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Sunday, June 29, 2003

5:18PM - It was Friday but I'm writing on Sunday.

Okay, so the highlight of my week since I was actually so busy I went and totally forgot to update along the way. Okay, so Monday was great. I went to school in the morning and then went to the beach with my sister-in-law Kimberliee. Tuesday school again and then we decided to go to the outer banks with my mom and have a girls day out sort of thing. Then on wednesdayschool again followed by a relax day. I think I slept all that day not to sure though. Thursday school again and then ran errands with dad and slept some more.

Okay and the topic of this entry is Friday! Friday was the best day I have had in a really really really long time! Okay so yeah I went toschool again wooo! (<---sarcastic wooo) And then as I got home I got a phone call from my boss Shaun who asked for me to come in and work even though I wasn't even schedueled for on call and I thought I had nothing better to do so therefore I went. Of course when you think there is nothing better to do...there is! I should have stayed home so I could receive the phone call from Mr Nichols. Or as my dad tried to spell it McNichols! Haha. okay anyway. Yeah he called. So when I did get home my dad had the message for me to call a Matt McNichols which I figured out to be the name just minus the Mc part. Ok anyway. Yeah he called and asked if I still wanted to hang out like we had said we did earlier on in the week. Of course I thought friday night stay at home or go there and have a wicked awesome time. Which obviously if I'm writing this I chose the wicked awesome time! Ok, so yeah kristy, anthony, heather #1, and kyle all played monopoly on playstation as we waited for matt to call and say he was ready to be picked up. So then he called and said he was ready. hen we (me, heather #1, and anthony) piled in the jeep and went to get matt while kyle and kristy went to get chicken from KFC. Then we got him and went back to have some fun. So they resumed their monopoly game while matt and i played chess and he beat me both times we finished the game. Of course the one time i could have won kristy kicked the table and peices flew. O well. After that we watched the movie The Pest...such a funny movie!!!!! Ok and yeah my dad picked me up at 10:30 so I lost out on some of the fun. Anyways it was the best time I've had in a really long time. So thanks to everyone who was there!

Sat was moms birthday amd i had to work. sunday i went to church and told about flipside and now my whole youth group is interested. And I gave the free kids meal things to mrs andrews. Then I went to the church service and then went home. and i slept!!! wow not being in IB and knowing this friend called sleep is going to rock my socks!!! woop woop!
well its "Into the woods, into the woods, into the woods and over the bridge to grandmother's house I go" sorry gotta go see nanny. beef stroganouf! Yum!! ^__^

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