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NONESENSE JOURNAL lol [18 Feb 2004|08:30pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Logic exam tommorow. WISH ME LUCK! I think im going to do good on it though. I really dont like studying. It is so boring. I rather be just relaxing. But u gotta study. I dont know if i told u guys this but i got a 3.2 last semester. My first 3 in my college career! thats a shocker lol. I only got 3's in high school. In fact my overall gpa in high school was a 3.2 . Here in college the highest i ever made was a 2.5. But now that i hit a 3.2..last semester..i feel like i can achieve another one, well if i work hard for it. Im going to try to hit another one this semester. But i dunno if i can do it since my classes r harder. And yeh ive gotten kind of lazy this semester. I think im just tired of school. I cant wait till summer break. Im just going to relax this summer break and work.

YEH I SAID WORK. Yeh i know i never had a job before ha *im just a spoiled ass*. But i seriously mean it. I am GOING to get a job! I dot know where. But its def not going to be a fast food restaurant. Some of u guys already know this, but i trained at PAPA johns my senior yr in hs and it was pure hell. I would come out smellnig like pizza and was like one of the only girls working there. Well there were was one girl that worked there, but she was hardely there. I dont think i ever got sick of pizza until i trained there for a damn month or so. I luv pizza, but working everday there made me tired of it. I wanna work at the mall or some clothing store..or basically anywhere thats not a fast food restaurant.

I really need a my life. I know i said that ten million times! and im def sure u guys r sick of hearing about it! But im sick of being single! I want to cuddle with someone..and i want someone who is fun, cute, sincere, honest, romantic, mature. Alot of things. Im not sayin a guy has to be perfect, because i sure am not!Im not perfect in looks or personality, no one is. But...i aleast want a guy who is not an ASS..or JUST OUT FOR SEX. And it seems like the people i have met or seen...r all like that! And no im not stereotyping I just say what i see.

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SURVERY TIME [17 Feb 2004|02:56pm]
LAYER ONE // the basics

name: Tiffany S

current location: Kent, Ohio (for school)

eye color: dark brown, honey brown *contacts*

hair color: dark brownish black.

height: 5'2, yeh im a short one!

zodiac Sign: GEMINI!

LAYER TWO // on the inside

your heritage: African American. I have some Native American in me though. Runs on both my moms and dads side. Cherokee indian..basically. If u saw my great grandmother on my moms side you would think she was white/black. She had a very light complexion and a narrow nose. So who knows whats in ur blood these days lol. But of course when people see me they just prob think BLACK..but i can tell i have some native am in me by my high cheek bones.

shoes you wore today: Gray and pink Sketcher shoes

your weakness: trusting people, being shy, letting people out of my life. I guess thats about it

your fears: being single the rest of my life lol, death, snakes, spiders, heights, being out in the real world when i grad from college, diseases. I would say im pretty much a paranoid person haha

goal you'd like to achieve: Graduate from college, get a job this summer, get my car fixed up thissummer. I plan to make my nissan altima look bad ass. I plan to put a spoiler on it, a loud muffler, it painted jet black *it is black but it needs a paint job again*, and im going to have it spray painted on the bottom saying"Altima". I plan to do good this semester and try to pull a 3.2 like last semester. I don tknow if i can do it or not..but its worth the shot.

LAYER THREE // yesterday, today, tomorrow

your thoughts first waking up: Damn i dont wanna get up...maybe i should stay in bed and skip class. No i cant skip class, im paranoid and want to have good grades. SO i get my ass up and turn off my alarm clock. Maybe go back to bed for 3 minutes lol, then get up again and hit the shower.

your best physical feature: Legs..they have become real muscular and toned!

your bedtime: 1 am, 2 am, 3 am haha. I would say the average time i go to bed is prob 12:45..but recently i would have to say 2 am.

your most missed memory: Adjusting to college freshmen yr and meeting people down the hall. It was nice...

LAYER FOUR // your pick

pepsi or coke: COKE

single or group dates: Eh prob group dates..and then maybe single dates later. I get nervous on one on one dates. Its actually pretty bad ..i feel like im going to get sick, then i guess later on its not too bad.

adidas or nike: Addidas

lipton ice tea or nestea: Nestea.

chocolate or vanilla: chocolate and vanilla :P. I like them both, just like i like my men! LOL JK!

cappuccino or coffee: eww neither

LAYER FIVE // do you?

swear: When im pissed off yeh.But i dont really swear in front of people though...

sing: yeah.....when no ones around. Haha would be embarassing if someone caught me singing.

take a shower everyday: YEP

think you've been in love: I dont know

like(d) high school: NO HIGH SCHOOL WAS PURE HELL!

get motion sickness: yeh sometimes

think you're attractive: sometimes

freak: haha ...i dunno. Prob, maybe, maybe not, answer could be"No."..but anyways .u will never know ;). Hey that rhymes.

get along with your parents: DEF YES. I LUV MY PARENTS!

like thunderstorms: They are alright..until it starts lightening then i get scared. At home when it starts lightening i even go on the floor and sleep because im afraid i wil get struck on my bed. haha i told u im paranoid!

play an instrument:I played the clarinet in the 5th grade-12th grade. Have i touched it after high school...nope ..

LAYER SIX // in the past month have you...

made out: Eh..kinda. I woudnt say it was making out, but well maybe i guess u could call it that. Well that was last month

gone on a date: yeh this guy somphomore yr took me to mcdonalds at the student center. DONT LAUGH! lol. But i guess it was a date..haha. He said lets go out to dinner..and thats where he took me.

been on stage: yeh high school band concerts..

been dumped: NOPE

gone skinny dipping: no

dyed your hair: no

LAYER SEVEN // ever...

played a game that required removal of clothing: No

been caught "doing something": No im sneaky

been called a tease: yeh. But guys r asswipes. Just because im shy and not a slut doesnt make me a prude or a tease. But really i only been called a tease once in my life.

gotten beaten up: a nice shy girl who would wanna beat me up?

shoplifted: haha me and my bro opened a bag of marshmellows when we were little and ate some of them in the grociery store.

LAYER EIGHT // getting older

age you hope to be married: I dont see myself married..but hey what happens happens.

numbers and names of children: Not thinking about kids at the moment. Could be possiblity i would want one in the future..who knows.

describe your dream wedding: on a beach...

how do you want to die: happy.

what do you want to be when you grow up: A theraputic recreation therapist. Well thats what im majoring in.

what country would you most like to visit: Italy, England, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia.

LAYER NINE // in a boy(/girl)

best eye color: Any

best hair color: I like guys with dark hair usually. Brown or black.

short or long hair: I like a clean short look.

height: taller then me. 5'6-6'0 is good.

LAYER TEN // in the numbers...

number of people you'd die for: family.and .lets just say alot of people.

number of cds that i own: over 300. I have like 7 cd cases

number of piercings: 2 in ears

number of tattoos: 0 and i dont want one either

number of scars on my body: a few

number of things in my past that I regret: Turning guys down in high school. Especially this one that looks really good now. Damn if i could change it back i would. Um letting people out of my life. I used to be real good friends with these two girls..trease and angie. Angie was like one of my best friends. But once we got in high school, we all went our seperate ways. And one of them, not going to nameany names started tryin to act all cool..and better then everyone else.

Damn i smell good! [17 Feb 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Theres this one guy who sits by me in child motor dev and he keeps staring at me. And i know im not hot lol, but i dont know why he does. Maybe im just suprised that any guys take notice in me. Its not like they didnt in hs. I guess i just pushed them away because of my pickyness. The pickyness was mostly from personality. I dont just judge people by their looks like everyone else.

U know what i think its the perfume haha. I got this package...of elizabeth arden perfume for xmas. It has small perfumes. Its basically a Variety gift pack.It has green tea, sunflower, 5th avenenue, arden beauty and red door. I like the green tea the best..and prob 5th avenue. Man that stuff smells good. GO BUY IT!! I can smell this stuff on me all day...

and i think it gets peoples attention too when u smell so good haha..


A good day [17 Feb 2004|03:15am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Sorry i havent wrote in here in awhilepeeps..been mad busy and forgot all about my journal

U know hardely ever in my dorm room this yr.Why? Because i cant stand beingin the dorm room all day. I dont see how people can do it. I find itlike a jail i have to get out.

Anyways I have to say even though college can be stressful with school work and exams, this yr is alot better then last yr. This yr I actually have met some interesting people and learned alot from people. Though ive met people, i still havent met a man yet lol.But u know slow.

Today was a good day. I was in a good mood all day actually. But u know good days they can turn bad. So heres what happend, ok, I parked in between these two carsin a parking lot. I guess i parked a little to close. WHen i tried to back out...i like kind of scraped the other persons sideof the car :/...uh yeh. Did i stay there until they came out the building? no? so it was basically a hit and run accident. It wasnt that noticable on the persons car, but i feel bad. I would be pissedif someone did that to my car. AND NO IM NOT A BAD DRIVER lol. I just parked two close. I dont know what i was thinkin. I was in a hurry to get somewhere, i was late iis all i have to say.SO anyways my bumper is kinda messed up in the front. Its not real real noticable but im going to have to get it replaced..this summer before it gets loose and falls off.I told my dad that on the phone today and he said he would take care of it.But i feel bad that my parents pay for everything. Im going to try to get ajob this summer and pay for it myself..u know be responsible.

Well im going to bed..:)


Nothin much.... [30 Sep 2003|12:38am]
Nothin much here..haha. Oh at the kappa phi meeting we went to some old folks home and played bingo with them. The old people were so sweet lol.This one lady gave me a piece of candy.Eh thats about it.
I think i did good on my 3 exams last week. I still want a bf
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Nu XTINA BacKGROUND [04 Sep 2003|02:25pm]
check out my nubackground!! :)
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PeOpLe DisGust Me [03 Sep 2003|12:33am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

ok so my these 3 guys that my roomate knows came over high tonight. One of the guys is the guy that she likes..that i told you about in the earlier entry. But anyways i guess they were high from smoking pot and drinking. So they were acting so stupid and were pretty loud.

okay one of the guys was kind of vulgar. and was pointing to my posters on the wall. He asked if i would make out with ashanti and xtina. im like wth lol. And then he said stuff about i could be ur escort, first experience one time.Ill giv it to u anytime." My roomte was like"dont listen to them. they r acting stupid." I felt like i was going to barf. Then the guy that my roomate likes was like"will u go out with me, be my bf." and i was laughed and said"no." and he said "why not?" and i didnt say anything.

Then these 3 chicks that the guys knew came over. And they were loud. I was thinking"shut the fuck up." and one chick i guess she is a slut because one of the guys said they heard she went over some dudes house at night. and she laughed and stuff. And i guess she sleeps with girls too or somethin. He asked somethin about u go down on ur girl? and she was like"yeh" and he was like"was it good?" and she said "yeh its always good." Im thinking um i dont need to know about ur stupid sexual experiences.Anyways i feel like im going to barf lol...From tonight i feel sick to my stomach. Guys make me sick, people make me sick. People=shit.I going to bed.

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VMA's [29 Aug 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | shocked ]

I didnt watch the VMA's last night..because well mtv sucks. Haha im so mean.Only thing i watch on there is real world and road rules. they dont even show videos as much..all they show is shows now.

But anyways i saw somethin on yahoo news a picture of Britney spears giving tougne to Madonna at the VMA's. LIKE WHOAH lol..wth. SUCH A PUBLICITY STUNT.Yeh and BRIT confessed she wasnt a virgin in an interview months ago. We all knew that anyways..DUH. AND who gives a shit about brit and justins old relationship. Same with ben and jen. People should be worrying about their own relationships...really
Heres the pic:Title/Description

*obviously this is a publicity stunt. I guess its the "in" thing to make out with the same sex for publicity in the entertainement business, how lame*Im sure the real lesbians or gays r outraged lol

Heres a pic of Christina aguilera at the awards. Sorry brit fans but Christina can sing, brit cant. Thats my opinion, but yeh i think britney cant sing at all.Heres a pic of Christina::Title/Description

I think she looks better that she gained weight, instead of being stick thin.

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Im BaCK [21 Aug 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Hi im back, not like anyone cares anyways lol. Jk

Had to exams this week and had to buy some stuff for dorm,so i was mucho busy.I think i did alright on both of them (soc and geo)
Soooooo now i gotta go pack up because im moving into my dorm tommorow.
Im going to check up on peoples journals now

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TakinG a BluRty BreaK [10 Aug 2003|10:12am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey everyone im taking a blurty break.I have a 7 page paper to write thats due Aug 19. lol im only on page 3 right now, so yeh.I also have a test this tuesday so im going to be busy studying that. Dont cutt me off ur list, ill be back to post or later during the week. Adios..

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Nu BackGround [06 Aug 2003|01:22pm]
Look its a dancing christina aguilera background hehe...
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Hot Guys to Drool Over hehe.. [03 Aug 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Heres some pics of the hottest guys i like. ENJOY!

This is Boris Kodjoe..he is from the show soul food on showtime. And well he is good to look at. Very good looking..well i think he is. Yum!

Nick Gonzalez-the guy on my background. Mexican-yummy haha

Eddie Cibrian. I think he is mixed with italian or somethin. Anyways yummy..

Johnny Depp.Hot and mysterious

Greg Vaughan.He plays Lucky Spencer on General Hospital.I love it when he has no shirt on.He is talking to airhead lydia in this picture

Tyler Christopher. He plays Nicholas on General hospital.He is the first nick, he came back a few months ago. I think he said he was mixed with a little bit of native american.

Mark Walberg. Need i say more..

Lenny Kravitz. He has style..and a nice body.

Coltin Scott. He played Nicolas after Tyler left..but he is now gone, tyler came back and replaced him.
Hispanic and yummy

LL cool j. oh yeh! Nice lips, nice body..

*I like Boris and Nick Gonzalez the most and maybe Mark*

*Poll, who do u think is the hottest?*

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[29 Jul 2003|09:03pm]
Time to watch paradise hotel on Fox...where the hot girls make out with the hot guys. Damn
FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK im so fustrated damn it!
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Nu layout [22 Jul 2003|12:52pm]
Nick gonzalez from resserection blvd
mmm dark hispanic men hehe
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Exam [17 Jul 2003|09:54am]
Got a geo exam today. 70 multiple choice ques-yeh lol...sucky.and then a little essay. I hope i do good on it. Wish me luck. My period hasnt started so YES!No period during testing=good.
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Might have an eye infection [14 Jul 2003|11:46am]
[ mood | blank ]

Saturday My mom noticed that on the side of my right eye its red. Not on the eye itself but on the side. So im going to the eye doc today and see if it is one just in case.It doesnt hurt or anythig but i dunno.I wear contacts but i dont know if it caused the redness. I never had an eye infection.Days ago one of my contacts did come out when i was away from home i didnt wash my hand and put it back in my eye-yeh stupid mistake. I never done that before though.

But i did go to the pet store sat..and my bro and I took out a golden retriever puppy-it is was so cute. I want a puppy so bad :(.Mom wont let us have one, so dad says no cause she says no.I dont know if im allergic to dogs. But i remember when i used to hang out with my used to be friend when i was 12..she had 2 cats and 2 dogs and i would come back sneezing, having a stuffed up nose, and watery eyes. I might just be allergic to cats. I dunno.Anyways im going to get ready to go to the eye doc

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I feel like SHIT [13 Jul 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well i dont have a bad hangover from last nights drinking. But im very tired and slow, kinda feel like crap. Im so hungry which could be why i feel like crap. mmmm i feel like steak n shake tonight :).A steakburger and chili..yummy. I think ill get that.

Yeh i dont think im going to drink for a long period of time. Well months.Im about sick of alcohol. I dont understand how people could drink everyday. I across some journals of people that post about them drinking every night. Geez give ur liver a break.Do u like feeling like shit the day after u drink? Though i do have alot of nerve. Well to count it off i think i drank about 3 times in June when i turned 21. And i drank 3 times this month. And each time it was to get drunk.So that is consuming alot of alcohol.It might not sound bad to some people, but i think it is. SO anyways my liver needs a break so im not drinking for awhile. And if i do ill do it once a month.Im about sick of feeling like shit afterwards..and alcohol kinda tastes gross.I guess i drink for a little buzz. But screw staying away for awhile. I have better things to in in get good grades for summer school..and to keep working out so i can get my 6 pack- lol...thats my goal. Damn u Janet jackson for ur 6 pack! haha. Well anyways im done ranting. So cya. Heres some words of advice..people think about ur drinking. Alcohol wont solve ur problems. Think of other things to do..other ur life.


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[12 Jul 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Sorry I havent posted in everyones journal in awhile. My aol free thingy for 2 months expired a few days ago. So..i just found out how to download my dads internet thingy on my comp-where he works at-that is free. Im kinda timpsy from drinking so i cant post right now. I have read some of ur journals though. Some sad
=-(..aww.Hang in there!SO Anyways i promise to catch up :) tomorowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. CYAAAA!

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[07 Jul 2003|11:34pm]
Hey Everyone sorry for not ur journals. I was out of town thursday. Went to Tennesee to visit some relatives for the 4th of july. Basically was a long road took about 6-7 hours lol to get from columbus to nashville tennesel. Im so tired.But im back in summer school mode since i had class today. Anyways thanks for reading and posting on my "no guy" story lol.
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Colonial Club Citrus with Vodka [29 Jun 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I bought some Colonial Club Citrus with vodka drink yesturday. Only cost about 4 dollars but the retail price was 20$ so it was a good deal.I would vote the taste of the drink a 6/10. It was alright. I never drank vodka before..i drank rum before and honestly both r pretty much disgusting.In fact i even think BEER is disgusting as well.Cant stand beer.I mixed rum and coke together before and i dont even like that either.I dont think ill buy vodka and rum ever again.Or any hard liquors.I think il stick with wine coolers.If anyone buys Colonial Club vodka i wouldnt drink it straight lol, it is disgusting. I actually mixed it with some 7 up..and it tasted okay.

Now if i rated the buzz on Colonial Club Citrus Vodka id prob get it a 9/10.You dont have to drink that much o f it to get drunk.Well it does have 21% alcohol in it.This might sound weird but on my 21st b-day when i drank that 6 pack of barcardi 03-which didnt taste even that good for a low percentage alcholic drink.But anyways on the 5th drink i couldnt even walk in a straight line and the next day i was very thirsty and tired.Now with Colonial Club Citrus i had a better buzz*i felt like i was floating in the air, i dont know if u can get stoned off of alcohol but it felt like i was then again i weigh only 105 lbs*....i could walk and was fine. Its weird.And i dont really have a hangover today either.I feel fine just thisty.I still have most of the bottle full..of vodka..but i dont think ill be drinking any of that soon.A drink once a month is fine. So i think ill drink again july 4 and not drink anymore the rest of the month.I dont see how someone could drink every week-that would be crazy.Ur body needs a rest.

Anyways im going to go ...take a shower and maybe go to the gym and work out. I want to buy some new rollerblades too, so i can skate around the neighborhood that would be a great work out. Gotta stay in shape :)
Have a nice weekend everyone..!

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