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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

Subject:-Oh yah-
Time:7:20 pm.
Mood: lazy.
Music:CANNOT HEAR ANI!! my com got some prob haish...
forgot. lol. me n james got back together on that day.. never write sorrieeeee!!! =X ANiwaE.. today i went VS.. blah blah. ehz.. i dink i write the link here.. to my other blogger.. =D coz i updated it there juz now. so.. happie reading ! ^_^ AND MIND THE SKIN HOR. got some prob.. today too busy to care liaoz. hahaz. dink i'll just leave it as that for the time being.. june holidays den i amend it la. too lazy now ;)
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Saturday, December 27th, 2003

Subject:people aka friends
Time:9:38 pm.
Mood: envious.
haiz.. dunno why, the ppl i wanna chat wif seemed sian.. make me dowan to chat wif them animore.. dunno lehz. eg, zq,gary kor.. =X zq dun even come online and we also didn't seemed to chat as much.. we used to tok a lot in both habbo and msn. now we hardly even tok.. he just watched his soccer match and i chat for gary korkor, he juz keep toking and wondering if so-and-so is interested in him.. =X if he's a gal, i can understand lor..budden he's a guy for goodness sake.. =X to be mean, i reallie wanna tell him " it's none of my business!" budden that's sooooo wrong.. he always listens to me.. i guess im a rather bad listener wen it comes to guys.. zhen yew i also liddat.. they tok i sian already. den in the end zhen yew is like "why u dowan to listen!? u dun like me issit??" lol.. coz of cecilia and him mahz.. den he beri sad.. =X ahh well......
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Thursday, December 25th, 2003

Subject:-broke up-
Time:12:48 am.
Mood: listless.
just broke up wif james.. just. on christmas. wad a 'wonderful' christmas this is.. i'll never forget this christmas either.. haiz.. too bad.. it's reallie too much for not being mean.. we both are impossible le lor.. =X aniwae, this one month of stead reallie shi bai.. even weijin's one is better den me.. =X this is so not merry christmas.. =X it's too sudden i think..
memories.. he showed me his police pass wen we went east coast that time..he taught me how to skate.. and how i fell.. he waited for me at the airport wen i came back frm thailand.. we walked hand-in-hand down the road in east coast i always tell him that spade comes first..den hearts,den clubs and finally diamonds.. how i always reminded him that after 10 is J, Queen and King....Sighz.. he told me he's crying now..dunno true or fake.. =X i juz wan him to understand..that's all. why can't he...?? =(
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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: optimistic.
went out wif jianxin,joy,justin and jun hui..wahz..all 'j' lolz. aniwae.. we went tm to watch elf. james and his frenz came too..but we onli met for like 1 minute den we go liaoz. lame rite? =PpPp oh well. i dunno wad he's doin la.kinda pissed off wif him.. but aniwae, it's christmas! so..juz forgive and forget abt it la.
i dunno abt him..i mean james. he didn't seem to treat me like his gf. it's like, im his company nia..not gf.. he juz wanna pamper someone..i dunno.. =X coz.. i saw in friendster, he didn't put as 'in a relationship'.. he didn't put anithing there.. and..someone,'Wei', told him in testimonial to get a gf.. so i dunno lor.. =X haiz.. u noe wad?i seriously think im not gonna care abt him animore. no more presents, no more gifts. i'll stop that. haiz. he didn't even give me a single PAPER, not even an eraser bit. =X but he gave me lots of 'receipts'.. hahaz. he's always paying for my expenses.. i guess..we're quits. he spents his money on me, i spent mine on him. so..yahz. we're equal. =)
me and jun hui took a train ride =) frm tampines to city hall, den we go dhoby ghaut, den go outram park, den go home. =P cool ehz.i hope we'll do that again..haiz.
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Subject:-Sec1 RegiStratIon-
Time:7:18 pm.
Mood: amused.
kaoz..shldn't have come to sch sia. i come sch onli clean table clean chair.. arrange nia.. haiz.. =X aniwae, tml got red cross..

ehz.. dat 'cyberguy87' hinted that i know him.. WHO IS HE!? he doesn't seem like as if he went to thailand with us.. i KNOW him.. mayb it's suhendra.. budden he saed he's singaporean.. so cannot be him..or andrie. hmmmz.. nbmx la. later i go check my sch mag. he saed he'll meet me wen sch reopens. lol.. who knows.. =X
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Sunday, December 21st, 2003

Time:11:10 pm.
Mood: okay.
NIGEL IS ONLINE!!!!!!!! [screamz] lol. =X sorrie. over-reacted. ummz.. yah.. he wanna go vjc sia..haiz~ i wanted to go into vjc at first too.. but now i lost my hopes le.. coz of my results. actuallie still can try to go in if i work hard next year. =D i dink im gonna crack my head and brains out next year. im gonna study like mad..go online onli mayb 4 times a week.. sms onli at nite..=X and do lots of revision.. be beri organised.. yahz.. im gonna do that! =D

weird sia.. james juz now sms-ed me saying wad he got sth to tell me and ask me dun be angry.. at first i thot it was him cancelling the xmas eve outing. lol. den he saed wad he's sorry coz he drank beer yesterdae.. den i was like 'chey..' budden i never show la. hahaz. i mean..drinking is no big deal rite.. i think i told him b4 that he's not to drink beer animore.. coz that time he saed nicholas broke up wif his gf is coz of the 'drunken matter'. yahz.. den yesterdae he drink.. so i thot mayb i saed not to drink..dat's why he apologised.. aniwae, wen he told me that, i was clear. no wonder he didn't sms me laz nite =P hahaz
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Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Time:4:56 pm.
Mood: depressed.
zq hao li hai o.. =X haiz.. you qian ren shi zhe yang de la.. got money to learn everything.. he in sji(good school), noes piano(grade 8 somemore), noes swimming, noes soccer(er...some ppl dunno how to play..), his overall percentage also higher den me.. T_T HAO CONG MING O.. haiz..... suan le.. he sure go vjc wo mei you xi wang le. haiz.. HAIZ.. guess i'll aim for mjc bahz.. oh yah. he saed he wanna go njc hor.. nbmx.. i go M, he go N. lolz. can lahz. =) jeremy going njc sia.. haiz.. den our events committee will lose one member liaoz.. T_T it'll be so different..... O_o nbmx..~
zq go korea liaoz.. he juz went off.. i mean as in log off la.. goin to airport now. mayb he'll meet james ?? lol.. i mean, afterall, james knocking off at 8pm. sure will meet de.. unless different part la. =PpPp but i dink different part lor. james at the tower there.. den zq at..i dunno where.. lol. =X haiz.. nbmx. zq,i'll miss u!!
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

Subject:-ZQ n LiNcoLn SeNioR-
Time:5:38 pm.
Mood: amused.
wad sia.. zq too filial liaoz!!!!!!! =X as in, he's too GUAI le!!! reallie innocent.. lolz.. budden i still prefer hazzely..he more cute.. =D todae saw him at the bus stop..i mean the place where i transfer my bus de.. he sitting there in home clothes.. i dink either going parkway or sch la..
lincoln siao liao.. ask me go eat out wif him this fri .. pretend to be his gf somemore.. i dink he too despo liaoz..hahaz.. wanna show off his gf to his frenz sia.. =X haiyohz..
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Subject:-OnLinE PEePs-
Time:3:18 pm.
Mood: cold.
!!! my online frenz.. alex yesterdae juz talked to me.. T_T i miss them sia..haiz. yuan lai jiayi jiejie still go msnchat lehz.. thot she quitted liaoz.. aniwae, im not going in la.. so i noe them they dunno me..probably forgot me liaoz. Sighz..well, a lot of fun ppl quitted chat(including me!).. like erbert(though he's a bastard),nigel(he damn nice..), denise(dunno..long time never see her in chat.she comes once in a while de), debbie(!!!! my great great great grandmummy..) and a lot more. haiz.... hope dey can come online again sia.. aniwae, those ppl who are still in chatrm, dey either changed liaoz or dey are ppl whom i dunno.. i wonder, why i dunno alex arhz?? =X he also old chatter mahz..weird..
century gothic,bold, is my jiejie's font..lolz.den everyone started to use dat's pretty nice lahz..=) me and yi rong and gerene in the past always use teal as our font color de.. haiz.but now yi rong i dink also quit chat la..gerene..dunno lehz..she also like changed a lot ever since she go and meet those ppl online.. =X HAIZ..nbm nbmx.. ^_^
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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Subject:-Skating and jealousy-
Time:9:06 pm.
Mood: good.
told u dat time i went skating wif james rite? he was teaching me how.. and holding my hands..preventing me from being falling..wen i began to lose my balance, he was there, holding me.. i was like "aww..c'mon! let me fall!" lolz. i mean, it doesn't hurt wen i fall.. but he juz wanna hold me.. lolz. i love him.. but i juz dun understand why he's so easily jealous.. he's afraid i'll like someone else..and to tell the truth, if he carry this on, i dunno if we'd last. coz.. i dowan to be with a guy who is always suspecting me of liking some other ppl.. i dun like that..i know dat is out of love and fear but it's really too much for me. I don't know. i send him all the 'love' msg den he sms back asking who send me dat.. lolz. siao rite?? kaoz.. coz he noes i dun have ani bfs b4. so he's kinda surprised dat i got such messages. it was sent my chrono la.. =X my online fren..lolz. we like 'act act' nia.. he my 'husband' mahz.. i got a lot of online 'lovers' ok.. =PpPp i got zq,chrono(but now like never contact liaoz),joshua.. lolz.. haiz.. geez, if he knew this, im a goner.. aniwae, zq is offline now..dunno why also. =X mayb his msn got prob? nbmx. later i go habbo check.
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Time:2:31 pm.
Mood: content.
been chatting with him for quite some time.. u saed he's going LA this wed.. meaning tml lahz.. to have an operation on his head.. he saed got tumour or sth.. =X i dunno lahz.. survival 30% nia.. if he can't make it, he's the third guy(as in peer) i noe to die.. =X first is primary sch de. i dun reallie noe him but at least i noe he died..=| secondly is a gal from 2J two years ago..she died of leukemia(sp).haiz..hope he'll be well again..May God bless him..
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Monday, December 8th, 2003

Subject:-SkATiE TIme-
Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: happy.
Wow! Went skating with James today at East Coast =D it was relaxing.. not like in the past, i so nervous and things like dat.. =) I don't know how to skate you know. i asked James to teach me.. =D so fun. lolz.. and pain(my leg arh.. abrasion..) Later, when i told him that i am going out with Gary kor, he's like saying "dun go la.." den lecture again..I was like "wad the.." He saed wad "put urself in my shoes la" den "u dink i like it mehz?" KAOZ.. =~ i can cry sia.. den in the end, he saed "ok la. whatever i say you also wunt listen." so i saed "den dun sae la" den he keep quiet liaoz. =X so scary noe.. till i go on the bus den he start talk a little.. haiz..

now garykorkor like james liddat.. wan me feel sorry for him.. =X kaoz.. sae wad tml dunno wad to do..I NOE MY FAULT LA.. =X but i reallie cannot go lor.. such a big group of ppl dowan me to go.. =| aniwae, i never reply liaoz.. he wanna plae ff9 den plae lor.. wonder waz so fun abt it.. lol. kingdom hearts rule man..
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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

Time:11:52 pm.
Mood: calm.
JUz Separate wif james. but onli temporary.. lolz. aniwae, im FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!! =D goodness.. phew.. if i ever break wif james, i'll never find another stead till i go JC sia.. lolz. so hard..kaoz.. me feel a little happie but also a little sad.. =X i wan to be wif him but i juz can't provide wadeva he wants for him.. im a little protective of myself ya?? wen he wanna touch me or sth, i'll back off.. i mean, i wunt let him.. it's like.. betraying myself or sth?? eh.. wad betraying..nonoono.. it's like.. wad if we break? den i'll be at the disadvantage rite?? noe.. =X hmmz.. noe wad? i dink gary korkor noes me better den james.. it's true k.. i mean.. he noes a lot of things abt me which james doesn't noe.. lol. well, i guess brothers noe best =PppP
alrite, i better do all the things i wan b4 i stead wif james again..lolz. later he get a new gf i will be sad de u noe.. =X seriously.. i will be. everytime he saed dat i'll be like 'not again..' lolz. no la. i will be like beri sad den dowan to do anithing .. sighz.. part of me wanna break wif him, but part of me also dowan to break wif him.. dat first part of me yearns freedom, but the second part of me yearns love.. he's the onli person who dared to .. u noe.. hold my hands?? =X lolz. well, mayb most of the guys are like this but he's the first one i met.. he's my first boyfren for goodness' sake.. =X i hope this relationship laz till xmas! lolz. coz i've already bought him sth.. =PpPp ok.. now morning liaoz. tml im not going out so im not gonna worry. i better update liao or else later my brother switch dat modemn off arh
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Monday, December 1st, 2003

Time:4:51 pm.
Mood: mellow.
james got chalet todae.. im going tomorrow. at 12.. i hope joy's coming.. =X if she not coming i seriously dun feel like going.. i scared later he'll do sth to me.. =X i mean...... er.. he beri 'touchy'.. u noe?? =X -shivers- the way he touched me in the cinema.. i mean, he put his arm ard me and rubbed my hands.. brushing my hair.. =X feels WEIRD.. i dun like this.. not even one bit.. whenever i see a couple doing dat, i'll feel disgusted.. den now my turn.. =X lolz.. well, i already told him not to do dat le.. max is hold my hands nia.. =X lolz. in the cinema rite, wen he ask me to go closer to him, i was like "er...... can i dun do it?!?" lolx. next time he wanna send me home, im gonna tell him im meeting my he'll juz give up i supposed. haiz..i guess nex time i find stead,i find someone who is like me.. =) hmmz.. i dink samuel sir would be a good candidate ! =D lolz. keeding lahz. junior stead wif senior.. kaoz. =X tkrcy gonna talk sia. lol. =PpPp
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Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Time:9:21 pm.
Mood: nervous.
i dunnoe i dunno i dunnoeee......went on a date wif james.. SCARY.. and.. nervous.. i dunnoe.... =X feel so weird.. i mean.. we watched movie.. den.. first he held my hand.. ask me if i feeling shy or wad.. =X den.. he put his arm ard me.. =X Siiiiiiiiiiiaaaoooooooooooooooooooooo manz... =X i was like so uneasy abt this whole thing.. he asked me if i felt uneasy or wad but i never sae anithing.. =X i was feeling cold dat time also.. so i hold his hand lor.. den he saed wad 'now not shy already arh?" lolz. i was kinda afraid he'll kiss me or sth.. serious.. i mean.. I DOWAN TO BE KISSED!??! =X NO WAY.. UH-UH. come near me and u're dead.. no nononononono...... =X after the movies, got nowhere to go, so i told him i wanna go home.. so home we went.. my home almost. =X i was like "NO! DUN SEND ME HOME" den he's like "why? downstairs onli". lolz. den i refuse and reject.. den he was like "haiz, cannot tahan u la".. i hope tue i wunt feel like dis.. i already told him NOT to touch me liaoz.. hahaz.
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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: energetic.
KaoZ.. i hate it sia.. todae went out wif my family. den so crowded sia.. bugis dere. soooooooo mani ppl.. den i got separated from my parents coz i wanted to go to the 'toy section' i went lor. den wen i come down, i wanted to find my parents again. my daddy called me and asked me where i were and asked me to go outside so i can see him. so i went. den we couldn't find my mummy.tried calling her but she didn't on her hp(her battery low). we search and search and search.. KAOZ.. IT WAS TORTURE OKAE!? i was so frustrated wen i see her sia.. hahaz..but never mind la. we went to eat after dat. the food sux.
can't believe im going genting tml..haven't even packed my bag yet.........HAIZ
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Monday, November 24th, 2003

Subject:-Red Cross Camp-
Time:7:36 pm.
Mood: cranky.
wow.. something exciting happened in camp!!!!!!! =X On the 2nd night,ck wanted us to do aop mahz. so, alpha went into 3C to go the project while Bravo went to 3D.. me is alpha btw. den it's like, we go there do aop late at nite. den it's like, i kept looking over my shoulders..dunno why. coz i thot i saw something lor.. at the front door .. budden wen i turned, there's no one.. i began to feel veri uneasy.. i kept turning and turning lor.. =X aniwae, i juz told myself to forget abt it and concentrated on the aop. however, after a while, bravo group ran into our classroom and a gal of the group, patricia, started crying. we were shocked sia.. we thot wad and i went up and asked her wad happened. den they sae she saw something. jocelyn who was sitting next to her during class earlier also saed she saw sth. den they started crying.. yuzhen's eyes was so red sia.. lolz. coz it's like, jocelyn and patricia were sitting facing the back to the class, while the rest sat facing the whiteboard. according to pat, she saw 'something' opening the back door. den the rest of the group saed she was standing up and telling them not to look behind. then, pat asked them to leave the classroom and they ran off to OUR classroom.. dat's wad happened.. lolz. eerie rite? i mean, i HAVE to believe it.. pat isn't dat kinda person who would joke abt these stuff.. even if she's joking, she wunt cry until liddat de. besides, i 'sense' its present.........hahaz.. okae okae .. shan't tok abt it animore. aniwae, camp is BORING. dat's all i can sae.
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Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Subject:camp n posting results
Time:4:19 pm.
Mood: happy.
liewx.. yesterdae we red cross go and wash the teachers' cars sia.. so dirty lehz.. esp ms chow's one.. kaoz. the wheels hor, like 10 years never wash liao lehz. hahaz. =PpP serious!! u juz swept the wheel(the inside dat thingie) lightly den the whole cloth is dirty liaoz. den have to wash sia.. aniwae, the more 'qi ren' de shi wen min-er told us the results of the posting will be out by 6pm++ so, me and my red cross frenz STAYED IN SCH from 11++ to 6 ++ lehz!!!!! MORE THAN SIX HOURS OKAY!? haiz.. in the end DUN HAVE. mr koh drove away, leaving us standing there like idiots.. T_T
aniwae, it was out todae.. I GOT INTO 3D!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D IM SO HAPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL!!! ^_^ it's double sci and pure geog and hist elect. =D lucky nina and heidi not wif me le sia.. or else i die arh.. lolz. suffer wif them again. =X
today.. lots of disappointments and too, lots of celebrations. I can't believe jiayuan got into 3K sia. haiz. Johan Pang also got into MY class.. shit sia.. mayb i shld clarify with him or sth.. I DUN LIKE HIM!! I got stead liao!! I onli like my stead, and dat is JAMES CHEN WEN BIN! hope he'll juz forget abt me.. =X haiz...
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Monday, November 17th, 2003

Time:9:05 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
2 days ago, i stead with james.......... yah, james..hahaz. i dunnoe.....juz heck la.i mean, he wanna stead den stead lor. actuallie, i dun reallie like him now, but i guess it's alrite?? =P dis relationship wunt last long de la.. soon or later, one of us sure initiate for the breakup de. i dun reallie feel safe with him ard.. hahaz. =X i mean.. im not used to it.. yet. but someday, i will =)
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Friday, November 14th, 2003

Time:5:07 pm.
Mood: angry.
THIS IS SO UNFAIR! Group One dowan see kian den push him to our group. den now we had to improvise on the game so dat he can fit in. SOME KINDA PEOPLE GROUP ONE ARE!! *angry* This is UNREASONABLE!! they have NO RIGHT to do dat! They already settled on the group den juz yesterdae they called us and tell us dat see kian shall be in our group. wad is this!? Bullshit..
aniwae, we had the dance practice at 8am till 10am. after dat, we had aop.. oh yah. aop.. im supposed to write down wad they are allergic to and so on.. kaoz.. =X nbmx.... we chose the Cyndi de hui gu niang de yan lei. ok. time to do the aop le
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