2nd March 2004

11:13am: i stayed home from school today, again. I don't like missing school, but ive been missing a lot because i've been feeling horrible. i'm always sick. My immune system SUCKS...if someone sneezes on me, i get SICK if someone coughs on me, i get SICK. i can't be around anyone who's sick or i'll be sick and i stay sick forr like a week straight. it sucks. i went to be EARLY last night like around 8 and i slept until 10. how? i dont know. i woke up once at 6 to get ready for school, but nope, i was SICK. go me. well, i'm gunna go and wait for RyRy to get home because i really miss him because i didnt get to talk to him that much yesterday cause i got checked outta school because i was SICK and i took a nap when he got home because i was SICK. rofl. SICKSICK SICKalkjdsfalkjfajkfalkfj kay. byebye
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