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    Saturday, July 5th, 2003
    6:38 am
    CHERRY PIE omg cherry pie :0~
    Yeah had 5 slices of Pie tonight! Ahhh I'm going to be feeling that later :0

    Good stuff it was. . .

    Current Mood: full
    Current Music: Rammstein
    6:06 am
    Rammstein = Guitar :0~~~~
    Yeah so I was talking to Dani then she got off and I said night then I turned on Rammstein (Spiel Mit Mir from Live Aus Berlin) and I was like ooh guitars :0~~~~~ then I was inspired so I grabbed my guitar now I practice u.u

    Current Mood: working
    Current Music: Myself
    Friday, July 4th, 2003
    11:30 am
    4th of July
    Yeah so Happy 4th of July! *licks his wounds* :P

    My right hand is bleeding in 3 different places from beating the shit out of a pinata. . . it was fun I got candy :D~~

    My internet went down today in thunderstorm and I was like shit it fucked up the wireless hub (which gives me my internet) and Jesse is outta town so I couldn't get on today. . . but then! I found out the damn thing was unplugged -_-''

    I watched Saving Private Ryan today it's good and I was like awww at the end ok not aww but that was a sad story movie as in aww not as ein bleh u.u

    Rented Wario World

    Bloody :0

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Some America songs like the National Anthem etc
    Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
    8:38 pm
    Went to bed at (?) before 12 am. Slept terribly. Woke every 30 minutes. Then at 4 I said "Fuck it." and looked up Neverwinter Nights stuff. At 7 am back to bed and slept easily because 7 am is around my bed time. . . slept till 2:30.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Rob Zombie
    3:30 am
    Happy Birthday to Heather YAY!!!!! *claps*

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Rammstein - Ich Will
    3:29 am
    Fun Fun Fun Splashing Not in the Sun Come On Everyone it's a Great Ride
    so yeahs I fells asleep watching TV at 9:30. . . or 10. . . I didn't quite see the time. Mom woke me at 1:30. I talk to Jesse on phone he having fun with Connie. I talk to Dani and Claudia all day. Webcams get involved. Heather comes on. (YAY Been a while) and then more talk then I sleepy. . .

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Rammstein
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    10:05 pm
    Tommorow!!!! Heather's birthday. She gets her present next time I see her! (At school) I hope she gets on tommorow for me to wish her a happy birthday but shes gone quite a few weeks in a row so shes got a record to keep up we shall see tommorow ;D

    DANI!!!! Two tuesdays from now (thats the tuesday after next) She gets her present next time I see her as well! But I am not suppose to remember so pretend you didn't read that.

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: none
    11:54 am
    Sleep? Nah.
    I don't know why or how but I didn't get to sleep last night again. Thats like a whole week. . . with no sleep. . . agh!

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Rammstein
    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    11:48 pm
    Heather get online! :PPP

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Rammstein
    8:55 pm
    Yay Dani is on :)

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: :)
    10:43 am
    Dani is at Claudia's
    Kelly is at South Padre Island. . . wherever that is. . .
    Heather feel off the world and hasn't been seen since (by me that is :P)
    Claudia is with Dani
    JR is smoking away. . .
    Jake. . . same as JR. . . .
    Jordan. . . God only knows
    Nina is Canadian
    Nikolai is fucking Cars (you heard me correctly) in Bulgaria
    Kevin is. . . dead. . . I didn't do it! Honestly I didn't!!
    Faiz and Faraz went to Mecca! Or wherever that holy thing is. Then they go to Summer Terrorist Camp
    I forget Clay's thingy. . . hes doing ROTC stuff anyway
    Dawn. . . I dunno something to do with her on "The Dean's List" at her college. . . oops! Right?
    Seb, Chris, Eric, and all those other people from when I lived in California are still AWOL
    There are more people I just can't think of them :P (CONSIDER YOURSELF NOT IMPORTANT! Or just. . . we don't talk enough :P)

    You see!? Everyone is somewhere I am so bored ahhhhhh *needs to goto the hospitol - has the bored-as-fuck-summer-isn't-what-it's-said-to-be disease

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Rammstein - Stripped (That reminds me of sumone on the list)
    8:43 am
    so. . . . bored. . . . .

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Rammstein - Zwitter
    Monday, June 30th, 2003
    9:51 pm
    So Prud came home I didn't talk to him yet read his thing wants Dani on shes at Claudia's and I read my yahoo thing and feel dumb XP Thats long story real short.

    Been playing Icewind Dale with Adam it's fun. I am going to buy Neverwinter Nights and then and then and then thats all.

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: none
    Sunday, June 29th, 2003
    9:53 am
    Ummm JR is trying to get me to smoke (cig) where the hell is you people saying no to me? HUH? Do it >:O get on damn you all!!

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: Rammstein
    7:53 am
    Being 15 SUCKS everybody

    well yeah life isn't worth living until your older XD "Enjoy being young while you can" how can you enjoy being young if you can't visit anyone even the people that lives in the same god damned city? :3 It's pretty gay. . . not pretty but extremely gay. . . I am going to be a Marine just for the free travel benefits. . . blah. . .

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: Rammstein
    2:08 am
    your mother
    Can you hear me?
    We hear you
    Can you see me?
    We see you
    Can you feel me?
    We feel you
    I don't understand you

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Rammstein - Ich Will
    1:31 am
    I read Kelly's. . . JOURNAL! yeah. . . I'm slow. . . . . for today and it made me laugh hahaha :D

    Also ummmm. Damn right!

    And. . . . yeah I'm going to go play pianio. . . did I say piano? I meant guitar. . . I don't have a piano :P and I can't play it anyways so. . . :P

    I watched Lizzy McGuire today and I flicked her off!!!! I felt like it then I did the Michael Jackson and ate pizza and a. . . 2 liter bottle of Sprite then I was like WHEEEEEEEE and this song repeated itself!! Stupid winamp. Well I like it. ANYWAYS I took a bath (for a change not a shower) and there werent any towels! I wanted to put a sign on my door that says "NEKKID PEEPOHS ONLEEE" but that sounds like PEEHOLES so I decided NOOOO~~~~~ XP~~~~ and then I was liek hehehe I'm sitting on a stool and it's like. . . broked cause me :D I was like ERRRRRR cause back then I worked out and it broke! And I had the grossest dream it made me say XP cause it was so fucking nasty! I wont say it cause it was so fucking nasty! WELLLLLLLLLL since none of you mother fuckers come on anymore I am going to go play my guitar!! Did you KNOW it rests on my mid section when I put the strap on!?!? IT'S TRUE! It's fun weeee!!!! and and and Heather get on /;o;/ Dani come home /;o;/ Connie bring home more soda >:O Rammstein come to Houston! >:D and. . . . Kelly get paid more money! >:O

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Rammstein!!!! Adios
    Saturday, June 28th, 2003
    7:23 am
    Not only am I really bored, but I have a pain in my chest. I just ate 1/4th a chocolate pie. . . ahhhhh Lord save me! Ah so I didn't need to use the name- sorry then. I just hurt and would like someone to talk to. This bobblebody-bunny on my desk isn't so talkative.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: uhhh. . . none?
    12:30 am
    Harry Potter
    Ok so I finished the book and. . . it was great but now I have NOTHING to do so I will just jump off a building and see how it turns out. Should be fun! (Read it in less then a week all 870 pages arent I proud. . .) Last thoughts about the book

    ******uhhh. . . spoiler alert. . . yeah. . . . not that anyone who reads my journal reads the Harry Potter books. . . .******


    ******end of fake spoiler alert you couldn't get shit from that (oh and by the way my favorite character would be Sirius Black OOPS!!! DID I JUST RUIN THE END OF THE BOOK FOR YOU? Oh well. . .)******

    Oh and I also beat Enter the Matrix. . . only instead of almost a week with Harry Potter I beat it in less then a day. . .

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: none
    Friday, June 27th, 2003
    6:33 pm
    Dani! :D
    Yeah Dani got on from Claudia's house and I got to talk to her and it was nice cause I miss her :3

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: none
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