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29th August 2006

10:49am: a year ago..
wow. it's been a whole year since hurricane katrina ripped through the gulfcoast and destroyed everything i once knew. homes. schools. churches. stores. banks. people. all gone. it was a rough time for us here in mississippi, but we're pulling through, coming back. towns literally vanished with out a trace, but it's all getting built back. i hope to god don't have to go through this again. we can't. we have little if nothing left. atleast the debree is all gone and cleared away, but we'll never forget. For all those katrina survivors, we're still here, good luck with life, hope you get everything back in strong....RIP those whom didnt make it, we all still have you in our hearts.
Current Mood: determined

28th August 2006

11:13am: regfvsdasdfasdfadsf

5th January 2006

4:25pm: holy shit.........sooo....let me update..........i'm married now......and i have a beautiful 1 month old daughter, Lilly. shit. long time no update.....does anyone even read this crap anymore? heh. .....k......bye.....
oh yeah...i was a hurricane katrina survivor. byeeeeeeeeeee

15th August 2004

2:42am: wow. i havent had time to update, at all. a LOT of shit has happend to me.
quick update:
Ryan & me have been over for months now. he broke my heart, i broke his, he's over me, it's done with, never again.
my dad just passed away july 16th of cancer....ive been so so so depressed....i dont know what to do's gone...i never got to say heart is broken. and i feel so alone.
well, that's about it.
btw, hello everyone<3
i'll try to update more often, if anyone even cares or reads this anymore. sorry guys...things have been horrible for me, so dont think i've forgotten you, cause im back.

5th April 2004

6:39pm: blah. i don't know what's going on with me and ryan...we broke up, but he's saying he still loves me and we're still together, it's just a "break" blah. and what's worse, we havent been talking that much since the break up, and i mean we havent been talking but 5 mins a day. AND guess what? he left to florida this morning and i wont get to talk to him AT ALL for a week. yay. i miss him, i do. i love him..i want to still be with him. i just wish i got a chance to tell him i loved him before he left. but he wrote me an email and said he loves me and he'll miss me. blahhh. i wish he would've called me. i miss his voice. oh well. sorry i dont update much. its just if i ever do get online im always making icons. lol. i'm a geek. i know. well im going to go now.
<3 Nikki

1st April 2004

8:42pm: ryan broke up with me yesterday. we've been fighting all day at school. he just doesnt understand how i feel...i mean, okay. grr. everything was fine friday when we went to the movies. we were all happy and we decided we would work on our problems and everything was going great. we havent got into a fight until last night. he said we should of tooken a break last time. how is that supposed to make me feel? he tells me we're okay, then he tells me we're over. that's like kicking my heart around. and yeah i went a little psycho bitchy today, but can you honestly blame me? i feel hurt and crushed, but im OKAY, for the sake of him, i'm okay. i can handle this "us being friends" for awhile, since we both need it obviously. i just feel, like i've been kicked out of a special club or something. i dont know what to do. i love the boy, i do. i love him more than he knows. i know i can be a psycho, but if i didnt love him, he'd be dead by now, right? haha. well. blah. im goingg to go lay down and wait for him to get online.

20th March 2004

10:29pm: newest stuff:

COMMENT and let me know which ones you're taking

18th March 2004

11:20am: i stayed home from school today. im sicck. =( i miss my ryry.
a lot. i wish he was here....
anywho. on other news.
BLINGBLING. i can make some spiffffy layouts now. go me go me. i figured out how to have a side bar using a FREE account. MMHMM. well this is and EA but, i can still do it on normal, non EAs and free acounts. its pizimp. go me go me yeah yeah yeah. i made a new one of me and my ryry. I looooooooove my baby oh so very much. well, i guess im goiing to either try to take a nap or mess around with blurty. i might fall asleep soon since i'm all doped up on med. lol. goo me <33 Telly

14th March 2004

i loveeee Ryan!!!
8:58pm: rofl i made ANOTHER layout. hehehehe. this one is going to be dedicated to my ryan<3333 i'm still working on it, but it's getting there. i think it's SEXAY. =P
<3 Nikki

13th March 2004

10:28pm: ooohhh lala. new layout by MEEE> go me oh yeah oh yeah its your birthday get jiggy yeah yeah yeah. omFG. i watched the MOST FCKIN SCARIEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!! it's called Wrong Turn. it's about these 3 dudes that were they're gentic shit's all fcked up and they're all mutans and shit..well they live in the mountains and eat people..they're like all country redneck deformed monsters that talk in another language. it was fcking scary. scary scary scary. omggggggg. mkay byebye

9th March 2004

1:59pm: :dances: no one even reads this anymore. ahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahah ....................................kay. byebye

5th March 2004

1:45pm: i thought everyone should get to know me a little better. so here you go.
My mind has no endless capacity for useless information!!! I tend to think everyone's a whore. but you're not. i HATEEEEEEE rednecks, though i live in mississippi. i dislike picking up the phone when it rings i LOVE cats. dogs suck. i'm impossible to get along with in a relationship i'm pretty nice but if you get in my face, damn skippy i'll get right back in yours. i have bad PMS. so steer clear away when its that time. =P i wish i could fly, and i'm sad to say i've tried to on a few occasions. i am totally impatient. i'm able to block things out very very good. so if im not looking at you, i'm blocking you out i'm paranoid. i'm afraid of spiders. i tend to overreact on little situations i'm a brat. i'm lazy half of the time i can change my moods within seconds i wear black glasses to "stand out" and then everyone else at my school starts wearing black glasses. damn them. i HATE people who change their fashon just to "fit in" Fuck you. i think i'm a schitzo. i LOVE paintshop pro and paintshop pro LOVES me i loooooooooooooooove chocolate. im a chunky little girl. 95% of "smaller" people are sluts. yes, there are fat sluts, too. I have this understanding with my body. "big and beautiful" i absofuckinglutely HATE being woken up before my alarm goes off. i dont read instructions, i prefer to do it myself until i figure it our become so annoyed that i throw things around and finally look at the instructions =P i don't like to apologize unless i did something wrong 99.9% of the time i think i'm RIGHT and the other person's WRONG most of the time i am right, though =P i think everyone deserves a second chance. i hate people who gossip. if you kick me, i'll kick back. You don't know ANYTHING about me.

4th March 2004

Telisha Necole [4:59 PM]: hey sweetie SmashedPumpkin18 [4:59 PM]: hey Telisha Necole [4:59 PM]: miss me? SmashedPumpkin18 [4:59 PM]: yesh Telisha Necole [4:59 PM]: what are you up to? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:00 PM]: nm. just looking into something i want to buy online. Telisha Necole [5:00 PM]: oooh. goober Telisha Necole [5:00 PM]: what's that? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:01 PM]: a box set of rare smashing pumpkins songs. Telisha Necole [5:02 PM]: lol. goober Telisha Necole [5:02 PM]: brb Telisha Necole [5:04 PM]: kay SmashedPumpkin18 [5:04 PM]: all right Telisha Necole [5:05 PM]: did you read my letter? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:05 PM]: yesh Telisha Necole [5:06 PM]: dont you know that i love you? =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:07 PM]: yes, i know. but sometimes i know we both get a little stressed out and annoyed with each other and the relationship Telisha Necole [5:07 PM]: :hug: SmashedPumpkin18 [5:07 PM]: *hug* it's not all your fault though. yes, you have been really cranky, but i haven't exactly been easy to deal with either. Telisha Necole [5:08 PM]: yesh. well tomorrow will be good, i pinky promise. is your mom picking you up or whaaa? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:09 PM]: i'll have to see when she gets back. her and dad went out to a movie. i'm babysitting. Telisha Necole [5:09 PM]: okay. but is it okay if she comes to get you at 8? magan wants me to stay the night with her. is that ok? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:10 PM]: sure Telisha Necole [5:10 PM]: pinky promise? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:11 PM]: well, i guess i have to Telisha Necole [5:11 PM]: .. Telisha Necole [5:11 PM]: ryan =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:11 PM]: yes. pinky promise. Telisha Necole [5:12 PM]: no its not Telisha Necole [5:12 PM]: =\ Telisha Necole [5:12 PM]: nevermind i wont go SmashedPumpkin18 [5:12 PM]: it's not that. it's just that everytime i've come over for the last few weeks, i've had to go home earlier than normal Telisha Necole [5:12 PM]: i know im sorry. but nevermind i wont go SmashedPumpkin18 [5:13 PM]: no, it's okay. my mom would've said 8 anyway. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:13 PM]: okay? Telisha Necole [5:13 PM]: then why did you say all of that? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:13 PM]: because i probably could've talked my mom out of it. but nevermind. i'd rather not argue with her anyway. Telisha Necole [5:14 PM]: so 8? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:14 PM]: yeah Telisha Necole [5:14 PM]: and sunday? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:15 PM]: well, i probably shouldn't come tomorrow anyway. you'll need a nap when you get home, and i don't want you to be sleep while i'm there. Telisha Necole [5:15 PM]: GR no Telisha Necole [5:15 PM]: you're coming tomorrow SmashedPumpkin18 [5:16 PM]: please don't boss me Telisha Necole [5:16 PM]: omfg Telisha Necole [5:16 PM]: whatever ryan SmashedPumpkin18 [5:16 PM]: great. here we go again. Telisha Necole [5:16 PM]: ITS BECAUSE OF YOU Telisha Necole [5:16 PM]: ahh sorry caps Telisha Necole [5:17 PM]: its because of you. and what you said. you know i want you to come over tomorrow Telisha Necole [5:17 PM]: so why did you say that? =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:18 PM]: cause i don't want you to be all sleepy and stuff. i forgot about that. i said that yesterday, remember? Telisha Necole [5:18 PM]: im not going to be sleepy SmashedPumpkin18 [5:18 PM]: i'll go if you're sure you won't need a nap like you did every other day this week. i figured you would, though. Telisha Necole [5:18 PM]: and im sorry if i bossd you around Telisha Necole [5:18 PM]: but no, you dont have to come since it'll only be because i'm bossing you around SmashedPumpkin18 [5:19 PM]: i don't mean it like that. i mean, you don't have to word it that way like you're telling me what to do. Telisha Necole [5:19 PM]: k im sorry.. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:19 PM]: no you're not. i'm an asshole and you're still cranky. Telisha Necole [5:19 PM]: no actually im not cranky. Telisha Necole [5:20 PM]: it just kinda hurt me when you said you shouldnt come over tomorrow Telisha Necole [5:20 PM]: and then how you had a problem with you having to leave at 8. Telisha Necole [5:20 PM]: i wasnt cranky. im not cranky. you were just being kinda mean. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:21 PM]: then i'm sorry. but excuse me if i'm mad that i'm not spending as much time with my gf, or if i think maybe tomorrow she should get some rest since she's been so tired and weak lately. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:21 PM]: i thought i was being nice offering to let you take a nap. Telisha Necole [5:21 PM]: but i already told you im better SmashedPumpkin18 [5:21 PM]: k Telisha Necole [5:22 PM]: blah Telisha Necole [5:22 PM]: look do you want to come over tomorrow or not? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:23 PM]: yes, unless you need more rest Telisha Necole [5:23 PM]: well no i dont. and thanks for caring. Telisha Necole [5:23 PM]: :kiss: SmashedPumpkin18 [5:24 PM]: *kiss* SmashedPumpkin18 [5:24 PM]: do you mean that, or were you being sarcastic? Telisha Necole [5:24 PM]: i mean Telisha Necole [5:25 PM]: .. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:25 PM]: k Telisha Necole [5:26 PM]: heh. what are you doing? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:26 PM]: babysitting Telisha Necole [5:27 PM]: ooh. anything else? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:27 PM]: no Telisha Necole [5:28 PM]: i love you. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:28 PM]: i love you too. Telisha Necole [5:29 PM]: promise? =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:29 PM]: yes. but that doesn't mean i'm happy right now. Telisha Necole [5:30 PM]: why?\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:30 PM]: uh. cause we just got done arguing again, except this time we proved it's my fault Telisha Necole [5:30 PM]: tell me what exactly bothered you about that convo we just had. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:31 PM]: uhm. all of it. Telisha Necole [5:31 PM]: .. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:32 PM]: i wasn't trying to be mean. i really didn't want to come if you needed a nap. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:32 PM]: i figured you'd still be sleepy. Telisha Necole [5:32 PM]: well im not Telisha Necole [5:32 PM]: so im sorry SmashedPumpkin18 [5:33 PM]: and the only reason i was upset about the whole leaving at 8 wasn't because it wasn't long enough, but because the last few times i've been over i had to leave for some reason Telisha Necole [5:33 PM]: im sorry SmashedPumpkin18 [5:34 PM]: well, you've been sick or you needed to go check out that trailer, or your mom was too tired, or something. and i was hoping this one time since my mom was doing the ride, i could stay like normal. but then again, i don't wanna keep you away from seeing your friend. so i'll be fine. Telisha Necole [5:35 PM]: promise? Telisha Necole [5:35 PM]: its just that me and magan made these plans like last week. we planned on staying up at her dads SmashedPumpkin18 [5:35 PM]: k Telisha Necole [5:36 PM]: ive got an idea Telisha Necole [5:36 PM]: want me to see if magan would take you home at 8 that way we could atleast ride in the car on your way home? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:36 PM]: yes, if she would Telisha Necole [5:36 PM]: okie i'll ask her sometime tonight SmashedPumpkin18 [5:37 PM]: i'm sorry i started an arguement. i just don't like it when you sound like you're telling me what to do. Telisha Necole [5:38 PM]: im sorry. i didnt mean for it to sound like that...sorry =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:38 PM]: well, that's why i don't like the internet. you can't tell how something is supposed to be said. Telisha Necole [5:38 PM]: lol Telisha Necole [5:38 PM]: i know. im sorry Telisha Necole [5:38 PM]: do you wanna talk on the phone? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:39 PM]: not really Telisha Necole [5:39 PM]: oh alright Telisha Necole [5:39 PM]: so what are you doing? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:39 PM]: babysitting Telisha Necole [5:40 PM]: ooh. Telisha Necole [5:40 PM]: fun SmashedPumpkin18 [5:41 PM]: i wish you'd like talking on the phone like i do Telisha Necole [5:41 PM]: i said i do Telisha Necole [5:41 PM]: i was just cranky when i said that SmashedPumpkin18 [5:42 PM]: well, the only reasons i said i didn't wanna talk on the phone now were because i figured you didn't want to since you're making icons right now and plus i don't really feel good enough to talk Telisha Necole [5:43 PM]: well actually im not making icons but if you dont feel good enough that's okay. i'll just sit here and eat while i talk to you. do you feel sick or upset? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:43 PM]: kinda both Telisha Necole [5:43 PM]: im sorry sweetie Telisha Necole [5:44 PM]: :kiss: SmashedPumpkin18 [5:44 PM]: *kiss* SmashedPumpkin18 [5:44 PM]: i know you don't consider our fighting to be serious since you've been through alot worse, but i do. i'm not used to even having bickering in a relationship. Telisha Necole [5:45 PM]: well..then. is this realtionship healthy for you right now? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:45 PM]: not when we argue Telisha Necole [5:46 PM]: what? ...should we take a break? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:46 PM]: what do you think? we BOTH seem a little more cranky and stressed out than normal. Telisha Necole [5:47 PM]: i dont know. i want to know what you think, Ryan. do YOU think we should? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:47 PM]: in some ways i do. i want to get rid of all the crap i don't like about our relationship, but i don't wanna lose the good things we have. what do you think? Telisha Necole [5:49 PM]: i dont know. i just want you to be happy...and clearly this relationship isnt healthy for you if you're not used to this. maybe we should, i dont want to lose you but then again im not keeping you by making you be in an unhealthy relationship =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:50 PM]: well, let's forget about me for awhile. how do you feel about this relationship in general? do you ever wonder what it'd be like to not be dating, to just be friends? how do YOU feel, ignoring what i've said. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:50 PM]: just tell me. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:50 PM]: don't hold back. Telisha Necole [5:52 PM]: well god knows i love you. i love you oh so much. i mean, you're my best friend. and i love our relationship, i love it all. but lately we have been fighting, i dont know. it'd be weird with us just being friends, im sure my feelings wouldnt go away..i dont know..i just want the best for you and ive realized how unhealthy this all is because you've never been throught it before...yeah it bothers me sometimes too but i dont know. what do you want to do? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:52 PM]: i'm not sure, nikki. i really need your help on this one. what should we do? Telisha Necole [5:53 PM]: i dont know =\ SmashedPumpkin18 [5:53 PM]: don't worry about my problems. think of how you personally feel about us. Telisha Necole [5:53 PM]: do you WANT to take a break? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:53 PM]: are you sure you really want to be with me forever? do you think you need a break? a chance to meet new people? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:53 PM]: i'm not sure Telisha Necole [5:53 PM]: do you want a chance to meet new people? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:54 PM]: not really, unless you thought it's what we needed in our relationship. then i'd understand and go with the chance. SmashedPumpkin18 [5:54 PM]: but i asked YOU SmashedPumpkin18 [5:54 PM]: how do YOU feel? Telisha Necole [5:55 PM]: well i DONT KNOW Telisha Necole [5:55 PM]: do you know? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:55 PM]: no SmashedPumpkin18 [5:55 PM]: have you ever wished you could take a break? Telisha Necole [5:55 PM]: sometimes it gets like that Telisha Necole [5:55 PM]: i know it has for you too SmashedPumpkin18 [5:56 PM]: why haven't you ever told me about those feelings? Telisha Necole [5:56 PM]: because i only wanted to take a break one time when i was mad at you. i dont even remember that SmashedPumpkin18 [5:56 PM]: well, the question is, do you want a break now. Telisha Necole [5:56 PM]: have you ever wished you could take a break? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:57 PM]: yes Telisha Necole [5:57 PM]: i dont know SmashedPumpkin18 [5:57 PM]: how much do you really want to be in our relationship? Telisha Necole [5:58 PM]: it depends on the situations we're in really. i mean, sometimes its wonderful and sometimes i feel like we should take a break. so i dont know SmashedPumpkin18 [5:58 PM]: are you in love with me still? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:58 PM]: as much as before? Telisha Necole [5:58 PM]: yes i am SmashedPumpkin18 [5:58 PM]: as much as before? Telisha Necole [5:58 PM]: yes Telisha Necole [5:58 PM]: what about you? SmashedPumpkin18 [5:59 PM]: yes. i just don't love the relationship as much. maybe it's just cause we're going through a hard time though. i don't know. Telisha Necole [5:59 PM]: yeah. Telisha Necole [5:59 PM]: then we need to take a break. Telisha Necole [6:00 PM]: because, if we both dont love the relationship as much as we love each other, its making it sound like we need a break. SmashedPumpkin18 [6:00 PM]: yes...if we did take a break, what would we do? would we date other people? Telisha Necole [6:00 PM]: i dont know. do you want to date anyone else? SmashedPumpkin18 [6:01 PM]: do you? Telisha Necole [6:01 PM]: no, i asked you. do you? SmashedPumpkin18 [6:01 PM]: well, i've been curious about it before, but i'm not sure that i actually want to. SmashedPumpkin18 [6:01 PM]: you? Telisha Necole [6:02 PM]: no, i never actually thought about dating someone else but i thought about being "single" when we were fighting Telisha Necole [6:02 PM]: maybe we should take a break SmashedPumpkin18 [6:02 PM]: yeah. that's mainly how i feel. would you ever consider being with elvis again? be honest. Telisha Necole [6:03 PM]: honestly? Telisha Necole [6:03 PM]: do you want my REAL honest answer? SmashedPumpkin18 [6:03 PM]: yes Telisha Necole [6:03 PM]: FUCK NO. SmashedPumpkin18 [6:03 PM]: oh, thank god. you had me scared there. Telisha Necole [6:03 PM]: He scares me in a way that i could NEVER love him like that again. SmashedPumpkin18 [6:03 PM]: will you please call me? Telisha Necole [6:03 PM]: yeah SmashedPumpkin18 [6:04 PM]: i love you Telisha Necole [6:04 PM]: i love you too SmashedPumpkin18 [6:04 PM]: call me. bye Telisha Necole [6:04 PM]: bye SmashedPumpkin18 [6:04 PM]: *kiss* Telisha Necole [6:04 PM]: :kiss:

2nd March 2004

11:13am: i stayed home from school today, again. I don't like missing school, but ive been missing a lot because i've been feeling horrible. i'm always sick. My immune system SUCKS...if someone sneezes on me, i get SICK if someone coughs on me, i get SICK. i can't be around anyone who's sick or i'll be sick and i stay sick forr like a week straight. it sucks. i went to be EARLY last night like around 8 and i slept until 10. how? i dont know. i woke up once at 6 to get ready for school, but nope, i was SICK. go me. well, i'm gunna go and wait for RyRy to get home because i really miss him because i didnt get to talk to him that much yesterday cause i got checked outta school because i was SICK and i took a nap when he got home because i was SICK. rofl. SICKSICK SICKalkjdsfalkjfajkfalkfj kay. byebye

29th February 2004

10:19am: la la la la la la la. im bored. oh so very bored. i just woke up a little bit ago...i need to call Ryan. mhhhhhhhhm. he's supposed to come over today. ew. i need to clean my room & get ready. yeeeeeeep. i just thought i should update cause i'm cool like that.
btw, like my new icon? =O RyRy=seeeeeeexay.

24th February 2004

2:04pm: im bored bored bored. i'm about to go with magan and we're staying at the oasis. wootwoot. we'll have fun. yesh. i'll miss ryry though. hmmm. grr. my tummy hurts. i started my period today. wooohoooo. rofl. OH crap. me and ryrys pictures should come in tomorrow. we'll have to go pick'em up. woohoooooooo. lalal boreeeeeed. BOBTHEMAGICALBANANA!

20th February 2004

8:56am: ...
i really love my ryry
Current Mood: awake
8:54am: elvis is here....ryan got all pissed off last night and we got into a huge fight. heh :\ i dont like fighting with him. i cant stand being mad at him..cause i never really am. lol. i just wish he knew how much i love him :\ he thinks i dont love him as much as he loves me because i like to get out of the house every now and then and hang out with my friends..blah..oh well..hmm. im gunna go now and try to wake up
<3 nikki

19th February 2004

11:00am: muhahahah! i think ive finally got it now for real this time. rofl. ok. sorry. im going to start updating in this one and just use the telisha_necole one to run my icon community _icon_addiction YOU SHOULD GO JOIN IT, YANNO. please? pleeeeeease? for me?
muahah. ok anyway. time to go mess with blurty..and if this entry doesnt work right, im going to scream and kill someone.
10:56am: ok, so lets try this test one more time. i think ive got it...hmm
10:53am: retest? wtf. its saying im listening to music that i dont like...and im not putting emotions. :screams:
10:51am: wtf blurty is all being weirrd. i fucked it up
TESTEST wtf. i dont listen to 50cent. o.o
<3 nikki
Current Mood: anxious
Current Music: beatles: hold ur hand
10:50am: woohoo. i redid an old layout . i looove it. i might start using this blurty again because it's an early adaptor so i get to use my own styles =P muhahahahmuahahhamuahaha
ok. enough of that.
im gunna go mess around with blurty some more =x
<3 nikki
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: bitch im sexy-dark lotus
10:49am: woohoo. i redid an old layout . i looove it. i might start using this blurty again because it's an early adaptor so i get to use my own styles =P muhahahahmuahahhamuahaha
ok. enough of that.
im gunna go mess around with blurty some more =x
<3 nikki
Current Mood: bored
Current Music: 50 cent: nobody likes me
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