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CAN U SAY SOAP OPERA MATERIAL [28 Apr 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Sorry for not posting on here. I was real busy with livejournal hehe. Blurty is so slow. I also havea bunch of people on my friend list that never update. Ill prob just copy and paste everything from livejournal to here.

Alright if anyone doesnt know, 2 days ago my roomate "Michele" broke up with her bf. Yeh he is the bf that never comes over to see her during the day, hehe.

Michele sure moves quick with the men. *snickers*. I came in my room around 9 pm. When I walked in it was quiet and the lights were off, so i automatically thought she was sleeping. However, I turned around and saw her laying down with a guy. I dont know what they were doing. Maybe they were sleeping? lol. But anyways.........,
last night my roomate left the room around 1 am to go meet with him to smoke some weed. I was happy she left because she never leaves and it thought it would be nice to have the room to myself.

Anyways i went to bed around 2 am. Just when i layed down, they came back in the room.

I heard someone knocking on the door. At first i thought it was security. I was thinking maybe the security smelled weed on them and were going to bust them. So anyways no one answered the door; my roomate and this guy just sat there silent in the room. I had no idea if they looked in the peep hole or not.

Then i heard my roomate tell this guy to stay in the room and that she will be back. So Michele leaves me in a pitch dark room with this guy. Wtf. I was so scared. You never know what people could pull. I thought if he did try anything, I would fight back. So anyways i just layed there still, hoping that nothing would happen.

Then I hear the door open and close. This guy was looking back and forth outside of the door. At first I thought he was trying to escape from security. After he leaves the room, my roomate comes back. Guess who she comes back with?

HER EX! LOL. I was like wtf. Then i heard her ex say,"why didnt u answer the door?." Her reply was,"I was in the bathroom." SO i put two and two together and im thinking,"so it was her ex that was knocking on the door." I guess she didnt want her ex to know she was with another guy, haha.

I feel so sorry for that guy who had to wait to leave the room. That is so fucked up.

I dont know how she juggles all these guys liking her. She should tell them that she still has a grip on her ex, because thats all she talks about.

So the moral of this story is that girls can be players too.

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[25 Apr 2004|05:21pm]
if anyone has livejournal add me. my id is truelyurangel82
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Blurty sux [14 Apr 2004|04:24pm]
Hardely anyone on my list updates their journals lol. I need to delete a shit load of people

Blurty is always slow and down too. U guys who still UPDATE should come with me to LIVEJOURNAL. Its better..
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My mother had a Nightmare [12 Apr 2004|01:55pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I went home for the weekend. It was nice to get away from school. I didnt really do much but sit on my ass haha, but it was great to be back in the city *Columbus*. Kent, Ohio is out of the middle of nowhere. Its a suberb of Akron, Ohio and basically has nothing.

Let me tell you something weird. On Friday my brother and I were sitting in the living room talking and we heard these weird noises"Ahhhh ahhh noooo nooo.".I thought the noise was from someone outside. Well... it turned out to be my mother in her room. My brother went to her room and said"what r u doing???." She said that she dreamed that she was going down a track on a roller coasterLOL. My brother and I were like"weirddddddd." I never in my life ever screamed in my sleep. Has that happend to any of you? I guess those dreams where you scream out are called "night terrors." My brother made fun of her and said she was demon possessed ...HAHA.

oh well im going to bed. Im not tired, but i got class @ 12. Ugh stupid school. I cant wait till I graduate.

25 more days till summer break!

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MY ROOMATE BLEW HER BF AGAIN! [07 Apr 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Today has started out to be a good day. I got my Motor development test back today. Guess what i got? I got a 44/50! Go me! I also took my Group Leadership exam today. The test was a preety exam, so I know I did well on it :).

Last night my roomate blew her bf while i was in the room. This is like the second time she's done this lol. I shouldnt even laugh. Last night I didnt really find it funny. Honestly, I actually found it down right rude and disgusting. Why couldnt they go somewhere else? Here i was laying on the top of my bunk bed hearing slurping sounds. *Sorry if im disgusting u* haha.

I know my roomate knew I was awake. I climbed up on my bunk bed a few minutes before she started giving oral. SO she knows I couldnt of fell asleep in minutes lol. She must think im stupid or something. I knew what was going on. Its obvious something is going on when you hear pants unzippening and light slurping sounds, Ugh. AND No I wasnt listening in, haha.Its hard to not hear stuff when your awake trying to sleep.

I could of been a bitch and climbed down the bunk bed and said "HAHA CAUGHT YA. PUT UR PANTS BACK ON BOY!." lol. That would been so mean! I dont think i would have the guts to do bust someone out like that.

I dont get why people would have sex or oral right when someone is in the same room. Wouldnt you want to be intimate without someone accidently seeing or hearing you do ur deed? Does she not care about other peoples feelings? I think its rude as hell that she does what she does. Not only is it rude to me, but it makes me feel very sexually fustrated.Haha.

I don't even know why im complaining. Its not like im going to tell her to stop lol. Im too chicken to confront her. Confronting her would mean I would have to say,"Hey michele I heard you giving your guy oral last night. That was rude.Don't do it again please." UHHH YEH I CANT DO IT!Plus theres only 3 more weeks of school.. and could really care less about her skanky ass.

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CRY BABY-WAHH WAHHH [03 Apr 2004|01:45pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

SO i was having a NICE DAY. It was beautiful out side and slightly warm...and overall i was in a GREAT MOOD. THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.............

Okay I had some mucho homework to do, so I put alot of stuff in my book bag to study at the library. Before i went to the library I went and got some food at Mcdonalds for lunch. I was going to eat it at the library. ANYWAYS okay i got to the library and went on the elevator. MY DAMN book bag strap got loose and my bookbag fell on the ground. *must been too much stress on the book bag*. SO i had to grab the damn book bag with my hands and I also was holding a mcdonalds bag and a water bottle.I looked like a freakin moron. ANYWAYS I sat down near the nearest table and tried to fix the damn strap but it wouldnt go back on. I then proceeded to go in the back of the library and my fuckin water bottle fell out of my hands. Someone picked it up and gave it to me. Yeh how nice. THEN OKAY MY DAMN CD player fell out of my book bag lol. Then some cute guy picked it up and gave it to me..which was also nice. =-)

SO ANYWAYS I got to the back of the library and well I SLAMED my bookbag against the desk and started CRYING LIKE A LITTLE BABY lol. *i think maybe because its the end of my period and i get emotional, but then again I CRY OVER SPILLED MILK most of the time off or ON my period*. Dont worry no one saw me cry like a 2 yr old. Would been quite embarrassing seeing a 21 yr old crying over a damn bookbag. Tears going down my How embarassing. I feel like a little kid.

Well it looks like im going to have to go to the bookstore and get another one. *sighs*. I am not going to walk around holding this heavy book bag with both hands.Plus it woud look real funny!

*Touches face*. DAMN IT I HAVE A ZIT! *CRYS*

jk lol.
Okay im out of here..cya

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Survey [02 Apr 2004|03:10pm]
I dont really believe in these surveys. But yes i am kind of paranoid. Im scared of diseases, if people r talkin about me, spiders, death, failure...BUT 82%!?! NO WAY

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth ||||||||||||||| 46%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||| 46%
Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Liveliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Social Assertiveness ||||||||| 22%
Sensitivity ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Paranoia |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Abstractness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Introversion |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Anxiety |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Openmindedness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Independence ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Perfectionism ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Tension |||||||||||| 34%
Take Free 16pf based Personality Test
personality tests by

Survey-whoah long [17 Mar 2004|03:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]


Colour:: Pink, Black, Blue
Band:: Too many
Song:: Too many
Video game:: Mario cart!
TV show:: As the world turns
Movie:: Too many
Book:: I dunno
Food:: Pizza and chicken
Game on a cell phone:: I have no games
CD cover:: Outkast's stankonia
Flower:: Roses
Scent::Elizabeth ardens green tea. I LUV HER PERFUMES!
Animal:: Cub lion...awwww
Comic book:: None
Cereal:: Lucky charms
Cartoon:: Cartman of south park


Play an instrument?:: I played the clarinet from 5th grade to 12th grade. Havent touched it every since lol.
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:: I rarely watch tv.
Like to sing?:: Haha when im by myself. Dont want anyone to hear me..
Have a job?:: No lol, but im plan on getting one this summer break
Have a cell phone?:: Yes
Like to play sports?:: Yes
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?:: I live in the US.
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?:: Yes. At home i have about 3.
Have any special talents/skills?:: Not that i can think of.
exercise daily?:: I exercise 3 times a week.
Like school?:: No lol.


Sing the alphabet backwards?:: no
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:: yeah
Speak any other languages?:: I can speak some Spanish
Go a day without food?:: Ive once gone a day without food because i didnt feel too good. I dont recommend it. Makes you feel worse and i can never do work when im hungry. U gotta eat!
Stay up for more than 24, yes I did and i became so cranky
Read music, not just tabs?:: Yeh i can read music. Well clarinet notes
Roll your tongue?:: no.
Eat a whole pizza?:: Yeh haha my skinny ass can do that!


Snuck out of the house?:: No :), im a good girl.
Cried to get out of trouble?:: Yeh hehe. That was a long time ago though
Gotten lost in your city?:: yeh im not really good at directions. I got lost for an hour was scarey. My brother made fun of me. But he got lost too LOL...later on. And what makes it worse he got lost somewhere that was closer. Atleast i was lost 20 minutes away from home. He was lost like lets say 5 min haha.
Seen a shooting star?:: No
Been to any other countries besides the united states?:: No ,but i want 2 go to england, brazil, canada, mexico, puerto rico, italy, and australia.
Had a serious surgery?:: I had gum surgery long time ago. But i dont think that was too serious.
Stolen something important to someone else?:: no
Solved a rubiks cube?:: No. I had one whe i was little and would get so pissed off that i would throw it.
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:: hehe no
Cried over a girl?:: HAHA NO!
Kissed a random stranger?:: No
Hugged a random stranger?:: No
Been in a fist fight?:: Yeh i got in a fight with this one girl in elementary school. My best friend stephanie and I didnt like her.Thats the last fight i really got into. Im a good shy girl hehe.
Been arrested?:: NO :)
Done drugs?:: No
Had alcohol?:: Yeh. But i made a bet to not drink for months. I made this the beginning of march. So im not drinking till june. I rarely drnk anyways at all. But i just went overboard after jan 1 lol. So liver needs a break. And plus alcohol gets old.
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:: Milk is disgusting. I cant stand the taste and it also makes me have stomach problems.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?:: No haha
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:: No
Swore at your parents?:: Once, but u see im a good girl. Haha i said that about 3 times on here.Broken record eh?
Been to warped tour?:: No
Been in love?:: What is love? lol jk. Well not really.
Been close to love?:: WTH is that? close to love?ur either in love or ur not!
Been to a casino?:: No
Ran over an animal and killed it?:: No. :( i would cry if i did. Especially if it was a dog..or cat.
Broken a bone?:: No
Gotten stitches?:: No
Had a waterballoon fight in winter?:: hehe no.
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: EWW milk. NO
Made homemade muffins?:: i dont like muffins
Bitten someone?:: LOL. i bit my brother once because he was being a brat. But that was when i was little.
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:: Yes, disneyworld.
More than 5 times?::NO , its not all that great! Prob because i went when i was 17 haha. I wanted to go when i was little.
Been to niagra falls?:: No
Burped in someones face?:: No, thats kinda rude
Gotten the chicken pox?:: Yes, but it was a mild case. I only had a few bumps. My brother had it worse. He had it all over his body. It was sick lol. I almost thought it was measles.


Brushed your teeth:: This morning
Went to the bathroom:: An hour ago
Saw a movie in theaters:: DAMN i cant even remember! its been so long!
Read a book:: does college books count?
Had a snow day:: YESTURDAY :D. Got 6 inches monday night!
Had a party:: long time ago
Made fun of someone:: Yesturday.
Tripped in front of someone:: Cant remember
Went to the grocery store:: a week ago
Got sick:: I rarely get sick. Last time i got sick was last winter when i got the stomach flu. It was yucky
Cursed:: Everyday


Fruit/vegetables:: Fruit
Black/white:: black
Lights on/lights off:: off
TV/movie:: movie
Car/truck:: car
Body spray/lotion:: body spray
Cash/check:: cash
Pillows/blankets:: blankets
Headache/stomach ache:: headache
Paint/charcoal:: Paint
Chinese food/mexican food:: mexican
Summer/winter:: summer
Snow/rain:: rain
Fog/misty:: fog
Rock/rap:: both r alright.
Meat/vegetarian:: Meat
Boy/girl:: eh boy i guess
Chocolate/vanilla:: chocolate and vanilla. I like them mixed together. I dont really like it seperate
Sprinkles/icing:: Icing.
Cake/pie:: Icecream cake
French toast/french fries:: french fries
Strawberries/blueberries:: strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool:: pool
Hugs/kisses:: kisses
Cookies/muffins:: cookies
p33n/bewbz:: sorry what r those? haha
Wallet/pocket:: pocket
Emo/goth:: neither
Pink/purple:: pink
Cat/dog:: aww this one is a hard one! damn i guess i picky dogs!
Long sleeve/short sleeve:: short
Pants/shorts:: pants
Winter break/spring break:: spring
Spring/autumn:: spring
Clouds/clear sky:: clear sky. I think its beau. Especially when the sun sets.
Moon/mars:: MARS


How many friends do you have?::between the number of 2-5
What are their names?:: why dont u go find out?
Do you have a best friend?:: Yeh but she isnt my best friend anymore.
Have you ever liked one of your friends?:: I liked one of my friends brothers lol.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?:: girlfriends i guess.
Have you ever lost a friend?:: Yeah :(...they went their own ways.
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?:: Yeh and we had a blast!
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend?:: None
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend?:: Yeh
Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend?:: set up a birthday party for them.
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?:: lol nothin much
Do you miss any of your old friends?:: YES :(
What friend have you known the longest?:: I known this one girl since I was 7.
Do you regret anything youve done to a friend?:: no
If so, what is it?::
How often do you spend time with your friends?:: Rarely have time
Do any of your friends drive?:: Yeh
Has a friend of yours ever died?:: No
Whats the dumbest thing youve done with a friend?:: We pranked called some guy i liked haha
What do you think your friends think of you:: I don't think I wanna know what they think


Do you believe there is someone for everyone?:: Yeh, but just not me
What is your idea of the best date?:: On vacation at a beach house. Sitting out on the beach, looking at the stars, drinking wine. haha..well thats my dream date. ANY KIND OF DATE WILL DO AT THE MOMENT. As long as he doesnt take me to the student center for MCDONALDS. ANd yes that happend last yr! LMAO.
What was your first kiss like?:: I thought it was weird
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:: 9 haha
Do you think love is a load of shit?:: Yep
Whats the best experience youve ever had with the opposite sex?:: Ive had no best experience they all sucked.
Have you ever been dumped?:: No
Have you ever dumped someone?:: No but i turned them down :/
Whats the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex?:: HAHA. UH..i dont prefer to say on here. SO lets just leave it at that!


am:: Tiffany
want:: to be loved
need:: a job
crave:: attention
love:: god
hate:: people
did:: type
feel:: real tired
miss:: alot of people
am annoyed by:: myself
would rather:: sit on my ass then study for a test i have tommorow lol. But i cant.
am tired of:: school
will always:: go on


What is your favourite genre of music?:: Everything besides country, jazz and metal
What time is it now?:: 4:15 pm
What day is it?:: Wed
Whens the last time you called someone?:: yesturday
How much money do you have right now?:: 30 dollars in bank account. 15 in my wallet
Are you hungry?:: Yeh im always hungry. I just ate like 2 hours ago and im already hungry. I have a metab like a jack rabbit or something.
Whatcha doin?:: about to study
Do you like parades?:: No
Do you like the moon?:: yeh
What are you going to do when youre done with this?:: Study
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?:: Um no
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:: read peoples minds
Have you ever had a picnic?:: Yeh
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:: YEH.
What about sock em boppers?:: i think i had that!
Are you wearing any socks right now?:: Yeh. Its freezing out!


funny?:: Yeh i can be
sarcastic?:: all the time
lazy?:: sometimes
hyper?:: I can be
friendly?:: Yeh very nice
evil?:: yeh if im in a bad mood
smart?:: Yeh
strong?:: Yeh
talented?:: Maybe
dorky?:: Prob

high:: Corin, Micheles bf who is a pothead.
skip:: dunno
dance:: myself
lonely: dunno
pen:: dunno
window:: No one
psycho:: Myself lol jk
brain freeze:: Christy
orange:: uh i dunno
sassy:: Myself
jelly:: Dunno


suicide:: Im against it. Life can suck sometimes but you have to go through the ups and downs. God put you on this earth to learn from your mistakes and to defeat the battles and crisis you face everyday. Suicide is not a solution to your problems. By killing yourself your hurting your family and your friends. People sit here and say its selfish, which is true. However, depression is an illness. These people who think about commiting suicide are not thinking correctly. The only thing they are thinking about is theirselves. They may feel as if they can't go on. So people shouldn't criticize them because u dont know whats going on in their "head." You cant relate to them, so dont criticize. *sorry if im sounding like a psychologist* lol. OK now next ques..
love:: Sometimes im against and for love. I guess it depends on my mood.
drunk drivers:: against. why would you drink and drive? Its stupid.
airplanes:: Im scared of them
canada:: AGAINST!!!
united states:: AGAINST!!! lol
rock music:: its alright
gay marriage:: for
school:: for
surveys:: for
parents:: for
cars:: for
killing:: against haha
britney spears:: AGAINST. SHE CANT SING! UGH! Only thing she has is looks and a nice bod. THATS IT!
coffee:: against
pants:: for haha

Sky dive? :: No
Play strip poker?:: eh no
Run away?:: from who?
Curse at a teacher?:: lol no
Not take a shower for a week?:: HELL NO
Ask someone out?:: i dunno, im a shy ass
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: No
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?::Yes
Go scuba diving?:: yes
Write a book?:: No
Become a rockstar?:: No
Have casual sex?::NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO WOULD EVER HAVE CASUAL SEX???? THATS DUMB! SORRY!

What shampoo do you use?:: Apple pectin/conditioner and Ion moisturizing shampoo
Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex?:: lol, uh dont prefer to say
What kind of computer do you have?:: DELL!
Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)? RAM: Usage: Um all i know is i have xp
5200 ? Screen Resolution: hell if i know, haha. I have a 17 inch monitor.
What grade are you in?:: Im a junior in college
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:: No, but i wish i could throw them at the people who r loud! Especially those stupid bitches that talk on their cell phone!
Or just make out?:: Not in a movie theater
How many posters do you have in your room?:: over 10
How many cds do you have?:: LOL.. 400 or more
What time is it now?:: 4:32 pm
Did you hate this survey?:: no, but it should been shorter

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Man kills 9 people, all were his children [15 Mar 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yahoo News: FRESNO, Calif. - A makeshift memorial of stuffed animals, balloons and flowers grew on the sidewalk in front of a home where a man is accused of killing nine of his family members, some that police said may have been the product of incest with his own daughters. Autopsies on six of the victims showed each died of at least one gunshot wound, Patricia Bresett, assistant to the Fresno county coroner, said Monday. She said the other autopsies were expected to be completed later in the day. It is the largest mass killing ever in Fresno, a city of 440,000 people about 190 miles southeast of San Francisco. Marcus Wesson, 57, emerged blood-covered from his home Friday night after police were called there because of a child custody dispute. In a back room, police found a tangle of bodies and clothing, a sight so gruesome it reduced some veteran officers to tears.
Police needed hours to sort through the bodies, but eventually determined there were six females and three males ranging in age from 1 to 24. Authorities say they were probably all Wesson's children and grandchildren.

*Im sorry but he deserves to be shot 9 times, just like he shot his 9 victims. For Wesson, life in prison or an mental instituation would be a total waste of time. Personally I dont believe in execution. There are two reasons why I dont support execution. For one reason, your innocent until proven guilty. Plus there has been people who have been executed that were later proven innocent. However, if you really know a person killed a great number of people, they ought to be executed. I think they should be executed the way they did their victims. Its preety obvious that this guy is guilty. When the police found him he was covered in blood. How is he going to defend himself with that one?"Oh i just found my children dead and I accidently got blood on myself. Gee I dont know who the killer is." He better not even dare pull an OJ lol.

My question is, "Why would he kill his own children?" How could you be so hateful to kill your own flesh and blood? You would seriously have to be completly insane to kill your own family member. Sh*t you would have to be insane to kill a person period! From what I hear, the childrens mom's wanted to get custody over the kids. Apparently, Wesson had custody of the kids. Maybe he killed his own kids for revenge. Whatever, that is still insane. His poor children didn't even get to go through lifes ups and down. He just ended their life like it was no tommorow. :(

Not only does the murders bother me, the issue of having sex with a relative is bothersome. Wesson having sex with his own daughters disgusts me. How could you have sex with your relative or kin!? WTF!How could that ever cross your mind? People who have desires to have sex with their own relatives really need some serious mental help. That is not normal.Im about sick of hearing, "well if gays can get married and have sex, then why not let people have sex with their relatives. What happens in their bedroom is their business." I dont see how you can compare gays with people who have sex with their own relatives. Atleast gays arent having sex with their own flesh and blood.

Alright im done writing, im about to barf SOrry if i grossed you guys out. Just wanted to let u know whats been up in the news.

Haha...yeh my major used to be journalism. Cant u see I love to write? hehe. Oh well.. its just a hobby.

Anyways be free to speak ur opinions :)

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Men cant live with them, cant live without em [13 Mar 2004|03:12am]
[ mood | moody ]

Theres this guy here at my school that I want, ha. I sometimes see him walking to class and well he is so cute. I think he is indian. When i say indian i mean like from india, not native american. It looks like he works out and i really like that. I love it when a guy has nice arms, yum! Also I work out and I really believe in exercising for good health. SO if he has a great personality, I would love to hook up with him. But i can dream right? Its not like i ever talk to him, but its something about him. You know when you see someone and your like "he is the one." OKay im beginning to sound crazy and this is basically a nonesense journal. No im not drunk, so dont even ask lol. Anyways its probably just lust at first sight. I dont believe in love at first site because you can't bein love with someone without knowing them.

Man im a sucker for spanish guys. I especially love hispanic guys from South america. I like some Indian guys too. Sh*t i like all nationality of guys. But I really prefer spanish guys out of them all! Dark, handsome hispanic men r great!I need a latin lover! hehe.okay this journal was stupid and i think im going to end it. So with that, goodnite!

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My roomate..ugh [12 Mar 2004|02:46am]
[ mood | cold ]

While i was in the room last night, she gave some guy head. Im sure u guys r prob asking, "how does she know this?" but well I heard him unzippen his pants. Not only that I heard some slurpping sounds. Yeh talk about disgusting. Sorry I hope im not grossing any of u guys out lol.I guess she thought I was asleep. Even if she thought that i was asleep, it is still rude and tacky to give oral while im in the room. Does anyone agree with me on this one? If i had a bf and we were going to be intimate, I would not being doing any sexual stuff with a roomate in the room. That stuff should really be private.This isnt the first time shes done this. Maybe im making this too much of a big deal. Its not like im going to confront her about this anyways. Its too embarassing and I feel kind of intimidated by her.

I swear sometimes i think she is a hoe. She has like over 4-5 guys liking her. Maybe im just jealous. I wish i had 4-5 guys liking me lol. But i wouldnt like play them like she does. Now all of a sudden these guys r calling here and she is saying"sorry, i need to tell u this but i have a dude now. Corin *the guy she keeps giving head to,* and me hooked up and we are now dating. I really like him." Like wth she was just kissing on a diffrent guy other than Corin a few days ago LOL. SO NOW all of a sudden she has a bf now! Damn..she is either wild or just confused. Either way i still think she is a fuckin hoe. Damn I sound cruel. What has she ever done to me? Nothin much, but well i cant stand hoes.

Oh well

Im going to bed

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[12 Mar 2004|02:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

You look like me
I'm sorry for you
You talk like me
I cant understand you
You think like me
You're fucking crazy
You want to be me
But that’s ok because

You remind me of me
But only the good
Cause I'm just me

Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me to see inside myself
Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me to see…

You act like me
Cause you're embarrassing
You talk to me
But don’t listen
You think like me
You're so damn crazy
You want to be me
But that’s ok because…

You remind me of me
But only the good
Cause I'm just me

Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me to see inside myself
Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me too see…

When these memories become liquid dreams just like fantasies
And like fallen leaves I guess all I need is to find my desires and set out to acquire them

You look like me
I'm sorry for you
You think like me
But that’s ok because…

Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me to see inside myself
Hanging by a thread for your honor
Just helps me to see inside myself


William Hung [11 Mar 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Okay I think this is going to far! lol. Why is this guy becoming famous? Though I dont watch American Idol because its stupid, I seen a glimpse of William singing Ricky Martins song "She bangs." Once i saw that I knew why he was rejected on American idol. Are people making him famous as a joke or what? I seriously think there are people who want him to be famous to make a mockery out of it. What about the people that bust their ass to get famous and who are really talented? I have to say people must worship crap. Now wonder music stinks these days. No one cares about people who are really talented. If they got the beauty or the sex appeal, they r in! But this is just crazy. William Hung cannot sing. Not only can he not sing, he isnt really that cute. I know im not the sexiest piece of ass, but i mean come on he has neither the looks or the capability of knowing how to sing! Why is he even getting a record deal? I wonder how many people will actually buy it lol.

Thats cool and all that he will make some money and have chicks flaunt over him. Isn't that alot of guys dream, to get famous and become a chick magent?Well I have to say this, once his cd comes out and everything dies down, his 15 minutes of fame will be done. He better enjoy the ride, because it sure wont last long.

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50 cent is garbage and so is Bush [10 Mar 2004|04:31pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

MTV Article:In a wide-ranging interview with Playboy magazine, 50 Cent has let his feelings on homosexuality be known, in language sure to draw the ire of gay-rights supporters.

"I ain't into f----ts," 50 says in an interview in the April issue of Playboy, which hits stands Friday. "I don't like gay people around me, because I'm not comfortable with what their thoughts are. I'm not prejudiced. I just don't go with gay people and kick it — we don't have that much in common. I'd rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that's cool." 50 Cent's comments came while admitting that his mother was bisexual. Later, he unapologetically explains his words, saying, "It's OK to write that I'm prejudiced. This is as honest as I could possibly be with you. When people become celebrities they change the way they speak. But my conversation with you is exactly the way I would have a conversation on the street. We refer to gay people as f----ts, as h--os. It could be disrespectful, but that's the facts."

*What is up with men saying oh its not okay for guys to be gay, but HEY its alright for chicks to be gay! That is the stupidiest shit I have ever heard. If your gay YOUR GAY. WTH. MEN R PERVS lol.I think guys just have ego problems and some may have own issues with their sexuality.By the way, I could give a flying rat ass what 50 cent has to say. His music is fuckin garbage. (hehe excuse my language). I downloaded his songs to his album back in the day and it was bad. I dont see the hype...about 50 cent i really dont. Oh wow he got shot 9 times. He is such a thug. Having his own son go on stage with him wearing a bullet proof vest. That is so uncalled for. Then on the grammys, amy lee (or whatever her name is) comes up on stage to accept her grammy, but in the process he goes up there thinking he won. Or did he think he won? I think he was on an ego trip and thought "oh yeh i won," or he just went up there thinking it was funny. He thinks he is better then everyone else. Whatever, sorry i think he cant rap and i dont like his music. If ur a 50 cent lover, im sure u dont like my bashing hehe.But WELL HE SUX

Honestly I dont see the big deal about gay people getting married. If thats what they want to do to be happy, let it be. They arent harming anyone. R they waving a guy in front threatening to kill people?What they their business. People should start worrying about their own relationships and marriages then other peoples. I really don't give a flying fuck...about gay people getting married. Let them do it. Who r we to judge? I believe this all has to do with religion. The bible says male and female, not adam and steve. Marriage is only acceptable between women and men because marriage is a "religion" thing. By the way im Christian, but who r we to judge. Look at the christians who go out and marry and later on get a divorce. Yes half of marriages end up in divorce. Maybe it is a sin to be gay. But honestly people who r u to judge? Only god knows..whats acceptable or not. And okay..the thing about making gay people straight will not work lol. U CANNOT make a gay person straight. I see some gay guys that r cute as hell and that i wish were straight. But HEY not gonna work!People are just going to have to accept that their r humans too..and that they have too have "feelings."

The only thing President Bush has going for him is "gay" marriages. lol. He always dodges questions about the economy and the war in Iraq, so therefore I will not be voting for his a** coming Nov 2004.

Anyways, be free to voice ur opinions :)

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WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE? [09 Mar 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hardely no one one posts any journals anymore? Is it that everyone is getting bored with blurty and going to livejournal or what? Does anyone have a code for livejournal? Im thinking about switching over..
But of course i wont stop replying to your guys's messages and ill prob copy and past my stuff from livejournal to here..or something.

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NU LAYOUT [09 Mar 2004|12:49pm]
Haha i changed my layout again...
Anyways thanks everyone for wishing me luck on my group leadership exam. I did well :)
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Exam tommorow [02 Mar 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I have a Group Leadership exam tommorow. I just want you guys to wish me luck.
Im scared. This is our first exam. It shouldnt be that bad..

I think i have test anxiety haha.

Okay i think ill go study now

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Um NONSENSE JOURNAL... [01 Mar 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow no one writes in their diaries anymore. I have alot of nerve to talk because I havent really either haha.

Anyways I had a child dev motor exam today. I think i did alright on it. Then I have another exam wed-Group leadership exam. Im so sick of studying that i could rip my hair out. Well not really, but u know what i mean lol.

Has anyone saw the Passion? I heard it was good. I wanna go see it.

Hmm i dont really know what to say in this journal. I dont even know why im writing in it. Must be bored. Nothin much news. Spring break is coming soon. Cant wait. My roomate went home last weekend, so i got the room to myself for a change. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind sharing a place with someone, i just dont like sharing a room. Next yr i will be living in a dorm where.. i have a roomate but we have seperate rooms. For example there r two bedrooms and a living area in the front of our bedrooms. So that will be cool that i have a sleeping area to myself. There 2 r reasons why i dont like sharing a room with someone

1.) I would like to sleep anytime i want without noise or people coming in the room. Grant it most of the time i go to bed later then my roomate *michele*, but sometimes if im real tired or in a bad mood..i want my own space you know.

2.) Its hot as hell on the top bunk bed sometimes and if i put the window down she puts it right back up. lol But i cant blame her its like colder down there. Trust me..i went down from my bunk bed and it feels like its 10 degrees lower haha.

Sometimes i rather room with a guy. But u cant do that lol. I dont think you can do that at any college dorms, unless you prove me wrong. It would be kind of awkward rooming with a guy, unless you had ur own little room and space.

But anyways..the weather was very nice this weekend. It was in the 50s! Thats a change because weeks ago it was like in the 30's-40's. Im sure the weather isnt going to last :(. It was in the 50's today but it basically sprinkeled all day. I cant wait till spring though...when everything gets green again. Im sick of looking at dead stuff outside lol. Well im going to finish studying. CYA =-)

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Nu layout [28 Feb 2004|11:45pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Damn isnt he hot?

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Went Bikini shopping [28 Feb 2004|03:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow its 3:02 am, i should be going to bed!

okay anyways i went bikini shopping friday..and i found this real cute two peice blue bikini. It is so cute. I tried it on today and it looked good, EXCEPT i dont like my lower stomach. Well i mean its alright, but i would like it to be flatter. I work out and everything, but its hard to get that lower spot. Girls u know what i mean. I think we get extra fat on the bottom. Everything is fine, no love handles or anything except the bottom. I told someone this and they said i sounded obsessed with getting a lower flatter stomach. lol. I AM not OBSESSED. If i was OBSESSED, I would be working out everyday. OR I WOULD BE ONE OF THOSE STUPID SKINNY GIRLS WHO GOES TO THE STORE TO GET SLIMFAST LOL, when they R already SKINNY.i am not that dumb.I ONLY work out 3 times a week. Im not obsessed with being skinny. In fact i think being too skinny is disgusting. Its nice to have a little curve here and there. BUT i work out because i like to BE TONED and plus working out makes you feel good and its healthy.

But everyone has a spot that they want to be fixed u know. And I luv my body honestly, but the lower stomach needs some work on..and i will continue doing crunches to try to make it flatter. Its not like im going to run and get lipo, that would be such a waiste of money. I ONLY weigh 105 lbslol, would be very stupid.

Well anyways I might show a pic of me in the bikini on here...well maybe

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