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Date:2004-01-10 03:05
Subject:...What I always Wanted People To Know About Me, If Something Every Happen To Me...
Music:"Karios" -This Day Forward-

Hello, my name is Shawn Romance. I don't like to shake hands with people when I first meet them because it makes me feel like an adult. I like being a kid. I hug people when I see them for the first time in a while because thats me. Music is also another very big part of my life. I listen to a wide variety of different types, so when people ask what my favorite band is, I don't usually have an answer, because my list of favorite bands is too long. For Ex- "Endicott, This Day Forward, Everytime I Die, The Bronx, 18 Visions, The Kodan Armada, Vison Of Disorder, Feeling Left, Red Roses For A Blue Lady, The Darkness, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Sawtooth Grin, It Dies Today, You And I, Deftones, Saves The Day, Misplaced By Closness, Zao And Remebering Never." People sometimes get the impression that i am a poser because I say that I listen to music that I don't know so much about. I'm not really sure what calling me that proves. iIam too easily distracted by other things,. I write poetry. Use to sing in ...Misplaced In Csociety... I live in in certain spots in New York. I'm very self conscious and I always feel that people are out to get me. I think most people hate me because I come off as an egotistic, vulgar, ignorant, and act always worried. But i'm not. I change frequently and if you don't know me that well you wouldn't really understand. If you piss me off, I will threaten to punch you in the face or stab you with a rusty screw driver. My birthday is Sept. 6th 1984.I'm half irish and half italian. I have a bad habit of biting my nails. I use a pin to pick the skin out from under, and sometimes they bleed. My motto is to forgive an forget, I don't really like to hold grudges against people. I like making new friends, but it seems that i am very gullible, and end up trusting the wrong people too easily. I am going to skip over the best friend section of this pointless description of my life. All I can say is, every person that I have every cared about, has hurt me one way or another. I like seeing people smiling and laughing because happiness is always nice. Although I can't stand drama and fighting, i am usually always in the middle of it, doing most of the shit talking. Though, if i am talking bad about a person, they probably deserve it. I show a generalized pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and observable emotions, and significant impulsiveness. I also often display excessive emotionality and attention seeking in various contexts. I tend to overreact to other people, and am often perceived as shallow and self-centered.

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Date:2004-01-10 01:56
Subject:...I'm Dying Inside...
Mood: confused
Music:"Needle In The Hay" -Elliot Smith-

Fuck It All My Life Sucks, When I Think I'm Getting My Life Back Together It Fucking Hits A Low... And Everytime It Hits Low It Fucking Hits A Big Low... Nothing Can Be As Good As I Think It Is... When I Think It Over And Really Think About It, Its The Truth... And The Truth Hurts And Instead Of Dealing With It... I'm Just Gonna Run Away, Weather If I Die, Or Move Away From This Town... I Just Need To Leave Before I Get Hurt More Or End Up Hurting Others... Either Way Its A Lose/Lose Sitition... For The People That Truely Loved Me And Tried Helping Me Thanks Alot... You Guys Mean Alot To Me And I Know I Never Take Your Advice Searously But I Love You Guys... I'm Always Told My Self To Stop Jumping To Conclusion But I Know My Heart Is Right And What Happen Tonight Did Happen... I Know I Started Doing Drugs But I Did The Other Day Promise Myself To Quit For The Best... And I Did... And I Think It Is The Best If I Promise Myself To Never Love Again... Sorry... I'm Gonna Spend The Night Over Chris's And Maybe Try To Work Things Out, But I Doubt You Would Want To Work It Out... So I'm Off To Either Live With My Mom Or My Grandmother... I Tried My Hardest To Make You My World And Treat You Right But I Guess You Really Never Liked It...

"You share to gain, but lose at love and learn to hate yourself."-Strong Arm-

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Date:2004-01-02 12:57
Mood: thankful
Music:The Darkness "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"

I Listen To This Song Like Ten Times High A New Years...

Forever Lasts A Moment By You And I

I know the trees lost their leaves longs ago, its just the air seems so much coler now, if i could do it again i'd do it differently, do you hear the bells ringing, they're ringing, but where is my angel, but where is my angel, words they come and kill, never long enough, but where is my angel, but where is my love(you said forever would last this time) waiting (you speak as fast as you leave), these past few weeks have been hand, and i just sit there and tell myself that it will workout in the end, always fooling ourselves these times of watered eyes, i felt selfish having desires, you'll have to excuse me because i'm so selfish, i just realize there somethings i need, isn't this life so wonderful, isn't this life fucking shit, the bells are ringing but where's my angel, i never believed in much but i believed in you, surrendered everything but your not listening, if i would have knowon this yesterday i should have killed myself, because forever lasts a moment, what is sense(so high on adoration) from cold hands, (its like kissing long, lost love but november has chapped my lips, cracked lips bleed), some years before or was it years after sense driven lips they wandered, where's my angel, (i carved"hope" in my wrist, i bled hope from my life), sound in, but where's my angel( no i can't see the truth in your eyes), ask what would you fall in love for, touch it and so it died, what's that in pretentious dreams, mechanic humility, where's my angel.

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Date:2003-12-27 15:25
Mood: optimistic
Music:"Nerdy" -Poison The Well-

Just Felt Likeing Sharing ou What Song I was Listening Too... Now I'm Just Rambling...

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Date:2003-12-27 14:35
Subject:...Lost In Thoughts...
Mood: nauseated
Music:"PATIENCE" -GUns And Roses-


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Date:2003-12-23 18:25
Subject:...Good Day...

OMG Today Was Great, Ron Mother F'n Chambers Came To Rondout... We Got Kicked Out Gym... To Much Bumping And Grinding Went On With Chris, Chris, Brian, Ron, And Me... Plus Gray Stoled The Mic And Was Rapping In It... LOL... We Talkled To A Few Teachers And Pissed Mad People Off Saying "GGGGG-UNIT"... Also Pissed People Off For Other Reasons... Good Times... Lets Get Anohter Thing Straight.... Tommy Ol' Boy Stop Talking Shit, Honestly Your Wasting Your Time And My Time... Put The Past Behind Man... Stop Talking Shit, I'm Not Gonna Fight You, It Would Make Me Look Like A Big Asshole If I Beat Up A Little Fat Pudge Kid That Can't Keep His Pants Up Over His Waste... If You Wanna Battle, I'm Place 101 On GOLDMIC... I'll Show You Whats Up Then... Will See How Gangsta You Are... Don't Let Any Of My Battlles Scary You In That Battle... Is That Fine With You My Little Cupcake Tommy Boy? And For The Little Blondie Don't Be Pulling Out And Little Chit Chat Romours With Angel And I... Cause I Don't Play Childs Play Any More... GGGGG-UNIT!!!!

Alright I Said What I Had To Say, I'm Gonna Go Hang Out With Angel<333 In A Few... Probally Go To The Mall With Her And Like Talk For Hours... You Know The Usal, Peace Suckas....

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Date:2003-12-23 18:24
Subject:...Good Day...
Mood: happy
Music:"I belive in a thing called love" -The Darkness"

OMG Today Was Great, Ron Mother F'n Chambers Came To Rondout... We Got Kicked Out Gym... To Much Bumping And Grinding Went On With Chris, Chris, Brian, Ron, And Me... Plus Gray Stoled The Mic And Was Rapping In It... LOL... We Talkled To A Few Teachers And Pissed Mad People Off Saying "GGGGG-UNIT"... Also Pissed People Off For Other Reasons... Good Times... Lets Get Anohter Thing Straight.... Tommy Ol' Boy Stop Talking Shit, Honestly Your Wasting Your Time And My Time... Put The Past Behind Man... Stop Talking Shit, I'm Not Gonna Fight You, It Would Make Me Look Like A Big Asshole If I Beat Up A Little Fat Pudge Kid That Can't Keep His Pants Up Over His Waste... If You Wanna Battle, I'm Place 101 On GOLDMIC... I'll Show You Whats Up Then... Will See How Gangsta You Are... Don't Let Any Of My Battlles Scary You In That Battle... Is That Fine With You My Little Cupcake Tommy Boy? And For The Little Blondie Don't Be Pulling Out And Little Chit Chat Romours With Angel And I... Cause I Don't Play Childs Play Any More... GGGGG-UNIT!!!!

Alright I Said What I Had To Say, I'm Gonna Go Hang Out With Angel<333 In A Few... Probally Go To The Mall With Her And Like Talk For Hours... You Know The Usal, Peace Suckas....

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Date:2003-12-19 01:29
Subject:...Tribute And Worship...
Mood: calm
Music:"Brightest" -Cope Land-

My Friend Victor Is The Best... I owe Him So Much, He Has Don't Alot For Me In Life, And I Thank Him For That...

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Date:2003-12-17 15:58
Mood: excited
Music:"Empty Calm" -The Number Twelve Looks Like You-

XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: nah its all good just wanted to talk to you
XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: i miss you:-D
cucubanoo [10:33 PM]: oo ok
cucubanoo [10:33 PM]: i missss u more!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: nah i miss you more
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: x10
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: ohhh what now!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: that what i thought lol
cucubanoo [10:34 PM]: i miss you morER
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: damn... lol
XLetsStartOverXX [10:34 PM]: i miss you the mostest
cucubanoo [10:34 PM]: LOL THATS WAT I THOUGH NIGGA

Nightriderz2003 [10:32 PM]: my nigga
XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: :::throws up gang signs:::
Nightriderz2003 [10:33 PM]: throws up preschol sign
Nightriderz2003 [10:33 PM]: k-1 mofuka
XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: oh shit!
XLetsStartOverXX [10:33 PM]: lol
Nightriderz2003 [10:33 PM]: haha

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Date:2003-12-15 23:07
Subject:...Update Fo' Sho...
Mood: sleepy
Music:"Bats" -The Bronx-

I've Download This Day Forward New Shit And The Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Songs I Don't Have And The Song "Empty Calm" Is Instrumental But its So Fucking Good... Anyways, I Haven't Updated And I Just Felt Like I Should... It Snowed Yesterday, Couldn't Get Out And Pick Angel Up Witch Sucked... But I had A Really Goodtime Hanging Out With Her Today!!! Also Today Before I Picked Angel Up I Hung Out With Drew, Faheny And Dave... I Did A Little Demo Rap Of Tom Mills... Just Cause The Fucker Still Talk Shit, Even Tells My Girlfriend"Your To Good For Shawn You Can Do So Much Better" Yeah Ok Tom, Shit Like That Got Your Ass Beat Before... If He Reads This Or Someone Else They He Knows Does, You Just Better Stop Talking Shit About Me Cause I Don't Say Antyhing About You... What Happen Happen Last Year Get Over It... Cause I Am So Has everyone Else But You... If You Got Something To Say, Say It To My Face Or Don't Say Anything.. Better Yet Just Drop It And Don't Even Think I Exist Cause I've Been Doing That To You All Year Long... Alright I Said My Peace...

P.S. Did I Tell You People, I Love Angel? Well I Do...

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Date:2003-12-09 22:42
Subject:...Homesick? Heart Sick? Sick, Sick?...
Mood: sick
Music:"Cupids Diary" -This Day Forward-

This Is Such A Good Song... Nothing Really To Up Date Except I Need Sleep... But My Moms Is A Half Hour Drive... Also Don't Feel Good I Might Not Go To School...

"Pelt and chime the beauty of synchronicity.
Stand still for not a single second.
Shimmer and wave, destroy your home.
Stand still for not a single second.
In beauty lies compensation,
Sharpening his bundle of sticks into arrows laced with impulse.
A skim over cupid's diary sickened by each entry.
Ink to blood, paper to flesh and I am suspended in mid-air, frozen by intuition.
Pelt and chime.
Well rehearsed chaos gives me something to hum to. " -This Day Forward-

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Date:2003-11-30 03:43
Subject:...OMG HAHAHAHA...
Mood: crazy
Music:"Asshole" -Daughters-

This Shit Is Too Funny I Just Found This Survey From Some Where, Its From Along Time Ago And It Has Such Irony Cause This Fucking Person Hates My Guts Now... You Probally Know Who It Is But I Was Kind Enough not To Put Their Name....


> > >Am i cute?- Yea

> > >Am i sweet?- Yea

> > >Am i crazy?- Yea~!

> > >Am i lovable?- Of course ; 0)

> > >Am i funny?- Yea

> > >Am i annoying?- nah, neva

> > >Am i psycho?- maybe...hmmm... LoL

> > >Am i daring?- yea, tippin' ova those garbage cans, u go

> > >Am i a good person?- Of Course~one of the best

> >

> > >>******Would You******

> > >Hug me?- Yea

> > >Miss me if i was gone?- Of Course ::Sniff sniff::

> > >Listen to my problems?- Of course...u've listened to enough of mine

> > >Hug me if i cried?- yea, awww

> > >Be a good friend?- Yes Of course

> > >F**k me if ya could or wanted to?- yea~ but under 1 condition it'd have to be on my waterbed

> >

> > >******Would You (Opposite Sex Only)****** >

> >Ever go out with me?- yea

> > >If you already have would u do it again?-

> > >Kiss me ((Really))?- duh~ in the mickey d balls remember ::wink wink::

> > >Marry me if u could?(haha jk)- idk, mr. haeslin hasn't predicted good things for me in the marriage department... what an @$$~! LoL

> >

> >

> > >>******How Well Do U Know Me?****** >

> >When's my birthday?- Sept. 6th

> > >How old am I?- 18

> > >What school do I go to?- Round-a-bout Valley

> > >Do i have any siblings?- step bros

> > >Who was the last person I kissed? - hmm, don't know

> > >Who is my best friend?- u have many

> > >Who am i crushing on/dating?- ~I have no clue~

> > >Favorite color?- blue ?¿

> > >What is my worst subject?- haha i think it's earth science only cuz of the teacher

> > >Best subject?- don't know

> > >Am i still a virgin/Who was it? don't know

> > >Favorite sport?- do u lyk sports??

> > >Favorite TV show?- one of those nick shows...don't know which ones ur fav. Lol

> > >Favorite song/songs?- don't know, u have a lot

> > >Favorite music group?- urs, LoL idk

> >

> > >>******Who Am I****** >

> >What TV star do i most remind u of?- LoL idk, ur 2 unique

> > >What song would u dedicate to me?- *Personal* = ]

> > >What famous person do I most resemble?- I told ya ur unique~

> >

> > >>******If You Could...******

> > >Give me a new name it would be?- Bif ...LoL nah I don't know

> > >Hook me up with someone(real) who would it be?(NON-MOVIE STAR)~ duh me... LoL

> > >Do one thing with me it would be?- hmm, I will be a good gurl

> > >Drop me one piece of advice it would be?- idk....Be Happy~

> >

> > >>******Just A Few Questions****** >

> >What do u love about me?- Evrythang

> > >What do u hate about me (seriously)?- nothin'

> > >What is my best quality?- Your sense of humor

> > >What is your honest opinion about me?- Ur a great guy that deserves a great gurl


Anyway's That Shit Was Way To Funny, I Got More Shit Like That I'll Post Sometime Else But Yeah Tormmwro I'm hAnging Out With Angel And Then I Got A Show... Maybe I Should Just Hang Out With Angel... Yeah Maybe...

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Date:2003-11-29 12:37
Mood: loved
Music:"Would You Like Something To Drink?" -Feeling Left Out-

Why Am I Updating You May Ask? Easy, I'm Happy... Three Days Ago I Started Goingout With Angel And Its Been The Best... We've Hung Out At The Rocks, Watched Movies, And Drove Around... I Couldn't Be Any Happier... Look I even Woke Up Early... Wow... I haven't Been Listening To Any Hardcore Music In Like Three Days, I've Been Listening To Alot Of Die Radio Die, AlexIsOnFire, Saves The Day, Breaking Stacy, Feeling Left Out, And Waiting On Yesterday... I've Already Made Plans To Hang Out With Angel Again... She Likes To Play With My Long Shaggy Hair... I Love That Girl... Fo' Sho...

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Date:2003-11-20 00:20
Subject:...Got Much Love For the Streets...
Mood: irritated
Music:"Girls, Girls Girls" -Jay-Z

I'm Gonna Be Ruthless With Alot of You People In This Update Just Because I Wanna Clear Some Shit Up... Ok Let This Be Known The xxx 914 CREWxxx Is Chris(OGC), Gray, Dave, Brian, Ron, Jason And I... Where All A Family Just Not Friends... I'm Sick Of Some Of The Chumps Saying Their In The xxx914 CREWxxx And Yes This Is Just My Point Of Veiw I'm Sure The Rest Of Them Aren't Bothered By This But Fuck It, I'm Ruthless... Probally Should Change The Name Or Atleast Take Out The X's Cause Dave Ain't Edge And I'm Not Really Edge... I Don't Do Drugs But I Also Shouldn't Preach It... I Know Where I Stand I Know My Values... Getting Off The Topic, Anyways... I Consider The X's As More of Three Strikes Thing... You Know Three Strikes And I Will Distant Myself From... I Don't Want Know Part In Hanging Out With Kids That Backstab, Are Cowards, Trying To Mack It With Their Own Friends Girlfriends, Or Girl That Have Already Boy Friends... What Fucking Ticks My Bomb Is Fuckers That Fucking Say Shit About Me To Other People Or When I'm Walking Around The Fucking Coner And Your With Other People... Just Fucking Wait... I Might Talk Shit But Hey I'm Talking Shit Cause You Fucking Chumps Wont Do Shit About It... Bunch A Bunch Of Bluffing Busters... Can't Say Shit To My Face... I Don't Need To Talk Period About You People Cause I Distant Myself From You That I Can Forget Your Face... I Said My Peace... You Can Read It And Accept Or You Can Bitch About It Behind My Back And Fuck Off... Either Way Its A Fucking Win/Win Sitition For Me... Aiight I'm Out Peace To The Family...

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Date:2003-11-19 00:56
Mood: sick
Music:"Running The Gambit" -When Dreams Die-

Well, For One This Is Shawn Blurty... So If anyone Gonna Say Something Say Something About Me... Go Ahead Be Harsh Makes Me Feel Loved... Anyways, Girl May Say I'm Hot (LOL) But That Doesn't Mean There Gonna Go Out With... There All To Fucking Sarcastic... Damn...

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Date:2003-11-17 01:32
Subject:...Take A Guess...
Mood: crushed
Music:"DTO" -Vision Of Disorder-

I Got The Hots For This One Girl, Can You Take A Guess Who?

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Date:2003-11-12 20:51
Subject:...Until I Fight The Right Girl I Want To Be The Bad Guy..
Mood: rejected
Music:"Romeo A Go-Go" -Everytime I Die-

These last two years have gone by rather slowly and girls have come and gone. I thought i made the choices i had made with my heart in mind, but with all that aside, i thought with the crotch more than i did the heart. I was a slave to the details and overlooked the big picture. Just the same with friends. It was more of a physical thing than an actual anything. Being that i tried to think i tried to pretend, i even cried when i was so frustrated not being able to actually know what i felt, i had someone else on my mind, and i so desperately wanted an answer to something that was complicated. And being that guy i am, having something physical at the time beat out emotion anyday, being that i was always the person to bullshit about what i felt or give some kind of sob teary eye story like i really cared, when i don't. I mean, i've heard from plenty of girls, about their ex's about how they have been cheated on, or they cheated on their ex's or maybe it just didn't work and their ex has some kind of delusional we'll get back together thoughts dwelling in the back of their mind. And how it bugged them to the point of border line hatred, or at least a physical form or something or other, it got really annoying to put up with after a while. Then again i am a prick and i put myself before everybody, who doesn't ? No you're a fucking liar don't even try to make a valid point. The only good relationship i did have was the first one, to which i ended up not knowing what to do and let it become something that relied more on the physical, or in other words, we'll just fuck until we don't know what to do anymore. Yeah my life was such a big joke. But why should you care? The other thing i wonder about to, why do so many people claim to be different yet dress the same as all these other different people? I'm just about the same as any other person, i shop at the same places, breathe the same air, drive and walk on the same streets. You're no different than anyone else no matter how distant you feel from people, because i myself feel that i don't belong, mostly because i don't want to belong. I've also grown very tired of whiny emo bands, espescially as of late. I plan to attend more HxC shows. Such as the All Out War show. Do any girls wanna go and make out with me during a shitty band? Just hollar at me. Lets look at my recent week.


1) Broke
2) Cat died
3) Grand parents are ill
4) Feel rejected
5) Slept alot all week
6) Really wanna work on the ...misplaced in csociety... CD


Going to go out with part of a conversation with my friend Ron.

Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: tellem hes gotta go through ronnie fukin chambers 1st
XLetsStartOverXX [10:31 PM]: aight lol
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: im seriosu
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: tellem
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: ill break his legs
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: i dont give a fuck
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: ill knock this ho out
Nightriderz2003 [10:31 PM]: he dont want none

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Date:2003-11-09 19:26
Subject:...I'm In Love, But Not Wanted Here...
Mood: bitchy
Music:"Arousing A Tempest Of Butterflys" -The Red Rocket Fiasco-

I'm Gonan Be Straight Up With You People, If Your A Kool Aid Stealer, Or Make To Every Kool Aid You See... Don't Talk To Me... I'm Sounding Chilish And Yeah Maybe I Should Grow Up but Hey I Can Be Straight Up With You People, Atleast I'm Not Backstabbing, Saying Shit Behind Peoples Backs, Actting Tough And Not Back Shit Up Or Trying To Hook Up With Every Girl That Already Has A Boyfriend... Wow Every Since I Started A New Journal I Been Writting More About My Feeling That The Shit I Have Been Doing Recently... I Also Feel Like Posting This...

Any Find Girls Looking For A Honest, Funny, Romantic, And Hot Damn Kind Of Guy... Hollar At Me... I Consider Romantic As In Bring A Girl To The Cliffs And Sitting Out Side In Each Others Arms And Looking Up AT The Stars And Looking Down At The House Lights... Thats Romance.... Not Bring Her To The Movies, Or Going Out To Eat In Some Red Neck Pizza Place...

Love, Shawn...

P.S. -Girls With Blonde Hair Are A Plus-

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Date:2003-11-08 03:19
Subject:...Diffrence Between A Fact And A Dumb Story... We Don't Grow Up For Jerks!!!
Mood:...Alittle Blunt Tonight...
Music:"Taking Back The Hour" -Endicott-

I Haven't Written In A Couple Days And These Past Seven Hours Have Been A Rush... Ok, I'm Gonna Start Of By Saying I'm Sick Of Alot Of Shit One Is Fucking People Get In The Middle Of Everything... Don't Get Into Something When You Don't Have Facts To Back It Up, You'll Looking Fucking Dumb And That Point Was Proven So Many Times Tonight... If You Wanna Get Involed You Gotta Be Family... I Don't Need To List Names They Know Who They Are And I Love Them... Anyways, What Happen Tonight Was Fucking Bullshit... Only One Postive Thing Came Out Of It, And Was That We Got To Talk To Gray And Settle Everything, Now The "Real" Four Guys That Started xxx914 Crewxxx Are Tight As Ever... I Mean We Do Have Are Branch Off Of The Crew But Its Getting Out Of Hand People Writting 914 Crew Every Where And Thinking Their A Part Of The Crew... Fucking Sad... So Us Four Are Changing The Name Of The Crew... What Topped The Night Were People That Had No Part To Even Come To Troys, And Sit By Us, TRY Talkin To Us, And Taking Food That Dave Paid For... I Can Go Into Some Detail But I Gotta Wake Up Tommrowo And Go To Work... But Was More Fucking Funny Was Fucking People Comming Online Saying
Shit That They Planned To Go To Troys... Hahahahaha -Insert Pissing My Fucking Tight Pants- Tell Me Why People Would Show Up To The Most Known Spot Were We Get Food Every Night And Even Invite People... Maybe To Start Drama? Yeah Thats What I'm Thinking Cause I'll Tell You That Shit Was The Worst So-Called Family Reunion Ever... We Had Every Right To Act The Way We Did Cause Are Fucking Bubble Was Being Invaded... End Of Fucking Story... Don't Like What Chris And I Write In A Blurty? Tough Shit... Don't Read, Cause Its How We Fucking Feel, One Of The Ways To Express Are Self With Out A Act Of Violence... But If You Want A Act Of Violence Then Just Talk Behind The Back Some More... Atleast Some Of Us Can Leave A Name... If Your Gonna Post Some Shit Talking on Here Leave A Fucking Name Cause I Don't A Fucking Coward On Here Talking Shit... Or Better Yet Say Something To Me In School... I Be Glad To Show You An Act Of Violence... Night

P.S. -Fuck You-

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Date:2003-11-06 00:00
Mood: optimistic
Music:"Nothing" -Kite Flying Society-

So, Once Again I Hung Out With Just Chris And Dave... We Talked Alot And I Think Its Helping Us Alot Given Each Other Advice... And From Talking With Them And The Ride Home Made Me Think Alot... Plus Listening To Across Five Aprils... Some How Some Way, I'm Gonna Try And Talk To Stacey... I Need To Be There For Here Weather She Likes It Or Not, Cause What Was Said To Me Today Is Killing Me... And Heather If You Read This It Is Not Your Fault, That I'm Depressed.... I'm Really Glad You Told Me This Ahead Of Time... I Wish People Could Be More Like You And Be Up Front With Me... It Shows That You Care Alot Not Only About My Feelings But You Want To Help Stacey Out... I Think If We Both Try We Can Help Her... I May Have Quit On Myself, But I'm Never Gonna Give Up On Her.... Thank You Heather For Everything, Thank You Dave For Everything, Thank You Chris For Everything, Thank You Victor For Everything, Thank You xxx914xxx Crew For Everything.....Maybe Their I Still Hope, I Might Be Down In The Ditch But I'm Gonna Be There For My Friends... Nothing Would Make Me More Happier Then To Have The Same Chemistry Stacey And I Once Had... Oh And Fuck You People That Think I'm Gay... All Cause I Were Tight Shirts, Tight Pants, Girl Shoes, Girls Hat/Tough Guy Hat, And Love The Color Pink Don't Mean Shit... Yeah You Might Think I Look Gay But I'm Not Gay... Ask The Girls That I Date, I'm One Hundred Percent Straight... Maybe Now You Can Come Up With The Solution By Adding One And One Together, And Realize That I'm Not Gay... So Hot And Sexy Girls, Ask Me Out... lol... Oh And MIC May Rise And Make A Greatest Hit CD, Were Still Optemistic About It...

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