Monday - October 27, 2003   
08:13am 27/10/2003
mood: Sad & Blah
music: GoldFinger - [99 Red Balloons]
you know, the expelled life really isnt as bad as people make it sound...i get to sleep in..and no school. whats better than that? haha, yeah, well, me and bryan got back together...i think...but hes been acting REALLY REALLY REALLY weird...and i think hes gunna break up with me..again. Well, that'll suck. I might go to Lynden, but I really doubt it....its just like..a last option. my mom said that i should just go to the college and get my high school diploma that way..but i gotta wait till im 16..WhOoO! No school till im 16! I could definatly live with that. We got a new fridge yesterday...but you have to let it sit for 24 hours before you can put anything in it..and so we moved our old fridge into the living room, and so now we have a fridge in the kitchen with nothing in it...and a fridge in the living room with all of our food in it. wow, thats interesting. Eh, well, Im hungry, Im gunna go eat. byebye
Tuesday - October 21, 2003   
04:37pm 21/10/2003
mood: crushed
music: [No Music]
Well, Bryan broke up with me last night. Wait, cant say that, he'll get pissed. He didnt break up with me...he's "taking a break from me" ...isnt that the same thing? I think it is, but he says its not. But whatever. This is me, all I care about is what I think. But I cried all night. And then he ignored me all day today at school too. So, i dont get him. But yeah, Im really depressed, and I found out that Im almost 3 months pregnant instad of being almost 2 months...Eh, whatever. Im not in a good mood, Im gunna go. byebye
Thursday - October 16, 2003   
08:13pm 16/10/2003
mood: content
music: Simple Plan - [Perfect]
WOW! I havent written in this thing in a really long ass time...HmMmMM What happppppend? Well, Jazmen got suspended today...CHELSEY is probably gunna think its because she SPIT in her HAIR..which was the most hillarious thing I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life...But its not because of that. We got sent to the office because of that...But then Jazmen called Mr. Giller a stupid fucker, and told him to shut up and fuck off ..etc. It was HILLLLARRRIOUS. Shes suspended for 5 days!! ...WHICH..SUCKS. Because shes in my ART class...and I NEEEEEEED her. Oh, and I think Jessica Capp is the stupidest person alive, besides Chelsey, of course. Shes sticking up for Chelsey..and "threatening" me...haha shes a fucking MORON...Yeah, like shes gunna beat up a pregnant girl. Shes too much of a preppy to do something like that anyways. Brittany Gibson bugs the shit outta me too. Ushdfkuahg!! Shes stupid. And TALYSA GARCIA IS TELLING EVERYONE IM PREGNANT!!!!! UGHH!!!!! Well, at least thats what I hear. Now, why would she do that?!! haha...Elise Meidal bugs me too. God yes, shes just annoying. I dont know. Looking at her even bugs me. Yep, sure does. MEH, I went to ....last night. Because my stomach hurt so bad that I couldnt walk. And my mom was freaking out..and so she took me to the hospital....and it took like...6 hours and I GOT BLOOD DRAWN..And oh my god, that hurt so goddamn bad...I almost cried. aksjfhlaurg !! But, it took like 6 hours and all they could come up with is..."You're Pregnant." ...Duh, You Faggots!! I fucking knew that...Or else I wouldnt be here. STUPID ASSES..I SWEAR TO GOD. And there was this lady in the ER who was seeing bugs crawl all over the walls. And there were like 4 babies screaming, which was really pissing me off...But i bought an apple from the vending machine..So it was a little better. Well, thats about itttt.....Yep, i think so. byebye.
Monday - October 13, 2003   
05:14pm 13/10/2003
mood: mellow
music: [No Song]
I was at my dad's house all weekend. i dyed my hair, that was pretty much the basis of my stay there. I was so pissed off at bryan this weekend. Probably more pissed off then I have ever been at him. ...I think it was...50% cuz he blew me off and 50% cuz of my goddamn mood swings. But eh. I hate mondays. They SUCK! I missed 3rd period cuz I was in the office...again. I always miss 3rd period. Its weird. My stomach hurt so bad today, i dont know why. It hurt when I laugh. And Jazmen was making fun of the office aid...right in front of her face. and it was fucking hillarious..and I couldnt stop was hillarious. Bryan was being a real dick, though. Well, at least, at first he was. I tried to hug him..and he wouldnt even hug me. And then...He wouldnt even be by me. All he would say is, "I wanna talk to Tysen" ...and he just left. So i was pissed off at him 1st period. But i was over it by 2nd. And lunch, he was like that again. I hold his hand..and he just kept moving it so I couldnt. And before I could even say anything..he was like, "Im hungry, I dont care, Im getting food today." and i was trying to be nice..and I was like.."Thats fine, then just get food." And he was like..practically jogging...So I told him to slow down cuz I hurt REALLLLLY bad. And then out of no where hes like, "Can I actually eat today or are you just gunna bitch again?" So i just left. And i went and sat somewhere. And he like..hunted me down. And was being a dick again. And then I cried. And ...he got a little nicer..and them mean again. BUT EH. Whaaattteevverrr.. Im over it. My mom told my freaking grandpa that I was pregnant. I cried. My grandpa is like one of those...old fashion old people. The ones who always say, "KIDS THESE DAYS...." ..he doesnt even know I have my bellybutton or my tongue pierced. And hes gunna like...disown me. And it makes me all sad when I think about it...But I hope he doesnt. My mom is buying ...stuff to like...split my room in half of it can be the baby's room. She's all excited about it...its sooooOOOoOO cute. And I told her that my stomach hurt...and shes like...FLIPPED. shes all talking about miscarriges and what not. Its so sad. But eh, dinner is done and my mom is force-feeding me. so yeah, byebye.
Friday - October 10, 2003   
10:07pm 10/10/2003
mood: Crying my eyes out
music: Aerosmith - [I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing]
I dont even know where to start. I am so ....pissed? sad? i dont even fucking know! Im crying, and I dont know why. It probably has alot to do with mood swings, but still. I called 8 times..and he never picked up...his phone did, though. And all you could hear was the background. He finally picked up and was being a complete asshole. I was crying while I was talking to him...But I didnt let him know...Because then he would put on this "sorry" act. He would act all sorry for me...but I know hes really not. I guess im really pissed or whatever because I really really REALLLYYYY wanted to go to the football game with Bryan..cuz I miss him alot...and he blew me off. Yeah, thats probably why Im crying and shit. I cant believe he just fucking blew me off like that...GOODDDD. I guess Ill get over it, but whatever. Im still pissed...sad...whatever the hell I am. And Im still crying. I miss Bryan. I really want him to be with me...goddamnit.
Friday - October 10, 2003   
07:20pm 10/10/2003
mood: rejected
music: System of a Down - [Psyco, Groupie, Cocaine, Crazy]
Bryan just blew me off. I cant fucking believe it. We had planned to go to the football game together like...2 days ago. And I really wanted to go. REALLY BAD. Cuz I miss him. But then...he doesnt call me all day. So, i figure...Hes not going...So I decide not to. I was kinda pissed..but I was more...sad than anything. And then he calls me...after not calling me ALL DAY...he calls me 15 minutes BEFORE the game starts...AS HE IS ON HIS WAY TO THE GAME..and asks me why Im not going. What the fuck! ...Its kind of fucking obvious isnt it? But he went anyways. He blew me off. God, Im really sad. This sucks.
Friday - October 10, 2003   
05:54pm 10/10/2003
mood: bitchy
music: Misfits - [Last Caress]
I took Cleo to TubeTime today. Everyone thought I was her mom. It was really weird. Michael went with me. And a little 8 year old asked for his phone number. Haha i thought it was damn hillarious. Im kind of pissed off at Bryan today. He hasnt called me once and Ive called him like..8 billion times. Okay, maybe not that many times..I dont want to sound obsessive. But you get it. And he said he wanted to go to the football game with me...But NoOoo. He hasnt called me and its already 6:00. WWWHHAATTEEVVEERRRRR. Uggghh, I dont know why Im so pissed off. I just am...well, its probably these goddamn mood swings again. They really suck ass!! God it sucks. But guess what?!?!?! I ATE PIZZA AT TUBE TIME!! Oh my god, it was so great. I cant eat dominos pizza since I got pregnant...I dont know why. Or Digorno pizza, or whatever. I cant eat ANY kind of pizza. BUT I CAN EAT TUBE TIME PIZZA..Oh it was great. But i had stew for dinner. I just about barfed my ass off eating that. But eh, i was hungry. What the hell. HAHAHHAHAHA I JUST FOUND OUT THAT CHELSEY HURLBUT'S BOYFRIEND iS 12!!!!! hahahahhaaha. Shes going out with CHANNING MORRISON'S LITTLE BROTHER!! Gunner. Hes like..this fat little blob with arms. Oh my god, its so discusting. hahaha..When he STARTS high a freshman..SHE WILL ALREADY BE GRADUATED! hahahah oh my god, that made my day! Eh, well, im really nausious. Probably from that fucking stew. So im gunna go. Yep, byebye.
Thursday - October 9, 2003   
07:36pm 09/10/2003
mood: blah
music: Sublime - [Wrong Way]
Today kind of sucked. I dont know why, it just wasnt a good day. Except for the fact that I had two diffrent people buy me two diffrent lunches today. That I liked. I love food. Lately, Bryan has really been pissing me off. I know its not his fault. Its actually MY fault. Mood Swings fucking suck. But i dont know. He asked me to go to some stupid volleyball game with him. And ..i decided not to. BUT then I felt bad because it made it look like i dont wanna be with him. So i called him to tell him that I wanted to go. ..But he already left. So whatever, im over it. But I did wanna go with him. Amber Ranahan needs to be shot in the face. She told bryan that I was a shitty girlfriend. I hate her now. Theres a big party at Jazmen's house tonight. Everyone is supposed to go get drunk. At lunch, jazmen told me that she wanted to get me drunk. But then remembered that she couldnt. So she just looked at my stomach and said fuck you. haha it was hillarious. I talked to Kat today on the phone for like...fucking forever. We talked about how she got expelled. It was only because she had that stupid thing on her binder than said, "I would be happy if Chelsey Hurlass got decapitiated." ..I dont know, its pretty stupid. MY SCHOOL WAS ON THE NEWS TODAY! WhOOoOO!! Its because some people went around hangning nooses all over our school. Wow, arent we cool? I think its hillarious...But the stupid preppies are taking it way to seriously. They're all..freaked out about it. Eh, fags, I say. Yeah well, I think Im gunna go. Yep. byebye.