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12:25pm 25/06/2003
mood: lazy
music: "Bloody Sunday" - Radiohead
I haven't been by to see Josh or Matt in like, a week. I miss them. -Uncontrolable sobbing.- =(

I miss watches them skateboard and laughing when they fell. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be over there right now even if it does mean having to listen to their disgusting jokes. :\

I really need to go find some blurty friends. I'm so sad. =(
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01:30pm 16/06/2003
mood: frustrated
music: Candy (Remix) {Mandy Moore}
Favorite season: The ones with Jimmy.
Favorite all-time cast members: Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Rachel Dratch, Horatio Sanz.
Favorite current cast member: Jimmy Fallon.
Favorite skits: Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy, Weekend Update, Wakeup Wakefeild.
Favorite episode/host: Katie Holmes.
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Mhm. Survey-thing. Feel free to steal.   
01:17pm 16/06/2003
mood: listless
Ten bands/artists you couldn't live without:
[1] Jimmy Fallon
[2] The Used
[3] Simple Plan
[4] Good Charlotte
[5] Nirvana
[6] Audioslave
[7] Travis
[8] Craig David
[9] The Calling
[10] BBMak

Nine albums that are important to you:
[1] The Bathroom Wall - Jimmy Fallon
[2] No pads, no helmets ..just balls - Simple Plan
[3] The Used - The Used
[4] All-American Rejects - All-American Rejects
[5] The Invisible Band - Travis
[6] A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
[7] Justified - Justin Timberlake
[8] Britney Spears - Britney Spears (Before she became a HO.)
[9] Now or Never - BBMak

Eight movies you'd watch over and over:
[1] Cruel Intentions
[2] Whatever it Takes
[3] Forrest Gump
[4] Darkness Falls
[5] The Ring
[6] Titanic
[7] Life is Beautiful
[8] When Harry met Sally

Seven things that annoy you:
[1] Hypocrites
[2] People who mock you just loud enough so you hear them
[3] People who always think they're right
[4] People who judge you before they know you
[5] People who use the "^_^" face all the time, especially guys!
[6] People who think you're perfect when no one is
[7] People who back stab

Six of your favorite songs:
[1] Like a Stone - Audioslave
[2] I Want It Now - Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory)
[3] Idiot Boyfriend - Jimmy Fallon
[4] My Paper Heart - All-American Rejects
[5] Blue and Yellow - The Used
[6] James Bond Theme Song

Five TV shows you watch regularly:
[1] The Simpsons
[2] The Fairly OddParents
[3] Friends
[4] SNL
[5] Will & Grace

Four of your all-time-favorite books:
[1] The Diary of a Young Girl
[2] Little Women
[3] A Series of Unfortunate Events
[4] Harry Potter

Three albums you've bought recently:
[1] The Bathroom Wall - Jimmy Fallon
[2] A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
[3] All-American Rejects - All-American Rejects

Two Musicians/Actors you would like to do the NASTY with:
[1] Jimmy Fallon
[2] Jimmy Fallon

One Band whos music would be described as writing the soundtrack of your life:
[1] Simple Plan
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01:10pm 16/06/2003
mood: hopeful
music: Road Rage {Jimmy Fallon}
Yeah, my first ever entry. I joined a Jimmy Fallon community, I want to get my friends to join blurty.. I feel so, alone with no friends and stuff. So if you want to add me, go ahead. I'm hoping Amber will scan my picture soon.. it's been a month since she promised. Grr. ><;

Alright. My tummy hurts 'cos I have this bump on it, the doctors don't know what it is.. it might be a spider bite or something. It's not too attractive. u-u;

Ah well, I'm gonna go talk Crys into getting a blurty. Ciao!
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