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so so so so sorry [24 Oct 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | ICP:Fuck the world ]

DAMN!!!!!!!!! I havent updated in this for a long as while.From what i can remember my week(s) have been aight. work if kinda fun but boring, i broke a fuckin nail. now i gotta get 2 repairs n a fill, i mine as well get a whole new set. the other day i had Brittany do my hair. it hurt like HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! so i took it out i kept gettin headace's n everything. I would post a pic but i am ugly as nail hurts cuz i banged it into the door today. my toe hurts. i had n ingrown toenail n picked at it n now it hurts like a bitch. I gotta work tomorrow at 11. hell yea i dont have to do breakfast!!!! i am sooooooooo damn happy but sunday i do. My mom has to work on halloween n i kinda sortta wanna work too but i aint aloud until Jan 13. so i might either had out candy or take my 2 lil cousins out i am not sure. I need to get some new shoes,pants,shirts n C.D.'s. I think i wanna get an icp cd n a few rap ones. i am sooo board n really have nothin else to talk bout so for now this is ur babythug hollerin out love ya much n feel free to IM me on XxBabyThug2006xX.

my computer just fucked up so this enty might show up twice.

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my cousin [14 Oct 2003|09:39pm]

this is my cousin, don't ask me what she is supposed to be, but ain't she just so cuteeee?!
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Sucky ass day [14 Oct 2003|09:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | ICP:under the moon ]

ahhhh today was weird and boaring. I didnt do anything but work and sit on my fat ass. As you can see i got a pic of my 20 year old's baby daughter who is about 6 months old. Her name is Kameryn Marie. Aint she just the cuttest. lol. well i am sure nothin else will happened until the weekend.

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Friday......saturday.......sunday [12 Oct 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Ashanti:Happy ]

ok on friday this is what happened. Lyss was aloud ta go to six flags so we were at tha high school cuz my mom had a meeting and so we were board and called brittany, well she endded up commin. it was all good. well we get to six flags and we seen it looked closed so we asked someone and they said it didnt open until 6 in tha mean while it was 5:15. so after my mom left we were standin there for a second and i got stung by a bee OUCH!!!!! that bitch hurt. and i wanted ta go get ice but nooo i couldnt.oh well. when we went it and went one rides and when it was time for tha tha houses ta open we went in them it was slick as hell.
saturday i wake up and go to work well i had 10 mins ta spare so i look at my schedule and i had requested for sunday off(today) well what do they do put me on there so i told tha manager and she said just dont come in i go whatever and walked away and then got off work and got home took a shower and went to heathers. Well about 7:30 we were meeting some people up there and it took them forever ta get things togeather and when we finaly did we go to tha movie spot and there was nooo seats so we got our money backa nd went home.
Sunday we went to see the fighting temptation. that movie was cool i liked it and then we came home ate her moms good ass calzones and then went to her room and chilled and then about 6 i came home.
so yea that was my weekend.

Smoke It [09 Oct 2003|09:50pm]
[ mood | cant discribe ]
[ music | Beyonc'e and Sean Paul:BabyBoy ]

Well today was very interesting. Me and brittany went to get our nails done.mines are soooo cute and her too. i got tha french tip and so did she but our airbrushes are different. mines are 2 lil feet and hers are hearts.Well i wanted ta go to six flags for fright fest and me and brittany were supposed ta go and now she dont so i asked Lyss and she said she will find out tomorrow i hope she can go. well after i got my nails done i went up to work since its right acrosse tha street. we go in and get some food and see octavia(a manager) so we talked to her and had ta fill out some papers again it was ok. then about 2 hours went by and we left. i wanted ta wait until 5 :-( i am sooooooooooooooo mad. I get to go to Heathers saturday after work hehehehe i aint seen that gurl since summer endded. i cant wait!!!!!!!!!! i am sooo happy. well its on for right now ill holla back at ya love ya much

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