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I love chatrooms. 02 feb 2003\\10:48pm
mood : listless
music : la cryma christi // lhasa

Neo Nemesis 73: ::he looks to angelic and raise a brow and humps slightly the black sword seems to melt into the middle of his back::
Angelic Demure: "thank you"

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17 jan 2003\\09:14am
mood : thoughtful
music : miyavi // pop is dead

wuao, i haven't updated in a while.

everyone go to here and sign up. please?

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merry xmas 25 dec 2002\\02:32am
mood : loved
music : kuroyume // merry xmas, i love you

merry xmas, i love you
by kuroyume

hanarenai you ni boku to aruita
me ga aeba hohoemu attataku
wari to hitogo to datta xmas eve
sukoshi wa sonna fuu ni sugosou ne

tsumi no nai kimi no shiawase negau
dakara boku wa motto umaku waraitai

machijuu tachinaranda kyandaru raito
mae wa tsukuri mono ni mieta, keredo

junsui na kimi no mirai wo negau
dakara boku wa motto tsuyoku nareru darou

merry xmas, i love you
sotto zutto, i love you
merry xmas, i love you
kimi no soba de, i love you

merry xmas, i love you
sotto zutto, i love you
merry xmas, i love you
kimi ga ukabu yo i love you

merry xmas, i love you
sotto zutto, i love you
merry xmas, i love you
kimi no chikaku e, i love you

merry xmas, i love you
kimi no soba e
i love you

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the shock side of surprise 13 dec 2002\\02:10pm
mood : satisfied
music : guniw tools // fuyu no uguisu

she said "you have really nice fingers," & she stopped me from eating my breakfast on a morning three days ago & i told her i didn't. i was groggy because she woke me up early with breakfast in bed -- we'd spend the whole night before shamelessly slutting around between the sheets -- & she giggled at something which might have been my expression or my tone of voice. i don't know, 'cause i didn't ask.

it was weird how she pulled my fingers away from my fork, & i remember thinking that she was acting strange as she looked at my hands like she'd never seen them before. i don't remember too much else, since i'd woken up about ten minutes ago & i'm worse than a housecat with the waking process but here i was half-sitting up in bed supported by pillows against the headboard with a paper plate in one hand and the other hand was being turned around this way & that. she was counting something, & i realised it must've been the scars on my hand from nineteen years of abuse and medical procedures.

she said something that i don't remember either, and i don't remember what number she stopped at but i do remember how she slipped a cool ring around my finger & asked me to marry her.

it's really pretty. platinum band with one diamond in the middle & two smaller pear-shaped ones on either side. i feel kind of guilty that she'd spend so much money on me, but nonetheless i like how i keep accidentally clicking it against the keyboard.

& by emily's request, also for anyone else interested, this is the story of how i became engaged.

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yo 11 dec 2002\\02:38pm
mood : bouncy
music : xenogears // i am the beginning and the end

my son called me & left a message on my answering machine, so i called him back. he told me all about xmas, & that he helped decorate the tree today at home, & that he misses me & can't wait until i come home for the holidays.

he's such a sweetheart. i can't believe how old he's gotten, & i really can't wait to go down for xmas break. i have to spend two weeks with my mom & other relatives, but since i get to see mark too, that more than makes up for anything else.

symon & mya better have lots of kids.

it's tough when you're young, but at moments like that, it really is completely worth it. if i shape up for just one person in my lifetime, it would be him.

<3 for everyone today. i am in a really good mood.

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wheee 01 dec 2002\\09:55pm
mood : accomplished
music : pierrot // torikago

in an effort to help encourage myself to write more often in my journal here, i've done a major redesign of it. i like it for the most part -- there's some small design flaws that i'm not about to point out because probably no one but me will notice them.

however, if your screen res isn't 1024x768 or higher, it'll look like complete shit & total shit D: i already tested it.

but anyway, i'm home for the holidays (yay) until wednesday. the house is mostly crowded with inlaws that i don't even really like talking to, but i've gotten some early xmas presents from friends who will be in other states with family when i come back here for the xmas season... it's really neat. i got two pierrot CDs, miyavi's gagaku album, a cute little metal bracelet, some back issues of shoxx that had photoshoots i really liked.. straight razors, some neat little jelly candies, food.. etc etc.

i need to make some icons. i'll do that later.




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ones in bold are true, comments are in parenthesis 16 nov 2002\\12:12pm
mood : reflective
music : ZILCH // psyche

jade is... )

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survey theft & general oddness. 16 nov 2002\\10:39am
mood : dirty
music : guniw tools // drop an oar

first but not foremost, i stole a survey from her & filled it out in sleepless boredom.

it's here for the interested. )

what else what else.. my ear itches & i really need to take a shower, but i can't stop listening to guniw tools long enough to remove myself from my cd player & go take one. maybe i'll just bring the damn thing in with me, no one else is home (still at domina's parents' house, they went to visit relatives while i was still asleep. i love them!).

so yes, i think i'll go take that shower now.

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also posted in the other journal 09 nov 2002\\11:33am
mood : pleased
music : plastic tree // toremoro ver 2

my platree CD came today, "premium best".

first off, the packaging was beautiful, & it featured the "toremoro ryutarou" -- skeletal wings, in other words. on the inside is another package sleeve, a very nice glossed photosheet with a discography on back, & the lyric book. very nicely done.

i really like it when they remaster tracks -- & the live version of toransu orenji at the end was a very nice touch. plus the retouched planetarium PV on the CDextra was prettier than i remembered it. whoever designed the presentation of the video player did a really good job!

for anyone who might be reading this & is interested, the tracklist is as follows.

plastic tree - PREMIUM BEST

#one: mayday
#two: toremoro
#three: suraido
#four: zetsubou no ouka
#five: sink
#six: tsumetai hikari
#seven: itai ao
#eight: ether note
#nine: kuriimu
#ten: risetto
#eleven: psychogarden
#twelve: organ
#thirteen: toransu orenji (live)

they basically covered all their bases here. the remasters of tsumetai hikari (with ambient background violins) & toremoro were especially well done.

the only thing that upsets me is that platree never seems to go back to their "roots" (so to speak) & retouch their old, old old songs from the indies days (i.e., i would have loved to hear gin no hari on this CD, or something). but then again this *is* a "best of" CD, so it makes sense to stick their most popular songs on to it.

& that's all for me!

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kotoba 06 nov 2002\\08:37pm
mood : bored
music : x japan // rusty nail

hmm. i probably should get back into the habit of updating the journals that i keep more often, maybe.

my one kitty is away getting declawed & i miss her. most of the day i grabbed my room mate's dog (even tho i pretty much dislike dogs) to cuddle with her. i wouldn't be getting the poor thing declawed, but most apartments will only let you rent them while having a cat if you can show that they've been declawed. which makes sense i guess, but i miss my kitty.

well let's see. i've been roleplaying a lot with symon & meg'n, kagrra & dlq respectively. very nice scenes, spastically cute at times but still quite perverted. sex in textflesh form, when done right, can really be more enjoyable especially when it's part of a storyline.

or just senseless, because that works too.

i suppose any sex in textual format counts as cybering. it just somehow seems a bit more justified to me to be doing so in roleplay. or maybe it's the thrill given of being something else & controlling your darling little marionette through words on a screen. in either case, i believe that text does have different properties than real life, & if someone can identify the differences in order to apply them correctly in the online world where all you have are words and the little pixels in the occasional picture.. then they're a trueform puppeteer.

personally, i consider myself a bit of a puppet mistress. i know how to use fancy words to create an image, & the different words used to create an emotion.

then again, anyone other than my darling little textpets would probably disagree. & that's okay too.

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04 nov 2002\\09:48pm
mood : energetic
music : miyavi // gari rock

and so the race to acquire a new DVD player begins. being the poor student that i am with massive vet bills & my own med bills to pay, i don't want to spend over US90.

plus i have a sore on my tongue & it hurts. la la la. i want my sakito to sign on.

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i dislike halloween. 31 oct 2002\\07:14pm
mood : restless
music : guniw tools // looser sugar

poor kazuki.


that is all.

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asdfadfs 28 oct 2002\\07:24pm
mood : accomplished
music : plastic tree // mahiru no tsuki

test. this is a test post. pay no attention to the test post, because it's going to be deleted later. again, pay no attention to the test post.

bla bla bla bla.

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