Katelin's Day

Friday, November 21, 2003

10:39PM - Crazy nites

Have you ever wanted somone SO bad that u just can't get them off your mind? well i feel that way right now... i am totally in love with this guy... im not going to say any names but i am just in love... this time i dont want to tell anyone... it will be my secret with myself... b.c i kno if anyone does find out who, that person will find out and it could ruin everything... but he is so cute, nice, flirtatious, adorable, and perfect.... i just can't stop thinking about him, everything he has ever said to me runs threw my head every second of everyday... but then i hate him for doing this to me... why does he have to be perfect... i am in love... i have rairly felt this... maybe when i got a brand new pair of shows... maybe when i see a really hot guy that my eye catches for a mere second... but no... this time im serious... and last time i felt this for any guy he found out and it ruined everything... thats why my mouth is sealed.. and if anyone finds out... it will only be my best friends.... i kno i have not chance with this guy... but everyday i feel like i have more and more of a shot... i would do anything for him to be mine... i love himmmmmm so much

Current mood: flirty
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