My Crazy Mother   
03:23pm 20/05/2003
mood: pissed off
music: Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards
Got off the phone with Vi who told me we were going to OCG and he asked if i wanted to take anyone else and i said that my mom wanted to go. He said that there wouldn't be any room on the way back. So I come out and tell my mom and shes like "Why??" and i told her and her response is "I don't give a shit!" So i decided to just leav her alone and go to my room. While I was typing this right now she comes in "Well I'm going to make money today so there!" What the fuck?! How immature is that? "so there"??? I said that when i was in the 3rd grade. 41 year olds shouldn't act that way. She all wants to hang out with MY friends. There was no set plan. She just expects Vi to drive us down there? He isn't a fucking taxi cab! She shouldn't have expected anything. And it's my life and she shouldn't try to butt in like that. He's my boyfriend not her personal chauffeur to Seattle. AAAAGH! where's my saftey pin and lighter???????FUCKK!
11:38pm 20/05/2003
mood: blank
music: silence
OCG night. Vi and I got there just in time to miss them. Ingrid, Simon, and Fernanda were there. Stayed for Andy and his band. I met Vi's friends. Cool people. We went to his friend Lani's place and hung out for a bit. Joel, Greg and some other people came over too. Vi, I, and his friend Brian went back to Vi's place. He drove me home. My night. There was much more but I'm tired of typing. I did it again. I never thought I would go back to that method but I did because I'm weak. Fuck the rest of the world. I want to stay warm in the arms of the person I care about. The person that cares about me. The only place I feel save is in his embrace.