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Thor's Door is Locked [10 May 2003|03:08pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Elton John- Tiny Dancer ]

Thor decided that he would dress up. It always made him feel better. He decided to put on the frock that Elrond had sent him. It made him feel pretty. He was not going to put on any make up. He was just going to experiment with the dress, see what the best way to wear it would be.


It looked like it could be taken out a bit more around the shoulders. Curse his strapping male body! It was hell to get a dress that could fit! He would have to work on it a bit later. But other than that he liked the colour of it, and thought it suited him. He would love a second opinion and was contemplating apparating to Brian's room to ask, but he still hadn't talked to him...

There was Lutetium, but she might be...entertaining someone right now.

So instead he just stayed in his room, and went to work on the dress...

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A Run [07 May 2003|01:05am]
[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | Des'ree- Kissing You ]

Thor had decided to go for a run. And so he went. He ran unlike any normal creature. When Thor ran her ran as a fox, dodging and manipulating his body thorugh the grounds. He was free. He was exhilirated. He stopped. He ponders his next action.

He had been avoiding shinyshinyooh, but maybe he should go to see Brian/Aura now. His head had cleared enough although he still wasn't sure what he wanted. He knew he felt special when he was around Brian /Aura. Damn the Stu angst! What was he to do?

And now this song was running in his head. He had wanted to use it in his first act. He was going to tell Brian about it and then...then his attention was slightly diverted.

Maybe I should pretend that nothing has happened, he thought to himself. No. You know that isn't going to work. Just be brave and maybe a bit are intelligent, you are great...

Thor kept going over this mantra, until the negative angsty thoughts only lurked at the back of his mind. He changed his form to his normal form and walked back toward Suewarts, enhaling the fresh air, savouring the scent. And then exhaling and breathing in again a scent of Doom. He was going to go to pieces again. was not going to happen. He straightened up. Vunerability was something he must learn to conceal. He was a wizard. A wizard with a broken heart.

He apparated back to his room and sat down, pondering some more.

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coming out [30 Apr 2003|06:42pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | All or Nothing At All ]

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Lutetium's reputation proceeds her, thought Thor as he finished reading the letter. Feeling slightly better. It was all well and good that he should go and speak to Brian, but he still was not sure how. It was refreshing to know that they all cared about him so deeply. He did not care who Elrond may be, he would always be Elrond to him. He was sorry that he had been slightly snarky in his letter to him.

Thor looked around his room. He hadn't left it in a few days. He had had food (although he hadn't really eaten any of it) brought to him by the Dibdabs, no doubt Lutetium had seen to that. He looked in the mirror, he was quite dishevled. He decided to clean himself up and go down to the great hall and get something to eat. No doubt he would feel better. He felt his strength returning. The despair was leaving. Elrond always had that effect.

He smiled and gazed out his window around Suewarts.

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Letter (private) [28 Apr 2003|11:11am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

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More than a feeling... [24 Apr 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Thor had been living in a dreamland for the last couple of days. He wasn't sure what it all was about. He wasn't sure if he was in love or what. He had truly never felt like this before. it was all so new and exciting. He loved being told he was doing right. Maybe it was something he heard a lot maybe it wasn't but he loved it especially when he heard it from Brian. Well, he loved it when he was around Brian as well. But he didn't want everyone to know about it yet. He was afraid of what might happen. He didn't want to reveal everything to everyone just yet.

He had to quit focusing on Brian. Every time he did he walked around like a goggly eyed fangirl. He shuddered at that thought of replusion.

He was wandering when classes would be starting. He had neglected to sign up for classes, in true Sue/Stu form the rules to not apply to him.

He still hadn't told Brian what he was thinking of doing...he had so much he wanted to share. He also hadn't seen Lady Lutetium in awhile. He had felt the earth tremor and knew that Alexander and she had been up to things, but he hadn't seen her since she floated very demurely into Brian's room.

There was that other thought in his mind as well. What had Alexander been refering to?

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At long last...what? [21 Apr 2003|07:02pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Thor had found Brian. He did not end up telling him his plan though. Rather, something else had come up. He had discovered that Elrond was also know as 'Anthony' or 'Mitzi'. Brian had been quite upset over it. Understandably.

Thor also felt vexed. All he knew seemed so fake. Elrond had always told him to be himself, but how was he supposed to belief Elrond now?

Thor had reluctantly left Brian's room. They had united in their pain. Thor was a mix of emotions about that s well. What was going to happen? Why was everything so confusing? Thor shook his head with a little grin. He was a Gary Stu in Flammasari, he shouldn't be thinking such angsty thoughts.

He was supposed to be going to tea with Brian, but wasn't ready to face the Great Hall, just yet. He would go down in a bit. He had told Professor Palazzo that he would ask Cousin Charlie about the dragons. So he best go and get that done.

And who knows what the future might hold? thor though as he skipped up the stairs to his room.

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Back in Suewarts [19 Apr 2003|08:00pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Pip Fu Fighting ]

Thor raced back up to his room after going outside for a few hours. He had realised he still had several other letters to look at, while outside. He had glanced briefly at them.

One from father. It was just asking how he was getting on. Very dull.

It was always a treat to get letters from Gandalf. He enchanted the letters to make them shoot forth spangly colours. This one did not fail. What was great about it was that it would do it every time he read the letter.

Elrond's letter was by far the most exciting. He mentioned a great convention that was going to be happening in middle earth soon. Elrond said that Haldir had planned it all, and that Elrond and Glorfindel were going to revive the old act.

Thor was quite envious. Elrond had added to the letter that he wished Thor could be there. So could Thor. Dammit! He was stuck here! Well he did have plans of his own...

He wandered off to find Brian to see if he wanted in on the plan.

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Back to Flammasari [16 Apr 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

That had been a strange encounter. Another nutter running around the grounds!

He had put the note Brian had gave him in his pocket and raced to Flammasari. He was looking for Cihara to tell her Tiger's response. He also wanted to write to Elrond and tell him what had happened. He was thinking of composing a poem for Arwen as well.

He was quite excited.

He glanced out a window and noticed Falcon was coming. He paused, debating whether or not to go and see what news Falcon had, or to let Falcon find him. He decided to see Falcon.

He raced back down stairs and met Falcon right as Falcon was coming to the door. He held out his arm and Falcon landed softly on Thor's forearm. With his other hand Thor ruffled Falcon's throat gently. The bird cooed softly. Thor removed the notes from Falcon's beak and bade the bird to go and rest. Falcon left obligingly.

Thor began to sort through the notes. Elrond, Father, oooh, one from Gandalf! That was a treat! One from Harry, Ron and Hermione. And... at the bottom of the stack, a small envelope addressed to Tristan Thortnon. Thor trembled, he recognised the writing. It was from Cho!

He hastily ripped into the envelope!
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He made it back to the common room crestfallen...

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Composure is a good thing [14 Apr 2003|10:41pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Thor had eventually managed to seperate himself from Brian. He had talked to wizardprincess and gone to see if Tiger would like to be Cihara's pet.

He liked the woods. He had dashed from the room after telling Cihara he would ask Tiger. He searched aroud for Tiger in the forest. It hadn't taken long for Thor to find him. Long enough to clear his mind briefly of the incident of earlier. It had been unexpected and he hadn't thought that he would break down like that.

He had a brief chat with Tiger. Tiger would love to be someone's pet again. As he left tiger there in the middle of the woods, he could here the beast ourring happily. The last Sue had treated him so terribly. Thor hoped Cihars would treat him better. Tiger was a good beast.

His thoughts returned to Brian. It had been good to have a shoulder to cry on. If it had been Lutetium he know doubt would be waking in her bed about now wondering what had just happened. She was quite intoxicating.

Oh, there was Tabrius, the grounds keeper. Lutetium would probably be going to see him quite soon.

Thor rushed by Tabrius in his fox form and back into Suewarts to the great hall. He decided to go into the great hall then. He noticed a strikingly pretty girl (noting new about that, a plain girl would have been shocking at Suewarts) standing at the entrance to the hall with her hand upon her hip. No not her hip, a gun...

He decided he best see what she was about to do. A shoot up in the school would not be so good so early in the term...

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PRIVATE [13 Apr 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | i will survive ]

A sigh of relief exited through Tristan's body as he found himself back in his room. He walked over to his trunk and opened it. The Dibdabs had organised it beautifully. His makeup was safe on one side and his weapons on another. He drew out a sheaf of parchment that Elrond had sent him a while ago. On it contained detailed instructions on how to apply his make-up. The parchment wa actually quite worn by this time. Thor had had it for many years. He drew out a lighted mirror that he also had in his trunk and sat down at his desk.

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aftermath [13 Apr 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | My Hero ]

After Thor laid eyes on the glorius creature downstairs he had the urge to run up to Flammasari and throw open his trunk...

He withheld that urge though. He had notcied Lutetium's eyes had changed to violet as she estormed unto the grounds of Suewarts. He decied he best go see if there was anyway he could placate her...that didn't involve sex. He followed her outdoors and saw her hitch up her horse. No doubt she was fuming at a lack of stable boys. He changed his form into a fox and raced into the woods ahead of her. Watching in the forest to see her reaction.

As he waited, he shifted back into his normal form and pondered Aura or Brian. By the evenstar! He had never seen anything so gorgeous, not even when Elrond and Glorfindel used, mustn't think of that. It made him want to run upstairs even more and throw open his trunk. But goodness, he wondered if Aura might show him a few tricks, and perhaps, just maybe, Thor might be able to confide in him/her.

He finally realised the real reason he was waiting in the woods. He wanted to find out if Lutetium knew his secret. He had a sinking feeling that she did, but he was going to find out for sure now...

Here she came.

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the noise [13 Apr 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | determined ]

Thor had heard a great commotion coming from the direction of the great hall. He was so tempted to see what was going on, but he was putting these blasted Sues to bed. All he really wanted to do was go and see what the commotion was about.

He decided to go and see.

He moved quickly into the great hall. He noticed that glitter was everywhere in the hall, as he turned his head around the corner. He stood in the entry to the hall and noticied that Lady Mags was staring with her dram down to her knees, very un-demurely. He looked at what she saw, and his jaw dropped to the same location! He was staring at a creature whose beauty shined like a beacon throughout all the glitter it wore. Who was this person?

All Thor could see was the legs, then the face. It slowly dawned on him that this was not a Sue, but a Stu!

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quietly slipping out [11 Apr 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Thor had had enough of the sorting ceremony It was taking an extradinary amount of time. He decided to sneek out of the hall. He creeped out of an open window.

Free at last in nature! He glanced around and breathed in the fresh air. He had been lost in his own thoughts in the Great Hall. He was thinking of Rivendell. He wished he could return to Middle Earth. But he still did not know how to return. He knew it wasn't a thought that he shold dwell on extensively. He pushed it from his mind, albeit reluctantly.

He was walking upright into the forset where he changed his form into that of a fox. He was going exploring in the woods tonight regardless of any rules anf regulations of Suewarts. He wanted to think.

He was longing to be desired. He wanted to be overcome by something...anything. He wanted admiration. He would have admiration if he hadn't been coerced into attending the blasted school by Dumbledore. Admiration was in short supply at Suewarts. but not at Hogwarts. Many of the students were entirely too busy preening.

As soon as he thought that he regretted it. He knew it wasn't true. Some of the Students and Suewarts were so kind kind, and giving. When he thought of giving his mind trailed back to two years ago when he was completely enraptured by Lady Lutetium. He knows now what her abilities are, but then he didn't. She thought that she was solely the one for him. He had fallen into a trance like state as she caressed his massive ego. She had known he wanted admiration, so she had given admiration. But she gained satisfaction as well.

His thoughts turned another corner. He went back to meditating on the contents of his trunk. That was somehting else that he was sure Lady Mags had discovered. The contents of his trunks. What he would do when he disappeared for hours on end. Well, most of the time it was solely to come out into the forest to be alone and rejoice in solitude. But he would rejoice in solitude in his frocks as well...

He scurried through the grounds at Suewarts, pondering many of the new faces. He couldn't remember them all. There would be more opportunity to learn at another time. He decided that he should go and introduce himself to the new head of his house, a Professor Priss he believed.

He made his way back to the hall, changing into Himself: Thorium or Tristan Thortnon as he was called. He made his way through the Hallways of Suewarts and heard an anguished scream. Had hazing already commenced on the new Hadesian students?

He shook his head and briskly walked up to Flammasri common room.

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unpacking [11 Apr 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Back at Suewarts. The Weaselys had set him off earlier that day. He heard George and Fred chuckling as they had attempted to substitute his wand for one of there fake ones that would turn into a rubber chicken. He had thwarted their plans but had managed to aid them in substituting Ginny's wand for a fake. They had wandered off giggling together. He said goodbye to Ron as he pressed into Ron's hand a note for him to give to Cho. He had seen Cho over the summer. He knew that she fancied Harry more than him, but he thought it was still worth a chance to try and nab her away, even if he was close friends with Harry. They had had a great farewell party for him the night before. They played quidditch until the small hours and feasted on treats of the wizarding world. Falcon had even dropped off a several notes, one from his father Radagast the Brown, and from his Lord Elrond.

Among the notes was a thin wisp of paper written in fluent elvish script and scented like the valley of Rivendell. It was a small note from his Lady Arwen. Thor sighed in contentment thinking of Arwen. He hoped that this term there would be more lovely elven ladies whose beauty and grace would rival that of the Evenstar.

He looked down after awakening from his memory of Arwen and his eyes fell upon his two trunks that were jammed full of his Suewarts necessities... He slowly began to unpack. He delicately removed his gown from the trunk. His Lord Elrond's note had contained valuable information on the proper storage of such a garment. He followed the instructions to a T and sent Falcon of with a note of thanks to Lord Elrond. With Falcon he also sent a small poem that reminded him of the loveliness of Arwen, for the elven princess...

He sighed heavily and looked down at the parephenalia cluttering his trunks. He reached past his bow and grabbed a tube of lipstick. He looked at it curiously and tossed it back into the trunk. He grabbed his bow and set off to trample around the grounds before the feast, neglecting his opened trunks. The servants would see to the rest of the mess. They knew by now where everything was to go and want needs to be hidden...

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