19th May 2003

10:42pm: im bad at this updating game...

i started working at the rye airfield on friday. im officially not working at shaws. i like it at rye though. im one of 3 girls that works there so the girl:guy ratio is definatly in my favor. theres this kid named chris that i want. he was there when i went in for my interview. he jumped over the counter and showed me where to go. but we worked together all sunday morning and went to wendys together for lunch. hes wicked hot and hes in a band :) yea...i love work

i purged today already and im mid-binge as we speak so thatll be 2 b/ps for today. bad me.

OH...theres a girl named ashley i work with that is soo pretty and TINY..well she showed me a picture from before and she looks my size-ish in it. it had to have been taken in the past year which means shes lost a bunch of weight. i couldnt help but think maybe she had an ED. well at least she triggered the hell out of me...

theres 10 days of real school left...thank god
Current Mood: okay
Current Music: yellowcard - the powder
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