04:00am 27/12/2003
mood: hungry
thursday; christmas was good

friday..went to lynns house, babysat so lynn+pat could go see Lord of the rings, trevor peed on dawn, so I went to go finish changin his diaper, and I sat in the fuckin urine. went to lynns closet, picked out new pants to wear. blah.

came home, told mom+gramma bout trevor, started to go on the computer, mom asked me to dust, I flipped out, went to bed, woke up at 2 am, dusted, turned on computer.

my week ahead:

saturday; duno whats goin down today.

sunday; who knows

monday (dec 29); rochester, baby!!

tuesday; come back from rochester

wednesday (dec 31); babysitting for lynn+pat at a hotel in plymouth.

thursday; new yeeeear, 2004 baby, come home from hotel

friday (jan 2); no idea

saturday; dont know

sunday; blah, dreading tomorrow

monday (jan 5); school, yuck. i wont be able to wake up..i'll be too tired to get up for two weeks or so.
i'm such a dumbass   
05:16pm 27/12/2003
mood: productive
this morning...got up at 2, went online for about three hours..went to bed around 5 woke up at 8. went to work..got off at 3. got home, went to open the garage door (no garage door opener in the car yet..im too poor to buy one), so I went to press the code in. as I was walking back to open my car door to pull the car in the garage...I realized I locked my keys in the car, WHILE the car was still running..WITH my music blasting..I'm sure the whole damn neighborhood could hear it. My purse//money//checkbook//cell phone//everything was in there.

i walked inside..came to the fact that the other key was at my daddies work in fucking eden prarie (a half hour drive). I called to get directions (he juss switched to there from Crystal [a 10-15 min frive]). went to his work, took forver to get there, got the key, went home, opened the car.

went to true value to make two copies of the key (one for mom's keys, and one for the house). the guy asked what year it was..and if I knew if it had that lil chip in it. I said no, it doesn't. he made the keys, went to the desk to pay...it was like 4.46 or somethin like that. Tyler F was working (do you remember him ashley and everyone else who goes to pc..I dont think you would know him jen?? dont think he goes to our school anymore). unlocked the car with the new key..put the key in..and the damn thing started up, then shut off. I guess the damn keys do have a chip or somethin inside of it. so I was thinkin it was a waste of five dollars..then I Realized it wasn't, cuz we can still have the keys and use the mto unlock the doors. thats usually all I'd need the extra key for.

its the second time i locked my keys in my car. first time I was at target..called ashley..she picked me up, brought me home, and my daddie came home from work. but the good thing was, the car wasn't on that time.

blah, lost a lil gas, but oh well. life goes on.

i was so fucking pissed, but then I started laughin at my self cuz I think it's fucking hilarious.

comment...laugh at me all you want...I would laff too if it happened to you.
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