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jam another dragon down the hole.. [17 Aug 2003|04:16am]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | "weak and powerless" - a perfect circle ]

life is the same old, same old. nothing to really say. no-one in rp likes me. gc is dead. no-one gets me in there or likes me. i'd like them to, but they dont seem to open up. the mood in there always makes me grey. i dont like the company of the people in there. there's too many bad memories in there for me to be myself. eh. oh well. whatever. not like anyone pays attention to my feelings anyhow.

i hate always having to bust my ass for every little scrap of anything i can get in life. everyone else gets shit for free, so why do I always have to bust my ass to my wits' end to get some respect or to even be treated kindly. shit sucks without jeff. e_e


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little black clouds [13 Aug 2003|02:47am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | "it'll be okay" - limpbizkit ]

dropping droplets of blood over the house but it's been better in past days, found a hundred dollar ibanez gax70gm. nice silver w/ gig bag as is for a bill. i hope i can get it from this guy. i'd eat him alive.

that's it right there. i like it alot, even though i like my bc rich i dont have the time or money or patience to fix the bridge pick-ups and get a new pedal. plus i wouldnt gig with a bc that's metallic blue. i think the ibanez has a crunchier sound and it's definetly alot fuller sound than the bc which rings for like an hour, which'd be good for a lead guitarist, but i just want the ibanez so i can record some shit asap.

other than that the clouds arent talking much but they do drip so watch where you step or you just might dissapear.....

take care out there.
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