Blessed By Her Loathing's Journal
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Date:2003-11-05 17:00
Subject:...Days Get Longer And I'm Getting Weaker...
Music:"Pretty Lush" -Glassjaw-

Holly Fucking Shit, One Of The People That I Truely Love Has Really Faded From Me, And Its Sad... I Wish She Was Still Around... I Wish That It Didn't Hurt So Much... Just By Her Smile Made Me Smile... I Wish Their Was Some Way I Could Talk TO Her And Find Out Why She Is Not Being Herself... But I Don't Know What To Say To Her... Words Can't Explain The Pain In My Heart Right Now... She Use Bring Me Happiness But Now She So Distant That I Can't Do Anything About... And I'm Sorry For Letting You Down Stacey...

Love Always, Shawn...

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Date:2003-11-04 01:57
Subject:...Fuck Em' Up With Your Bare Hands...
Mood: amused
Music:"1/10/03 Please Understand" -Misplaced In Csociety-

Wow, I Hung Out With Chris, And Dave Tonight... We Chilled At Kerhonkson Playground... We Talked Alot About Girls And Other Things... All Three Of Us Came To The Thought That Chicks Are For Fags... I'd Rather Start Keeping My Thoughts On Something Else Then Looking For The Perfect Girl... I Should Start A New Band, Misplaced In Csociety Was Great I Took All The Shit I Was Going Through With Certain Girls And Put Into Music Which I Love... It Was Like A Smack To The Face To The People That Let Me Fall... I Really Do Need Something To Keep My Mind Of Finding A Girl... My Hopes Are Dying Quickly... I'm Sick Of Going Home Every Night And Before I Shut My Eyes Saying "The Perfect Girl Is Out There, I'm Just Not Looking Hard Enough." Now That I Know Their Are Fish In The Sea, What Do I Use For Bait? Holly Shit Chris I'm So Using That As A Song Title!!! Hahaha... My Dreams Are Wierd, Last Night I Dreamt, A Shot Of A Woman Being Hurled Onto The Tracks Of The New York Subway, Visons Of Me Walking Out Of A Small Office, Clad In Police Uniform, Uzi In One Hand I Start Cleaning Up Those Fuckin Pigs With Their Fucking Bloody Bodies Covering Up Paper Work on The Desk, And The Black And White Dream Of Watching A Girl In A Bathtub Drown By My Hands... Sick Fucking Dreams I Have, But Hey I'm Only Normal...

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Date:2003-11-03 07:44
Subject:...I Got A Dream That Will Blow Your Mind...
Mood: indescribable
Music:"Death To Traitors" -Beloved-

Ummm, Wow, I Just Got The Thought That Maybe Not All Girls Are Fucking Evil, Guys Are Evil To Girls Also... I'm Thinking Maybe I Should Plot The Death Of Every Girl And Every Guy Until I'm The Last Guy Standing And She The Last Girl Standing, And We Can Restart Mankind... But Even If I Was Still The Last Guy On Earth She Still Would Find A Way To Turn Me Down... Whatever... You Think Its Still A Good Idea... Reply To This Shit... LOL... I Love You All...

sometimes girls dont like you.
sometimes you have to get over things.
and sometimes being sad is the only thing that makes sense.
i dont want that to be the case, here.
sometimes i feel like dying.
sometimes i feel like crying.
sometimes i feel like loving you is all that matters.
sometimes its ok to be just friends.
but its never ok to be anything more than this afraid of falling.
and i feel better now
i feel like im getting somewhere closer
to where
i ought to be.
my writings are consistent to the immature obituary that is my love life
but im getting ok feelings about it.
i feel better now. tv helps i guess sometimes.

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Date:2003-11-02 14:19
Subject:...I'm Gonna Sex You Up...
Mood: grumpy
Music:"Million Miles To Montreal" -Across Five Arpils-

I'm Gonna Stop Posting Stuff If People Don't leave Me Loveable Messages About The Stuff I Write... So Post Something Make Me Happy... I'll Make You Happy... I kNow I Should Say This I'll Leave The Person Name Out Of This But From A Friend Of A Friend I Heard This Girl Say That I'm Not over Cause Of A CD Cover... Wow The CD Cover never Mentioned Her Or Had Anything To Do With Her.. She's So Fucking Delousional Sorry To Say... Don't Your I love You All Even If Some Of You Still Hate Me... No Names No Names! Bye...

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Date:2003-10-29 23:43
Subject:...Cheer Up Dave...
Mood: discontent
Music:"Dead Flowers" -Guns And Roses-

I grab his titties daily. yeah you're jealous. whats up. thought so...

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Date:2003-10-29 22:42
Subject:...Download The Band "HORSE the band"...
Mood: bored
Music:"Cutsman" -HORSE The Band"

-Just Like Your Name, You'll Never Change -

i think her name was "dont call me"
the car is singing nightmares
and youre crying to sleep
but im not that kind of boy
and youre not that discrete
youre an angel in a tank top
im a devil with lies
and i swear ill tear your wings off
if you give me those eyes
its okay
im alright
it's a lie
to comply
it's thursday in new york
so ill take the first flight...

the car is singing dreamscapes
and youre begging to stay
but im not the kinda person
to believe in your ways
youre a girl with no position
im a boy with no heart
youre an illusion of my memory
i swear, youve been from the start
and it's right
that i say
youre so sweet
to this day
it's a rainy day in new york
but im choosing to stay...

im the exact same kind of boy
that you tell me about
but youre denying all you want
just to figure me out
and im not the kinda toy
that you get from the store
but if you tried me just one time
i swear, you'd be begging for more
im the broken heart you treasure
the one you keep in a case
the one you always cry for losing
but you hated his face
i know youre keeping all my pictures
just to glance at real fast
i am the movie you haven't watched yet
cause youre saving the best for last
so im like a new bed
you dont want
to sleep on
you might mess me up
but im there
to weep on
it's "hell day" in florida
and my plane is already gone...

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Date:2003-10-29 01:03
Subject:...Reality Hit Me Fuckers "Chicks Are For Fag"...
Mood: optimistic
Music:"Your Touch Verus Death" -Everytime I Die-

Let Me Start Off By Saying Girls Can't Write Poetry... Its True... Guys Write From The Heart... Girls Are Beautiful But Their Fucking So Confused On What The Want... It Feels Like Guys have Be Come More Intouched With Their Feeling And Get Their hearts Broken More Then Girls... I Don't Know Maybe Cause Its People I'm Surround By... I Mean I Can't See Why Not A Girl Wouldn't Date One Of My Good Friends... They Can Be Trusted, They Have A Romantic Side, Good Personalty... But Instead Girls Go For A Guy Who's Seems To Be More Their CUP Of Tea When Three Weeks Later They'll Just Fuck'em And Dump Them... Sad...

I Need A Girl Thats Tough As Nails, Sexy, Likes Me For Me, Listen To My Type Of Music, Outgoing, And hippestXhippster... I Might Have Lost That Girl Before School Started... Life Sucks... I'm Not Gonna Bother Though With Girls That Are Just Gonna Waste My Time... I'm Just Gonna Take My Time Finding The Right Girl, Right Now I Got My Frineds To Hang Out With... So If I Sex You Up And You Fit In Those Catogeries... Hollar At Me... Cause Soon I'm Gonna Say Fuck It And As Chris's Brother Put It... "Get Buff Get All The Sluts"...

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Date:2003-10-28 23:22
Mood: intimidated
Music:"Falling Of Ursa Major" -When Dreams Die-

Not Letting Me Delet The Post About Gray... Chris L Wrote It, Gray Knows The Joke He Was Their... I'll Try Deleting When My Computer Is Not So Gay...

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Date:2003-10-28 22:52
Subject:...I Was Gonna Write About Today... But Screw It She Broke My Heart...
Mood: lonely
Music:"Razel Got Her Wings" -A Long Winter-

-I love The Rain On The beach With No Umbrella And A Hand To Hold-

Quite Simply,
it hurts.
When I see you,
and the rough but friendly
cold wind shivers the bounds of my soul,
it hurts and I miss you.
This feeling of loneliness and colorless
Drives me to insanity; and clearly
Yes, I do desire to move on,
but desires are the product
of a lonely heart. Nothing on which the
mind or body can discuss.
As such an action would be hazerdous.
My new love forgives me,
and holds me colse,
whispers in my ear,
and abounds the replacement of that which was lost to
old lover's feel.
Yet, as she tries her best to detain my attention for long enough,
you steal my heart, take my breath away, and spit in my face!
Then you laugh, as to prance about, killing both her, and I, and love all at once.
And I hate you.
I hate you with my tears, and my lonely nights.
I hate you with love, and my nights out, and with a smile.

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Date:2003-10-28 16:53
Mood: sick
Music:"Silent Mourning Whisper" -You And I-

fucking faggot...gray hes such a jerk.....all the girls want his nuts and not mine...what a fag.....hes behind me making out with his girlfriend....what a o man..

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Date:2003-10-28 16:53
Mood: devious
Music:"Clear Sky" -Remembering Never-

fucking faggot...gray hes such a jerk.....all the girls want his nuts and not mine...what a fag.....hes behind me making out with his girlfriend....what a o man..

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Date:2003-10-28 02:05
Subject:...You Hold The Dagger...
Mood: indescribable
Music:"A Girl Named" -Red Roses For A Blue Lady-

Sometimes I wonder why I talk...I dunno why I let people get to know me... Feelings are hard to deal with... This isn't a call out for comfort... This ain't no fucking emergency... I'm fine... I really am... For the most part... I'm greatful for every single friend I have... I have had... I've learned so much from them... With the friends i've lost and mistakes i've made... It all helps me so much... No matter how much it hurts... It's not the people that love me that i'm worried about... It's the ones that don't... I say stupid things... Maybe I say stupid things when i'm stressed... Or when I dont wanna let go... Sometimes it doesnt look or seem like i'm listening...When I talk to people one on one... I'm always listening... Sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach... It's usually when I feel sad... I got that feeling just now... Sometimes I dont know why I get it... The second I find someone that might actually dig me... I grab on and don't let go until all the blood is gone... Sometimes i'll get in the best situation possible... Then for no reason assume that it's going bad and depress myself... I had a crush on a girl... It was a dumb idea because that's when people realize that i'm not really what they expected... When I actually like them back... No girl wants me as a boyfriend... This is how i scare girls away... Why do i still wonder? So now that you know every possible way to break my heart, go for it... It's what everyone's doin these days, I just thought you were different..

Chatgirl9876 [10:56 PM]: why im just talking about you sucking on my fruity dum dum for a buck
XLetsStartOverXX [10:56 PM]: your turning me on shhhh lol
Chatgirl9876 [10:56 PM]: LOL
Chatgirl9876 [10:56 PM]: why im just talking about you sucking on my fruity dum dum for a buck


-Four Hands Chopped The Fuck Off Because Thats What Happens When You Try To Shoot Me Betweem The Eyes You Back Stabbing Cunt-

The After Math Of This Mailbox Reminds Me...
Reminds Me Of What We Have...
Jumping Walls Like Ninjas, Getting Lost Finding Our Cars...
Will Speed Of To The Sound Of Sirens...
It All Keeps My Heart Busy...
Spray Paint And Kicking It Does Too...

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Date:2003-10-28 02:02
Subject:...Bored So I'll Post Some Funny Converstions...
Mood: weird
Music:"Sediments Of You" -It Dies Today-

Sunnyjim1971 [10:10 PM]: things are looking up
XLetsStartOverXX [10:10 PM]: really?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:10 PM]: i think i'm getting a sore throat i don't know why
Sunnyjim1971 [10:10 PM]: aww
Sunnyjim1971 [10:10 PM]: I'm sorry
Sunnyjim1971 [10:11 PM]: want some soup?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:11 PM]: nope i'll be find
XLetsStartOverXX [10:11 PM]: i don't think i'm dying
XLetsStartOverXX [10:11 PM]: yet...
Sunnyjim1971 [10:11 PM]: good
XLetsStartOverXX [10:12 PM]: i learn what emo means
XLetsStartOverXX [10:12 PM]: e -eat
XLetsStartOverXX [10:12 PM]: m - me
XLetsStartOverXX [10:12 PM]: 0 - out
Sunnyjim1971 [10:12 PM]: hahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:12 PM]: and here I was thinking it was short for emotional
XLetsStartOverXX [10:12 PM]: yeah i finally learned what it means
Sunnyjim1971 [10:13 PM]: hey guess what
XLetsStartOverXX [10:13 PM]: what?
Sunnyjim1971 [10:13 PM]: I'm going to my first hardcore show on the 14th
XLetsStartOverXX [10:13 PM]: which band?
Sunnyjim1971 [10:14 PM]: uhm...daughters
XLetsStartOverXX [10:14 PM]: awsome i'm going to see them and all out war too
Sunnyjim1971 [10:14 PM]: nice
XLetsStartOverXX [10:14 PM]: my sweater is so ichy i'd have the biggest jock itch if i had material like that for boxers
Sunnyjim1971 [10:15 PM]: hahahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:15 PM]: interesting
Sunnyjim1971 [10:15 PM]: may I ask why you are wearing a sweater?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:15 PM]: just had to share that with you cause your sister wanted to wear it today
XLetsStartOverXX [10:15 PM]: cause i haven't got around to doing laundry yet
Sunnyjim1971 [10:16 PM]: haha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:16 PM]: hmmm
Sunnyjim1971 [10:16 PM]: speaking of my sister...
Sunnyjim1971 [10:16 PM]: she's gonna be pretty mad at me
XLetsStartOverXX [10:16 PM]: speaking of sleep
Sunnyjim1971 [10:16 PM]: ha
XLetsStartOverXX [10:16 PM]: what you do>
XLetsStartOverXX [10:16 PM]: ?*
XLetsStartOverXX [10:17 PM]: i'm thinking of making a new aim name and try cybering with all my people on my buddy list
Sunnyjim1971 [10:17 PM]: fun
Sunnyjim1971 [10:17 PM]: but yea she's gonna be mad cuz I left the star party
Sunnyjim1971 [10:18 PM]: and I promised I wouldn't
XLetsStartOverXX [10:18 PM]: you know what i like to do at parties?
Sunnyjim1971 [10:18 PM]: hm?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:18 PM]: sleep
Sunnyjim1971 [10:18 PM]: haha
XLetsStartOverXX [10:19 PM]: or atleast get so drunk i fall asleep in a sand box and wakeup only to pick sand out of my vagina
Sunnyjim1971 [10:19 PM]: hm
Sunnyjim1971 [10:19 PM]: me too
XLetsStartOverXX [10:19 PM]: only cool people do that
Sunnyjim1971 [10:19 PM]: minus the sand in the vagina
Sunnyjim1971 [10:19 PM]: that's not so fun
XLetsStartOverXX [10:20 PM]: missing out though
Sunnyjim1971 [10:20 PM]: YOU are missing out, my friend
XLetsStartOverXX [10:20 PM]: no no no
Sunnyjim1971 [10:21 PM]: yes yes yes
Sunnyjim1971 [10:21 PM]: meatballs
XLetsStartOverXX [10:21 PM]: meatballs?
Sunnyjim1971 [10:21 PM]: yea
XLetsStartOverXX [10:21 PM]: thats the most random thing i heard all night
Sunnyjim1971 [10:21 PM]: I ate meatballs
Sunnyjim1971 [10:21 PM]: and they were a tad salty
XLetsStartOverXX [10:22 PM]: ohhh
Sunnyjim1971 [10:23 PM]: but I was really hungry
XLetsStartOverXX [10:23 PM]: i went out and grab a soda i thaught i heard a cogar
XLetsStartOverXX [10:23 PM]: cougar*
Sunnyjim1971 [10:23 PM]: really?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:23 PM]: so i ran inside like alittle girl
XLetsStartOverXX [10:23 PM]: but it was really to cats having sex
Sunnyjim1971 [10:24 PM]: hehe
Sunnyjim1971 [10:24 PM]: lovely
XLetsStartOverXX [10:24 PM]: yup
XLetsStartOverXX [10:24 PM]: i'm gonna be going to my moms later tonight
Sunnyjim1971 [10:25 PM]: fun
XLetsStartOverXX [10:25 PM]: she doesn't have tv so i'm gonna bring my porno over and watch them
Sunnyjim1971 [10:25 PM]: hahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:25 PM]: I wanna watch!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:25 PM]: i'd watch virgin suiced or 8 mile but no dvd player their
Sunnyjim1971 [10:25 PM]: aww
XLetsStartOverXX [10:26 PM]: so i'm stuck watch anal party 4
XLetsStartOverXX [10:26 PM]: that or care bears
Sunnyjim1971 [10:26 PM]: hehe
Sunnyjim1971 [10:26 PM]: care bears are fucking silly
XLetsStartOverXX [10:26 PM]: fuck yeah
XLetsStartOverXX [10:26 PM]: i grew up watching them
Sunnyjim1971 [10:26 PM]: I always hated them
XLetsStartOverXX [10:27 PM]: i think cause of that show i was always easy to take advantage lol
Sunnyjim1971 [10:27 PM]: .::holding back laughter::.
XLetsStartOverXX [10:27 PM]: :::spills soda on pants:::
Sunnyjim1971 [10:28 PM]: hahahahahhahahahaha
XLetsStartOverXX [10:28 PM]: i also play that game
Sunnyjim1971 [10:28 PM]: .::falls out of chair laughing::.
XLetsStartOverXX [10:28 PM]: ever play the ::: :::: that game and get hit with a bag of shit
Sunnyjim1971 [10:29 PM]: yes
XLetsStartOverXX [10:29 PM]: i have i also been dry humped playing that game
Sunnyjim1971 [10:29 PM]: hmmm
Sunnyjim1971 [10:29 PM]: I have humped people
XLetsStartOverXX [10:29 PM]: worst third degree burns ever
Sunnyjim1971 [10:29 PM]: and cats
XLetsStartOverXX [10:29 PM]: anyone tell you humping cats are wrong?
Sunnyjim1971 [10:30 PM]: noooo
Sunnyjim1971 [10:30 PM]: alteast I don't velcro them to the ceiling
XLetsStartOverXX [10:30 PM]: oh well, i hear humping pandas are legal
Sunnyjim1971 [10:30 PM]: they eat spam
XLetsStartOverXX [10:30 PM]: damn i was iming friends to cyber with me and i never changed the screen name
Sunnyjim1971 [10:30 PM]: they eat spam
Sunnyjim1971 [10:31 PM]: hahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:31 PM]: smooth
XLetsStartOverXX [10:31 PM]: OMG spam polishs living funerture
Sunnyjim1971 [10:31 PM]: I bet
XLetsStartOverXX [10:31 PM]: now thats sexy
Sunnyjim1971 [10:31 PM]: it prbably removes grease stains from your driveway
XLetsStartOverXX [10:32 PM]: i tried removing soda stains from my bed
XLetsStartOverXX [10:32 PM]: didn't work
Sunnyjim1971 [10:32 PM]: ewie
Sunnyjim1971 [10:32 PM]: spam in bed
XLetsStartOverXX [10:32 PM]: i wanna live on a farm that grows spam...
Sunnyjim1971 [10:33 PM]: peaches come from a can
Sunnyjim1971 [10:33 PM]: they were put there by a man
Sunnyjim1971 [10:33 PM]: heh
Sunnyjim1971 [10:33 PM]: they were put there by a man
Sunnyjim1971 [10:33 PM]: heh
Sunnyjim1971 [10:34 PM]: hahahahahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:34 PM]: that's the most amazing dream I have ever heard of!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: it is
Sunnyjim1971 [10:35 PM]: I thought I had a dream that I was in severe emotional cramps
XLetsStartOverXX [10:35 PM]: i just downloaded all these accoustic songs from saves the day
Sunnyjim1971 [10:36 PM]: but it turns out I was just half asleep and I really was
Sunnyjim1971 [10:36 PM]: saves the day sucks
Sunnyjim1971 [10:36 PM]: I saw them in concert last year
XLetsStartOverXX [10:36 PM]: i had a dream once and i like litterally jumped out of my bed and my leg was asleep
Sunnyjim1971 [10:36 PM]: ha
XLetsStartOverXX [10:37 PM]: i slept walked once but got to the door and couldn't open it
Sunnyjim1971 [10:37 PM]: hehehe
Sunnyjim1971 [10:37 PM]: alix talks in her sleep
XLetsStartOverXX [10:37 PM]: so do i from what i heard
Sunnyjim1971 [10:37 PM]: sleep talking is silly
XLetsStartOverXX [10:38 PM]: i guess i was like "money" and then i punched the wall
Sunnyjim1971 [10:38 PM]: hahaha
XLetsStartOverXX [10:38 PM]: very oddd
XLetsStartOverXX [10:38 PM]: odd*
XLetsStartOverXX [10:39 PM]: i downloaded the new everytime i die video
Sunnyjim1971 [10:39 PM]: you ever get that when you just start to fall asleep then you feel like you're falling and then you spaz out like you fell on your bed?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:39 PM]: the band playing and a bunch of kids roller blading at a roller rink
XLetsStartOverXX [10:40 PM]: yeah i hate that and then when i try falling back to sleep i feel all wierd
Sunnyjim1971 [10:40 PM]: yea
Sunnyjim1971 [10:40 PM]: yea
XLetsStartOverXX [10:40 PM]: girls that wear roller blades turn me on
Sunnyjim1971 [10:40 PM]: hahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:40 PM]: me too
Sunnyjim1971 [10:41 PM]: with short shorts and tube socks
XLetsStartOverXX [10:41 PM]: and those short shorts... god don't get me started
XLetsStartOverXX [10:41 PM]: hahaha
Sunnyjim1971 [10:42 PM]: we are like the same person here
XLetsStartOverXX [10:43 PM]: but yet the diffrent sex
Sunnyjim1971 [10:43 PM]: yea
Sunnyjim1971 [10:43 PM]: and I have never seen you wear sparkly purple spandex pants
XLetsStartOverXX [10:44 PM]: your sister has
XLetsStartOverXX [10:44 PM]: well they were yellow
Sunnyjim1971 [10:44 PM]: ?
XLetsStartOverXX [10:44 PM]: just joking lol
XLetsStartOverXX [10:45 PM]: omg me and dave were gonna wear spandex to the pep ralley
Sunnyjim1971 [10:45 PM]: yay!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:45 PM]: first idea was wearing a mask naked
XLetsStartOverXX [10:45 PM]: but everyone and their grandmother seen me naked online
Sunnyjim1971 [10:46 PM]: haha

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Date:2003-10-23 02:12
Mood: refreshed
Music:"In Good Hands" -I Have Dreams-

"A Smile Can Me So Many Things That Can Not Be Said" -Kite Flying Society-

New Name... I'll Update With New Shit Soon...

*10 bands/artists you've been listening to lately:::

~Everytime I Die
~Feeling left Out
~Remembering Never
~As I lay Dying
~The Number Twelve Looks Like You
~Red Roses For A Blue Lady
~Blood has Been Shed
~Justin Timberlake

*9 things you look forward too:::
~ Fixing My Car
~ Having A Steady Girlfriend
~ Getting Along With My Friends
~ Endicott Show
~ Playing Shows
~ Dancing
~ Gravel Pit Fires
~ Making My Hair Sexy
~ Moving Out

*8 people you want to spend more time with:::
(in no particular order)
~Poo Poo The Shoe
~Doi Doi
~P. Diddy

*7 things that annoy you:::
~Broken Heart
~Lame People
~Nu-Metal Heads
~Loud Dumb People
~Dirty Clothes
~Bad Music

*6 things you touch everyday:::
~ Computer
~ My Hair
~ My Cds
~ My TV
~ My Bed
~ Myself

*5 things you do everyday:::
~ Think About Love And Misery
~ Shower
~ Online
~ Work
~ Hang With The xxx914 Crewxxx

*4 things you wear everyday:::
~ Pants
~ Shirt
~ Hat
~ Girl Shoes

*3 movies you can watch over and over again:::
~ Fight Club
~ Cobra
~ Interveiw With The Vampire

*2 of your favorite colors:::
~ Pink
~ Red

*1 person you can spend the rest of your life with:::
~Her Heart Is Taken...

In The Last 48 Hours, Have You:
01. Cried: Yes
02. Bought something: No
03. Gotten sick: No
04. Sang: Yes
05. Eaten: Yes, WTF...
06. Been kissed: No
07. Felt stupid: Yes
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: Yes
09. Met someone new: No
10. Moved on: Can't...
11. Talk to an ex: Nope...
12. Missed an ex: Fuck No...
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: No
14. Had a serious talk: Yes
15. Missed someone: Yes
16. Hugged someone: No
17. Fought with your parents: Yes
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: Yes

Social Life:
01. Best girl friend: Fuck You...
02. Best guy friend: Chris (OGC)
03. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I'm Not A Desperate Man...
04. If no, current dating partner: WTF...
05. Hobbies: Vocals For In 10 Cites, And Dancing At Hardcore Shows...
06. Pager: No
07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: Center Of Anttention
08. What type automobile do you drive: White SUV Thats Getting Fixed
09. What type automobile do you wish you drove: S10 Low Rider
10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: It Depends On How I'm Feeling...
11. Where is the best hangout: Troys Pizzera...
12. Do you have a job: Yes
13. Do you attend church: Nope
14. Do you like being around people: Yes

01. Have you known the longest: Chris L
02. Do you argue the most with: DBrian
03. Do you always get along with: Gray
04. Is the most trustworthy: Chris L
05. Makes you laugh the most: Chris C
06. Has been there through all the hard times: Victor
07. Has the coolest parents: Kenny
08. Has the scariest siblings: Gray
09. Is the most blunt: Dave
10. Is the smartest: Chris L

01. Who is your role model: Keith From ETID
02. What is some of your pet peeves: WTF
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: Yes
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: Fuck Yeah. Fuck That...
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: Heart Breakers...
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): Sure...
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: Oh Fuck Yeah...
08. Would you rather be dumper or dumped: Either... Its Fucked Up...
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": Relationship...
10. Want someone you don't have right now: Ummmm... Not Really...
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: Yes
12. Do you want to get married: Fuck No
13. Do you want kids: No
14. Do you believe in psychics: Ummmm....
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: No
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: My Fuckin Hair...
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: Violent
18. Are you happy with you: Sometimes
19. Are you happy with your life: Sometimes
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: Loved...

[ Current Clothes ] ETID Shirt/Tight Pants/Girl Shoes
[ Current Mood ] Violent
[ Current Music ]It Dies Today
[ Current Taste ] Blood
[ Current Make-up ] None
[ Current Hair ] Mop Top Shaggy...
[ Current Annoyance ] Fuck Love...
[ Current Smell ] My Nasty Room
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] Sleeping
[ Current Desktop Picture ] Across Five April Wallpaper
[ Current Favorite Artist ] ETID
[ Current Favorite Group ] N*SYNC
[ Current Book you're reading ] Sherlock Holmes
[ Current CD in CD Player ] Copeland
[ Current DVD in player ] Virgin Suicide
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Clear
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[ Current Worry ] Not Finding True Love...

Name: Shawn
Nickname: shawn X romance
Birthdate: Sept 6th 1984
Zodiac sign: VIRGO
Siblings: 4 Step Brothers
Pets: Two Dogs One Cat...


Your heritage: Intalian, Irish
The shoes you wore today: Walmart Brand Girl Shoes...
Your hair: Shaggy Brown Hair...
Your eyes: Hazel
Your perfect pizza: Troys Pizza With Ranch And Hot Sauce...


Movie you rented: House Of A Thousand Corpse
Movie you bought: Virigin Suicide
Movie you saw: Kill Bill
Song you listened to: Watershed - Endicott
Song that was stuck in your head: Hearts And The Girls That Break Them - Hotdog heartbreak
Song you've downloaded: The Getaway Plan "Funeral For A Friend"
CD you bought: "Hot Damn" ETID
CD you listened to: As I Lay Dying
TV show you've watched: Family Guy


Had a nightmare: Last Night(I Drowned Her)
Said "I love you" and meant it: Few Months Ago
Ate at McDonald's: Long Time
Dyed your hair: Three Years Ago
Brushed your hair: This Mourning
Washed your hair: Couple Hours Ago
Cried: Four Hours Ago
Called someone: Yesterday
Smiled: Never
Laughed: Today
Talked to an ex: Ex As In?


You touched: Gray
You talked to: My Dad
You yelled at: Myself
You had a crush on: None
Person that called you: Dave


Your most overused phrase: Fuckin
Your thoughts first waking up: Fuckin Shit, I'm Late For School
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Chicks Are For Fags


Have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Single, Not Really Lookin...
Have a secret crush: Nope
Remember your first love: Yes
Still love him/her:Not Really...
Consider love a mistake: Yes
Wish you could live somewhere else: Yes
Think about suicide: Yes
Believe in online dating: Gray Is My Online Lover lol... J/k...
Want more piercings: No
Want more tattoos: Sure
Drink: Fuck No
Do drugs: Fuck No
Have sex: Sure....
Like cleaning: No
Like roller coasters: Yes
Write in cursive or print: Both
Carry a donor card: No
Cuss: Fuck Yes
Take a shower everyday: Yes
Want to get married: No
Type with your fingers on the right keys: Fuck No
Get motion sickness: No
Think you're attractive: I'm Ugly Beast
Care about looks: Yeah
Think you're a health freak: No
Get along with your parents: Yes
Play an instrument: Vocalist
Sleep with stuffed animals: Nope I Cuddle With My Pillow...
Have a dream that keeps coming back: All The Fuckin Time
Read the newspaper: Nope
Pray: Sometimes
Go to church: Nope, I Should Though...
Have any secrets: Alot
Talk to strangers who instant message you: No
Wear hats: Yes
Hate yourself: Yes
Have an obsession: Ummm....
Collect anything: HxC Cds
Have a best friend: Yes
Like your handwriting: No
Have any bad habits: Cussing


In witches: No
In Satan: No
In ghosts: Yes
There is life on other planets: Yes
In God: Yes


Long distance relationships: Never Work Out, Fuckin Blows...
Using someone: It Hurts
Suicide: Best Way To End Suffering...
Killing people: Awsome, Best Way Too End it All...
Doing drugs: XXX
Premarital sex: Wait Cum Again?
Driving drunk: Driving Drunk Is For Gaylords... (Officer Chris C. Might Pull Me Over Again)


Soap operas: O.C.
Food: Sea Food
Things to talk about: Girls
Sports: None
Clothes: Tight Clothes
Movies: Fight Club
Band: Everytime I Die
Holiday: My Birthday


Times I have had my heart broken: 9
Hearts I have broken: 1
boys I have kissed: 0
girls I have kissed: 12
Continents I have lived in: 1
People I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 5
Scars on my body: 16


Drink alcohol: NO
Smoke: NO
Done a drug: NO
Made out:No
Go on a date: No
Go to the mall: No
Been on stage:Yes
Been dumped: Yes
Gone skating: No
Made homemade cookies: No
Been in love: Nope
Gone skinny dipping: No
Dyed your hair: No
Stolen anything: Yes


Been in a fist fight: Yeah Once...
Been arrested: No...
Played a game that required removal of clothing: YES!!!
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Fuck No!!!
Been caught "doing something": No... Yes!!!
Been called a tease: No
Gotten beaten up: Nope...

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