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Thursday, March 6th, 2003

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    Dang, something's going on with my lower back. It's been hurting for the last few days. It's a sharp stabbing pain near my hip. Any doctors out there? I think it's because I was watching American Idol in this weird position on the sofa the other day. I better call my accupuncture cousin. She used to practice on me, her sibblings, her husband, and our grandma when she was in accupuncture school. The things we do for our family. Imagine my head (which is shaved) crowned with accupuncture needles all the way around. Just kidding. But they didn't really hurt actually. One time she stabbed a needle right on my elbow and I didn't feel a thing asside from the tingling. I hope it's not a tumor.

    Current Mood: sore

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