconds

    Guan-bone hit: The front of a maximum of 3 to attack the enemy, full 20-level, 420% attack power. Take-gas, gas-impact damage output.

    Rapid boxing: to enhance the speed of a weapons grade. Full 20-level, sustained 200 seconds. Improve the speed of weapons, not to shorten the cooling time of the attack skills.

    Oak camouflage: To compare the skills of a funny, when used in a general set of bucket, not into strange, but there is a certain probability, was found to lift in order to camouflage. There is time to cool. Man 20 Grade, the duration of 30 seconds, 15 seconds of time to cool.

    Diversion of life: consumption hp, to restore mp, there is time to cool.

    Plus: strong-operation 10:00 - 20:00 precision boxing - boxing rapid 20:00 - 20:00 back to the horse - always hit bone 8:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. batter flying dragons - 11:00 oak camouflage, or a snack to stave off hunger to 1 skills runescape gold

    Analysis of skills:

    2 to be a very painful stage, although there appears to be a good 3 attack skills, but extremely important position.

    Long or batter is the most I have seen hell of skills, from the recent attacks is that boxers characteristics, which do not say, the key is 1.5 to 2 seconds or so people can not put up with the cooling time, 2 + kick and a half months Ssangyong Batter and a half months or a kick-boxing hundred +1 000 000 +1 Ssangyong, Ssangyong such a batter with the attack in order to link up. But the technology is not useful in a row, very flexible, we all must understand this. The rapid speed up the fist skills can only be launched when the frequency of attacks, but time does not help to cool, then 2, the lack of effective transfer of skills main fight is far from Daguai other occupations to the smooth.
    runescape accounts
    Back to the horse is an important skill, use good hand, of course, he has some time to cool, but back into Ma has been 4 to have a room to play.

    Through the back bone strike strange role appears to be much greater than its powerful attack, because we can not, such as full-gas, and so he re-launched.

    runescape power leveling2, then slowly turn all of these skills, let me burn, you should not count on the help of macros, so its better to be a hundred-boxing, kick and a half months, or batter-long, back to the horse, close to the bone through blow on the location of the keyboard, By skilled operation and crisis management ability and improve efficiency. More people will be used to hold down the skills of a continuous release, which the boxers to 2 skills is absolutely inappropriate, you can choose to play along with a half months, but the attack is too low and close inconvenient to use in our In the face of a single monster will be very hard to endure.
    Thursday, December 11th, 2008
    8:37 am
    Qingyun on the 5-point increase in experience
    Lian Ji saw the five-point increase would have called me an idiot would not really mine Excalibur Royal tactic? Senior's bodies do not fill? Tai Chi Yuen naive tactics on the increase 2:00? Please! ! ! ! Data that you have a few skills to increase the number of class? 150 in order to increase the! Lian Ji you to the full level you leave fill-level skills Why? 150 are full of washing-hey! ~! Lei is still 5 to blame by groups blame the attacks on +6 to have to wait for 150 to 1, 10

    Lian Ji is a total of 149 points, 149 points, there are only 150 points if you fill points to 1, 10

    Yun said that under the following general points over the point of washing can choose 113 or 150 to wash all too passive first full-fill a heavy emphasis on 2 plus 3, the main emphasis on skills do not wish harm for skills in the all-powerful skills behind it only pre - To lay a good foundation for the entire stay plus point re-4 5

    Man-level points:

    Shaoxia: 2 alert hit 7 9:00

    A heavy: The Curse of Ice 1 health 3 Leisure 5, the main gas won five 8-6 abstruse Royal Jianjue a total of 24 points
    runescape power leveling

    Royal Canadian Jianjue 1:00 meal votes for the sole purpose of 24 points can be added to the Curse of Ice on Ice was cursed on 2

    Dual: 3 Xuanbing Spurs 3, operation Royal Air Lianqi also true God 8 million nursing 7-Bingxin 6 South Zhenjing a total of 28 points a must

    Bing Xin was asked why not surprised over this? Shaoyang it? Lian Ji fill when it is necessary for full-Bing Xin that you really do not add anti-drip ... ... as long as he can remove a CD skills and the role of the time a decision Bing Xin and the 6 decisive Bing Xin Cooling time for the addition of 120 seconds after the hieroglyphics are able to clear the CD-care Ficus erecta time I put these points to stay in Canada on Lianqi 1, 10 more appropriate to think over the same class to save money Shaoyang ... ... Have you ever seen the re-5 Qingyun Shaoyang used it? Low-class people who do not really nonsense to 1, 10 million + full body PK care and when to play a very useful BOSS hieroglyphics on the post-Yun Kai-PK and Acacia Avenue and Ficus erecta + really care million-not to mention that there will be seconds Royal Air surgery Fill think surgery is also a Royal Air kill the enemy and to jump like the player must master the skills to operate on a lot of PK through operation of the Royal Air Oujiu like ~ ~ ~ ~

    Triple: 1 Wuleihongding 3 Huangdi 2 Kuang Hua Jian Xin Jian angrily brightly lit Ficus erecta 6-5 retaining a total of 24 points, 7 Equality of Things

    Tianwaifeixian not Quake and without reason do not want to stress that over the No. 2 re-4 plus keep your skills increase anger 2:00 Kuang Hua Jian full meal votes to 24 points, added a furious thunder is a silly to spend 3 S skill set people free time to 1 second, I halo ~ ~ ~ ~

    Quadruple: 3 Shuangtianxuewu invisible Road 3 days to punish Jianqi 9 Long must cut robbing seven 9 Jidushenhan 7 heartless world 1 day Xuanbing 6 Yuen Wah really flash a total of 45 points, 7
    runescape accounts
    The world does not matter plus a few points on the recommendation of an increase in the world at any rate there is a 1, 10 * [6% chance to make the target Zhenqi 75% loss in the middle of singing skills within 1 second in a state of invincible] the effect of skills and considerable effect before ~ ~ ~ ~ very deep Han Man-hit + BOSS Xuanbing days to fill the provincial drug use and PK met Wun Xichun Acacia is the opening day Xuanbing standing to fight! Although the gas or second person to be

    Five: Lei shield tactic Dragon Sword 3 Lei Yu Zhen 2 feet in Senior's Tai Chi Yuen bodies 5 naive 4 feet in a total of 14 points Lei Ha ha just transition to a total of 150 points, the final Qingyun Katha single P skills and the skills of a group of P did not let go Make full use of the

    Double points:

    Yu Jian: Ice Lieyan 1 - Sword of the wind Mans 2 - is the beginning of Shaoyang 3 - robbing the anger Jianxin 2 - evil sword feather stars 2 - a total of 2 way Tianjuan 12:00

    Yuan Xiu: The full 36-point personal view is that full

    I fainted ... ... Why then asked me how to increase ah Qingyun Double Double what you study of the Kazakhstan is as simple as 1, 10 do not understand or 1, 10 ... ... This Qingyun career points situation is the simplest only 1, 10

    Qingyun additional full-class field PK-point increase

    Oh, the new point of view is not suitable for novice to 1, 10
    runescape gold
    Shaoxia: 2 hit on the alert re-6 8:01: The Curse of Ice 2 main health Leisure 3 gas won five 5-8 abstruse 6 24 point double: 3 Xuanbing Royal Air thorn in 2 Lianqi also true God 8 million Nursing 7-Bingxin 6 South Zhenjing must Shaoyang 1 Jianqi 9 Shadowbane broken gas a total of 45 points, 9 triple: 1 Wuleihongding 3 Huangdi 2 Kuang Hua Jian Xin Jian angrily brightly lit Ficus erecta 6 retaining 5-Qi Wu Lun 7 24 Four points: 1 Shuangtianxuewu invisible Road 3 days to punish Jianqi 9 Long must cut robbing seven 9 days Xuanbing really 6 million flash-hua 7 35 five-point: Lei must be lodged in Long Sword 3 Royal Ray Senior's 2 feet in real bodies 5 Tai Yuen naive 4 feet in 14:00 and broke Shaoyang magic Why not fill 1, 10, said ... ... As for the field Wun-point increase in full-level Double players Wun 1, 10 will not see that the new 1, 10 do not recommend this increase is not necessary to go into details about the new points-final I have to increase to the point you unless they have different and more than my own personal preference, not more understanding of their own that is not under the above plus points better than the feeling I have is only suitable for (not see) Oh, you do not learn to

    Lian Ji: Shaoxia: 3 hit the courage to re-6: The Curse of Ice 9 / 9, the main health 3 / 3 Leisure 5 / 5, five gas won 8 / 8 double: Spurs Xuanbing 3 / 9 Royal Air surgery 3 / 3 Shaoyang Jianqi 9 / 9, broken gas Shadowbane 9 / 9 Lianqi God also 8 / 8 really care yuan-3 / 7 South Zhenjing 6 / 6 Bing Xin summary 1 / 6 triple: Wuleihongding 1 / 9 in the Yellow Emperor After 2 / 3 anger sword Kuanghua 6 / 9, brightly lit Jianxin 6 / 6 Ficus erecta-care 5 / 5 Equality of Things 7 / 7 Tianwaifeixian 1 / 9 fourfold: 3 Shuangtianxuewu invisible Road 3 days to punish Jianqi 9 Long must cut robbing seven 9 Jiduoshenhan 5 heartless world 1 day Xuanbing true 3 million flash-hua five-7: Long Lei must be lodged in a Senior's bodies a total of 4 points to 149 points, Lian Ji-point integration and PK together
    runescape money
    Man-level points: Shaoxia: 2 hit on the alert 9:01 re-7: Curse of Ice 2 main health Leisure 3 gas won five 5-8 abstruse 6 24 point double: 3 Xuanbing Spurs 3, operation Royal Air also Lianqi 8 God really care yuan 7-Bingxin South Zhenjing 6 three-point summary 1 28: 1 Wuleihongding 3 Huangdi 2 Kuang Hua Jian Xin Jian angrily brightly lit Ficus erecta 6 retaining 5-Qi Wu Lun 7 24 four points: Shuangtianxuewu 3, heartless world 5 Jiduoshenhan 9 (I just like heaven and earth fill ~~~~) from the original, even if not invisible Avenue ... ... 3 days to punish Jianqi 9 Long must cut robbing seven 9 days Xuanbing really 6 million flash-hua 7 51 Five points: Lei must be lodged in Long Sword 3 Lei Yu Zhen 2 feet in Senior's Tai Chi Yuen bodies 5 naive 4 feet in a total of 150 points, 14 points is not recommended by all this I add

    Qingyun read so many ridiculous and some points worthy of study and some actually tell the truth Wun-point increase in the program there was nothing to study ... ... Qingyun the basic level or above plus a fixed point above ~
    Thursday, December 4th, 2008
    8:47 am
    Heaven: Book of the use of experience
    Do not heap blame Daguai standing in the middle
    runescape gold
    In the first. Inefficient

    II. Diaoxue fast

    In the third. No technology

    Soldier captain of the gap between the elite BOSS

    In addition to the difference between the greatest strength is reflected in the speed of attack

    Soldier is a general attack on a 10-5 second (to cut it in mind when they re-)

    3-2 seconds to attack a captain (remember when they were cut down to the re-)

    Wild 2-3 Liankan elite under (down there) a 3-5 second attack

    BOSS Wild Kuangkan down until there is space on the drilling

    BOSS seconds to attack a 3-5 guard down there (to cut it in mind when they re-)

    Book in the country when the war will certainly bring it to 2 red, regardless of when their pre-2 multi-Lian Lian,
    A re-violent first-Bisha, it will become visible in front of an open space

    Book 4 of the operation is the most difficult career (easy to say that people can and I try to use the Book PK)

    Book very slow to attack you every time the attack role, you will find all characters go along with weapons,
    However skilled a period of time you will find that operating good weapons on the 2nd point is to stop the attacks on the master
    runescape money
    The need to practice: step-by-step bomb, bomb-step + Q, E, the opportunity to attack (stroke made about 0.5 seconds, the monster good move
    Velocity, aimed at mastering the timing of the attack distance), under different circumstances of the attack on the way to choose
    Thursday, November 27th, 2008
    8:57 am
    Easy to lose sight of a few small task
    Easy to lose sight of a few small task easy to forget a few small task, the task with small, but rich rewards Oh!

    First: to steal the battery, the first 3 fast rich experience in the battery, battery stolen point return, and then point Corps equipment will be able to recover the
    runescape gold
    Second: as a weak low energy, energy reserves, where there is the task of guarding the cell, 15 minutes, you can point, the experience of many awards.

    Third: Customs guards, a 5-minute, this is more good, not only a lot of experience, but did not stay at the Customs and Excise Department will be in a few seconds up, just as in swimming, oh well!

    Fourth: for meritorious service experience, if you are a little bit strength, killing several people, one-for-200 exploits, killing a foreigner in general, 20 + exploits, the DAB, ... ... super benefits, also likened the task Oh cool. But there are exploits ceiling Shuanga not!

    Fourth: the experience of the baby, so in some Indiana Jones, brushing often out of the experience of some of the baby, if passed, but you should never forget go in and see!

    Like so many of the well, think up in the supplement.

    International practice, for days, thanks to, thanks to CCTV. I am a force of the country's Sichuan condensation, I would take care of a lot less to kill me - -! !

    Bored found a fun thing, that is, life skills in the manufacture of medicines and food in the dress.

    It's fun, try a dress like the state is not Shaguai, the car can not. Most people think nothing big, but I received two Using up to the task, that is, spy on and collect intelligence.

    The two received the general task of peace-time player in the world to do, but with the dress can do so at any time, I go to other countries immediately the use of dress, the players generally do not pay attention to you, too, so that they can boldly go to the task Went.

    Will the new task of how to set undaunted by repeated setbacks, what characteristics, whether there is a limit?

    Warm Tip: You can use the money or the task set points, the fifth sub-task will be to brush out the random purple and certainly the task as "race against time" to complete this task will be super-purple mass experience. Server ranked 100 after the player can use the money set, the amount of money needed to set the same day as the number of missions increased.

    Easy to lose sight of a few small task, the task with small, but rich rewards Oh!

    First: to steal the battery, the first 3 fast rich experience in the battery, battery stolen point return, and then point Corps equipment will be able to recover the
    runescape money
    Second: as a weak low energy, energy reserves, where there is the task of guarding the cell, 15 minutes, you can point, the experience of many awards.

    Third: Customs guards, a 5-minute, this is more good, not only a lot of experience, but did not stay at the Customs and Excise Department will be in a few seconds up, just as in swimming, oh well!

    Fourth: for meritorious service experience, if you are a little bit strength, killing several people, one-for-200 exploits, killing a foreigner in general, 20 + exploits, count about. . . Super benefits, also likened the task Oh cool. But there are exploits ceiling Shuanga not!

    Fifth: the experience of the baby, so in some Indiana Jones, brushing often out of the experience of some of the baby, if passed, but you should never forget go in and see!
    Thursday, November 20th, 2008
    9:37 am
    At present the journey of professional strength
    Call: call the most cattle, to upgrade faster, less expensive, not hard, relatively easily. BOOS to play most of the cattle, generally will be able to own a single article. As for the PK franchise called PK comparison Meng, Zhao Shi-ling skeleton warriors and the more rubbish, but to upgrade BOOS play than there is on-call superiority of the franchise. It is the journey all over the floor of the calls, there can be seen from the basic hang of. PK and sometimes cents to close. However, all the professional attributes of view, the current call is the most cattle, is the basic money, equipment, level.
    runescape money
    Sin: In the past, many people exclaimed that the weak jobs, as most of the players can level up, Sally advantages have been fully reflected in the first point increase in full-sen can increase intelligence. Do not have good equipment to upgrade faster than the Master, is not linked to love, because the state has the skills to fill the shortage of equipment and processing point. PK States in particular, war can not be missing cents. Although the upgrading Sin can not call in PK has gone beyond the call of Sin, of course, PK franchise with the call or difficult.

    Archer: spike before a group of people of the times and basic good-bye to the bow, as the skills of garbage after 40, Archer has become less and less, but in addition to PK cents and difficult call, other professional and they are very easy on the bow. But Archer's best time in the future will be increasingly difficult to mix, unless you have with you upgrade cents PK, not only to the mix is very tired, as the arch made of the skills quickly in upgrading or more of the advantages .

    Master: It is now difficult to Master, Master of the entire intelligence, compared to upgrade tired, linked to love, PK is not linked to other people, you hang on the job, not physical agility and Master's 50 after a marked slowdown in the pace of upgrades is raising And the physical agility, speed and the upgrading Sin is not over, with the level of Master and Sally PK, Master is more than the basic failure is no doubt that this is in the affirmative, but the state has, however, Sally is a Master of the PK. Because at least the entire intelligence than the whole of the Master of the intellectual attack cents higher.

    Warrior: to be forgotten is the basic job, but with the increased level of the soldiers has become more obvious advantages. First of all, magic battle lines can be long-range attacks on soldiers, to fill the shortage of soldiers, and soldiers from the skills of view, after 60 soldiers is relatively good skills. Than all other occupations, but PK, compared to upgrade tired, especially the escalation of durable clothes too, as the recent G will have to return to a city that is quite depressing, from the current situation, the former 60 Is the weakest fighters.
    runescape gold
    These are some of my career on the strength of the analysis, but the journey, many of which PK, or rely on the equipment, plus point level, the war in the country, you can see that soldiers killed a group of people as no surprise, so as to become a professional present No one can not tell who's worse, but at least the same level with the equipment, the soldiers are the weakest, most calls are.
    Thursday, November 13th, 2008
    9:32 am
    Gruer's lair - Dragon who Gruul
    Dragon who is Gruul's Lair Gruul the second boss, this is a copy of The Burning Crusade's entry-level 25 a copy, do not need to pre-key and continued.
    65 will be able to enter a copy of this, but taking into account the degree of difficulty, then 70 or better.
    Gruul kill snakes is the Temple (Serpentshrine Cavern), located in Coilfang Reservoir Copies of the 25 were part of the renewal of the former, you can Coilfang Reservoir's hero Slave Pens difficult to model, to find Skar'''''''' this the Heretic access to this task.

    Overview & ready
    Gruul is a rapid rush-boss, the purpose of fighting is in his team to Hong Hong to kill before killing him clean. Luoou with the same types of Teburoro similar to the fighting would be the development of more and more difficult, you can not be sustained To deal with the war.
    DPS has become so critical that this be reflected in the composition of the team, the choice of equipment, and pharmaceutical preparations.
    In order to kill the first time, put on magic super energy / ruthlessly crack down on mixture (Flask of Relentless Assault), whetstone, a variety of magic attached to the oil, powerful flame, such as pharmaceutical Frost.
    MT, OT also need to Fort mixture (Flask of Fortification), Tiedun Pharmacy, which is the most important. Potent defense, special effects quick to grasp the Pharmacy (Elixir of Mastery) also helped.
    Gruul and 1 boss Zabing between the life time of 1 hour, so as soon as possible to try to maximize the use of drugs.
    Zabing not in there for 15 minutes or shorter time to refresh Keyao time, it is best just after they finished He Yao-ching.

    Composition of the team
    Gruul need 2 tanks.
    In addition to the 2 tanks, other members of the team's injury is sporadic, only a small treatment.
    7 treatment is a suitable quantity, especially when the team members to adapt to a variety of skills and Gruul survive for a considerable period of time.
    If you need more dps, the number of treatment can be reduced to 6 months.
    Too many close professional will increase the difficulty of fighting (the following will explain), an ideal addition to the team composed of two tanks outside, only the best 3-4 career close.

    Gruul physical harm, there are two close attacks:
    Hatred of the current goal (MT) of the general attack, and second, Hurtful Strike (hit hard), close to the scope of the second goal of the use of hatred.
    Dps so close to control their hatred MT less than two and OT.
    A heavy blow on the basis of injuries 12350-13650 (will be armor, defense posture and so on), once every 20s.

    "Growth" Growth
    Gruul there is a "growth" of the self-buff, began fighting in the 30s after the entry into force of the buff for the first time, an increase of 15% of his injuries.
    This buff can stack, each layer stack 30s.
    The 30-layer stack can buff, but after more than 20 layers of our team on to the treatment, however.
    Combat 16, 17 goals in the previous layer to kill him.
    Gruul buff on the growth of physical attacks dealt a heavy blow to rock and skills are effective.

    "Rock" Cave In
    Rock is a team goal of any man-made effects of the scope of the attack (similar to the blizzard).
    It is the basis of injury 3s2700, continued 15s. In the area surrounding the selected goal with 8 yards.
    With the growth of rock by the addition of the injury, it will easily lead to more and more members of the dead.
    Rock through the appropriate stations to reduce the harm, if everyone is between more than 8 yards, then hit every time only one person.

    "Hit the ground, holding a giant Lord of the deduction, petrochemical, smash"
    In addition to the growth buff, Gruul Another difficulty is that he hit the ground skills.
    Will hit the ground nests, each player randomly towards the direction of a random throw distance
    After landing, each player will receive a 20% lower s speed of the "Lord of the giant holding hostage" debuff.
    Debuff the last dive after the player's speed will be reduced to 0%, the debuff will be replaced by a "petrochemical" debuff.
    Gruul then it will "crush" all the players.
    A player would have the effect of smashing 20 yards around the other players hurt.
    When the two players on the same point, the harm to achieve the highest 9000.
    When the distance between the two farther, this will hurt the smaller, to 20 yards, only result in harm to 70-100.
    And a heavy blow, players can smash caused by storm hit, but it will not hurt growth by addition.

    Is a silent response from the scope of 4s.
    It can be resistance, but also by the strong will and talent, and so likely to resist certain items of the effect of silence.
    Confrontation response is always the best way to keep the tanks hp, and the silent treatment after the fast.

    Attack | slightly
    Gruul all the physical skills are hurt, so all the players to add to the efficiency of Magic.
    The best tanks are tough, boy, wild, and so pious aura buff.
    Dps and more need for a shaman to provide the wind totem anger.

    Open strange
    All players have to stay away from Gruul in front of the door. Gelu team in the tanks to the central Lagos when each went to the location of [such stations map]. In the process of opening strange, OT plays an important role, He has to create more professional than any other hatred, but no more than MT.
    MT Gruul in the process of positioning, OT can not be left behind, it is necessary to have been within the scope of his hand-to-hand.
    Distance behind, or do not produce enough of hatred for other occupations will be a heavy blow to eat and death.
    Others Paowei tanks enough time to create hatred. Therefore, the position as soon as possible after the beginning of dps.
    A hunter on the use of MT can Misdirect hatred even more firmly.

    Station bitmap
    High dps, and mobile stations is the key to the fighting.
    And the rapid rush of battle (for example, pw, loth) Gruul is the difference between the ground and smash hit stage.
    The appropriate stations and programs can reduce the randomness of the fighting.
    5 group dispersed around the circle into Gruul Station.
    Career in close hand-to-hand, the treatment in the distance, dps remote in their maximum range of Office.
    Although the look Gruul's Lair features of the terrain is not flat, but there are a number of nests outside of the stick and stones.
    Dps can use the remote terrain, especially the Master Hunter and 41 yards in the attack Gruul, use the terrain to minimize the impact hit the ground.

    Fighting process
    Gruul when the tank to live in the middle, all personnel are fixed in their positions, the main impact from the ground and smash hit.
    When the players hit the ground was kicked flying, as far as possible, should be quickly away from each other stand together with a .3 players can easily crush in time resulting in many deaths, at all costs to avoid such a situation.
    The use of enemy cast bar (the enemy tried), players can see the light hit the ground, and immediately hid in a stone pillar and after. This will ensure that in most cases they will be Tifei to the wall or barrier, but not Flying.
    Nests inside the barrier is only enough to avoid 6 in different places. Prior arrangements for the location of these people is very important to other people know that they have to be location. Hide behind the barrier after the player is still likely to be ignored Vision of the crush injuries.
    Smash in the last two survivors, able to guarantee sufficient to dps in the treatment of growth can not be met after the injury before Gruul kill him.
    Pets have a career in the best out of their pre-war dissolution, which would have the same petrochemical as well as the smash. Phase shift with the exception of the little devil.
    Because it will set Zabing 1 hour, so if for the first time to crush a loss of 3 or more dps, then try the best to give up this time.
    The speed of college and then try out more conducive to the use of refreshes and pharmaceutical.

    In a subsequent hit the ground, MT Gruul position to return to the middle of the room. OT to close in other professional hand-to-hand before running back to the area to avoid eating a heavy blow other people died.
    Soldiers can use to intercept as soon as possible, moved to boss around.
    In the early days, tanks harm easily dealt with at this time Tiedun Pharmacy is not necessary. Combatants half after re-use it.
    To the latter, when a heavy blow to the injury hp more than the OT, the use of the shield wall in advance or retreat will allow the fighting to extend the 40s or so.
    OT can be estimated until the next heavy blow to exceed the value of his hp, as well as when to use the skills to survive two more rounds.

    Treatment of those who need to keep 2 tanks full hp, to the latter part of this is particularly important in OT.
    There are two tanks, two times more dangerous: As mentioned above, the "response" skills, as well as after the smash.
    After a crushing, tanks from the others by the Department is to crush injuries, and the treatment is likely out of his place in or outside the scope of the treatment.
    If after the first tanks to crush your treatment within the scope of, even if they are not in your group have their treatment.
    In the final battle, at all costs to ensure the survival of tanks. Rejuvenate on a resume or enough for the next dps or crushed rock and back before the full hp.

    Dps close
    DPS must be dispersed to avoid a number of dps by a rock with the injury.
    Gruul there can be a very large range of attack is sufficient in most cases, long-range attack so close 5 in his career scattered around.
    Add more professional it is possible to close, but because of this rock at the close professional body will become more frequent and require more treatment.
    Live bear in mind that, as a close dps, you must hate mt in the ot, as well as the following, and certainly not to blame and smash open after earlier than OT close to the boss.

    Remote dps
    Because only a heavy blow to the close professional and effective, long-range dps hatred can be more than ot.
    Particularly those who have attacked 41 yards talented professional, hit the ground before looking good to avoid obstacles and fighting in a statement before their escape location.
    Thursday, November 6th, 2008
    3:27 pm
    The Gathering of forces
    The head face is an increase of 8 three Q, Lin looked at Tianchen "Stud" Kuangxiao about the appearance: "Since you brought to a dead end, it may not help me." Finished chips together to push the Out, "... Ha, ha, boy, your heart in my Q here, you most is a Junko." Finish off hand: I got up it is, you have Junko, Ha ha ... ... "Did not disclose the bottom line of his own Daomo found, is still very much in Kuangxiao, but the other two men looked at his hand up has become the face of the pig liver color, good sense of skinheads, anti-passed through his hands when they look at is Dayton had a smile frozen in time, it is necessary to look more and more ugly, holding in his hand was a box 9.

    Lin knew Tianchen long their heart goes Q is his bottom line, and the surface of the head of the three 8 is not to take advantage of Lin Tianchen was prepared by two other fast changing the way in the past, these long-lin Tianchen Look in the eyes, but has been quiet, containing general do not know, the card in the end, will head to the bottom line into his hand. This can only be considered for Lin Tianchen carving Subtotal insects, although not on the Wu-sheng, who is, after all, calculated in the first place, Lin Tian Chen had no choice but to move a tooth for a tooth.

    The slowly opened his hand, was surprised to Heart Q, "Flush, I am sorry, you have." Lin Tianchen face of unusual calm.

    "Impossible, you have thousands of old." Skinheads drink out, "bang" overturned tables, quoted in the table of other gamblers who see eye-catching.

    "Lost is lost, do not give excuses, which you only see my eyes out of a thousand, and you thought you were that three of the eight is how I do not know?" Lin Tianchen cold smile, at Road Dealer : "I trouble you to help cash."

    "Cash?" Dealer doubts about, it is necessary to get to know as much as the multi-million cash carry around, will inevitably lead to people with ulterior motives of the people watching.

    "Ah." Lin Tian Chen nodded in the affirmative.

    Lin Tian Chen took advantage of cash to change the time, the head toward annoyed about Shi Lege Daoba wink, Daoba immediately ran out and head Andao mind: "You afraid to win the money to spend recklessly."

    In exchange for cash Lin Tianchen just out of the casino, they will be targeted, Lin Tianchen Road is the only all right in general, regardless of their Huaichuai an enormous amount of money, carefree tour of Kenya Douzhao slipped in the street, thinking: "Tomorrow or Zainong another local funds. "

    Lin Tianchen intentionally walked a quiet plant waste, turned into both sides of the dark: "out of it! Of the other stealthy."

    "Haoxiao Zi, Kai Liu would like to win the money?" Is also the head from jumping out of the dark, followed him from behind about to jump out of dozens of people, everyone faces a Xiongshenwusha, All is not shining in the hands of a machete arm is thick steel pipe, standing around in front of the Tian Chen Lin.

    Lin Tianchen no fear, lightly: "I do not have Kai Liu ah? This is not me out?"

    "Less nonsense, these fixtures quickly and left the money, otherwise you have to kill." Skinhead E Henhen clamor of the Road.

    "Yuandufushu has always been natural, since you want to overcast, then you have to look at the ability of this."

    "Give me that he hacked to death." Skinheads out the order, behind dozens of people, "Hua La" Lin Tianchen coming to you.

    "Court death." Lin Bao He Tianchen say, that some of the mob toward a welcome boost. Beat up a hit and run immediately in front of two people being knocked down by Zhang Li, shenfa start in a few dozen people walk between, from time to time hear of someone lying on the ground, "screams," the voice of the moment has fallen between the More than 10 people, and they are even Tianchen Lin clothes or touched, build flash Lin Tianchen the ghost-like figure, such as returned.

    The only game in more than 10 were still in place and raised a machete in search of Lin Tianchen figure, Lin Tianchen not feel very funny, tune smiled: "I am here?"

    Huiguoshenlai that more than 10 people, terrified at the same time, I do not know the weapon up into the back, Tianchen Lin was also the head of the forces engaged in Mongolia, can now look up how to return to the truth, Zhao Na of more than 10 people Taiheyisheng: "I spent him to unload a reward of thousands of my arm, a leg 200,000."

    Zhongshang under must be brave, people hear a huge amount of money and brandished a knife and Lin Chao-Ying Tianchen up, since after so many Tianchen part forever after Lin's temper is also a lot of hot-tempered, and Jiang Hao from the people he has to understand A weak reason to be honest, to live in a society where the An An safely, we must also rely on their fists.
    Thursday, October 30th, 2008
    9:38 am
    Changfeng Tangge
    Wei Yan family rule is that the door is the decision-makers, Yan forces in the door a long, runs through the sphere of influence in Asia, and South Gate family, Yin coffee together to help Asia to occupy most of the arms sale, entertainment services and other resources. For the rest of Asia are gang fights to remain neutral and maintain strength, so was able to live forever, and power authority.
        Wei Yan Yan in the door as long as the identity of the owner, "only" - the assassination of institutions. His identity is the face of the Yan to provide all the doors off the financial giant chaebol owners home, but the back-door Yan savings is more than just giant, and distributed throughout the country, large and small places of entertainment are all from China Close the surname direct control.
      just now and see Huasheng, Hua Qian, China's orphans are, from small to large door grew up in Yan, Yan is also an important figure in the door.
      believe that? My family would be such a background, recall all of a sudden see cousin Chen Chen Wei-huan of the time like, think of all of a sudden Chen Chen to bow under the air to apologize to me also think of the word Wei-huan.
      our family ... ... What is the background of, is this sentence.
      What is the background of our family ... it ..., Yan gate of the well-known, Heibailiangdao China, Wen Yan Road in color, do not want to offend no one of the main.
      "so ... ah ..." I do not have to show and Dan Chan scared side, I do not know why the small, or hit the bottom of my heart is eager to touch home, in my mind, even if China will Qian Yan described how a door The terrorist, I do not fear.
      "I said this, you do not be afraid, Miss?" Hua Qian, I did not see ordinary people should show some expression, a blank look, it is necessary to know the gang is, after all, the bloody place, in general people will hear their color .
      I clutched his hand tightly, and then rise to see him faint: "Uncle Qian, why should I be afraid? Because this is my home, my family is not it? That give a warm place, even if outsiders fear, For me, can only be a matter of homing home, my home. "
      "Miss would like to be able to do the best. ... ..." Hua Qian orthophoto look, is praised in the eyes of the net, he can not think of a very young age I would think so, although at an early age than I grew up here and here Wei Feng Wei's no stranger to the sub-wan, indeed, some simple, but it has the Wei family with the advantage of calm, has its own point of view of thinking and views.
      was unfamiliar with the original in-depth conversation gradually disappear, and I cooked more and Qian Hua, so ah, his name is on from February 8 by the Kenji uncle turned into a fractious often used by Qian ... ... uncle, ha ha He told me, but there is no resistance to the fractious and often to defeat sigh, and then a look of frustration that conniving's.
      I just saw a door when a row of men standing on the bridge, he messy clothes, the first gray surface of the soil, Dai Dai sitting in front of a threshold, sad face.
      Hua Qian said that he called Huaen training Xuan fire to the word's elite, recently lover and is responsible Tianzi quarrel Chang-hua ... ... so the artists can be so.
      "Why do people always like to quarrel with it." Tongbuyusheng to see that he's like, people really feel very strange, so that both sides always quarrel with injuries, but was unable to prevent the occurrence of such injury, knows very well that death is in front of the Daoshan, still go climbing, the bar must have to be satisfied with their own blood.
      "Miss Yu, is not to say some things to put an end to be able to put an end to the two men get along may be because of external factors, some of the misunderstanding each other so that, and then was hurt. Because they do not know have that kind of thing ... ... do not know if the wind master What do those things it is intended ... ah ... ... ... But Miss Yu worry, then they certainly will and good. "Hua Qian Dan Dan pledge was right, as if their quarrel is already common practice, not surprising .
      Why, but I heard a familiar name ... you ...
      "I Tangge? How he had Tangge ... ... ah, yes a soft Renna." Wei wind back the smile, feeling like he is not in the reality of the characters, and that image just like an angel, like the beautiful . Compared to my younger brother, Wei-huan ... ... ... ... It is an angel, is a devil.
      "... ah ..." Hua Qian was behind me boast sentence Wei to block the wind, then the throat, his eyes suddenly cramp, also followed up on his forehead and lines, as if I boast Wei said that the wind is like in the dark, the sun Bigger than the cake, it is large and round the same can not be accepted.
      He stopped again, but that the expression of the great super-serious.
      "Miss him master the wind ... ... ... ..." Zhang Yin, the eyes of wavering, it seems that it is not considered a must to tell me something, but look behind the firm, says, "In fact, unlike the young master the wind on the surface As Miss ... ... After tenderness to remember to leave a mind, the wind was so young master the wind ... ... designed like a mischievous young master, but ... ... "about his teeth," a favorite of the entire people is a small ... ... ... ... Devil! "
      "... Ha ha ... Thank you, Uncle Kenji, I will be careful of." Hua Qian Huiyiwangshi look like, it is estimated that the wind is eaten Wei deficit, but ... ... he should be said that Wei is a small wind demon, which allows I am not authorized ... ... Angels is clearly why, Wei-wan, the devil is really a kind of good.
      ... ... ... ...
      Later, boast only regret the wind Wei
      ... ... ... ...
      ... because ...
      He is a demon, and a stop at no evil under the appearance of an angel devil!
      ... ... ... ...
      We walked on, sometimes I play from Tai heart also stopped playing like snow, feel the East and West touch, the purpose of his trip around the house is gone, at least a full two hours before the end of the house all the terrain, Back to the big house, and so on, the weather was also down slightly, Yu-huan and Chang Feng Wei has been in there for the elderly and the orderly sitting next to the words Wei, also next to a pair of men and women, men and the mighty tall, dignified instrument, in the eyes of Health-wai. Linglong petite woman, I still see far.
      Wei Changfeng is a woman inherited the gene was more into Fenghua, chairman of the capital, with a well Cixiongmobian's appearance.
      "uncle, aunt ... well ..." I still look cute, and then watched with satisfaction that they burst out laughing, and the pro-kind to boast a few good-looking, I ah, lovely.
      "Changfeng, since you have to remember to bring along Kohane play." Wei Yan Sun is not the main loss, to be home, then people will think it is an order.
      our family get together then Chiqi reunion dinner, after dinner, people there say a few words to discuss a number of things.
    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
    2:57 pm
    Against (b)
    I was trying to rescue a panic leaf scar fiber, Hu Wen Chi He moment, the opposite path to have a few people to ride before reaching the front, has been washed over, and Xue Liu's palace for a person to fight.

    Ye fiber traces have been happy cried: "Big Brother Yue! Long uncle! Long aunt! Xiao Sanzi!"

    I glance, it is the Predator to help law enforcement in the Lung-yuan and his wife, three unless and three of Tangtang Zhu Yue Chuan came to get a.

    Gong Xue Liu and more people do not want to deal with me, seeing this, I put aside the anti-, and picked up the Predator's help to master Hendou.

    I gave other, pulling the fiber leaves traces of the hand, Jing Ben to the recent horse.

    Feel perplexed about this time a sharp light coming to me, I pulled straight Kanxiang fiber leaves marks only the arm.

    I know that must be Liu Qin, gave more thought, raised his sword to fight.

    If the ability of the true, I can walk on his hands Sansi Shi-trick on the good, I know his body has withstood last night I kind of ruthless destruction. That is why I majored in Xiasan Lu he did see that he legislate on the amount of seepage to sweat.

    Liu Qin Mouzhong flash of color hate shame, suddenly jumped up, show Jianguang, such as falls straight back.

    I know this is the approach of the moon swordsmanship, but he was clearly the details of which have some changes, coupled with the sudden outbreak of the kind of speed and power, I can not resist.

    I am a ruthless hard-hearted, but also a tricky move.

    As a result, my soul flow sword, stabbed in his right shoulder, I felt in the bar and into the flesh on his bones, hearts a flutter Yi Chan, the Spurs did not dare to go on;

    And a bow, sword Qin Liu arrived at the site of my heart, the Citou clothing, a small skin puncture point, the Spurs did not go on.

    "Little brother shadow!" Leaves to one side trace fiber voice exclaimed.

    In the end I could not protect her! Mind like a knife cuts in general, I read her a deep, piercing the quiet recovery of the shoulder sword Yoo Qin. If this bar, his right arm might be a waste; I can wash its hands, is allowed to be trampled upon by Liu Qin.

    Liu Qin looked at me coldly, not by the hands of the force, continue to point to the subdivision of a bar to his chest, slowly slowly, but I know he can be in the moment, I will be a thorn to wear through.

    However, he did not, he is only slowly hair, I may not want to die too, right? I want him to hurt a bit by bit?

    I can be the life that he put his away, it does not matter, right?

    Therefore, I tolerate the pain, sad smile, said: "I would like to thank you for allowing me to live for eight years."

    Liu Qin, I constantly piercing the meat of Dun Zhu Jian. He stared at me hard, it is to forget oneself He Wen: "Su Ying, so why do you told me!"

    This is the first time I heard Liu Qin told me the full name, and then with chilling tone.

    He would not let me SU Ying name, but my own choice, do Su video back to the leaf fiber of her marks. Therefore, I have not Xue Liu's Palace Night son.

    "Little brother shadow!" Fiber leaves marks in my Huan Zhao, a Doushou a "baby's breath," Shuai Xiang Liu Qin.

    Liu Qin and her powers, far more than a thousand miles apart?

    Liu Qin, but for a long time to wake up in general, Chejian from my body, to block marks the defibrillators leaves hidden weapon.

    He was not the whole block down, two sparkling hidden weapon of the bar quickly into the skin Liu Qin, an abdomen, and a leg.

    Liu Qin hurt! I was there the moment colic.

    Although he had hurt me, I also saved and care for me, I taught, and I know that he has always been true to be me!

    Leaf scar fiber is Yiwaizhixi, I stopped immediately, jumped into the horse.

    Ran all the way, I could not help but look back and Liu Qin.

    He alone Laohuai remain below the hanging sword, I looked at coldly, no rationale to their injuries.

    Keke, the characters found in today's push to add one more chapter.
    As saying that if the collection of reviews and more, will not recommend even more increases, so ... ...
    Jiao an unscrupulous toothache clutching his face half of the sinister smile ... ...
    I do not know another child go on, my toothache would not have to be even worse? So let shadow uncomfortable chapters and then abuse it!
    Thursday, October 16th, 2008
    3:41 pm
    Are false (1)
      ... ... "brothers, you have to suffer this 3000" off-the-books Tien from the voice of change, want to pre-war mobilization has already begun.
      "Wind sister, you had to change Tien put it robust robust, powerful, is not an ordinary formidable." Open-breaking wind direction Qingwu thumbs-up, the boy, refused to idle moment, They would also like to interest rates,
     
      "What I just look at these poor soldiers, to remind him to remind them." Feng Qing Wu said Talk, took out a red head Dan Xia dose, take a deep white, light breeze, she Has already begun the effort.
     
      ... ... or change the voice of the Tien
     
      ... ... Shenmotaizhan has already begun, I will lead you to Skull Legion fought in the name of three realms, to wipe out demons, so that our home - like a beautiful community of people on the same day and will never have war, will never Unfortunately, there will be with sadness.
     
      loud clamor - loud clamor - Xuanzao soldiers, apparently feeling has been to mobilize up.
     
      ... ... Feng Qing Wu has entered a state of ecstasy, but at other times not to disturb, and Shui Ling Ji chat or two, look for in the past, loaded with red Xia Ji Shui Ling Tanner in the hands of a break-up look at production, Xixiao: "giggle Giggle, I will let you know that I am, however, feel the wind is not a great sister you. "
     
      "ah." Open-break trial of strength so that nodded,
     
      Shui Ling Ji looked timid wind of a Qing Wu, Dr. Yu-breaking production of the wave, said in a low voice: "come, come, I'll tell you a secret."
     
      secret, the provision of a break-away quickly in the past, Ji Shui Ling Che Leche smoothly to his ears, the provision of a painful break-Ziyaliezui, is preparing to cry, Ji Shui Ling rushed out a hiss, the provision of a break-style Qing Wu to take a look at , Roule Rou ears, put up a finger on her back Shuiling A hush, in order to better express their dissatisfaction.
     
      Shui Ling Ji said in a low voice: "Do you think the wind is not aware of many of the older sister."
     
     -breaking production quickly nodded and smiled Shui Ling Hee hee hee, said: "tell you that her past life is under the seat Fengshen bird Jingwei, primitive ancient times, river flooding, in order to allow her mortal from the floods, To own, the title of a tree with one stone, the willing to fill the sea and eventually died of exhaustion, Fengshen is as moved by her sincere, law power to recall her soul, not only helping Rebirth She also received her It disciples. "
     
      heard here, the provision of a break-understand, Oh, no wonder the wind pipe Qing Wu has been named Aeolus Zhu Mu, is the original owner of the mother and the meaning of Aeolus her ex recycling, so nothing wrong call.
     
      The Legend of bird Jingwei heard of before, but the story went like: What are the bird Jingwei is the daughter of Yan Emperor, play on the beach might have slipped and fell into the water drowning, it turned into soul Jingwei, Vowed to reclaim the sea, which is not solely for the purpose of what has been reported Siyuan. The truth is that the original such, the provision of a broken heart-touching.
     
      ... ... the voice of the off-the-books also continue
     
      "Flying Tiger" - Tien call change,
     
      at the weekend. One replied.
     
      "Shuai your life two thousand people for the Pioneer General," Tien will have begun to change the
     
      "to a" Flying Tiger replied General
     
      "Eagle"
     
      "weekend"
     
      "Shuai your life for two thousand people after the general wing."
     
      "to get" another step down the Eagle
     
      ... ...
     
      production break-even to speak, Shuiling find her smiling face Italy, all over again here, she also began to resume the practice, and did not speak to him, the provision of a break-up very bored, make a long yawn, but , Is prepared to turn a blind eye interest rates.
     
      Why, not as if there is not anything to do, the provision of a break-thought, playing the black refers to a ring, think of it, and crept around the big accounts, the Zeimeishuyan to take a look at the outside, no one has ever come So quickly picked up a sword rusting, all put a red light, no trace has been, I do not know the whereabouts.
     
      ... ...
     
      kill - to kill - from off-the-books neat and orderly sound of drills, the skull has already begun training the Legion, a past life they were professional soldiers, the housekeeping skills have not forgotten, practice drills, it should soon be entering the role .
     
      Qing Wu Feng, Shui Ling Ji each practice, the whole a very large current account quiet.
     
      ... ...
     
      Ha, ha, ha ha ha, off-the-books from a big hearty laugh, Tien has been changed a number of skeletons, zombies around (it should be his generals), came marching big step, not one that has been the voice of Chuan has come.
     
      "Ladies and gentlemen, my skull has been set up with the Army Corps." Tien change cried in a tone that's not exactly joy,
     
      "good good." Ji Shui Ling-ying out at the head smiled and applauded, she has recovered,
     
      Qingwu with the wind, Tien read a change, not more, just smiled and nodded.
     
      "of the brothers, do not have to look at the situation Corps training." Tien cried change,
     
      no one answered the hearts of little wonder that some, the provision of a broken but Yu Ai very excited, this is the how.
     
      "small brothers." Tien become an Youhan, strides into the Jun Zhang, no one inside, outside, where to go in the end, turn around and change Tien asked: "Where yu break open a. "
     
      "what," Ji Shui Ling step will jump up and almost asked, pointing to his nose: "He did not, where do you go to you."
     
      change Tien shook his head, then break open in the end-gone and will not disappear in full view of it, can not run into any trouble, in the event to which the uncle of the hot, dry on a few Bone, red gas can stand up to real dollars bake burn, I was thinking about here, was quite anxious, a number of opponents under the command of General: "The fast will go broke open an adult-Jun Zhang to go."
     
      out his promise, it is necessary to turn out and find the wind Qingwu Bailiaobaishou slightly, eyes closed, later in softly with a sigh, said: "It will not look for, and he has come to a community of people . "
     
      ... ...
     
      Shaman Kim Kwang-injection, tens of millions of light years away from the fast to that, let alone one sector.
     
      "How I Met Your Mother, I come back." A very spacious house at the entrance, a room for minor shaking, Huanghuanghuhu, a middle-aged man, single-handedly give a sword in one hand and holding a Drum-shaped rattle, one is open-breaking shape, but submandibular Green dies of a mustache to be.
     
      Oh, for fear that re-create trouble on the back, directly into their middle-aged appearance, a father and mother to be acceptable, and secondly it was not afraid to take advantage of them again, the provision of a break with long-held high and the drum-shaped rattle, it is clear This is like two things to How I Met Your Mother, Hey, he sent them any intention of the game, you think will understand, it has two things 3,000 years of history, people in the community, but the precious cultural relics ah , In exchange for a large number of MONEY, so I Met Your Mother a happy day, this kid, the brain is a quick turn.
     
      "son, you come back." How I Met Your Mother Huanxiao Zhao run over, the provision of a break-Ying Shangqu with open arms, but it has a head space, hallucinations, is an illusion, because too excited, experienced The illusion, the provision of a break-shook his head with a smile, take a close look at the past.
     
      all of a sudden, he suddenly shocked, in the hands of Naniebuzhu heritage, out on the floor, as if the family had just suffered a Dajie, extremely messy everywhere, wall-hanging, chandelier deep into the walls, the room Half have not disappeared, the body can be seen under the blue sky, only half still floating in the air, but it 290 multi-ah, upstairs and downstairs are gone, the provision of a radical break-up, full Run in the room, cried: "Dad, Mom, where are you ah."
     
      no one answered, continue to shout
     
      "father and mother." Urgent voice of unrest
     
      Hang Hang throat, as if half of the bedroom has a slight cough, there are people alive, the provision of a break Xinxia Tai Yu-hi, hurried to find Xunsheng, find their father collapsed on the floor, trembling and out of a tremor , Want to seize anything.
     
    Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
    9:11 am
    "Thief" (2)
    Mr Chen? ! How are you? She is the only phrase in the heart of the question. Because she is still subject to him ah!
    All rights reserved 2lQgw40OuXP2CnlZ9a Do not 2lQgw40OuXP2CnlZ9a reproduced 2lQgw40OuXP2CnlZ9a
    To see her in the hearts of the doubt, Mr Chen For this to untie her, but out of hand but did not move half a day, just looked at her quiet.
    All rights reserved zTrS2nLoQeU Do not zTrS2nLoQeU reproduced zTrS2nLoQeU
    "... You ..." Will people? Mr Chen wanted to ask this, but if the rest of the pharynx were down. He is the Villas of the master, who would dare to take him how he was? However, why should he worry about people she does?
    All rights reserved a5cV19yauOXZjrTwI Do not a5cV19yauOXZjrTwI reproduced a5cV19yauOXZjrTwI
    Although he did not say, however, she was curious to understand his concerns. The force Chong winked his eyes, eyes with his hands can be assured of their own to solve, but look at his face look like the confusion, she was curious about whether he can understand.
    All rights reserved OCVOr93vOkScgG Do not OCVOr93vOkScgG reproduced OCVOr93vOkScgG
    Whether Mr Chen did not have to understand, in any case he is to her to Xuedao solved. Gu Wan freed the son, sat up quickly, while joint activities, while the hearts of the questions asked: "Why are you in the middle of the night went to my room? Nanbu Cheng ... ...?"
    All rights reserved vUAlKCY3wIA Do not vUAlKCY3wIA reproduced vUAlKCY3wIA
    Having said that, she rushed off to bed, in determining far enough away from him after only Zhanding. He would not really want to own it bad? Although he Zhangdehenshuai, it is pleasing to the eye, even though he was kind of how she does not lose out! No, it should be whether he is not invincible super-big handsome guy, he can not do her kind of thing!
    All rights reserved 5Iozi93dsmKBa0Qcu Do not 5Iozi93dsmKBa0Qcu reproduced 5Iozi93dsmKBa0Qcu
    Now her face, he had seen enough, but to see her in the face of watching their own security, he went so far as the heart of Meilai You do not feel very well, exports could not help but explained: "The injury!"
    vN9T3tNr4TiUDgteni reprint vN9T3tNr4TiUDgteni Do not vN9T3tNr4TiUDgteni All rights reserved
    Bushanyanci He's always been just out of only a "wound", but Guwan Queting children understand. He is guilty because this has to sneak in to see her. Want to detract from the fact that he's the best in the world Zhuang Zhuang Zhu, beauty not seen anything, we should not have any beautiful women, and how will this act of Xiao Xiao.
    All rights reserved JoSE7bOyTrtj Do not JoSE7bOyTrtj reproduced JoSE7bOyTrtj
    Furthermore, in addition to a trace of the tension has been misunderstood, his eyes still bright and clean, how can such a person would have bad intentions, she does! However, he did, she was scared to death, so she put a little too much should not and some require it!
    All rights reserved vFFrllCRA52rct Do not vFFrllCRA52rct reproduced vFFrllCRA52rct
    "You are coming to see my wounds are not good, right?" Guwan children into the side while he asked.
    All rights reserved TnrWErEvtFGge2 Do not TnrWErEvtFGge2 reproduced TnrWErEvtFGge2
    She no longer see their preparedness, Mr Chen could not help but some happy, but not in his face, only the lightly nodded. She walked in front of him Zhan Ding, a soft-spoken and asked: "Do you really look at the wound?"
    All rights reserved 6BeSgUX2DhZbMsFNPD Do not 6BeSgUX2DhZbMsFNPD reproduced 6BeSgUX2DhZbMsFNPD
    Although it is strange that she once asked why, but her gentle face, he could not help but let's also nodded his head. Shuliao point he had just finished, she would see on the face Shen down, the voice asked: "If you really want to see me, how would wait until now? You do not know for a long time has passed it? There ah, you do Of them secretly to the middle of the night, you know I almost do not know you were scared to death? ... ... "
    All rights reserved jcYCjBX9tPaA Do not jcYCjBX9tPaA reproduced jcYCjBX9tPaA
    Mr Chen was a sudden change in her attitude stared Jingde, Leng Leng of listening to her own rather than reproach. She scolded him, but his heart was this very Qiexi. This is because she is not afraid he! Have also been worried about this evening, she would like to avoid, like everyone else, such as his own snake, but she did not expect was that he would complain loudly.
    All rights reserved zbGcOyHQ2idua3YsJ Do not zbGcOyHQ2idua3YsJ reproduced zbGcOyHQ2idua3YsJ
    "Hey, I told you what they say? In the end you have not heard me say what ah?" Thirsty right, find an absent-minded, he's like, let it walk slowly up her anger.
    All rights reserved MMqXRfHXSQo Do not MMqXRfHXSQo reproduced MMqXRfHXSQo
    "There!" Mr Chen replied rare openings, just a loud voice.
    All rights reserved 07eCJ8225v Do not 07eCJ8225v reproduced 07eCJ8225v
    All rights reserved jX4JUkBXxbBETS Do not jX4JUkBXxbBETS reproduced jX4JUkBXxbBETS
    But his response to the abuse Guwan left blank in place. She is only the grievances, but he would not be expected to answer, but he did not expect not only the A, was also seriously abnormal, just like primary school teachers in order to win recognition, and therefore uniform loudly answered!
    All rights reserved vcPFxMUuHNTzrj2MLU Do not vcPFxMUuHNTzrj2MLU reproduced vcPFxMUuHNTzrj2MLU
    She would like to now, tonight, he has said several of the words! However, there is no reason ah! Even from a young age, he will be brought up in front of Fu Bo, he has mostly to himself, how he would be so serious answer her? In addition, he has always been indifferent to the outside world, and how this will look at all of a sudden think of her? Is it really true that no one could charm her enemy, has listed the young master of self-skirt for admission to the under-chen?
    All rights reserved INzqAuUBxk5Z Do not INzqAuUBxk5Z reproduced INzqAuUBxk5Z
    See Leng Leng, she watched the face of the ever-changing facial expression, Mr Chen's heart sank, she was afraid of its own it? He was such a person is destined to stay away from it all? Although he does not care for other people with him, but he can not accept as is usually the case objectively.
    All rights reserved iBnE01YMuZedwo8zZA Do not iBnE01YMuZedwo8zZA reproduced iBnE01YMuZedwo8zZA
    "... You ... I have to hide?" Mr Chen asked in a low voice, and so on for a long time but she is also reflected, they want to leave. Or not ah! But his magic ah!
    All rights reserved IF8YTlJ15wNwZwKBRcA Do not IF8YTlJ15wNwZwKBRcA reproduced IF8YTlJ15wNwZwKBRcA
    "You stop me! If I have not yet finished, how can you go?" Guwan children came forward, he pulled snapped, but some voice choking it.
    All rights reserved 0KRiDHufF4lPsDnDJO5 Do not 0KRiDHufF4lPsDnDJO5 reproduced 0KRiDHufF4lPsDnDJO5
    Mr Zheng Kai Chen has not only looked at her quiet, uneventful eyes, but this is no pair of angry eyes of her nameless cry. She had always thought his childhood experiences to create his autistic character, made him far away from the crowd, but at least he prefer being left alone at home.
    All rights reserved MiAa4HZAZzh2pR3c Do not MiAa4HZAZzh2pR3c reproduced MiAa4HZAZzh2pR3c
    Now she knows that he is not like being alone. But people are afraid, afraid of his strange vision with others to see him go into hiding for fear of others like him evade or stall-like monster. His eyes and hearts full of lonely, but these are his alone to the cold surface of the cover.
    All rights reserved bZmFmN2eSaWQrpA Do not bZmFmN2eSaWQrpA reproduced bZmFmN2eSaWQrpA
    Perhaps because she is one of the few to use a normal approach to deal with him, perhaps because she is one of the few not afraid of him, so he would not like her, that she would be in fear of him so disappointed. He is obviously a very keen interest of other people who ah!
    All rights reserved zH9aFU5SMLCFuX8 Do not zH9aFU5SMLCFuX8 reproduced zH9aFU5SMLCFuX8
    "Do not cry!"
    All rights reserved bSTdFFQEplF Do not bSTdFFQEplF reproduced bSTdFFQEplF
    Mr Chen until the opening, she knew she was not conscious of the tears streaming down. When she became the tears of the bag? However, when she saw his eyes no longer act in the same way as Wang stagnant water, quiet and she felt the tears did not flow in vain.
    All rights reserved kJIkQSqAS15O9u9 is reproduced kJIkQSqAS15O9u9 Do not kJIkQSqAS15O9u9
    Her tears how much? He also rubbed how could not finish cleaning! He is sure they do not like her tears, that he's terribly uncomfortable. He's really made her appear so painful it?
    All rights reserved WUuoQDdlvB Do not WUuoQDdlvB reproduced WUuoQDdlvB
    "You do not cry! Now that you hate, then I will never ... ..." Mr Chen blunt comfort, but "no longer appear in front of her," but in any case can not be said that the exports.
    All rights reserved TijWlc4aeha5jT8ILR Do not TijWlc4aeha5jT8ILR reproduced TijWlc4aeha5jT8ILR
    The Jinzhou from his brow, Guwan children know what to say. The fool! When did she hate him? Furthermore, even if she hated how, and why should he care about her? He will not be able to consider their own selfish it?
    All rights reserved Jj3nsQiDiN Do not Jj3nsQiDiN reproduced Jj3nsQiDiN
    She seems to have a good education after his education, but at the moment is to stabilize him, so she was a careless mistake that he makes.
    All rights reserved TaQuD4SzLsSBS7 Do not TaQuD4SzLsSBS7 reproduced TaQuD4SzLsSBS7
    "I do not hate you!" Guwan side of the children said, while tears will be used for drying sleeve. He looked in the eyes of non-confidence, she went on: "I cry because I offended you!"
    All rights reserved ulCyDOElo3VjoLNWHa5c Do not ulCyDOElo3VjoLNWHa5c reproduced ulCyDOElo3VjoLNWHa5c
    Offend? Mr Chen did not speak, just looked at her in confusion. Have been very clear lake green eyes blurred at the moment to bring some color, the people could not look.
    All rights reserved knlZKsTOsyep Do not knlZKsTOsyep reproduced knlZKsTOsyep
    Gu Wan immersed nearly one child, but then shook her head: "Do you want to apologize to me?"
    All rights reserved 927CqRqGP8F3QS3 Do not 927CqRqGP8F3QS3 reproduced 927CqRqGP8F3QS3
    Apologize? How compensation? Mr Chen himself and the subconscious.
    All rights reserved WFRf7gWzdG6EQECW8 Do not WFRf7gWzdG6EQECW8 reproduced WFRf7gWzdG6EQECW8
    "If you apologize to me, I forgive you do today; if not, from now on I started to cry, Kusi you see!" Do not blame her bad breath ah! Who he fails to grasp the situation of a non-appearance does! Furthermore, managed to seize the opportunity to be able to blackmail him, saying that what can not let go!
    All rights reserved nKAyQCHNNdDWjMfYZ1 Do not nKAyQCHNNdDWjMfYZ1 reproduced nKAyQCHNNdDWjMfYZ1
    Kusi? Thought she would die, Mr Chen unconsciously revealed the look of panic. See her tears fall down again, quickly said: "I go!"
    All rights reserved NOkSAYs3nKcfMTT1RC Do not NOkSAYs3nKcfMTT1RC reproduced NOkSAYs3nKcfMTT1RC
    However, he also began to wonder, how the compensation? To see her find her winked, smiled and said: "Tomorrow you know!"
    All rights reserved EQ4kICHvsgv Do not EQ4kICHvsgv reproduced EQ4kICHvsgv
    Although some wonder how he would like to pay her, but this time he did not think deeply, because she has a smile!
    Thursday, September 25th, 2008
    5:12 pm
    To a woman for being soft-hearted
      While Jin Shaopeng Xiongshenwusha or a look, it looked daunting, but the voice is a little lower.
     
      "I'll go!"
     
      immediately!
     
      if the wood away around them immediately in accordance with the sofa cushion, the panic fear of Jin Shaopeng from the body below the very small gaps in their out, as fast as possible to wear glasses, and then crossed legs Jin Shaopeng from his side " Escape "to open.
     
      seems to be "fleeing" was some fast! A careless, hit the door of a way of making money trees, knocked down almost Fortunately, if the wood in accordance with a keen response, his hands in time "help" to live! Although there have not been any accidents, but "Hua Lala" Zhuangdiao two leaves.
     
      days to complete the job! Very expensive way of making money tree! She's not on purpose!
     
      "Sorry!"
     
      If the wood in accordance with busy up on the floor of the two pieces of leaf. Jinshao Peng almost afraid to look back to see the eyes, I do not know that he will not be harshly reprimanded only feeling horrible Jin Shaopeng that a pair of black eyes has been firmly fixed on her , Watching her spine was numb, cold body.

      ... ...
     
      "I'll clean up!" A Xinxuan in the mouth of the throat, she is not to lose money, right?
     
      "... ... No one will come to me!"
     
      seems to be the voice sounded very soft, may be a harbinger of the devil who want to eat, to hurry up and put on his shoes to leave the line of sight! If the wood in accordance with the care of the leaves on one side, took his hands Sese shoes, to be placed at the foot of the nervous ... ... ... ... wearing shoes will be able to escape to open this terrible black eye.
     
      "I'll go!!"
     
      see if the wood in accordance with tension and confusion will not help the way, all of a sudden there is a feeling that gripped Jin Shaopeng hard heart, he has never been a woman of any action over the heart.

    No, only this time he ... ... Haoxiang off the demons of the past take on the appearance of the sun, she grinned like a smile, and then to help her.
     
      ... but ... It's absurd.
     
      "absolutely not! And women can go to quarrel, a woman can be as a commodity that can identify the shortcomings of the woman's aversion to her, patted the beautiful woman's face, but absolutely not to sympathize with a woman, must not care A woman!! Absolutely can not ask a woman out of mind!! Must not be reluctant to part of a woman!!! "Jin Shaopeng remind ourselves that in mind.

    A man of the most sensible approach is not to a woman for being soft-hearted!
     
      "Wait a minute!!"

    Jin Shaopeng also heard the sound of cold command, if the wood according to a stunned raised his head and looked at all the different kinds of panic Jinshao Peng.
     
      "I remember in the future, do not let me see you - or else - you have me get out!!"
     
      Jin Shaopeng into wood if done in accordance with a "Kacha!" Action! To see if the wood seems to be in accordance with the pale face, he has become satisfied.
     
      "definitely! Certainly!! Certainly!!!" If the wood in accordance with his head again and again to ensure that. She was not going to see this Jinshao Peng! I met him on the terrorist! The big day is just like people do in a nightmare! She do not want each and every day he was such a nightmare around there.
     
      "I go!!" Not to go to the Department of shoelaces, and she would rather to make good on the first floor of the hall finishing dressing. "Bang!" If the wood in accordance with the figure disappeared.
     
      all of a sudden a little tired, to see if the wood in accordance with the figure suddenly disappeared, Jin Shaopeng the heart of why even a bit depressing!
     
      this woman? He is dedicated to the well-being of the damage it? No! Absolutely necessary to her life and background checks clear! !
     
      he could not tolerate a name he did not even have all of it was a small beggar on the streets to do his female domestic! !
     
    Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
    8:44 am
    Miyazato is not easy to be in a couple of days, Jiang Yi can no longer mention the interest can not afford to play. She really do not know how many court rules. Or, call, behavior, and even Lianyi, food, shelter to the chapter, this is not what the most important thing is that people seem to have Miyazato not speak, the girl almost Park yard from each other, strange Very. Others will out, even the Green Luo is also the case, the phrase has become less silent. Is about to be tortured dead, Jiang Yi paralysis sitting in the table, than in the House Li also tough, "Oh My! Come and individuals to save me!"

    Yang Xin in the day, it seems that it is a matter of the Shang Beizai. No clothes do not know how kind, Do not spend time looking for her. But she also hope that he can spend time looking for her. Really, what does this mentality » What is this idea ah » Qiao Leqiao her own head, that the house only beacon lamp in the non-stop jumping, she really, rather than in front of this dazzling flames. Suddenly, in the minds of Emmanuel flash, "on!"

    Green Jiang Yi Luo stand at the door and see the lights also lit room will get pushed the door, a door, Jiang Yi will see that I do not know where wearing pieces of ladies clothing, shocked, "Jiang Yi, you To go to. "

    Seoul Jiangyicetou-wan smile, said: "I Mende Huang, get out more! You want to join?» "

    "I» "Green-Zhouzhuoshuangmei," I do not, you are also not allowed to. "

    Green-block in front of her, pulling her sleeves Jiang Yi, to withdraw from the Concubine, "I Biesi fast, you let me out to see!"

    "Line, will be recognized by. Do you forget that Lee's father-in-law, while casually walking in Miyazato."

    Jiangyiqingyao lips, "you rest assured that they will when I was just ladies." Her look at the rise of the Green Romania, shaking his head focused on the Green Luo her face, Jiang Yi know that she worried about what she faces the Hongyin Too obvious, people will recognize, "You do not have to worry about my own way."

    Jiang Yi-Ching comfort side, the side come to light before the lights in one breath will be blown income. She wants to do » Green-a look already guessed. Hurried approached holding her hand, said: "Jiang Yi, you can not do so, you forgot to explain how the Ziyun Shitai the right» "

    "Aunt……" Jiangyiyileng, his face half of Hong Yin Mei has been to, a film to stay in between your fingers. Right, how she forgot the words of the Xiaoyi it, she could not do so. All right, it's also Moren Kan Heidengxiahuo get her in the end of what look like. Green Luo Jiang Yi busy hand-Juan wipe his face, hands Youzi, asked:
    "Jiang Yi, medicine?» Medicine where «"

    Jiang Yi finger Guishang a Ciping, Green-go pick up the past, from the inside out Douli size of a red powder, a halo of water, Didaojiangyi before. Jiang Yi no choice but to lament the tone of a finger dip a little, Mei in the right eye, "I'm tired, Green Luo."

    Green Xidiao powder Luo said with a smile: "Well Jiang Yi, you Zaodian Shui bar, I returned to the room."

    Wash on the lake gardens Jingde can hear the sound fluctuations, Jiang Yi open the door, have Shuixia Fortunately, no one, only the old Lake in the moonlight.

    Qiaosheng out of her garden. Now what chrono ah, Ai Miyazato of people seem to have sleep early. Fangyanwangqu, the palace is really great, is Ai Miyazato of people will not get lost? » Jiang Yi Digu the heart, perhaps they all have a compass what it » However, she naturally will not get lost, she did not have the compass, have their own methods.

    Gaoxuan palace lantern, is still gloomy. Chang Yun Park, Yuxiu Hall, the Music Palace-…… all these places have been to Jiang Yi, in the moonlight they seem strange mystery. She followed Gongqiang, the court and the Connaught, as if only her, it is never too feel the freedom. Le Gongpang wear clearing the corridor, came a sudden,Pipa Sheng, Jiang Yi surprised, open courtyard walls reverberate, especially Qiwan. Yueyin suspended, also sounded not long, melodious bleeding heart people, Jiang Yi shift the footsteps of Xunzhe pipa came in the direction going.

    Youlin, a simple Chuk Yuen Ruoyinruoxian, and Haoshe incompatible with the palace, unwittingly Jiang Yi has reached outside the house. That such as the Pipa Sheng-Yu Pan, it may miss, it seems lonely, it seems inevitable Lai Ho, Yousixinjing such as water, confused with the firm. To have experienced what kind of things can pop this Yueyin, Jiang Yi some Suanchu the nose, hand in the face of an inconsistent Tangzhao I do not know when the tears shed.
    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
    9:58 am
    The real purpose of
    Shanshan kept coughing, breathing a quick five minutes before Huanguo Jin infants, have just felt a dark, as is to turn the Guimen Guan lap, but she knows he will not die in the hands of the people.

    "Just punishment to you, your rejection of my car a few minutes, I slightly grasping solid foundation, killed a fly alighted on." Qi Zhao said: "You run into this beauty, let me very sad."
    wow powerleveling
    Shanshan was finally exposed to see from Qi Zhao to the present, one of the most sincere smile: "Sure enough, your skill than I expected even better in a lot and I did not expect, in this super metropolis, you can encounter such hotshots . "

    "What are you in the end the« "sharp Qi Zhao said.

    "Special task Department! Bronze envoy!" Shanshan said.

    Qi Zhao Zhouzhoumeitou, slightly uneasy, re-ignited a cigarette, has a deep aspiration: "I look at the documents."

    Shanshan out of the box to make a bronze token Qi Zhao delivery to North Korea: "You slowly see!"

    Qi Zhao received bronze token, anyway-read-times, the Chinese are positive, page - Bronze envoy, the negative is English. Hesitated a moment, the token returned to the Shanshan, humorously: "You want me to join this organization» "

    "Yes!" Shanshan said: "No organization, is the body!"

    "No matter what, I do not want to lose freedom, I am afraid I will disappoint you, I know that you are for the country effect, but I helpless." Qi Zhao said: "If I do not Shunyan you see, you can continue to Kai Juzhuang I , Someone to assassinate me! "

    "No one will be bound to your freedom!" Shanshan said: "Even if you become a special mission of the Department, you remain a free people, and you are the same freedom."

    "There is no absolute freedom of the body." Qi Zhao said.

    "But enough freedom." Shanshan said.

    "How a law on freedom of« "Qi Zhao until now had no intention to join the organization, but a bit curious.

    In the armed forces, Qi Zhao knew there was a special task Department, but no common basic rights, and no special mandate from the people who fought Department from 2000-2003, of this institution is not very understanding, in-house functions and division of labor is not Clear.

    Qi Zhao believes that the special task Department is a relative rather than absolute secrecy of confidentiality, since their time in the military heard of, then the community must also have heard of some people, especially those stem the conspiracy, but Heard of this body who will not be too general.

    "In the absence of the mandate, what do you want to do what, if any task, went to carry out its mandate." Shanshan said.

    "What are the general tasks» "Qi Zhao said:" Let me to the assassination »steal intelligence» "

    "Almost not that simple, usually chase and Bao Jia, when the special case occurred when the offender is to hunt! Very important when people need to protect the time to Baojia! Separate action or find a partner with No one can bound by your freedom. "Shanshan would also like to explain what, let Qi Zhao stopped.

    "I understand that, the ancient imperial court and were almost caught." Qi Zhao Oh laugh together: "This sounds really interesting, then you talk about, if I entered the special task Department, I was what level of special envoys» "

    "You should be justified by the special envoy of gold." Shanshan said: "The special envoy in accordance with the special envoy of the skillsinto gold, bronze and special envoy Heitie special envoy, your skill enough to let you become a special envoy of gold!"
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    Qi Zhao word for gold was very surprised! He is gold! Now let him do some gold Envoy Is everything opportunity » Or just a coincidence or met.

    Qi Zhao see the hesitation, Shanshan said: "you are willing to« "

    "Unwilling." Qi Zhao said: "I have no interest in what the Special Envoy, I know, as long as I joined this body, are not the only task of pursuing or Baojia, and my freedom will be constrained."

    "Tasks are mostly hunt or Baojia, but you will not be bound by the basic freedom." Shanshan sincere eyes, sincere voice.

    Most of the basic…… » Qi Zhao somewhat helpless: "Send me to go back!"

    Shanshan Diaozhuan direction, to North Korea to open: "In the special group years» "

    "When the nine-year soldiers, spent six years in the special forces." Qi Zhao a bit sad, and their full effect for the state nine years, and now the effectiveness of opportunities for the country, but would like to evade their own, is a.

    "When the Commander» fought jungle warfare »" Shanshan said.

    Shanshan is the Special Envoy of bronze, these can guess, Qi Zhao did not find it strange, sighed out, said: "things are past, done a few years special forces commander, airborne mountain, jungle warfare, combat aircraft disappeared exercise, tanks Pioneer, are still playing, but…… "Qi Zhao's tone is almost begged:" I do not want anyone to damage my calm life. "

    Qi Zhao Shanshan can understand the feelings, a well-battlefield of the veterans retired after the desire to feel: "I understand it, but I said, no one shackles of your freedom. Our task is two or three times a year, The remaining time is your own. "

    "Said the lightweight, I am not afraid of mutiny» "Qi Zhao said.

    "Mutiny on the motives of people not eligible to join the organization." Shanshan said: "I believe my own eyesight."

    "Blind self-confidence in no one's advantage, even if you are a bronze envoy." Qi Zhao said.

    "Our treatment of high gold in the Department of Special Envoy At present, only two, each of the annual salary is 300 million, if a task for all claims." Shanshan said: "The Special Envoy of 10 bronze, the annual salary is 1.5 million, and Rail Envoy 30, is 1 million annual salary! "
    World of Warcraft PowerLeveling
    "Maybe I do business, or do any other, if…… if I really have the ability to survive, I Nengzhuan to 3 million!" Qi Zhao said.

    "But I have said, even if you become prime envoy, the same time there are many other dry, I am not asking you necessarily agree, I can only hope that the more you think about all right» "Shanshan said.

    Qi Zhao You Bude thought "Sidamingbu" in the lens, if done a special envoy of this gold is no doubt that the country has become a catch of gold were caught!

    Would like to evasion of interesting, but Qi Zhao still very worried, fear of losing freedom: "consider what can, but I was not too much to hope for."

    "Thank you." Shanshan said.

    "It should be grateful." Qi Zhao said.

    Car-door Associação de Karate to the ground outside the main gate, Qi Zhao under the car, going towards his motorcycle, quickly left the car, Qi Zhao rapidly in various road junctions interludes, transform line, running more than a few times only to the road The shelter downstairs.

    If true with to the Shanshan, a skill she really! Xu Shanshan or in order to prove what really will follow, Qi Zhao think so, in the upstairs quickly left.

    At home, Qi Zhao from the refrigerator out a bottle of Coke, open Mengguan, sit on a sofa, hand it to turn on the TV.

    Qi Zhao Xianguaibuguai the early and did not feel that this bronze envoy met Shanshan how the accident, but the "golden special envoy" to the words Qi Zhao, who is not a small boost, because he is gold, Good index for the six gold, gold with his special envoy who happens to coincide with this gold, I believe the other two gold envoy is certainly not gold, Buddha said, in today's world on his person a gold.

    Rang the door, but Xiao Xiao Qi Zhao, bronze is indeed special envoy, Youliangxiazi, then around their own speed so fast, she came with, but the road itself has not seen her car.

    Opened the door, coming in is Shanshan, but at this time of Shanshan, a bit less serious, look sweet smile, like channeling the door to the old acquaintances.
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