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Sunday, January 4, 2004

3:13PM - wow

wow this is my awesome journal.. hmm well its the end of winter break sadly :-( and i rele dont wana go back to skool.. although there is someone i want to see at skool, that is mainly the only reason why i wana go.. hmm lets see.. this winter break kicked ass.. it was so much fun.. 1st of all, me and courtney r talking again so thts cool i guess.. we hung out most of the break n we tried to cook various amounts of things but only a few of them worked.. well we saw peter pan with colleen and bradley and tht was fun.. man the kid tht played peter (jermey sumpter) was soooo hott lol.. wow i found out tht greg likes me a lot and yeah.. it was rele rele weird but its all good.. well now im sitting here extremly bored, waiting for someone to come online so i can talk to them.. god im so tired but o well.. well i think im going to go now.. ill write back later.. xoxo bye

Current mood: bored
Current music: magic stick - power 96
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