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12th March 2004

4:27pm: heLLo doLLy
ok i auditioned for hello dolly and i got a call back...i hope i get a part...well i wont know until monday... SEPTA IS GOING ON STRIKE
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8th March 2004

3:03pm: dAn
okay...dan... hes this guy that i like and i think he likes me... well at least i hope so. @ my party he had his arm around me and he keeps flirting... i hope everything turns out ok
Current Mood: cheerful
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15th February 2004

6:50pm: aSShoLes - reaD eNouGht saiD
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: asl???
TEIKYOCLUBBA: 19-m-nj-pic
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: 16-f-philly...r u talking to mistressdawn???
TEIKYOCLUBBA: i dont talk to ugly girls
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: excuse me???
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: y is she ugly??
TEIKYOCLUBBA: bc i think she is
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: do you have a pic???
TEIKYOCLUBBA: yeah, do u?
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: yea send me yours and ill send you mine
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: you first
TEIKYOCLUBBA: im nort stupid
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: u probably not going to send it cuz you probly ugly and dont want me to know cuz you said that dawn was
TEIKYOCLUBBA: u send urs i'll send mine right after
TEIKYOCLUBBA: i got a 9.4 on hot or not, so im b\not ugly
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: and i supposed to believe that???
TEIKYOCLUBBA: look for ur self
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: how???
TEIKYOCLUBBA: just send ur fuckin pic or leave me alone
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: of ur not going to send me your pic??
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: dont be an fuking asshole to me
TEIKYOCLUBBA: just send ur oic
TEIKYOCLUBBA: ur annoying me
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: ok hold on
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: lemme get it
TEIKYOCLUBBA: i dont have all night
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: hold on
TEIKYOCLUBBA: i got shit to do
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: never mind and for the record you fukin superficial asshole it shouldnt matter how dawn looks and i think shes hot...your probably saying she ugly cuz she dont want your ass...and from the short talki had with you im supprized you could ever get a girlfriend since you treat them like a word of advise get your fuking head out of your ass and start treating people like they are humans cuz not everyone is there for you
TEIKYOCLUBBA: u are dawn
TEIKYOCLUBBA: u stupid fuck
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: no im not my name is krystal
TEIKYOCLUBBA: im blocking u
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: oo0o0o im scared
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: your stupid
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: go cry to your mom
TEIKYOCLUBBA: so who gives a shit
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: you dont know what i look like
TEIKYOCLUBBA: yeah im a grown fuckin man
WhtStrpRaGDoLL15: then act like one
Current Mood: pissed off

31st January 2004

8:42pm: coMpuTeR
i finally got a new old one was 11 years old!!!! so im really really happy so yeah okay bye


I haVe a New coMpuTeR
Current Mood: ecstatic
Current Music: "you'Ve GoT maiL"

26th January 2004

11:26am: weRidoS
ok heres the deal...i met a guy that is i thought he later told me he was 23..well he was getting on my nerves so i played with his mind a this is hilarious

n: so what u look like again
TinKrb3LLe15: 5'3 1/2 black hair hazel eyes
n: nice sounds good so far
n: u gotta cute face
TinKrb3LLe15: umm humm
n: whats umm humm
TinKrb3LLe15: yes
n: how much u weigh
TinKrb3LLe15: 130
n: sounds hot
TinKrb3LLe15: i am
n: what kind guys u go for
TinKrb3LLe15: i dunno any guy i think is hot i dont have a "type"
n: cool
n: u aint gotta pic rt when u gettin one
TinKrb3LLe15: i have a confessoin 2
TinKrb3LLe15: ive been a bad girl
n: whats that
n: doing what
TinKrb3LLe15: ive been really naughty
TinKrb3LLe15: well should i tell you???
n: yeah
TinKrb3LLe15: ok well...i need a spanking...if i tell you will you spank me???
n: maybe
n: we'll se how bad u wher
n: tell me
TinKrb3LLe15: dawn and i are boys and we are lovers (were gay)...will you join us in a threesome sometime
n: no thanks
TinKrb3LLe15: r u sure??
n: your kiddin rt
TinKrb3LLe15: we can take 9in were used to it
TinKrb3LLe15: dawn can come up if you wanna meet
n: ok lets go
n: wher at
TinKrb3LLe15: for real...even though were guys??
n: yeah
n: its cool
n: where u wanna meet when dawn gonna be here
n: i got my own apartment
TinKrb3LLe15: ok hold on lemme ask her when she coming up
n: thought u said she was a dude why u sayin she now
TinKrb3LLe15: cuz we call eachother girls
n: oh ok
TinKrb3LLe15: have you ever done a guy???
n: why dont u let me back on that chat shit
n: nope
TinKrb3LLe15: o
n: is that a problem
TinKrb3LLe15: yeah she signed off
n: u said u could both handle this thick ass 9 lets go oh ok so thats a no go
n: then what was that pic he or she sent me
n: screw her i want u
n: how bigs your chest
TinKrb3LLe15: shes going to put us in a chat
TinKrb3LLe15: so we can all talk
n: ok
n: how bigs your chest why cant just u talk to me
TinKrb3LLe15: i can
n: oh ok
TinKrb3LLe15: i really dont have one im a guy
TinKrb3LLe15: i mean i dont have them
n: oh yeah what was the pic he sent me
n: looked like a fem to me
n: ok
TinKrb3LLe15: it was his twin sister
n: oh ok
TinKrb3LLe15: dude y would i lie
n: i said oh ok i believe u
TinKrb3LLe15: ok
n: why would u look for a dude that wants a girl then
n: wheres this chat
TinKrb3LLe15: cuz its sexy...its not working
n: ok
TinKrb3LLe15: Chat 28024707250180799630
TinKrb3LLe15: see i got you on a chat
n: yeah
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9:12am: neW guYs
ok so i was on the puter last night w my friend dawn we were talkin to guys we didnt know or whatever...this one guy is weird he wants to meet me and he keeps calling me baby
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25th January 2004

1:36pm: ParTy tiMe
it is alomost my 16th b-day and im havin a party...mardi gras should be SOOOO much fun
huGs 'n' kiSSes
Current Mood: high
Current Music: LaLaLa a.k.a tHe soNg iN My hEaD

24th January 2004

4:56pm: wTf!!!!
i wrote this whole big entry and its gone!!!!! ahhhh
Current Mood: pissed off
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4:45pm: aLLy aNd The biTcH
once upon a time there was a girl named ally and a freshmen who i call the bitch. the whole story started out when ally accused me of going out with her x. ok she is CRAZY!!! so later on in the month i was riding the bus with her x and the bitch. i told him about what ally said and he laughed and so did i. then the bitch said "since ally thinks ur already going out u guys should. i laughed. the next day i find out that she told people that i said that frank (the x) and i should go out. people think im a slut now. and when i asked the bitch about it she lied. and the bitch isnt going to live happily ever after because she is going to get a fist in her face

tHe eNd
Current Mood: pissed off
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