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I'm soo bored [12 Apr 2003|01:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Linkin' Park-Numb ]

Nicknames: Lor, Lauléna, Lala, Cow, BB

Born: February 7, 1989
Born in: Kokomo, Indiana

Resides in:Johnson City, TN
Good student?: blehh.....straight As
Eyes: grey
Hair: brown w/blonde highlights

Shoe size: 10-11...i hate my big freakin' feet

Last time you...

Had a nightmare: l dunno...I rarely remember dreams

Dyed your hair: uhmm...I haven't dyed my hair...'cept for highlights

Brushed your hair: 5 minutes ago approx.

Washed your hair: this morning

Checked your e-mail: a few minutes ago

Cried: a long time ago
Called someone: uhm...last night
Smiled: few minutes ago

Laughed: few minutes ago

Talked to an ex: hmm...

Do You ..

Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: no

Drink?: nah
Have sex?: nope

Sleep with stuffed animals?: yeah! hehe

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: well, i
did...thank God it's gone now
Play an instrument?: Yeah....my French horn aka Gerrard! lol Believe there is life on other planets?:nah
Remember your first love?: ehh..
Still love him/her?: uh..get back to me on that one
Read the newspaper?: sometimes

Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yah you're fucking gay, my friend
love a mistake?: .....at times....
Like the taste of alcohol?: and i would know..?
Believe in God?: Sure

Pray?: not much anymore

Go to church?: occasionally

Have any secrets?: nah

Have any pets: cat n dog
Wear hats?: yeah

Have any piercings?: yeah...belly button
Have any tattoos?: nah

Hate yourself?: sometimes

Have an obsession?: not really
Have a secret crush?: ::cough:: next question...
Collect anything?: my belly button lint and fingernail clippings..haha
Have a best friend?: Becca n Lexi....I love ya two sooooo~> much
Like your handwriting?: gosh no...as Becca would say, "It's big and bubbly like my butt"..hahaha
Have any bad habits?: yeah...it's too bad I dunno what they're

Care about looks?: eh, who doesn't..it'd be nice to think that no one does

Boy/girlfriend's looks?: do i have one?
Believe in witches?: YES!!! ::cough:: Ms. Carper

Believe in Satan?: sure
Believe in ghosts?: nah


[ Dress ] jeans, polo shirt, flip flops
[ Mood ] bored
[ Make-up ] Uhh...remember the paper I wrote on that goop? haha..anyways, do I ever wear make-up?
[ Music ] Linkin' Park's new CD..it rawks!!

[ Taste ] uhm....?
[ Hair ] messy and down

[Annoyance ] you

[ Smell ] warm vanilla sugar from Bath and Body Works..mmmm

[ Thing I Ought to be doing:] homework
[ Book ] green eggs and ham....haha, Dr. Suess lives on..lol

[ Fingernail Color ] shiny pinkish

[ Refreshment ] water

[ Worry ] dude, I worry about everything..duh
[ Favorite Celebrity ] Josh Hartnett, Ryan Merriman, Ashton Kutcher

Last Person:

[ You Talked to ] mom
[ You Hugged ] Dumier..? or Trey..? one of them
[ You Instant messaged ] Reba

[ You Yelled At ] mom

[ You Had A Crush On ] someone...
[ Who Broke Your Heart ] no one.....

[ You Kissed ] ..........


[ Food ] Lasagna

[ Color ] orange, green, blue, grey

[ CD ] Meteora!

[ Shoes ] anything I can run in

[ Candy ] chocolate! yummmy

[ Animal ] monkey..hehe

[ TV Show ] I don't really watch Tv...but uh....soccer and motox is good when I get the change to watch it

[ Movie ] Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor

[ Song ] I've a ton of 'em...mostly from Oasis
[ Vegetable ] carrots

[ Fruit]oranges

[ Cartoon ] the simpsons

who do u want to..

[ Kill ] hmm....

[ Slap ] someone's ass ;)

[ Tickle ] Tickle Me Elmo..haha

[ Talk To ]Kermit the Frog...haha Mary

[ Kiss ]errrr

[ Be Like ] meself

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[06 Apr 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Rolling Stones-Don't Stop ]

Hey Hey! Man, y'all....I'm soooooo~> bored. Blehh...I don't wanna have to take exams all week...it's gunna be soooo freakin' boring. Oh well. later

You see the world in Red
Aren't you the romantic? Life is poetic. If you
don't already, write poetry, you're good at it.

What color do you see the world in?
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YaY!!! [05 Apr 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | Great ]
[ music | R. Kelly-Ignition ]

Hey! Today was awesome. My mom said jokingly, "Hey, Lauren...We should both go get our belly buttons pierced." So then I started begging her to let me get it done, and she kept saying that she would be too worried and stuff. She let me get it pierced, though..w00! HeHe. Everyone at the place was really cool and stuff, too...which kinda surprised me. This dude Shane and I were talking a lot and stuff...he was actually pretty cool..and didn't freak out when I told him I am 14...which was awesome. He thought I looked 19, though..blehh, oh well. Anyways, that's about all that happened today..so anyways, cya later.

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[04 Apr 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Limp Bizkit-My Way ]

Dang, today has been soooo~> freakin' boring. Oh, and Steven thinks I'm mad at him again, so whatever lil' bitch keeps telling him that..you better shut the hell up...it's not my fault he likes me n not you, so grow up and get over yourself. Anyways, there really isn't anything going on here as usual. I need to find a life..haha. Uhm, anyways...I'm gunna be stuck workin' on that stupid communications project all weekend by myself 'cos Ken had to go to France for the weekend just to play 4 soccer games..dang, he's lucky..he's so effin' good..LoL...ya know you are, Ken. Well, anyways...laters.

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Gosh, I'm a geek... [02 Apr 2003|07:33pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | Theory of a Deadman-Make Up Your Mind ]

Hey y'all!! Man, I'm such a geek..LoL. First I made wind ensemble and first chair and everything yesterday, and today I get straight As on my report card...dang. Oh well...geeks rawk! HaHa..just admit it! I have a track meet tomorrow, but I dunno if imma go yet..so we'll see about that. Uhmmmm, nothing else is really goin' on..everything's pretty boring. Wellllllll, cya later.

-BB (don't ask, people.....lol, Becca aka bb)

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w0000000!!!!!! [01 Apr 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Kurupt ft. Natina-It's Over Now ]

OMG, I am sooooooooooooooo~> happy!!! I can't believe I made wind ensemble for next year..I mean, that's the top freakin' band....9th graders usually aren't in it!! And even better, Becca made it to!! YAY!!! And I got first chair for summer chairs!!! I can't believe it! I'm sorry, Beccsta :( I dunno why I beat you..but haha. LoL. So, anyways...well, there isn't really much else going on here, so laters. <33

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Uhm.. [30 Mar 2003|01:36pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Who Ride Wit Us-Kurupt ft. Daz ]

Hey. DAAAAAANG...I am so sick of all the homework our teachers are giving us..wtf is up with that? The first week back from school and we're assigned 3 papers and our algebra hmwk is doubled..ugh. Oh well. Anyways, that party last night was awesome..that was f-in hilarious...Roger got drunk off his ass. I bet he had fun explainin' all that to his parents..haha. Uhm, anyways...I can't believe it snowed today...temps have been in the 60's and 70's, and then today we get snow..how cool..LoL. Well, anyways..I'm out..just wanted to update this thing since I haven't in a few days. Later.

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[22 Mar 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Bowling For Soup-You and Me ]

I'm home!! LoL. YaY. I had a lot of fun in Florida, though. But hey..it's good to be home..except I gotta go back to school Monday. Of course that sucks. Well anyways..I don't have anything to say really, so I'll get back to this later. <3

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[13 Mar 2003|04:54pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Vi3-Eyes Closed So Tight ]

Hey! The track meet was canceled cos of the rain...YaY!!!! Now I can decide if I wanna run varsity or 8th grade over spring break..LoL. I got a 97 on that algebra test yesterday...woo! I thought I got a 100, but hey, at least it's still a high A! LoL. Dang, I got recommended for all honors classes next year. I don't think I'm gunna take honors English, though...that shit's hard. You have to write a ton of extensive essays and book reports. That's just not for me. Man, I'm soooo~> freakin' bored right now. I'm just washing some clothes and stuff..getting ready to leave Saturday. Woo, I'm soooo~> glad it's about spring break...one more day of school..lol. Well, I'm gunna go and do some stuff, so laters.

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[12 Mar 2003|08:06pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Evanescence-Hello ]

Hey you all. Not much really happening here...just the usual. School and track basically. I think I got a 100 on the algebra test we took today...I really hope I did or else I'm gunna be sooo~> pissed off when I find out it's not a 100. LoL. The English test didn't go too well for me, though...at least I doubt it did. I FINALLY took my scales test today! I only played 23 scales, and I still had 15 seconds left! Heh. Mr. Stites said I'm a really good horn player, though..so YaY for me. Haha. Anyways, track practice was sooooo~> easy today! All we had to do was warm-ups, of course, form running, running 3/4 of a mile, and then do a bunch of stretches..it was awesome..heh. We have our first meet of the season tomorrow, though. Man, it's gunna suck. I'll probably come in very last place and be soooo~> many seconds behind everyone else...LoL. Gosh, I really didn't wanna run varsity this year..I just wanted to run for 8th grade...But nooo, Coach Hill wants us to run varsity cos there are so few 8th graders. Blehh...oh well. I need to stop complaining so much..haha. Well, I think I'm gunna go study for Benchmarks...ttyl. <3

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[11 Mar 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Evanescence-Going Under ]

Yo, sup people....dude, today was awesome. You all know that algebra test I thought I failed..I got a 100! How the heck did I do that? Heh. Uhmm...Only 3 days until I leave..yes!! ::dances around:: Heh. Ok, sooo track was going along great until some of the guys and me got a big lecture on our eating habits..geez, it was rediculous..oh well. We have our first meet this Thursday..it'll be really low key..easy win..but come out and watch us anyways. Well, I'm gunna go dry my hair..lol. Laters.

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[08 Mar 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | gangsta...lol Ben and Becbec! ]
[ music | 50 Cent-In da Club ]

YOU spiked the Pepsi!!!

First off...lil innocent Becca got drunk for her first time. ::sighs:: The lil girl is growing up. LoL..nah, jk. So anyways, today I went rock climbing..and omg I was so sore..haha. Uhhmmm, dudes, I had Pepsi poured all over me at the party..that was so uncool! ughh..lol. Anyways, most of you all know what I did today cos you were with me, so cya later.

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[07 Mar 2003|10:36pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Snoop Dogg-Beautiful ]

Hey! Today was probably one of the better days I've had in a looooong time. :) I STILL haven't had to do my scales test yet! Man..lol. I just have more time to practice..YaY. Dang, you all..life is sooooooooooo~> much easier when you just TELL THE TRUTH. (Kalin I love you sooo~> much, girl! You're like a big sis to me! I really wish I never ignored you like I did. Thanks for not hating me after all that. BFF xoxo.) So anyways, I was feeling like shit for a while just cos I wouldn't tell one of my best friends the truth. Don't do that to yourself. It's just not worth it no matter how much it may seem like it is. So anyways, enough of all that..I know you really don't care. LoL. Uhhhmmm, I am sooooo~> glad there is only one week of school left before Spring break!!! I need a break sooo freakin bad...as Kalin knows..lol. Sooo, anyways, later.

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[05 Mar 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | Evanescence-Bring Me to Life ]

Man, I'm bored beyond belief. Today was a freakin' long day. Oh well. Scales tests tomorrow...ugh...I wish we just got them over on Tuesday like we were supposed to. I probably failed that test in English today..man that sucked. I hate true or false shit...it just confuses me. Uhm, ok well I'm out. I really have nothing worth saying. Later

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GRRRRRRRR [04 Mar 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | The All-American Rejects-Paper Heart ]

One certain person..not gunna mention any names cos I'm not mean like that!!...Better stop spreading that dang rumor!!!! I did not give Steven a hand job! UGH!!! Steven was all afraid that I thought he started it, and he came into track looking for me, and someone told him I was in the locker room so he was all worried I was crying and stuff.....so just stop it already!!!!!! Anyways......well, other than that I had a great day. Blehh. I can't believe my own friend would say that shit. Grr. Oh well..forget about it. So yeah, we didn't get any alg hmwk today..YaY. Only 10 days left until spring break...woohoo! I'm gunna get all nice and tan while the rest of you stay nice and pale....but hey, pale is cool..so it's all good. LoL. Well, anyways, I'm out.

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[03 Mar 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | The Clash-Should I Stay or Should I Go ]

SWEEEEEEEEET...you all know how bad my Apollo 11 thing sucked? Well, I got a 98 on it! So yeah..I'm really, really surprised about that cos I was expecting a C and not a high A. Ms. Steven is awesome! HaHa. Ok, so yeah, I was great up until 2nd period...Dang Ms. Carper gave me a 60 on that last algebra test! Grr...Oh well. I'm just gunna retake it after school tomorrow or something..at least I'll get to skip track practice. That scales test tomorrow is gunna suck. Man, I only know like 20 of the scales!! And I can play 16 in less than a minute...soo I'm gunna be sitting there not playing anything for about a min. and a half and Mr. Stites or whoever listens to me will be like, "Uh, why aren't you playing, Lauren?" And my response: "Cos I dunno anymore scales"...gosh, that's gunna suck..lol. Uhhmmm...let's see...I need to go buy Lexi's and Katherine's bday presents within the next few days...blehh..hopefully I don't forget. You already know what you're getting, though, Lexi..haha. Oh well. Man, I wish I could just go to sleep right now...I'm sweeeeeepyyyyy. ZzZz. Oh well..I gotta go finish my algebra homework so cya later. XoX

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[02 Mar 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Sugarcult-No Action ]

Blehh...I am soooo~> bored and I feel sooo~> sick. And I can't figure out how to f-in finish that Apollo 11 thingie! AGGGHHHH! Oh well. Uhhmm..we got a cat on like Friday or something. Sam's mom found 4 in the middle of the road so she brought them home and gave us one and Sydney one. We named it Sushi..lmao. Wow, huh? Uhm, yeah...soo, Becca and I got a 1 (the best ya can get) at Solo and Ensemble yesterday...YaY..go us. LoL...the sad part is we did really, really bad..so it's soo easy. But hey, w/e. Dang, I dunno what to do. I wanna go running, but it looks like it's about to rain so that might not be a good idea. But then again, we always run in rain, snow, and whatnot at practice...gosh I can't stand the coach. Anyways, I'm gunna go eat since I haven't eaten yet today. Luv y'all.

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Wo0o0o [27 Feb 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Three Doors Down-Be Like That ]

"You're too tall...YOUR BUTT...is up to my stomach" That was my nice good morning from Cheri this morning...LoL, that was so funny, girl! Everyone was staring at us like what the..? LoL.

Da dun...today was sooo freakin' fun. We did basically nothing in every class. I still haven't even started making my model for that space exploration project thingie in science, though! CRAP! LoL. Oh well..at least I have those worksheets and my presentation minus the model finished. So yeah anyways...John M. don't be backin' that sh*t up on me in lunch again!...That's my job ;x LoL...hell nah..j/k. Oh y'all...Becca and I are playing a duet at Solo and Ensemble this Saturday...wish us luck...cos we really, really suck! heh. Blehh...Track was canceled so I had to call my mom to pick me up, right....and so my mom decided to bring the dog along for some stupid reason or another...Well, on the way home...Tilly threw up all over me!! UGGA!! It was disgusting! oh, and then y'all know how my mom is...it was MY fault the dog threw up...Dang, that makes me soo mad when she is like that. Oh well. She's lucky I've been in a pretty good mood today. Lala..."...It's the way...That he makes you feel...It's the way..That he kisses you..It's the way...That he makes you fall in loooove"...LoL..sorry, but that's a good song, so go listen to it. :) omg..I can't believe I about broke one of the lights in gym...hahaha, David and Andi...Dang, think I should throw the volleyball straight up again? LoL. You gotta admit, though...that takes skill..haha. Dude, Jonathan Frenchie's eye was naaasty! Oh well..it's own fault he was saying he was gunna kill Logan...but Logan killed him instead. ::Sigh:: I'm rambling on an on about nothing...haha. Soo, catcha later. ::muahz::

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[25 Feb 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Homegrown-Kiss Me, Diss Me ]

Lalalala.....tooooodayyyy....sucked :) LoL. Man, track was supposed to be cancelled, but of course we never get the announcements at our campus, so Andi, Steven, and I had to run cos the coach made us since we showed up..Ugga!! LoL. We ended up running a bunch of hills...in the snow! Oh great fun..blehh. Well, actually it was kinda fun..haha. Newayzz...I really hope there's no school tomorrow...I'm getting really sick of school this year..I miss two years ago ::sniff:: HeHe...I'm such a dork :) Welp, time to go fatten up ;x laterz

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[24 Feb 2003|05:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Sugarcult-Bouncing off the Walls Again ]

"I'm bouncing off the walls again..whoa!"

Hey dudes!!!! I haven't really done much of anything today..just school and went to a dentist appt. I had to skip track..YaY! so now I have a ton of energy..wooohoooo...LoL. Wooo, I'm hyper hyper...I feel sorry for my mom...and you...heh. Oh man...I had to go talk to Mr. Turner about that whole deal between Logan and Frenchie...dang, that sucked! I don't think Mr. Turner believed me that I only saw the end of the fight...he thinks I saw the whole thing...which I didn't! UgH. And get this...some dude I don't even know..he's really short...but newayz..he said that Mr. Turner asked him if he knew me and said he was j/w cos he thinks I saw the whole fight and wasn't telling something. GRR! He doesn't need to be involving me in it neway...vice-principals suck. Oh well..forget him..LoL. oh oh..Hey, we had no algebra homework! Wow!!!...LoL Woosim, Britt, and Trey Baby! Ok ok...newayz...I'm done going on and on about basically nothing...so I think I'm gunna go uhhmmm...run around the house chasing orange flamingos :D And then I have to go to a basketball banquet thing..so yeah.....cya laters! <33

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