01:39pm 04/01/2004
  the livejournal = www.livejournal.com/~_teeze  
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12:15pm 03/01/2004
mood: contemplative
ahh! I'm contemplating whether or not I should stay here at blurty, or switch to livejournal??

leave your ideas pleeease.
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06:42am 02/01/2004
mood: tired
dec 30: went to mall of america with jen, ashley and john. slept at jens.

dec 31: babysat with jen at 8-4 then went to Plymouth to babysit/watch seven kids. argh.

jan 1: chilled, took a five hour nap, waking up at 9:30p, going back to bed around one-twoam

jan 2: woke up around fruckin 6:30, goin to Rochester today. gramma needs surgery/procedure done.

jan 3: comin home from Rochester if everything goes well, then babysitting for lynn. arrgh. too much shit this week that wasn't really planned (well the rochester stuff wasn't)

jan 4: come home from Lynns..or maybe I'll come home saturday night..we'll see. then I gotta work that evening (sunday) blaaaah.

im out.

leavin in less than an hour.

<3 much
05:56pm 30/12/2003
mood: okay
*checks where I left off*
chilled in the lobby, found computers which were "for health information searches only" but fukkk dat. lol. went online, checked mail and stuff. gramma got outta her appt, then we found out she needs surgery on Friday, and has three more appointments. we got to all of them early, got on the road to home by 3. got home.

I wanted to say more, but I dont remember. oh well.

mucho hearts.
05:21pm 30/12/2003
  yesterday dec 29; took a road trip to rochester with my gramma cuz she had appts today.

today; gramma went to her appts..she had one at 8 this mornin. the shuttle took her. i woke up at 8. went to breakfast around 8:30, came back..chilled, gramma came in the door. checked out around 11, went to Subway for lunch, chatted with the people there about subway crap. went to shopko cuz we hadta waste time. dropped gramma off, parked..chilled.

pizzas here.

09:42am 28/12/2003
mood: chipper
I stole this..and I'm bored.

1. What did you do in 2003 that you'd never done before? uhm..driven down to Rochester by myself? im sure i have more intesting things..but I dont wanna share/cant think of them.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? didn't make any for 2003..wont make any for 2004

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? *thinks real hard* um..close to me..meaning my neighbor..yeah, she had a lil baby girl, I think. ;x unless if it was 2002 baby..who knows?

4. Did anyone close to you die? yeah,,gramma

5. What countries did you visit? USA

6. What would you like to have in 2004 that you lacked in 2003? hm..good question..I think imma say my own car that I paid for all by myself

7. What date from 2003 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? theres so many...goin to my gramma's funeral, watchin my other gramma go into surgery, meetin ricky and gettin in trouble, that 21 y/o guy who offered us alcohol...

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? omg, lol..uhm, winning alex?

9. What was your biggest failure? don't remember

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? im sure I was sick..but nothing big

11. What was the best thing you bought? probably all that stuff I bought the first time I actually spend MY money on it alllll

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? I dont knowww..I think I know what its askin, but I dont know whose behavior is worth celebrating...uhm..steph's cuz she graduatated?

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? can't say

14. Where did most of your money go? target

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? plane rides

16. What song will always remind you of 2003? none

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

i. happier or sadder? same

ii. thinner or fatter? fatter..that damn food @ subway...urrrgh

iii. richer or poorer? richer, thanks to subway

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? i dont know

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? dont know

20. How will you be spending Christmas? I just did..and I just spent it at home

22. Did you fall in love in 2003? nah

23. How many one-night stands? none

24. What was your favorite TV program? lizzie mcguire..or anything on discovery health

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? nope

26. What was the best book you read? The Lost Boy

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? I'm capable of first clarinet..but that shit's too hard..so I'm glad I moved back to second

28. What did you want and get? license/car

29. What did you want and not get? to be undeafeated for marching band.

30. What was your favorite film of this year? i dont knoww

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? chilled@myhouse...16

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? nothing

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2003? okay

34. What kept you sane? myself?

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? no one

36. What political issue stirred you the most? who cares..politics suck

37. Who did you miss? my gramma

38. Who was the best new person you met? AJ..he tought me stuff about stuff that aint your business

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2003: dont rush anything

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year: .....
i'm such a dumbass   
05:16pm 27/12/2003
mood: productive
this morning...got up at 2, went online for about three hours..went to bed around 5 woke up at 8. went to work..got off at 3. got home, went to open the garage door (no garage door opener in the car yet..im too poor to buy one), so I went to press the code in. as I was walking back to open my car door to pull the car in the garage...I realized I locked my keys in the car, WHILE the car was still running..WITH my music blasting..I'm sure the whole damn neighborhood could hear it. My purse//money//checkbook//cell phone//everything was in there.

i walked inside..came to the fact that the other key was at my daddies work in fucking eden prarie (a half hour drive). I called to get directions (he juss switched to there from Crystal [a 10-15 min frive]). went to his work, took forver to get there, got the key, went home, opened the car.

went to true value to make two copies of the key (one for mom's keys, and one for the house). the guy asked what year it was..and if I knew if it had that lil chip in it. I said no, it doesn't. he made the keys, went to the desk to pay...it was like 4.46 or somethin like that. Tyler F was working (do you remember him ashley and everyone else who goes to pc..I dont think you would know him jen?? dont think he goes to our school anymore). unlocked the car with the new key..put the key in..and the damn thing started up, then shut off. I guess the damn keys do have a chip or somethin inside of it. so I was thinkin it was a waste of five dollars..then I Realized it wasn't, cuz we can still have the keys and use the mto unlock the doors. thats usually all I'd need the extra key for.

its the second time i locked my keys in my car. first time I was at target..called ashley..she picked me up, brought me home, and my daddie came home from work. but the good thing was, the car wasn't on that time.

blah, lost a lil gas, but oh well. life goes on.

i was so fucking pissed, but then I started laughin at my self cuz I think it's fucking hilarious.

comment...laugh at me all you want...I would laff too if it happened to you.
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04:00am 27/12/2003
mood: hungry
thursday; christmas was good

friday..went to lynns house, babysat so lynn+pat could go see Lord of the rings, trevor peed on dawn, so I went to go finish changin his diaper, and I sat in the fuckin urine. went to lynns closet, picked out new pants to wear. blah.

came home, told mom+gramma bout trevor, started to go on the computer, mom asked me to dust, I flipped out, went to bed, woke up at 2 am, dusted, turned on computer.

my week ahead:

saturday; duno whats goin down today.

sunday; who knows

monday (dec 29); rochester, baby!!

tuesday; come back from rochester

wednesday (dec 31); babysitting for lynn+pat at a hotel in plymouth.

thursday; new yeeeear, 2004 baby, come home from hotel

friday (jan 2); no idea

saturday; dont know

sunday; blah, dreading tomorrow

monday (jan 5); school, yuck. i wont be able to wake up..i'll be too tired to get up for two weeks or so.
06:27pm 24/12/2003
  merry christmas everyone (I know im a day early...shoot me)

I worked earlier to day...made a dozen cookies for the family. brought 'em home.



more internet.

before Iwent up to the table, my dad was like what's wrong?! I was like what? my dad was like youre so white! "well i Dont have any makeup on" "im not used to you w/o make up" wtf?! I dont wear on the weekends..but hes never home, so yeah, I understand..but still. I dont wear that much! well I didn't think I did...i only wear powder and mascara..and sometimes eye shadow.. but damn. lol. I didn't even think makeup really affected me. and the powder isn't like 23408x darker than my skin..it's actually lighter..or about the same. weirdness.

now I think its presents time. I duno...probably will open 'em in like another half hour..who knows.

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cute joke.   
11:12pm 23/12/2003
  where the little boy is eating some fresh baked cookies, and the grandpa asks the boy "can i have one?"..
the boy says "can you touch your dick to your ass?"....
the grandpa says "yes i can", so the little boy says....
"well then go fuck yourself! Grandma made these for me!"
09:18am 23/12/2003
mood: blank
went to lynn+pats, went to mall of america (mostly stayed in lego land, and camp snoopy area, until we had to leave, and walked around the whole damn mall), napped, watched Fear twice (thanks ashley), chilled, ate dinner. *all in between there, helped with the kids. woot.* anyone wanna make babies with me?

went to the minnesota zoo (thanks to lynn's membership!)
went home, picked up my check, went to the bank, got money, came home, ate dinner, went to perkins with ash+jen+john, went home, blah, sleep.

today (tuesday)...
woke up, bored, came on here..

later today...
ortho, clean, work

..about the making babies thing, if you said yes, you're a crackhead, cuz there is no way I want a baby at the age of 17 (I know i'm only 16, but if I got pregnant now, i'd be 17 when I had the baby, silly).
04:35pm 20/12/2003
mood: blah
music: puddle of mudd-away from me
i hear ya jen..I haven't had the modivation to update this thing either..

I'm so happy I'm on winter break. woot!

last night, I went out to Lynns and babysat so they could go Christmas Shopping. this morning I worked..and tonight..I dunno what I'm doin.

Tomorrow morning I think im goin shopping for a ring for Christmas, then back to lynns cuz Pat can't handle both kids by himself. lol.

Derek thinks of me and dawn as sisters, I think. he listens to me good, but likes to throw mad rages and hit me, if he doesn't get his way, just like he does to his parents. lol. oh well. it was so cute, when I sat down to watch Finding Nemo (OMggg i love that movie!!!), Derek came over to me, and just sat in my lap. iwasl ike wtf?! you never ever do this..that kid is so independent...but his brother Trevor sometimes will come and just sit in your lap. I duno, it was just weird.

hope everyone's break is goin well.

if you're bored and wanna talk..IM me at: mariex05 <-- AIM/AOL screenname

11:31pm 16/12/2003
mood: okay
blah, blurty sucks. i should be in bed. had to do that damn reflection, and haven't made it to my bed yet.

ashley..are you embarrased? "IM NOT A LESBIAN!" lol okay then. thanks for informing..never thought you were.. lol.

jen..sorry for not helpin on your math yet. Wednesday will be the day, after I clean my room, since gramma's comin on Friday..

soo that means marie gets to take a trip to the airport. oh gawd. hopefully traffic wont be too heavy. gah.

school's been good, I Guess. I hope that secret quiz goes well tomorrow in chemistry. "wednesday dec 17, there will be a secret (he didn't use that word, but I cant think of the word) quiz..shh, dont tell anyone" lmao. thompson's a nerd. gotta love him though..hes a great teacher. makes chem. fun.

lmao, I love godfathers. long story..won't even go into detail.. thanks amanda.. [i know you aint readin it, well most likey not..but still] gotta love the pickles...and the pop. and omg...everything was just so funny.

my arms hurt..maybe I'm getin muscles. woot. cuz I shoveled today after school. I was gonna get teh snow blower out cuz at the end of the driveway it was all thick (thanks to the plows), but I couldn't get the damn thing started. gr. Maybe I needed the key..I dont know..it sounded like it could start up w/o, since I had the electric cord right, and I think I did everything right. but it didnt start..just kinda made noises like it was gonna, but never did. sooo, I just hadta do it with my hands/arms. gr.

after school, when jen and I were leavin, we were walkin out, and there was this car in which wouldn't start. we started laughin..then i wasl ike omg, thats dana!! I felt bad..jen told me to drive up by her, and then I gave her a ride home. poor girl..just got that car, and it's not even workin. {{motor problems}} gr, damn ford bronco. oh well, I still fucking love my black ford F-350, dually, diesel.. mmm.

im out. bed time.

much love.
03:39pm 10/12/2003
mood: full
sorry i've been putting this thing off...haven't had time to go on the computer at all, lately. lately, my life has been consisting of work+school stuff. oh well. work=money..school=friends+an education. i think this weekend imma try and hang out with some people.

schools been pretty good. 'cept for chemistry. i hate that crap we're learning. psychology is reallly interesting. good stuff in that class.

nothin else to say, really, cept that i'm goin to the dentist! woot. i love that place!

04:40pm 07/12/2003
mood: crappy
music: nada
gawd..what us girls do when we're desperate for famous daves in Uptown. so we're (ashleys drivin) pullin outta mall of america, and all we know is 35W north, to lake st/31st, to Girard to get to famous daves..but we dont know how to get to 35w from moa...so we're at the stoplight, and theres this truck next to us..I was thinkin to have Jen roll down her window, but she told me to open my door (we're in a ford windstar [van for those who dont know]) since I was closer to the ladie's window..so my dumbass opens the sliding door, tells the lady to roll down her window, and she rolls it down, "yes?" lmao, I was laughin, barely could get out.."do you know how to get to 35w?" she replies in a nice tone, "yes..494 west, but I'm not sure..,::cut out::" mean while, the light had already turned green..ashleys screamin "oh shiit" lol, I'm worried about other cars gettin pissed and stuff... so then we finalllly made it to famous daves. we're drivin around lookin for a parking spot, and we found one, and this jackass behind us took it, grx2408. so then we went to the parking ramp. we walk into famous dave's and there was a live band+a five dollar cover. we thought that was dumb..but it was only because of the band..so we walk over to the take out side, and ask for colleen (jens tiiight ass auntie). she got us in the place w/o payin the cover, and she got us our food half off. woot. don't be jealous. lol we ordered our food and like 5 minutes later it came..when colleen brought out the food, i blurted out "holy shit!" not even realizing who I was talking to. lol jen started laughin at me, then I wasl ike oh shit..thinkin colleen was gonna hate me, but she dint care. ::phew:: lol.

Thanks ashley for bringin me along!!

ooh ooh, at mall of america, we went into Rave and were looking at the thongs..there was this reallly cute one with a whistle on it..and the ladie who was working commented it, and said "yeah i got one of those" because Jen+Ashley thought I was dumb for putting my mouth on it, because i'm sure a lotta other mouth's have been on it, but who cares. germs are germs..omg, I can't kiss you cuz imma get germs..lol. then I was making some dumb ass comments to the girl workin, and she was just laughin at me; Jen and ashley were laughin too, cuz of what I was sayin..I dont even remember half the things I was talkin about.

work wasn't bad. didn't really get slammed, but we were steady..so its all good. then my dumbass(x2) cut my self with a knife agaiiiin!

Now I gotta get started on my homework. gah, I dont have much though, so hopefully it'll take only like thirty minutes to complete. I hope so.
06:18am 06/12/2003
mood: indifferent
sorry since its been awhile since i've updated

I'll update a lot, later though.
03:41pm 29/11/2003
mood: blah
blah, kids suck. babysat last night from like nine to 12:45 am. Got home around 1:30. the parents were supposed to come home 11:30-12. before the parents left, Lynn (mom) put the littlest kid (trevor) down. I watched tv with the Derek, the older one, until he went to bed. I fell asleep, then woke up to crying. went upstairs, got Trevor, held him, tried puttin him back down, but he kept crying. I took him down stairs and watched tv with him. brought him back upstairs, laid him in his crib, walked out the door, closed the door, and the damn creaking woke him up. gr. so I went and picked him up, brought him downstairs, made a bottle for him, then fed it to him. he fell asleep in my arms, after a while, I brought him back upstairs. about an hour later (about 11:30) he woke up again, and I just took him in my arms, and had him lay on top of me, while I watched tv. I love kids, but then again, I hate 'em. Around 12, I called the residense that Lynn+Pat were at, no answer. figures, they're outside in the hot tub, gettin drunk. about a half hour later, Pat called back, sayin he'd be home soon. If I didn't have to work in the morning, I wouldn't have cared at all what time they were comin home at. but holy fuck man..kids are so loving. I think I want a child, someone who will love you unconditionally, if you treat it well. but I hope I dont get pregnant for like a million years, because I dont want my teen years being taken away from me, because of a child.

Worked today..10:30-2:30, when I got there, Katie said we had two party platters and 20 footlongs to make by 11. grx230498. we got the party platters done, and four of the 20 done. but then Kim (owner) came, and helped finish the 16 that were left. ARCC had a home basketball game, and Kim wanted to sell subs from Subway in order to promote business. so hopefully, students will start comin to our subway, and take advantage of the buy one six inch, get one for 59 cents.

anyways...I'm out.
08:47am 27/11/2003
mood: excited
HAPPPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALLLL!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! And remember to give your thanks!!
09:23am 26/11/2003
mood: bored
oh by the way...I did get up at 3:30 this morning. came online for a lil bit..cleaned my room a lil, then went back to bed.

Does anyone know how to change the time of this journal to central standard?

Later I getta work, on my day off of school. gr. then tomorrow is thanksgiving. wooooot! then the next day, work again, then i'm goin to Lynn's house to babysit..that means money! yay, more money for me which in actualality (sp?) is more money to spend on people for Christmas.
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08:52am 26/11/2003
mood: blank
1. What brand of toothpaste? aquafresh//crest
2. Shampoo Conditioner in one or separate? seperate
3. What Brands? of Shampoo and Conditioner? granier frutis
4. What flavor dental floss? ..none..
5. Do you roll your socks or pull them up? fold them over
6. Toilet paper: wad or fold? fold
7. Do you know Donald Ducks middle name? nah
8. Favorite color? purple, black, pink
9. Summer footwear: flipflops or juss reg. sneakers
10. Apples, oranges, or bananas? oranges..but wheres the pineapple?!
11. Lefty or righty? righty
12. Glass is half-empty or half-full? half-full
13. Bleh or blah? blah
14. What do you like about yourself? i'm caring..i think.
15. Would you ever wear Taz boxers? sure
16. Do you sing in the shower? not really
17. Do you talk to your pet? nope
18. Do you talk to yourself? no
19. Do you have a secret crush on your dentist? noo
20. Do you know your mailman/woman's name? no, should I?
21. Do you give your mailman/woman a gift on Xmas? no
22. Do you have 11 toes? no
23. What is the lamest pick up line you've ever used? haven't ever used one seriously.
24. Would you ever buy/use a pink pen? I do use one.
25. Would you ever buy ANYTHING pink? yeaa
26. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? mickey mouse!
27. Do you think Daffy Duck is hot? oh yesss
28. Would you ever recite poetry to a girl? sure why not
29. What color nail polish/lipstick would you wear? any color
30. Do you bite your lip when you're nervous? sometimes
31. Would you skip school if you had a huge zit between your eyes on picture day? no
32. Do tight jeans make guys look gay? often, yes
33. How do you take mascara off? with make-up remover
34. Would a girl wearing blue/green mascara turn you on? oh yeah, cuz remember: i'm a dyke
35. Do you know HOW to figure out bra size? sure do..go to victoria's secret and have them measure you.
36. Would you ever wear lip gloss? i do wear lip gloss
37. What's better: gummi sweettarts or sweettart gum? gummi
38. M&MS or Skittles? either//or
39. Do you go to public places with your mom, and actually TALK to her? yeah...
40. What is 1+1? oh man..
41. What is your favorite holiday? halloween and christmas and thanksgiving
42. Pick one: RuPaul or Dennis Rodman: who the fuck is rupaul?
43. How old are you? 16
44. How old do you WANT to be? 21
45. Where do you want to live? in a house
46. Where do you want to go? france
47. Who do you want to meet? my soul mate
48. Do you like Kool-Aid? yes
49. Does pine-sol smell good? yea
50. What are your favorite pizza toppings? plain or pepperoni
51. Do you like toast? yes
52. Do you still carve pumpkins? no
53. Do you still leave cookies & milk out for Santa? nah
55. Have your wisdom teeth seen light yet? nope, but soon.
56. Clear or colored? clear or colored WHAT
57. When your dentist asked, what flavor fluoride did you pick? mint
58. Where is your hand right NOW? on the keyboard
59. What is better: your right ear or left pinky? left pinky
60. Okay or O'tay? okay
61. French poodle or french kiss? french kiss
62. Are 2 x 4s really 2 inches by 4 inches? or they could be two feet by four feet..
64. Do you have a 2 x 4 or a 1 x 2? of what?
65. Do you know your parents' birthdays/ages? yes
66. Do you know your siblings birthdays/ages? yea
67. Does your grandma tell you she is 29? nah
68. Have you ever used colored white-out? nope
69. What do you think of Smurfette? i dont know
70. What is your favorite book? to kill a mockingbird
71. How does a cabin far, far away, with a fire, candles, and the one you love sound? awesome
72. Salmon or Cod? whichever
73. Crab or Lobster? neither
74. What sounds better: up or down? up
75. What sounds better: sideways or sidewards? sideways
76. Ok, NOW where is your hand? the keyboard, silly
77. Describe the best day of your life: dont feel like typin it out.
78. Broom or mop? mop, they're funner
79. What is your favorite word? penis
80. Free! Don't have to answer this since there is no question: thanks i guess
81. What is your full name? marie ----- -------
82. What do you wish your name was? Fred
83. Describe your kinkiest fantasy: ..no comment..
84. What is the weirdest middle name you've ever heard? not sure
85. Are your feet the same size? yeah.
86. Cassettes or CDs? cd's
87. Is watching "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" a tradition in your home? nope
88. What are your Christmas traditions? eating dinner, then opening presents on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas morning, go see what Santa brought us..then chill.
89. How do you open your envelopes: carefully..
90. 10 more to go, are you bored? i know theres 200, not 100, silly
91. Do you like onions? yea
92. What would you name your band, if you had one? "the awesomest band"
93. Have you ever worn a dress? yeah
94. Did you know that if you talk into a vent, someone in a nearby room will hear you? yup
95. Frogs or toads? neither
96. Do you believe in making a wish at 11:11? nah
97. 8 or 3? how about nine?
98. How long can you hula-hoop for? not that long
99. Did you know Dave is AWESOME? yup
100. You made it. Do you love me now? no, cuz now theres 100 more
101. Did you ever eat crayons when you were little? nope
102. On your last birthday, what did you wish for? nothing
103. Do you know all the words to the National Anthem? nope
104. Is watching the Superbowl a party in your house? it used to be..until somethin happened..
105. Are you going to name your son Elvis? nah
106. If not, what? I dont know
107. What about your daughter? I dont know
108. Describe your most embarrassing moment: too many to list
109. Do you read tabloids? nope
110. Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played? oh yeah, i wish they had bugs bunny porn.
111. Do you like cotton candy? yes
112. Do you suffer from cramps? oh yeah
113. Do you have that not-so-fresh feeling? sometimes
114. Favorite food? I dont have a fave..
115. What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD."
116. Ribbed or plain? either/or
117. "Lala" or "Skittle de bop du wop"? WTF
118. Apple pie or cherry pie? apple
119. Pepsi or Coke? either//or, considering it used to be coke..then changed to pepsi, then the 'rents bought me coke, and I started drinking it and got used to it..I told them I liked pepsi, so they bought me pepsi...Now I have almost 48 cans of wild cherry pepsi//coke to drink. bah.
120. Strawberry or Vanilla? vanilla
121. Favorite movie? blah.
122. Favorite Actor? none
123. Favorite Actress? julia stiles, i guess?
124. Cheerios or corn flakes? cheerios
125. Panty hose or thigh-highs? thigh highs, i think.
126. Do you shave your legs? yes
127. Midnight or mid-day? midnight
128. Hope or Billy? um...
129. Cottonball or Q-tip? Q-tip
130. Dry or lubricated? lubricated
131. Fast or slow? depends..but looks like we're on the subject of sex...dry/lubricated..fast/slow..hard/soft, So I'd have to say...still depends
132. Hard or soft? hard
133. Yogurt or ice-cream? ice cream
134. Spoon or fork? fork
135. Are you crying right now? no
136. Fling or flick? what's the difference?
137. Look at your middle finger, on your right hand, what do you see? *fuck me*
138. Look to your left, what do you see? a window
139. Look to your right, what do you see? wall and pictures
140. Who is at your house right now? me, mom, sister, dog
141. Are your legs crossed right now? sort of
142. Do a few twirls, are you dizzy now? fuck you.
143. Favorite song? stacys mom has got it gooooin on. jp, thats an annoying song, right Jen. i dont really have a fave..
144. Boxers or briefs? boxers
145. Tootsie pops or blowpops? both
146. Big Red, Juicy Fruit, or Doublemint? juicy fruit or double mint
147. Do you like to fish? not really
148. Is your grandpa cool? he was..but then he passed away
149. Does your grandpa bore you with long stories? it wasnt boring..it was actually pretty interesting.
150. Do you snore? i think so
151. Describe how your breath smells right now: like breath
152. If you were a girl, would you rather be "Matilda" or "Alexis." matilda -- a GREAT MOVIE.
153. Does it taste good? sure?
154. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? lick it.
155. Do you chew on pens/pencils? nah
156. What is your favorite comic? garfield
157. Acting class or class act? class act?
158. Upside-down or downside-up? upside down
159. What's up? nothing
160. What does "GROWL TIGER" make you think of? a bitch... ?
161. What does this -> .dm,'fglkserhngjkqb; make you think of? your sexy ass
162. Blondes or brunettes? whichever
163. Push or pull? push
164. If a door says pull, do you automatically push? lol nah.
165. Do you even read those door things? rarely
166. Do spiders scare you? nope
167. What does? ??
168. Did you know I was scared of FROGS when I was a baby? im sorry
169. What was your first word? in signlanguage: milk...in english: no idea.
170. What was your first phrase? i have no idea
171. What can you not pronounce? asdflkjsaflkjx
172. Did you know my phone just rang? nope
173. Is your phone ringing? no
174. What's your phone number? ***-***-****, break the code, and youre a friend, or a stalker
175. Do you eat your toe-nails? thats nasty
176. Are you in drag right now? no
177. WalMart or Kmart? walmart
178. Jim Carrey or Mariah Carey? Mariah...we have the same birthdayyyY!
179. How many REAL push-ups can you do? like..two.
180. How many fake push-ups can you do? a lot
181. Go run a mile. You have ten minutes. Are you tired now? no thanks.
182. Does your bike have 2 wheels? yes
183. Are they flat? probably
184. Can you do a hand-stand? yeah
185. Front or back? personally i like it in the front, but the back might be okay... rofl
186. Walk backwards for 5 steps. Stop. Turn around: no thanks, i'd be facing the other side of the room..and I dont wanna be doin that
187. Are you on fire right now? yeah, I am.
188. If I give you a piece of paper, what are the odds of you not eating it? a million. *I think that makes sence*
189. Sprite or 7-up? both
190. Mug RootBeer or Dr. Pepper? dr. pepper
191. Bambi or Thumper? bambi
192. Do you think Flower is hot? who?
193. If I told you to jump off a bridge, would you? nope
194. Would you lick Prince's feet for $5? yup
195. Do you know there are people who would do that for free? yeah
196. Umm. can you count how many questions are left? four.
197. Is your left pinky right-handed? no, I think its left
198. 5+7+8-1234569%555x3=? 411530? nah
199. If you had 5 dollars, went to the store to buy 1 apple for 50 cents, but they were out, how many apples would you have? none..but i'd probalby buy some candy
200. Do you know how many calories you burn when you do the wild thing? Lol I thought this said when you ride the wild thing (roller coaster at valleyfair.) i was like wtf? but no, I dont know how many calories are lost during sex.
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