12:48am 18/03/2003
  Line of the night..

"A flower blooms. All that is left after the harsh thunderstorm is a petal."
with all my said unsaids, i could never swallow the idea of a happy ending   
11:16am 18/03/2003
  I woke up at 11 .... again. God damn. I need to stop sleeping in so late. I'm usually up by like 8  
12:57pm 18/03/2003
mood: bitchy
So ... I like livejournal way better. Today Trancy is coming back to Ohio. Thank god. I can't live without her... < /sarcasm> She moved to Orange County, Cali a few years back. It's been weird not seeing her everyday. But I can deal. dooo...

Although Alex quit my band to join MuHa, I was a friend and made him a logo. Well, It's not really a logo, it's more of a half naked picture of me with "MuHa" on my chest.


Don't I look .. really ..... not like me? This is as close as I'll go to taking my shirt off in public. But anyways..

Hilary has a journal here, So I've added her.

Lately I've been feeling intrusive. I feel like Matt doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Maybe it's beacuse I am used to seeing him, Bob, Aj, and Corey like everyday. I haven't seen Matt or Corey for almost 2 weeks .. weiiirdddd. I went to Pittsburgh with AJ and Bob over the weekend. It was Teh fun.

I'm out of here .. I have shit to do.
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