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    Monday, May 3rd, 2004
    9:02 pm
    So today was a crappyish day. No Mr. Beck in study hall. My life is over now. It's like why live if I cannot see his beautiful face?...

    Up to #25 on the math shiznit. I hate math. It's useless to me. I just forget it. But good news: I finally learned how to do matrices on my calculator. That definately shortens the thought process.

    I drove Andrew to the band meeting. Then we went up to the Freeze for ice cream. When we got back to his house, the door was locked so we scurried over to Dollar General then to Salvation Army. It was in this time that Andrew said "My parents don't want us alone in your car, Teresa." lol, yeah. Because I just can't resist his muscular stature and smoothness with the ladies. Anyway, I bought this awesome black skirt with stars on it and a Looney Tunes tshirt. Epitome of fashion right here, ladies and gents.

    Quote of the day, said by David Stage (my daddy). Me: Why do they call it Dollar General if everything's not a dollar?" Dad: "Because generally, everything is a dollar."
    Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
    12:01 am
    It's May!! That makes me happy. Only like a month left of school. Then the thinking stops and my brain becomes dormant for a couple months. It won't this summer, though. I'm taking a psychology class at King's. That should keep my brain cells a chuggin'. ;) I'm so excited. //it's the dork in me// I don't even want to go to King's for college. It's too close to home. Too close for my mother to make unplanned visits. ew. Ok, I'm very very random ; I have almost no train of thought, ever. So I have 60-some problems for algebra, due Friday. Anthology for English due the 14th, I think, lol, I should know this stuff. Video project due around then too. BLAH. It makes me want to scream in despair...hahahaha...that's so dumb, I can't believe I typed it. At least it's not as corny as the things Andrew writes. The kid is sappier than a maple tree. I love it :O I'm starting to get sappy just thinking about his sappiness.

    So tomorrow I'm going to finish my anthology and half of those math problems. hey, no one should doubt my ability not to finish any of it...heheh.
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