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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

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    "tonight i'll take what i can get.."
    Hm... school starts a week from today, and in true dorky fashion i am looking forward to it. my classes this year should be more interesting than ever before. but thats a minor reason. The fact is that fall and winter are my favorite seasons and there is something about summer that is too uncertain for my taste. Too unsure. It leaves me with this constant unsettled feeling. I think i just need the stability of having somewhere to go everyday. Like i have a purpose and a job to do. I do feel like i need one more big bash night with all my girls, but i doubt it will happen. I had thought Jackie's would serve for this, but it didnt so i dont know. Maybe i just dont know what im looking for. But now i am so exhausted i cant even think about it. Maybe tomorrow night Kristina and I can go to the mall, although probably not cause it will be her brothers last night. I really want to make plans with her though.. she is like my rock. the one person i can count on to never change. and then there is this ap shit hanging over my head, but now i think i just need a nap.
    "Well, a wrong note never killed anybody.."

    Current Mood: discontent
    Current Music: dashboard confessional.. sometimes its ok to be lame

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