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Thursday, May 1st, 2003

Time:8:12 pm.
hey yallll jus a quickie to let yall no that im getin a new sn so chillax iight?? ~1~ T
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Thursday, April 3rd, 2003

Time:11:57 pm.
Heyys.. Welp today was pretty iight I guess~
1st took a quiz.. 93% babi! lol.. Hell yeah! ;]
2nd jus talked w/ Lori
3rd same as always...
4th did vocab n talked w/ FeFe, Holly, Brandon, Mike, n Crissy
Lunch it was aiight.. tomorro Im gettin a salad n see if its aiight or not.. Ah, Ashie told me that she hadda dentist appt today so we re-scheduled our lil "car washin" for tomorro.. Its gunna be niiice out! :]
5th pretty funni actually.. Trebor, Travis, Leonard, n JD were all yellin "PENIS" lmao.. I was cryin! :p
6th basically sucked.. Ryan W made Ashie hit me in my eye like Trevor didnt do enuff.. Grr
7th that was pretty hilarious lmao.. Christina cracks mee up! :]
After Skool I hadda take a quiz for Mrs. Price.. n boy o boy did I BOMB that one.. I wrote her a note @ the bottom tellin her that I completely went BLANK when i took it.. Im screwed! I probly gotta 0 on it. :[

I met Georges Mom n brothers today.. I loove his mom. She is soo sweet!

I dunno if Im developing feelings for George or not. Its really complicated. I dunno if they are friendly feelings or "friendly" feelings. He walked me out to my car n opened the door for me n everything.. Hes sucha sweetheart ;p Ah, n he let me burn 50 Cents cd.. but it aint fuckin wurkin n I already called Jennifer Lynn [my sista] n told her that I burned it for her cuz she wanted it.. DAMNIT!..

Wellp, I feel like takin a lil nap n then a bubble bath [lmao Ashie].. My car needs one too! [lmao George] Gezh.. I'll ttyls! Buhbyess ;p

Love, T
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Time:12:16 am.
Heyys. Gezh, today has been a hell of a lot better for mee.. I guess I jus needed some good friends of mine to make me s m i l e :] Yes.. Thats probly rite! :D Heres wha happened to mee today...
1st jus did a quiz i was supposed to do like a week ago
2nd told off Trevor.. he deserved it. He said that me n Lori were actin like assholes so I told him to leave, n when he got up I handed him his newspaper [we were in Pettit's class] he threw it @ me n it hit my eye n gave me a paper cut on my eyebrow.. n so I let him have it [Rite now Im talkin to Jordon n hes pissed cuz he wasnt there lmao]
3rd basically jus chilled w/ Brandon, Crissy, n Matt :] ::Heyy Guys!!::
4th took a test [which i BOMBED!] n talked w/ FeFe n Holly
Lunch haha.. it was pretty much the same today. Me n Whit cut in line w/ my girl, Ashley M.. Lunch was pretty good today actually, compared to those other days lol Me n Ash talked about some stuff n then when I got dun eatin I saw George, n he took my tray up for mee [Ahh, hes sucha sweetheart! :D] Then, when he came back, he sat n talked to me til it was time to go ;p
5th ha, it was pretty interesting. I actually like that class. Shockin heh? lol
6th can someone say "boring"... ZzZzZzZz
7th sucked as usual.. Plus, Kelsi didnt even show up! BLaH!
After Skool George met up w/ me @ my locker to get his jacket n then we headed out to my car.. I decided to let him drive cuz .. I dunno, lol I honestly didnt feel in the mood to drive n I trust him w/ my car so .. yeah. lol While we were drivin we were listenin to some 50 Cent music n he was rappin it n everything lmao.. It was hilarious.. Then, he kept on callin me "Cupcake" lol.. It was adorable. I was like "Cupcake, huh?" lol n he said "Yepp, Cupcake!" lmao.. Hes cRaZy ;p Then, we got to his house n we hugged good`byes n then I left. I went home n then I met up w/ Curt @ the mall @ around 4.. Me n him both got sunglasses from FYE for only $4.99.. that aint too bad! Plus, they're really cute too :p We stopped @ a few other stores n looked around, n then I got a EMINEM hat.. Its adorable ;p Kim n Jennifer yelled @ me cuz I spent $24.99 on it.. but o`wells! Its cuute! hehehe I left there n then I went to get my tank filled.. Well, sorta.. I put in $11 in.

Tomorro I gotta stay after for Mrs. Price to make up this thingy n then me n Ashie are goin to get our cars washed lmao.. Its gunna be funn ;p I'll probly end up takin George home the rest of the week.. Ahh, I dont care! Hes good company ;D hehehe! I luuv my h0mie! ;D

Love always, Cupcake [lol] aka Trish
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

Time:1:07 am.
Rite now there are a lot of things goin thru my mind n the only answer i can come up w/ is i wish i could jus sleep my life away.. it would be a lot easier. Im the type of person that cant deal very well w/ situations I dont wanna be in. I even hadda talk w/ my Mom about it.. she started getting all angry @ me for even thinking about wha I wanted to do. People are a lot different than me.. A lot of people dont even kno how I feel towards things,.. I wish they could, but Id be afraid they would yell @ me n tell me a l i e.. Ive been lied to enough from people.. I couldnt handle another one. You see all these people on TV.. they are soo happy, soo fuqqin thin, n everything goes their way. Im sry people, but things dont happen like that.. n for those of you who think thats so.. please wake up.

If I was to sleep my life away.. I would be extremely happy rite now. I wouldnt have to deal w/ the whole "situation" n I would think everything would be great because I would be "living in a dream"....

Till then.....
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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003

Time:9:05 pm.
Hey everybody.. Wellp, after skool yesterday, me n Ashie went to Mtbg, the mall, Hoyts [to go see JB2], n then to El Rancheros.. We hadda blast n the movie was jus adorable.. except for this lil girl.. Damn was she ever annoyin lol.. I guess you jus hadda be there.

I came home around 730? n I wasnt feelin good @ all.. I did my hw n went to bed @ 8. I woke up this mornin still feelin pretty crappy so I went n told my mom n she told me to go lay down n rest.

I ended up goin to skool @ around 1030 n I ran into Jere so I stopped n talked w/ him for a lil bit.. Hesa crazy one! Hes always gunna be my hunni tho hehehe ;p As soon as I walked in I saw Ash comin back from JR so I went n talked to her.. After that I went n signed in n went straight to 4th pd. I got a lil sad tho cuz I didnt see Brandon n hes in my 4th pd! ..Wellp, soon enough they said that the evacuation was gunna start n for teh 2nd floor to go...

I walked down w/ FeFe n her were the BEST of FRIENDS growin up. We still tell e/o stuff tho :] Shes my girl! lol.. Wellp, we went into the big gym n we went up the bleachers n sat down. I was sittin in front of Becky n beside her was my boy, Brandon. Gezh, hes soo freakin hott! ;p That was a time I'll never forget.. He taught me this handshake n it took me like 4 times to get it down lol He was gunna teach me this other one, but he said it required us to stand up n it would take him about 5 mins to teach me lol So, we couldnt very well do that, could we? Nope! Then I stole his keys outta his pocket.. lmao ;D

We flirted the rest of the time talkin n stuff.. then Fe was tellin me some stuff about a certain "person".. no comment. :x

Soon enough it was time to go.. n we went back to class. Brandon came up to me n took his keys back, n then Mr Barker jus went over stuff for about 5 mins n we had the rest of the pd freee [like 25 mins] lol

Nothin much else happened.. except for one thing. Terry wrote me back n bottom line: i hurt him a lot, basically b/c I tried gettin w/ Jere after I broke things off w/ me n Terry. Jere n me are jus -friends-.. actually I consider him one of my closest guy friends. He gives me advice, listens to me, n we joke around a lot. I luv him to death, but not like that..

I dunno wha to do... Me n Terry had our chance, yes. BUT, I waisted it.. I have a chance to earn his trust back n everything.. but Im afraid that I cant do that knowin that I like Brandon, also. Me n Brandon have had this thing w/ e/o.. n it starts wayyy back in 5th grade. @ the time I was datin Trebor.. n me n Trebor were together 2 yrs.. I dunno.. Im all confused.. :\ Hellp........

ps.. I got the pics back that I took of everyone yesterday n I must say.. I loove all of em, except for the one that my mom took of me n Ash.. it didnt come out! :[

Love always, T
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Thursday, March 20th, 2003

Time:11:51 pm.
We met back in the day
Laughin, jokin, n havin funn
Little did we kno
Our friendship had jus begun.
Soon enough we drifted
But, still best friends @ heart
I kno God would never let us drift
Inside of our hearts.
We exchanged "hello"s
Over the passin years
But, soon enough our friendship mended
N now we share each other's tears.
You have became my other half in my life
n I honestly don't kno wha I would do without you here
I can see us old n playin poker
Here together in our passin years.
We have shared soo much together
Tears, laughs, jokes n time
I finally understand now
That you aren't only mine.
I am so incrediably happy
For you n him
Fallin in love w/ a great guy
Takin the chance; out on a limb.
Me n Tyson
are the luckiest people alive
You have a big enough heart to do so
N for only you, we strive.
There's soo much I could say
But tears keep coming down
I am so blessed to have you
I'm so glad it's you that I found.
There are soo many names to call upon you
Can't you see?
My bestest friend, my guardian angel
The top spot? You've became family.

ashie n lisie
... best friends forever n always.
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Thursday, March 13th, 2003

Time:9:41 pm.
Heyys. Wellp, all today I did absolutely -nothin-.. Sounds like great funn, eh? Oh, believe me it was. Wellp, me n Ashie are gettin together Monday after skool. We're gunna go see "Serving Eva" or whatever its called.

Me n Whit are startin to become closer.. For that, I am extremely thankful. We kinda drifted apart cuz I was spendin all of my time w/ Ash. But now since Ash n Tyson are together, me n Ash are still close.. but you kno how things change when a guy is involved. But, I mean.. I understand it I guess... But, that gives me n Whit a chance to get things back to the way they were before :] I miss that...

At 9 I was plannin on watchin CSI, but then Steph called [my sister's best friend n roomate] n she was like "Tell Trish that Eminem is on Ch. 5." So I ran downstairs n before I could even turn on the TV, my mom said I had a phone call.. Ash called to tell me the same thing Steph did lmao

I kno I shouldnt say this.. but Ive been thinkin about my ex`bf a lot.. He is sucha sweetheart. Ive only known him less than a year.. but I dunno.. I keep comin back to him...

Anyways, I got onLine for 2 hrs.. n Im bored outta my mind. Rite now Im talkin w/ Curt, n in a lil bit Im gettin off. I'll ttyls. Ooh yeah, Skool is CLOSED tomorro :D Sweet Dreams everyone!

x0x0x to Justin Gamble n to my brotha Curt!

Love always, T
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Monday, March 10th, 2003

Time:7:08 pm.
Heyys. Wellp, last nite was very interesting. I wurked w/ Amber.. she put her "2 wk notice" in yesterday.. but really her last day is March 8th. Im really gunna miss her.. but, we're still gunna keep in touch. She's one of my really good friends.. :[ Also last nite, Ashie got her face plate of her cd player stolen from. Whoever the fuckin bastard was that stole it, I swear.. Hes got some nerve!

This mornin I woke up at 6:20am n I noticed my mom never woke me up so I went into my parents room n she told me we hadda 2 hr delay.. so I went back to bed. Around 7:20am she came in my room n said that skool was cancelled.. Im really glad there wasnt any skool today tho, cuz I had 2 whole hrs of Eminem on MTV2, hehehe.. It was the absolute greatest thing ever :D

My sis came here around noon ..rite when my Eminem moment ended. Tonite I gotta wurk 530-close.. Its gunna be okay I guess. Hopefully we won't have skool tomorro.. thatd be great.

Wellp, Im gunna head off of here so me n Jennifer can watch "Blue Crush".. plus shes yellin @ mee cuz she needs the phone lol Ttyls. Buhbyess!

Love always, Trish
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Sunday, March 9th, 2003

Time:12:15 pm.
i kno i shouldnt think this way
but i can't help it
i kno i should tell you how i feel
but i can't help it
i kno i'll probly blow this outta proportion
but i can't help it
i mean, i kno ya wanna spend time w/ him
you can't help it
you love him w/ all your heart
you can't help it
you're my best friend n its jus natural
we can't help that
feels like im at the bottom of your list
i can't help that
seems like you can make time for him, but not for me
you can't help that
tears are running down my cheek
i can't help that
yet, i kno i should..
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Time:11:07 am.
Omg, last nite was sooo much funn! Curt came into visit me @ wurk around like 8pm or something n then Ashie came in around 8:30pm.. It was sooo hilarious! ;p After I got off wurk, all 3 of us headed up to Arby`s n goofed off.. It`s been a long time since I`ve had that much funn :D We needa do that more often.. When we were done, we went out in the parkin lot n Ash blasted "In Da Club" n we were dancin, lmao. It was a lot of fun... then Curt kept sprayin silly string everywhere lmao.. No comments there tho! :x

Today I woke up around 10:30am n layed around for awhile n watched "I Love Lucy" n then me n my mom went to the movies to go see "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days" @ 1pm.. That was a reallly good movie. You guys should see it!

After the movies we went to the mall so I could get "8 Mile" on layaway.. n then we went into KB`s for a lil bit n then left. Around 4:30 me n my parents went out to dinner @ this Chinese place.. it was aiight I guess.

Wellp, I gotta get goin.. I gotta wurk on this History project [I`m doin mine on Shirley Temple].. n it`s due this comin Thursday. Ttyls. Buhbyess! ;p

Love always, T
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Saturday, March 8th, 2003

Time:10:08 am.
Mornin everyone. I dunno why the hell Im up this early.. I jus couldnt get to sleep. Yeah, most of you have probly already been up for a few hours, but not mee! lol I usually dont get up until 11:30.

Wellp, last nite @ wurk was very interesting. Matt n Robbie came in for awhile.. Robbie bought some Juicy Fruit n gave me some! lol So Sahweet! ;] Then, later on.. AJ n Troy came in n walked w/ me to go get a drink for Stephanie. Then, JD saw me in there so he stopped by.. I think he had some dip in his mouth or something lol But I showed him "Mr. Woody" n he was like "Damn girl, you still have that?!" lol [Mr. Woody is a tiny strip of wood w/ "The Woody" on it] Hes crazy :]

Then later on when I was goin out to get a drink I spotted AJ, Troy, Sean, Shawn, JD, n some guyy so I walked w/ them for a lil n then grabbed Troy n he came w/ me to get my drink n then stayed w/ me @ KBs for awhile.. So sahweet! ;p Hes awesome. Hes sucha sweetheart.. Im his GoDdESs! lmao.. long story. Then, when I got home my mom had tomato soup w/ grilled cheese waitin for mee.. So I ate that n then I watched CSI w/ my parents n got online basically all nite n here I am!

Today I think Im jus gunna be a bum the whole day.. I wurk w/ Amber tonite so Its gunna be o`soo much funn. Shes the best! :]

Ooh, rite now Im wurkin on makin a homepage.. Its gunna be o`sooo cute! Here is a sneak peek w/ the topics:
1] All About Mee
2] My Guardian Angel n Bf4L
3] My Sistas
4] My Hunnies
5] My Brothas
6] My Boyy

hehehe :D Wellp, Im gunna go. Buhbyess!

Love always, T
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