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3rd February 2004

7:52pm: Just started a new journal to use in place of this one. I hate to do it, but this site really sucks. It's causing loads of trouble for me and for ya'll, and it lacks many of the options available on livejournal. So from now on, I am lostboy_tootles on livejournal. ( Sorry for any inconvenience. And if you comment on something on here, I still get e-mail notifications of it, so I will read it. and make sure I haven't responded to any of your recent comments before you quit reading this. Okay! See you on livejournal!


7:14pm: Blurty is being the world's biggest bitch-monkey. if it doesn't start behaving, I'm gonna have to switch, even tho i really really really don't want to. I don't like having to try to load stuff 5-10 times before i get something other than a "cannot find server" message. all the other journal sites i went to today had no trouble whatsoever, but does blurty load? nooooo. that'd be too easy.

Saw peter pan again. i didn't really feel like going, but i didn't want to stay in the house anymore, and i didn't feel like cleaning yet. so i went. it's still beautiful. but it's so short! i know it's just normal movie length, but after RotK it seems insanely short. I had forgotten that normal movies weren't over 3 hours long.

i would say that my only complaint about the movie is that Mrs. Darling's reaction when the kids return didn't seem right. I like the mother in Hook's reaction better. she started sobbing. which, as a female (who loves/wants kids, so ed you don't count ^_^), is much more likely to be what i would do. and most parents would do that. not look all happy and start laughing and such. so i didn't approve of that. the rest is great.

what else? what's a requiem mass? cause hook says something about that and i don't know what he meant. is it referring to the music? and is that a phonograph?

there was what appeared to be an active volcano in the background (to peter/wendy's right) of the mermaid scene. I thought that funny. maybe i'm a dork. okay, we all know i'm a dork, but maybe it's dorky of me to think that funny.

geez. i go from no comments on my journal for days to a couple on nearly every entry. it never rains but it pours eh? i never know which ones to expect comments on. even the ones where i ask questions don't always get answered. well, i'm happy. i love comments. they make me happy happy. *dances*

i think i get more obsessive about stuff when i'm pms-y.

Small bit of girly stuff )

chocolate! i have chocolate! i haven't had enough coke today, so my body is clamouring for sugar. tasty stuff that.

i had a revelation the other day about when to say "who" and when to say "whom" but now i've forgotten. i think it had to do with prepositional phrases or something. not that it really matters. for some reason i've never had trouble with using the right one.

i'm re-reading Faith of the Fallen. it can be read as an attack on christianity, which i rather like. it's part of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind that i mention periodically but everyone ignores. it's a great book. and a great series. read it dammit!! practically nobody's read 'em. tho i did find 2 chics on vagpag who had. out of 3,000+, i find 2. oh well. i shall enjoy them by myself. they have some of the greatest quotes ever. today's quote shall be from Faith of the Fallen, tho it's really not one of the best ones. perhaps some of you (by which i really mean ed) will disagree with it. if you do, tell me! i like other opinions on such things. but i'll go find some of the better ones soon-ish.

why aren't the songs on the peter pan soundtrack in order? it's bugging the crap out of me. tho once i get my daddy to show me how to the songs to mp3's and burn them onto cd's, then i shall put them all in order, and i shall be happy. of course, i'm not precisely sure where some of the songs go, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

that's the second cliche i've used today. wuz up wit dat?

more chocolate!! *eats more* yummy!

i like the way towards the beginning of the movie peter says, "To die will be an awfully big adventure" but at the end says,"To live will be an awfully big adventure." it reminds me of me. because a year ago, I would have loved the "to die" quote, but now i absolutely adore the "to live" one. it shows a change, and i've changed a lot.

now we get to see how many tries it will take to get this update to load properly.

today's quote:
"The only sovereign I can allow to rule me is reason. The first law of reason is this: what exists, exists; what is, is. From this irreducible, bedrock principle, all knowledge is built. This is the foundation from which life is embraced.
Reason is a choice. Wishes and whims are not facts, nor are they a means to discovering them. Reason is our only way of grasping reality -it's our basic tool of survival. We are free to evade the effort of thinking, to reject reason, but we are not free to avoid the penalty of the abyss we refuse to see."
-Faith of the Fallen
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12:12am: RotK was nominated for bunches of Academy Awards. Yay. They better win. And Johnny Depp better win for Jack Sparrow.

Are Oscars and Academy Awards different? I thought they were, but something they said on IMdB confused me. I guess it's bedtime, eh?

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2nd February 2004

11:04pm: talking to jess. she's drunk. not really drunk, but her roommate gave her a little alcohol, and she doesn't do well with alcohol. she's funny. and i was talking about PP, and I said something about peter going to netherland. she laughed-ed at me. and she thinks it's funny that i once said that st. louis is in new jersey. and she was all surprised that i'm in the same time zone here in memphis as she is in nashville.

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9:43pm: more about Peter Pan! surprise surprise. well, it's not just about peter pan.

why is it that i always go for guys if they're hurting/depressed/upset? watching peter pan reminded me yet again how much i do that. the reason i say i'm so "in love" with peter in the movie is largely because of how i feel when i see him during the fight with hook when he eventually falls to the ground and hook is hitting him and he's not even fighting anymore, like he's ready to just give up. the same goes for hook when he's watching peter and wendy dance and talking about being alone. and in LotR, frodo when he's suffering from the burden of the ring, pippin when he crys after singing his song, faramir when his father treats him like shit, and so on. if a guy wants me to like him, all he really needs to do is cry (for a legitimate reason). is that just mothering instinct? I guess so.

that'd be why I'm currently using this icon.

i think i'll post that horribly written paragraph in my livejournal too, so i can get jess and that goddessofmania chic's opinions.

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9:30pm: one more month and i will have been using this journal for a whole year. woohoo!

i think i picked up saying woohoo a lot from reading too much foxtrot.


8:55pm: so, that was a total waste of time/energy/gas/make-up/etc. i have bible study on monday nights, right? only 'cept i got all the way to church before i remembered it's gonna be out at msu (memphis state university... yes, it is actually uofm, but i grew up in memphis and i call it memphis state like all the true memphians). of course, by the time i realized it there wasn't time to drive all the way out there. so i got ready, did my hair/make-up, drove to church etc. for precisely NO reason. i don't mind missing bible study, tho i must admit i like the free cokes/chips/candy and the potential to win one of the give-aways (usually sam's size boxes/tubs of candy). it was just really annoying to go out in rainy, freezing, nasty weather for no reason.

the lights on my dashboard aren't working. so when i drive at night i have no idea how fast i'm going, how warm the car is, how much gas i have, or what i've got the air set on (well, i know the switches well enough to tell that by feel, but the rest of it i can't). of course, the benefit of knowing your car and the roads you're on as well as i do is that i can go precisely the right speed without looking. but it's still really obnoxing. i've had a bunch of electrical problems of late. the most bothersome is that the little lines on the back window that heat up and defrost the window don't work anymore. i do so love my car, but i'm really ready for a new one.

i believe i could live off of fruit snacks and totinos pizza rolls. they be god.

why am i so thoroughly obsessed with quotes? i have hundreds written in various lists. i just love them. if i have one i really like, i have to write it down. usually multiple times. and i have to go read my lists fairly often. i'm guessing it's part of my potential mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. dunno. but i do so love them.

current favorite quote to obsessively write everywhere, "To live will be an awfully big adventure." I like having ones that are short so i can write them easier in more places. that one has recently been put onto the front of my cd case. the back is completely covered, but it's the only one on the front.

it's funny how i love the soundtracks from LotR and PP both so much, but in such different ways. LotR are almost stories within themselves. you get all the emotions of the movies from the music. but with PP, while you certainly get all the emotions, it seems more like just pretty, moving music, rather than almost telling a story like LotR. i guess a lot of that comes from the fact that LotR is so much more complicated than PP. in LotR, you have the shire theme, gondorian theme, rohan theme, elven theme, etc. and each of the songs at the ends are played throughout their respective movie. and so on. with PP, it's one movie, set in pretty much one (or i guess you could say 2) place(s), so it's less complex. but so beautiful.

you know, each of our journals tend to be very different, but with definite themes running through them. i talk non-stop about whatever my current obsession is, josh talks a LOT about computers, and some about DnD, ed talks a lot about DnD and shows like x-men or lilo and stitch. elmie talks about her favorite movies and josh and stuff. of course, we all talk about our lives and stuff, but there are some major recurring themes.

we talked to this lady at the airport (she was from mexico and we started talking after my grandfather gave her a tract in spanish. she spoke english, but it was rather fun to work on our limited spanish) and then i saw her today at wal-mart. it was weird. cause i was at the wal-mart most people in my area don't go to(there's a bigger one a couple of minutes away) and i don't live anywhere near the airport. (i'm aware that just cause she was at the airport didn't mean she lived near it, but memphis is big-ish with only one airport, so she could have lived anywhere in the surrounding area, and the odds of her living near me were quite low. especially since i live in one of the better parts of town and generally hispanics are in lower-income areas. i say this not as a racist thing, but a statement of fact.)

i use way too many parentheses. in the above paragraph, of the 157 words in it, only 41 are not in parentheses. and i do that sort of thing a lot. i also overuse italics. i like to write so that i'm sure you read it right, cause sometimes a sentence with the emphasis on one word can mean a very different thing from the same sentence with the emphasis on a different word.

i want to go to bed. but i slept till 11 today, so i haven't been up even 12 hours yet. i usually can't sleep unless i've been up at least 13 hours.

i have nothing to do. i think i'll go to mugglenet interactive and blow some time.

have a nice night!

and if my mood's not really a mood, tough.
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6:04pm: one last PP note. i want a shirt that says, "i do believe in fairies" and/or one that says "to live will be an awfully big adventure." can you get airbrushin' people to do quotes, or is that copyright infringement? or any ideas on how to make t-shirts that don't look dorky and homemade? cause the only PP t-shirt i can find online just has the P symbol and says peter pan.

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5:30pm: Went to see Peter Pan again. so beautiful. but more than beautiful. *goes to* it is admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, dazzling, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, sightly, splendid, stunning, sublime, superb, taking, well-formed, wonderful.

it's the only movie i can remember that made me want so desperately to be in love. and the last thing i want right now is to be in a relationship. i'm such a sucker for cheesy romances. but still... this one is somehow more.

my sister just thew a huge screaming fit about wanting to pick which video they watched. i think i damaged my eardrums by turning my cd player all the way up and clamping my headphones onto my head with all my strength. i'm getting pms-y, so my emotions are all out of whack, and my temper is horrible. thbbbbbb. i hate having a temper. i wind up getting myself in trouble.

I want Peter Pan to be out on dvd now.

gonna go now. cause i have nothing to talk about other than my love of peter pan. and i'll just annoy you if i go on any longer. ta!

today's quote: "[Hook]'If I were you, I would give up.' [Peter]'If you were me... I'd be ugly.'"
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1st February 2004

11:42pm: I'm getting worse about my whole, "you're not a real LotR fan cause you haven't read the books" thing. on the LotR_icons livejournal community, someone needed some research for something, so they had a list of questions to answer, and I wanted to just smack all the idiots who put stuff like, "i just wanted to see it cause elijah wood was in it tee hee hee." dumbasses. i'm turning into a rabid fan person. my answers to the questions were longer and more thought out than anyone elses on there. and I added a bit about how Tolkien wouldn't have liked the movies just cause I felt like it.


10:14pm: looong day.
This has been one of those days where you think of something that happened this morning and think, "was that today?" Just a lot going on with church, and picking up daddy and kristi at the airport, and taking the boys to church, then going over to uncle chip's (emmi's daddy) with emmi. We watched home videos of when they were little. they were so cute!! especially her brother rusty. he had the cutest little accent! very southern. he doesn't talk like that now, so it's kinda weird to think that that's how he used to be.

church was okay. he didn't talk as much about the movie as i would have liked. i wanted to hear more about it. I'm definitely going to see it. they're doing the whole thing in aramaic, greek, and hebrew. they were originally gonna not have subtitles, so you could focus on the acting and all (that's what mel gibson wanted) but i think they wound up doing subtitles. it's rated R, cause it's all bloody and graphic. it should be really good, even if it is, of course, all christian-y. i'm looking forward to it.

one of the actors, i think the one who's playing jesus, got struck by lightning while they were making the movie. he was unhurt. one of the people on mni asked if that was a sign or a warning.

yeah, gonna go see peter pan again tomorrow. thank you ed for taking me to see it. (or rather, for talking about how good it was so i had to go see it.) and for raving about the soundtrack. it's soooooooooo great.

I liked having grandma and grandpa here. it was great. and i'm of those people where if something continues 2 days in a row, it's a routine and just "the way things are." so i'm having a lot of trouble adjusting back.

i'm so not happy about having my parents home. back to dishes 3 times a week, keeping absolutely nothing in my bathroom for even a minute (cause kristi'll dump it in my room), no leaving the computer for more than 2 seconds cause if she sees it on when i'm not on it she turns it off, even if i'm in the bathroom. and so on. they don't even know what time i got home tonight. i was just going to church, but wound up going and having pizza with emmi at her dad's. so i didn't get home till 10. and does my dad care? no. if i disappeared, he'd have NO idea where to look for me, or when to start looking, or anything. i never thought i'd be one of those kids who wanted my parents to ask questions, but i do. yeah, i'm 18. but i felt a lot safer when grandma was here and i always told her where i was going and when i'd be back, and called her if anything changed. i could have come home at 1 in the morning and he wouldn't have known the difference. i have to get out of here. i hate to leave now, cause i'm hanging out with emmi and jennifer a lot. i'll miss them. but i can't stay here. even all the shit my mother pulls isn't as bad as putting up with this.

drove my aunt's van to church with my little cousinses. it was weird. but the van drove so much better than my car. it was great. but i parked really bad. cause i have an itty-bitty car, and the van was huge.

a lady at the airport thought katherine and matthew were mine.

me and emmi talked about what she wants to do for her wedding. we're confused on how to handle the flowergirl/ringbearer thing. cause katherine would be the obvious choice for flower girl, and brent (the groom-to-be) has some kid that would make a good ring bearer. but then that leaves andrew and stephen (cousinses) out, and their mom is one of those people who would definitely be hurt about that. chip (uncle) suggested having the boys be junior groom's men. that could work. cause emmi'll have 2 jr. bridesmaids. i may be the maid-of-honour. i say "may" cause i don't want to be presumptuous. she'll be mine for certain, but that day is a long way off. emmi's thinking maybe next june. that gives her some time to plan, and brent a little time to get ready. they've been dating nearly 4 years, but she says she doesn't think he's really ready yet.

i guess i'll go now. i have nothing much else to say. have a nice night!
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3:07pm: Weird dreams and parental units
got me a pretty Peter Pan icon. using a Hook one on insanejournal now. the peterpan_icons community is good, but doesn't really have enough. i'm gonna have to look for more later.

i had bizarre dreams last night. and not good bizarre. bad bizarre. i only remember one, but i shall attempt to recount it here.

i was at "work" (by which i mean the place i worked in the dream, not anywhere i know of in real life) and there was this guy (who looked like one of my managers at arby's that was a total jackass and everyone hated) who apparently had some sort of weird fetishes or something, and i was investigating it. for some reason whatever this fetish was affecting his ability to do his job. i went about the business of investigating him for a while. then there was a brief bit where i slept with hugo weaving (the HELL? that's just a scary thought). it had nothing to do with the dream. it was just stuck in there for no reason. then somehow all the people at work except me and emmi (she just appeared out of nowhere) were gone. we didn't know where they'd gone. and the guy i was investigating showed up, and was gonna rape us. he started with me, but he'd gotten my shirt about half off when all the people (all males, heh. i'm giving in to the prince charming rescuing the princess thing) who we didn't know where were showed up and saved us. the guy had locked them up, but they escaped.

there was more to it, like the guy was totally nuts and trying to take over the world or something. and there was a lot of very detailed colour and texture stuff in the surroundings. it was, up until the end, more of a visual dream than an eventful one. but i did not like that dream.

katherine threw another screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs fit this morning. didn't want to get up, then didn't want to eat breakfast (she went to church having had no food at all), then didn't want to go to church, then didn't want to get dressed. and so on. for that reason, i'm thankful my parents are back. for many, many other reasons, i'm not at all happy about it.

but they are back, for good or ill. they had a great time and all. they brought me back some flip-flops, some pretty earrings, a candle, and daddy gave me his beef jerky that he hadn't eaten. (i love beef jerky, so that's really not as weird as it sounds.) i now own two pairs of brazilian flip-flops. these are prettier than the ones brad brought me, but not as comfy.

some guy just called for kristi and (since she's taking a nap) talked to me for a minute (asking questions about their trip). he acted like i should know who he is, but i don't have the slightest clue. oh well. he was nice anyway.

church tonight. woohoo. i still greatly resent that i have to go on sunday nights, but daddy and kristi don't. bleh. he'll be talking about that "Passion of the Christ" movie that mel gibson's making, and that should be interesting-ish. but i may not go, cause i'm babysitting my cousins and originally my aunt said to take them to church, but now she said it might be better to just not go. so maybe i can get out of it. we'll see.

shit. i really don't like having my stepmom back home. i'm gonna start calling about jobs in nashville tomorrow. i'm not putting up with this shit anymore.

I'm also gonna try to go see PP again tomorrow. i needs it. it be lovely-ness.

a small bit of girl stuff )

yeah. time to go to room and read or somethin'. ta!
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31st January 2004

11:47pm: dumb survey
gonna do a pointless update cause my livejournal update upset me (it took me like 5 tries just to type that sentence. i'm more upset than i thought). i need to get my mind on other stuff before i try to sleep. so this is a survey stolen from ?kate.

o1. First off, introduce yourself: I be lizzie, or beth, or bethipoo, or sisterbeth, or sisterbethipoo, or any variation thereof (is that a word? it is now).

o2. How are you today: was pretty good. now a bit upset. pretty music making me feel better tho

o3. What colour are your eyes: blue, but green when they feel like it. and yellow/gold around the pupil

o4. Where are you living: right at this moment, memphis. but i consider nashville to be my permanent address.

o5. How old are you: 18 (yay. i've done precisely nothing special since i turned 18. not even a rated r movie. i suck. i'll go buy a lottery ticket one of these days.)

o6. What did you do today: got up at 10, took a shower, played with suzanna when jen came over, went to see peter pan, watched the end of TT:EE, took another shower, and will soon be off to bed.

o7. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: no. >:P

o8. If yes, what is his/her name: *thbbb*

o9. What grade are you in: aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i'm not in a grade!!!! *dies*

11. Any pets: doggy- oreo, kitty-cassie, and little brother- matthew (little kids remind me of dogs, so sue me.)

12. Do you write poetry or songs: not lately. but only poetry when i do.

13. Hair colour: naturally dark blonde/light brown, currently blonde

14. Do you live in an apartment or house: house

15. TV Shows you admire: admire??? law and order? don't "admire" tv shows

16. Scariest movie you've ever seen: uh, i think the x-files movie scared me the most at the time. and signs. ack. shouldn't have thought about that when i was the only one awake in the house

17. Saddest movie you've ever seen: the perfect storm made me cry so hard i couldn't stop and we had to go out of the back exit so i wouldn't have to have people seeing me and i cried all the way home and off and on the whole night. i think i must have been pms-y. but i always get more upset when a sad movie is based on a true story

18. How often do you hurt yourself every day: can't say "how often" and "every day" both. doesn't work. but i haven't hurt myself in a long time.

19. What's your favourite boy's name: i don't remember. samwise. orion. one of those. if i have a son and we name him after his father, i'm calling him slightly. (he has to have some nickname if he's named the same as his dad, or it'd get too confusing.)

2o. Favourite girl's name: Abigail Quinn. Elanor. Rose. (I'd like Elanor Rose, but it sounds like Elanor Roosevelt.)

21. Hobbies: playing on the computer, keeping up my encyclopedic knowledge of LotR and HP, reading, sometimes drawing, etc.

22. If you were going to die tomorrow what would you want to do today: uh, i used to say have sex or something, cause i didn't want to die a virgin, but now... i'd want to spend time with the people i love. make sure i got a chance to resolve any problems between us, and say good-bye. i'm obsessive about making sure i say "good-bye" and "i love you" every time i leave someone, just in case i never see them again.

23. Have you ever cheated death: not really no.

24. Are you a good student: i like school and learning and all, but i'm a total slacker

25. Do you play an instrument: an itty-bitty bit of piano. but not really

26. music you listen to: totally depends on my mood. i like nearly everything.

27. Lucky number: mostly 17 and 7. but you know how i am about numbers from that entry the other day.

28. Do you collect anything: jess's old answer- dust. but really, LotR, HP, and SW stuff, books, movies, posters, cow stuff, chicken stuff, etc.

29. Have you ever met a famous person: buncha christian singers. and adrian rogers. he's our pastor at my church. but it's a 20,000+ member church, and he's known worldwide. i have his fucking autograph. he's like a celebrity, even tho he's just a pastor.

3o: What's your dream wedding: i've thought this out way too much to write it all here. you'd shoot me for boring you with all the details. let it suffice to say that it's pretty.

emmi may get married soon-ish. as in within the next year. her and her boyfriend's 3?, no 4-year anniversary is coming up (it's on prom night, how sweet ^_^), and her response is, "i better get my ring." and she mentioned the other day (when talking about saving money) that she was likely to get married within the next year and if she was gonna have the wedding she wants she'd have to save her money cause her parents won't be paying for all of it. it'd be soooooo weird for her to get married. but in a lot of ways it's like she already is, cause brent comes to a lot of our family stuff and the whole family knows him pretty well and stuff. and lots of times when emmi and i get together he's there too. but still... seeing her get married is gonna feel weird. it'll make me feel all old. we've been bestest friends since we were itty-tiny. ah well. we all grow up sometime, right?

time for bed. i'm all happy now, cause i have my PP music.
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10:45pm: just finished watching TT:EE with grandpa. it's nuts. it took him 4 days to sit through all of FotR, yet he stayed awake through all but the last 15 minutes of TT last night, then we finished it and watched the stuff on the making of Gollum tonight. he loves gollum. yay! i love gollum too. and i've finally found someone who really loves watching all the making of stuff. i absolutely love watching the 6+ hours of special features, but most people don't. and he likes my nifty book about gollum that andy serkiss wrote.

LotR is my biggest obsession. I love HP and SW and all the others (PotC, peter pan (hereafter referred to as PP), NBC, etc.), but LotR is definitely the one i'm most obsessed with. because no matter how obsessive i am about another one, all i have to do is watch just a little bit of one of the LotR movies, or listen to the soundtracks, or look at one of my books, and I'm completely re-obsessed with it. that doesn't work so well with the others. if i tried to read/watch HP right now, i wouldn't really be able to get into it. but despite being completely obsessed with PP a few hours ago, i'm mostly thinking about LotR now that i've watched the end of TT.

there are too many acronyms in this entry.

i have to get up early, so i really ought to be going to bed. but i got up late enough that i'm not tired. oh well.

PP soundtrack is still greatness.

there's no mood on here that describes that feeling of being caught up in the beauty of this music. and i can't think of a word that properly describes it. any suggestions? peaceful was the closest i could get. but it's something more.

gonna go read other people's journals and stuff.
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8:45pm: blurty doesn't offer enough choices for mood icons. and it doesn't let you make a title for your journal like livejournal. basically, it's a shitty version of livejournal. if i wasn't tired of switching journals (i've had two deadjournals before i had this) i'd do another livejournal for this stuff. oh well.


8:34pm: i'm not sure if i should think the pictures of zak and his new boyfriend (on jess's journal) are cute or creepy. i dunno. i generally think lesbians are cute (like i would think a hetero couple was cute. like joshy and elmie), but gay guys creep me the hell out.

the songs on the peter pan soundtrack aren't in order. that bugs me. but they're beautiful, so i forgive them. the songs "flying" and "fairy dance" make me have to close my eyes, cause they're too pretty to listen to with distractions. but "flying" is too short. only 3 minutes something. "fairy dance" is over 5 minutes.
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7:35pm: just got back from chic-fil-a. went with grandparents and siblings. fun fun. the kidses played on the "playground." and this one little kid who was out there kept talking to me. and he asked what i had in my pockets and stuck his hand in my pockets (of my coat, he wasn't molesting me). and he wanted the fig newtons i had in there. it was weird. funny, but weird. i don't approve of parents who just stick there kids in the playground part and don't stay to supervise them. i could have kidnapped that kid, and as long he didn't scream (i think if i'd given him the fig newton's he'd've kept quiet), his parental unit would never have noticed. inept parenting these days... *shakes head*

went to see peter pan again. *dances* such love. it is the most beautiful movie. i also went and bought the soundtrack. pretty pretty. lacks the genius of howard shore's work with LotR, but still awesome. the movie is just wonderful. it's the greatest romance movie i've ever seen, but not. very sensual, and not just in the sense of sexy or something like that. just... great.

i really am in love with the kid who plays peter pan. jeremy sumpter.

jason isaacs makes evil sexy. i wanna jump hook. of course, being pms-y doesn't help. heh.

oh my fucking god. okay, grandpa just got through bathing my sister (she takes baths on saturday night cause of church on sunday), and he washed her hair. evidently she'd been a brat, so he wanted me to dry her hair. i walked into the bathroom and she threw herself on the floor and started screaming at the top of her lungs. when i asked what was wrong, she just kept screaming, so i picked her up. she kicked and fought and screamed even louder. so i left and yelled for grandma. when i followed grandma back into the bathroom, she screamed still louder. what the fuck is wrong with that kid!?!?! i can't have spanking priveleges with her, cause i'll kill her. with this i had to leave the room to keep from yanking her up by her hair and beating the living daylights out of her. i'm soooo ready to move back to nashville. i'll miss jennifer and suzanna and emmi and matthew and grandma, but i won't miss my brat sister.

i can't get the full-length peter pan trailer to play. the teaser trailer works, but not the other one. *sticks out tongue at computer*

when my car makes funny noises, i just yell "i'm not listening" at it. that's probably not the best way to handle it, eh?

gonna go clean the bathroom right quick i'm supposed to every friday, but i haven't while daddy and kristi were out of town. but they're coming back tomorrow, so i gotta. *makes face* i want grandma and grandpa to stay.

byes for now!!


30th January 2004

7:56pm: i shouldn't be allowed to drive when i'm stressed. i went through a light and then thought, "was that red or green?" and i drive too fast.

but i got my applications mailed, so all is more or less well. yay.

it's cold.

i bought a squishie today. that's what i call it. actually, it's a little stitch made of rubbery stuff that's all squishy. it's great. me and emmi been playin' with it.

watchin' my winnie-the-pooh dvd. it's the same as the video we grew up watching all the time at grandma's house. fun fun.

while i was off mailing my applications, emmi and grandma gave matthew cookies. later, he was walking through the house and he took off his boot, got what he says was a piece of a cookie out of his boot, ate it, put his boot back on and went on his way. strange child, eh?

going to go back ticklin' emmi now.
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4:09pm: heh. my boss commented on the fact that i haven't been cleaning the bathrooms in the newly aquired (well, not so new, but since i started working here) part of the building. oops. well he ain't paying me to do it. i didn't get a raise since we got the new part of the building, but there are two more bathrooms (the 1 person kind, not couple of stalls kind like the others) and 2 more offices. but i haven't said anything about a raise cause i've been totally slacking off on most of it. haven't dusted in weeks. i guess i'd better do that next time.

it's also never a good thing when the owner of the company says of you, "she still works here?" he was referring to the fact that his trash never gets emptied. but it's in the new part, and when we first aquired it, nobody was using it, and nobody told me that there was suddenly a trash can back there. it's not like it looks like an office. it's just a little plastic folding desk thingy and a couple of chairs. oh well. i'll get another job soon (maybe here, maybe in nashville) and then i can quit. before they fire me. heh.

gonna go. i gots stuff to do.
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3:20pm: just gotta take out the trash (which, for some odd reason beyond my comprehension, i enjoy) and then i can go home. well, go to the bank, stop by the house and get my applications, go to the post office and then go home. but you get the point.

note to self: if the floor is dirtier, not cleaner after you mop it, something is wrong. i cleaned my mop today. yeah. it was filthy. i had to put fresh water in the bucket 4 times before i even got it to where i could put the mop in it without the water turning all nasty dirty black-ish coloured. and that was after i had rinsed it in the sink. i guess i might outta clean it more often, eh?

i'm such a little kid. the people at work still don't believe me when i say i'm actually intelligent. cause i do so much dumb stuff like walking into boxes and shelves. there's really fairly little difference between me and my siblings. (my sister once had a big bruise on her face because she was running without looking where she was going and ran smack into a wall. those are rather hard to not see.) ah well, it's fun acting like a kid.

going to go do trash. and then head out. ta!
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2:09pm: Toilet Paper count
this is for record-keeping purposes. don't worryabout it unless you're real bored.

boss bought new toilet paper today. 48 roles. already had 3 rolls, so that makes 51. rolls already on holders, maybe 2.5. that's what, 53.5? so now we wait and see how long they last. i'm guessing 2-3 weeks max.

i'm gonna buy me a day calandar and keep track of this stuff, just cause i can.



thought that was funny. does anyone really care about these comics i put on here? i tend to read lots and lots of comics, so I like having the good ones linked here. but does anyone else really give damn?


1:29pm: Actually got to work today. Woohoo. I hate getting up early.

Learned something interesting. I was looking through this little booklet on taking care of your back that the doctor gave me, and it said that if your chair is too high so your feet don't reach the ground right, it'll make you have bad posture. Yay!! It's not just that I'm lazy, it's also that I'm short! My feet usually only barely reach the ground in a normal chair. at school i used to swing my legs when i was bored.

the booklet also said that you shouldn't sleep flat on your back, on your side with one leg straight and the other bent, on your stomach, or in any postion with your arms above your head. oops. i guess i can't sleep anymore then. the only way you're supposed to sleep is on your back with your feet elevated (on pillows or something) or on your side with both legs bent. like hell. i can't sleep like that. i can pretty much only sleep on my stomach, or occasionally on my sided with one leg bent. i don't even get sleepy on my back, much less on my back with my feet up in the air. good grief.

gonna send all my applications in today. tho of course i left them at home, so i've gotta go home before i can go to the post office. hope it doesn't cost too much.

this weather is hell for my right ear. the earring in my cartlidge piercing gets cold and it hurts like a monkey.

i have a new cousin. Laura Vivian Moore. born yesterday. yay!! (vivian, by the way, was my great-grandmother's name. hmm, her older brother's middle name is Fox, which is my grandmother's maiden name. i wonder if my grandfather is offended that both the kids were named after the other side of the family.)

my grandmother (in nashville) broke her wrist bowling and had to have surgery on it yesterday. it was an eventful hospital-y kind of day yesterday for my nashville family. baby was born and grandmother had surgery and all. glad i wasn't there.

my manager is going camping with his son's boy scout troop tonight. and it's damn cold. under 20. hee hee.

gonna go clean now so i can get home. i be sleepy.
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29th January 2004

7:09pm: I gotta start bothering to notice whether application deadlines are the "recommended" sort, or the "set-in-stone-if-you-miss-this-you'll-never-go-to-college-and-die-starving-and-homeless-on-the-street" kind. Cause I've got bloody little chance of making University of Memphis (MSU)'s deadline of "All supporting documents should be on file and all applications complete" by January 31st. So i was freaking out and such. I've got my "supporting documents" all sent, but not the application. Then i realized it was recommended. and then i remembered that last august (after their real application deadline) when I decided not to go to tntech and was considering going there instead, they were all, "We'll give you all our money and be your slaves for life and sacrifice our firstborn children if only you will pretty pretty please come to our school." (the main reason i didn't was cause i couldn't have gotten into any classes that late.) and then i realized that MSU is just my backup school in case no one else will give me a scholarship and i really don't want to go there anyway. so all is well again.


6:21pm: oops. i seem to have gotten myself into a bit of trouble with my livejournal. i guess that'll teach me to try to do entries not everyone can read. i've apologized, and i shall now pretend nothing happened. cause that's what i do.

just cleaned out my purse. i have a decent candy stash in there. a handful of nestle treasures (caramel), a peppermint patty, 3 packs of gum (various flavors), 2 packs of aquadrops (yummy), 3 rolls of breathmints (i've been addicted to those for years), and a hawaiian punch flavored sucker. i had some hershey kisses but threw them away cause they taste weird if they've been in there more than a week or two. and i wonder why i can never lose weight. geez.

went to wal-mart with jeniffer today. it's really sad that my aunt is the only person i actually spend time with lately. but emmi and i are doing stuff more often now. she's spending the night tomorrow night. but jennifer is lots of fun. she feels more like she's my age than almost 40. i hope i'm like that. i don't want to seem old. at one point we got on the topic of my cousin margie (emmi's sister) and the fact that she's thought she was pregnant like 3 times and stuff, and my aunt (who got married when already 4 or 5 months pregnant) said something along the lines of, "well my advice is don't have sex before you're married." i had no idea what to say. cause i feel almost comfortable enough to tell her, but not quite. and she said something about how if you do, then when you break up with the guy who you first slept with, it'll screw you all up. my response was, "well, i've dumped every guy i ever went out with, so i've never been like, 'oh, he was the first guy i ever kissed and now he's gone, woe is me.'" (okay, so i sorta was like that, but not cause he was my first kiss, but that's a whole 'nother story, and one i've never gone into really much in this journal and likely never will, and my point still stands) it occurs to me to wonder if my weirdness in trying to hold up my end of that conversation may have clued her into the fact that i'm not a virgin. i wonder if it would bother her to learn that the only niece of her's that's still a virgin is my sister (who's 4). dunno. i kinda would like to tell her, cause i trust her to keep it a secret, and i know she'd be good to talk to. oh well. maybe it'll come up sometime.

andrew and stephen are spending the night tonight. they've apparently already been driving my grandmother crazy. i wouldn't know. as soon as they got to my house i left for wal-mart with jen, then when i got home they were napping and once they got up i headed here to clean. but i gotta go home soon, so i need to go actually do my cleaning. today's a vacuum day! *dances*

my sister got into an arguement with grandma about whether the chipmunks names were "Chip and Dale" or "Chip and James." That child is so weird.

gonna go. byes!
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