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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

10:08AM - It's been awhile

I guess I've really been ignoring this weblog for almost a month now. Things I've done since last time I posted so we can fast forward to now....

Got contacts
Saw X2
Saw Matrix: Reloaded
Went to Great America
Went to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and got me a nice tan

Well, now I'm caught up!!

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Monday, April 21, 2003

10:13AM - It's been a long time

Brother finally wrote to us to let us know he was in Kuwait....2 weeks ago. I guess Army mail takes longer. Said he was bored and waiting for his equipment to arrive. By now, I'm guessing he's rolling around somewhere in Iraq. Said we could send him stuff but not over 13oz. What is that? A pound? That's nothing, so I'm guessing some chips, crackers, beef jerky, or something like that.

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Monday, April 7, 2003

4:06PM - Stuck at the port

Was doing my normal rounds at the Port of Oakland this morning and ran into a field of war protestors blocking the terminals. It was a riot. I've never seen anything like this. It was kinda cool. On once side, I saw Oakland Police officers in riot gear and on the other side war protestors chanting and picketing. From what I understand they were protesting at the port because one of the freight lines, APL, is used to ship military equipment and supplies to the warfront.

Later the guys moved to other terminals and streets and blocked traffic. It was pertty cool but it dissipated in a few hours. Back to work.

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Saturday, April 5, 2003

7:59PM - Off and running

My brother called today from KUWAIT and says he's ready to roll. This confirms my family's greatest fears. He REALLY IS deployed.

He's been skirting the issue of whether he's a fighter or a support soldier. Even after talking to him, my family is still not clear what role he is playing. We keep asking him but, he keeps telling us that he's not sure what the Army wants him to do. I think he's lying. He's probably trained to barrel down inside a tank and is not just a mechanic. He probably doesn't want us to worry about him.

I told him to take care of himself. I forgot to tell him to shoot even if you see the enemy raise both hands. You know how these Iraqi soldiers fight. Pretending to surrender and then firing at our soldiers in the same breath.

We've taken over Baghdad Airport, encircled the city, and performed brief scouting entries into the city. So hopefully it'll be all wrapped up before he gets anywhere near any action. Speaking to him, he sounded neither scared nor excited. He's like, "Well, I'm here. Now what?" I guess after waiting months and months before being deployed, he's guessing he'll probably not see much action. I'm OK with that.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

10:24PM - Barbed wire

Spent the morning helping my dad put up some barbed wire on an apartment building we own. We're having problems with our damn neighbor a few houses down. It's an apartment complex and it's increasingly clear its the supermarket for drug users. People drive up to the street and go into their complex to buy drugs. What's worse, some of these fools who sell the stuff try to sneak into our property to sell because we have some stair cases that easily concele them. We put a gate up and then they tore it down. We know they did it.

Damn assholes. I wish I could chop off their hands and throw their dismembered bodies on the street to be run over the the drug buyers who frequent that street. We spend so much time and effort in making our apartment building safe only to be frustrated by these unrelenting losers a few houses down. If I had the chance, I'd tie them to a chair and slash them with rusty razor wires across their a criss-cross fashion. That would be great fun. Do I really mean this? Probably not. But it greatly pleases me to picture it in my mind. Hopefully, our barbed wire will stop these fools from approaching our property.

Anyway, on the happy side, I heard from an old friend I haven't seen in about 2 years. He's now in LA and pursuing a music career but currently working as some kind of sound engineer for a video game company. Great to hear he's doing great.

Almost time for bed. Weather, getting hotter.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

7:47PM - Okay

By some strange concidence my brother called a few minutes ago and told us he will be heading off for the Middle East for sure and said he had been training with arms. My heart sank. All this time I thought he was just a tank engineer but I guess if need be, they can turn them into frontline footsoldiers.

He called mom on her cell. I don't think she's aware he will be fighting. She still thinks he's just a tank mechanic. I'm not sure I want to tell her but she keeps asking me if he's just a mechanic or if he's actually fighting. "Email him and ask him to call us back to let us know," she keeps saying, even though I already know.

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12:10PM - Worried

Alright, again we hear troops from my brother's camp are being or have been deployed to the Middle East. And once again he is not responding to my email. My mom is starting to get worried. I must admit me too considering this war is not ending as fast as I thought. On top of that, now we know the Iraqis are clearly desparate and don't follow war protocols. I know we can't just bomb the damn places to submission but I think Americans have to learn to wage war as war and not the cleaned up campaign we are waging.

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Saturday, March 22, 2003

11:15PM - Finally done

Had lunch with Jim P. to shoot the breeze and brush up on old times. Pat of the Quigleys didn't show up so I'll have to track his ass down and see what's up. We thought he was stuck in traffic because of the peace protestors but knowing him he would probably just have mowed them down. He don't brake for nobody. hahaha.

Anywhoo, good news. You have been screaming for these pictures. (Those who haven't seen them yet). I finally loaded some pictures from my trip to Thailand. Please click the link below to see the pictures.

Click here for the pictures

By the way, these aren't all the pictures and the site will tell you why but it's a start. Hope you have fun. Later.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

9:11PM - War has started!!...against bacteria

My manly quest to ride our my stomach and back pain has ended in defeat. I couldn't stand the pain any more. After "dropping off" some poop samples at the hospital last week, I finally got my lab results today and it appears I have food poisoning...alas, this explains my stomach aches. Got some antibiotics and hopefully this episode will be gone in a few days.

On another war front, we finally started the war with Iraq. Let's all hope Saddam meets an extremely bloody death that goes along the lines of..."a piece of jagged tomahawk missle shrapnel flew off and sliced his head off...the war is over." Let's all support our troops (including my brother) and do what I almost did this morning. I saw this war protestor on the street during lunch...and I almost ran his ass over with my new Toyota Corolla. That fool...standing all by himself at this intersection with a neon orange anti-war sign...Let's support our troops!!

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Saturday, March 15, 2003

10:05PM - He's Alive!!

Well, after a month and a half of not hearing from him, my brother finally emailed back saying he's alive and kicking. All this time we thought he had been deployed to the Middle East to kick Saddam's ass. Ah well. Actually, he said he might still be deployed, but for now my parents are glad he's still in the states.

My sharp pain in the back has now spread to the right side of my stomach and my leg. What the hell's going on? Ahh well. Let's see how much pain I can take before I consider going to the doctors.

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Thursday, March 6, 2003

3:31PM - Ooooooouch!!

Dang, something's going on with my lower back. It's been hurting for the last few days. It's a sharp stabbing pain near my hip. Any doctors out there? I think it's because I was watching American Idol in this weird position on the sofa the other day. I better call my accupuncture cousin. She used to practice on me, her sibblings, her husband, and our grandma when she was in accupuncture school. The things we do for our family. Imagine my head (which is shaved) crowned with accupuncture needles all the way around. Just kidding. But they didn't really hurt actually. One time she stabbed a needle right on my elbow and I didn't feel a thing asside from the tingling. I hope it's not a tumor.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

12:41PM - Where could he be?

I emailed my brother and he hasn't responded. I haven't heard from him for about a month which is kind of weird. He usually sends some kind of email message, even if it's a one liner so we know he's alive and kicking. I think he's probably deployed to the Middle East. He used to call every week, knowing that he might be sent. He said he probably won't have a chance to let us know because they deploy very quickly. I am sure he's alright. But hey, this is what he signed up for and this will build great memories for him.

Ok, back to surfing the web....(you may think I'm at home, but I'm actually doing this at work. That's all I do here.)

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Sunday, March 2, 2003

10:23PM - Fretting another Monday

Well, I promised ya I would start posting some pics and stories about my trip to Thailand, but I just haven't had time. I'll post them as soon as I can. I promise!! In the mean time, I spend my last free weekend day outdoors. Drove to San Francisco and had a relaxing time at the piers. Gorged myself on chocolate covered frozen bananas, calamari salad, and a diet coke. Mmmm great combination. :)

Then back to my depression of knowing I'll have to go back to my dang job. I hate my stupid-assed job. It's pointless. I don't even like the people there...and I'm sure some of these guys don't like me either. But I need to stick with it until I find some better. I just better get off my lazy ass and really start sending our resumes. I'm just soooooo lazy.

My dream jobs?...I'd love to work at an airport. San Francisco International would be cool, either as a Customs Agent or even ticket counter, but these don't pay that much. I've even thought about being a pilot. That would so cool.

Looks like Bush Jr. will soon be sending us to war. My brother's in the Army and I'm not even sure if he's deployed yet. I just emailed him to see if he's still in the US. I'm sure he'll be fine wherever he is. I told him to think of it as a vacation. Hopefully, he'll go to the Middle East, Saddam has a heart attack, drops dead, and my brother comes back with whole bunch of pictures of his "sandy beach" vacation. Woo hoo for him!!

Anyway, it's time for bed...not that I sleep much...thinking of the inevitable few hours from now when I'll have to go to my dastardly job.

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Saturday, March 1, 2003

9:48PM - Woohoo!! I'm here!!

Testing 1 2 3....testing!!!

Woo hoo!! I finally have my own journal. I learned about these journals from another traveler I met on my trip to Thailand. He's spending 2 months trekking through South East Asia and he's using to record his travels.

So I said, "Why can't I have a journal and be totally cool too?" But the dang livejournal site requires some weird "You've got to be invited because we're too cool for you" code to join. So here I am at Blurty which I totally do not mind. I even think this is even better and way much prettier site. Hahaha.

Man, I should of had this journal before I went on my vacation. But do not fret. I'll share those experiences with you later. For now let us all relish the fact that I am here with you. Laters.

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