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    Friday, April 30th, 2004
    7:49 am
    Good Morning...maybe
    So after a late night of watching TV at Kacia's (because hacked satellite is bye-bye) I ended up in bed at about 11. In my deep sleep I receive a phone call from Patrick at 1 am. Hi, it's Thursday night, I still have one more day of work, are you nuts?? I guess he was just excited about his new phone. But c'mon. He actually sounded upset that I didn't want to awaken wholly and talk to him. Sorry, I have a job in the real word, not Chico Live!

    Whatever. No satellite really sucks. We can no longer TiVo shows from east coast and west coast feeds, which means we have to tape one, and stay up to watch the others. That;s not good for my sleep life. I guess I am going to have to start buying VHS tapes so I can set the VCR and watch them the next afternoon.

    Survivor was anti-climactic last night, if you saw it, you know. Shi-Ann. Knew you were going home. Though the mention of Amber as the power player is very true. As of now, 4 of the current 4 jury will not cast a vote for Rob as they all hate him. So go ahead Rob, take Amber all the way. She's playing the game, and she is aware of the fact that you will not get the vote. Then I am sure she will run with the money and no thoughts of you...
    Hilite of the show, Big Tom's son Bo. What a doof! He and his dad are like identical twins. I feel very sorry for the women in his life. That is too much idiocy for me to handle.
    And I think Jenna is getting axed next week. But only if Rob wins immunity. I am pulling for Rupert if they get rid of Rob next. Go Rupert, your wife is hard core! Eating all that shit. Wow.

    OK, no more survivor dialogues, promise.
    That's all for now, maybe more tonight after I talk to some peeps...

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    Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
    11:53 am
    So I talked to Misty last night for a spell. She was at TGIFriday's. I miss those nights in Cali. Beavis, our server. Actually, his name is ??? and he always for a Jerome Beattis jersey during Monday night football, and I mistook it as Beavis at a glance, and he was a little slow that first night, so it stuck. He's a great server. And made our Monday night football tradition a regular weekly outing, long after football season. Much love Beavis, much love.

    Dear Kacia (friend of Jordan - my roommate - that moved out here) will find out today if she finally has a decent enough job to pay her mortgage. Hopefully this is so, so we don't hear her bitch about no job. Then all we'll hear is how she isn't making enough.
    And let me tell you about this weekend with her!
    Jordan and I went out with his friend Chrissy (Air Force photographer) to lunch and to check out the Turnberry Place model on the Strip. Then Kacia calls and wants to go to Applebee's, where her boyfriend works. Jordan and I have little money to spend eating out (especially with no discount). So we told her no, we just ate. Then we call again later and tell her we'll go with but not eat. Then she went off because she wanted a steak and blah blah blah. Fianlly we tell her we'll eat and get off the phone, meet you at 7.
    We call again at 6 to tell her let's go now, we'll meet you there since we are down the street. Again she goes off because she ate a snack and we don't want to drive all the way to her place to meet her first and she was planning on 7 and blah blah blah. After 10 minutes of this Jordan looks at me and I say, whatever, I'll drive wherever to shut her up. So then we proceeded to her place in the very end of Jones...

    Chrissy thinks we're nuts, I don't blame her. Personally, neither of us wanted to go. But she's a little insecure and lonely.
    So Sad

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    Monday, April 26th, 2004
    2:03 pm
    So this is my first entry, I have always had an interest in this journaling idea. Doubt anyone will happen across mine, and if they do, I'm sure that they won't find it too amusing as nothing exciting ever happens in my life really.

    I bought a new car last week. a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. I wanted the Santa Fe, but, being the first time buyer and new to Vegas and recently re-introduced to my current employer, it was un-attainable at the moment. So I settled for the Elantra at a ridiculous interest rate, which I plan on taking care of in 6 months hopefully. But it runs, and it won't overheat or breakdown in the middle of the summer. Which isn't a happy though when one lives in Las Vegas.

    So the same weekend I bought this, I hung out with some friends of one of the Spasmatics, Las Vegas' hip 80s band. Interesting bunch. We spent some time at Mist in TI, which isn't exactly my scene. I'm not the club getter at all. Needless to say, I felt a little odd. Then went to some TI guy's house, Dave, and as I was trying to pass out, some rather friendly ladies were hitting the lines and a Spasmatic on the opposite couch. Interesting it was. Like I said, not a scene I do, for various reasons. Job stability is not a fan of drug scenes. Hence the reason I have never tried anything...because I want to work for the drug testing man for the rest of mu life.
    I guess that would be my first true intro to the Vegas high life. Ha Ha. A funny.

    So I will stick with my little no fun, random small weekend drink fests and be a good little girl. Which I guess I ooze that vibe, as I have met people at bars whose first comments about me after 15 minutes of talk is, "You're a good girl aren't you?"
    Someday, that will pay off with a kick-ass husband and great long life. And I can wait for that.

    Oh yea, favorite hang-out. The Masquerade bar at the Rio. The round one in the center of the parade in the sky. Kick ass. Rio has the most awesome bartenders too. All are nice, social and funny. Mad props to the most fun.

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