04:16pm 15/12/2002
mood: drained
I died didnt I? Well I've been busy and healing so I have reason to die off. This place doesnt seem to be to lively either so yea.

My fiance is MIA. Our wedding is in 10 days. Hopefully he'll be there. I know hes busy and what not but I need him. I miss him. And hes in a fragile state so I need to make sure hes alright.

Umm..I'll try and be more active now. I promise.
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06:44pm 23/11/2002
mood: bitchy
music: Beautiful...Christina *sighs* I miss her
I dont like being in pain. It sucks major ass. I want my Wade..he went out this mornig and hasnt come back yet. He really needs to update.

that is all
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Pain sucks   
07:07pm 19/11/2002
mood: annoyed
music: Some song is stuck in my head but I forget what
It really does. I broke my foot yesterday or was it the day before? *shrugs* I dont remember now. It hurt like a bitch though. I was dancing and then just SNAP and I fell and it hurt. So yea it sucks.

*grins* One good thing...Wade is staying with me. Yes so happy me. I love him so much. Hes just my angel *sighs*

Hey Sarah *winks*
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08:55pm 07/11/2002
mood: cheerful
*sighs and smiles*

I love him
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I should update huh?   
12:10pm 02/11/2002
mood: blank
I havent in a few days. But yea here I'am doing it. Who seen me on Leno the other night? Wasnt I great? Ha yea right. Ok yea I'm confused on a lot of things right now. I dont know which way to go but I'm sure I'll get that settled soon. I made my journal all pretty and new icons so go check it out. What else? Oh yea I'm on TRL all better watch! I guess thats it. Pointless update but you know you love them.

Wade.....we gotta talk
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08:04pm 28/10/2002
mood: curious
music: My dirrty---Get mine, Get yours
Well I'm back. This weekend was...well...amazing! We did so much and talked about so much. I like her a lot. I cant say I love her because I really dont know about that yet. She means a lot to me though. Shes everything Britney wasnt. She has balls and says whats on her mind and if shes angry about something or she did something she'll tell me. Britney..well she lied to me about so much. If you really wanna know what happend buy my album when it comes out and listen to "Never again" and "Cry me a river" They pretty much explain it all. But Christina.....shes just amazing. I think one of these days I'll actually be able to say that I love her and it might be soon.

Oh all must go out and buy her album. IT IS THE FUCKING BEST!!!!!! I hope she really does beat me off the charts because its just amazing. You can tell this album really came from her heart.

Alright I'll uh shut up now and go take a nap or something.

Oh and just to stick my two sense in about the whole drama that went down with Wade and Jc......I think they both were wrong. Wade for hitting on hima nd Jc for going along with it.
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07:03pm 24/10/2002
mood: sleepy
Yea I'm tired! I'm stressed! I'm everything you can imagine. I just wanna go curl up in bed and sleep for a month. But I cant!! I gotta go out and promote and shit. God even when I was on tour I didnt have to do all this shit. Being solo is hard fucking work. But its worth it I guess. I mean I hope my album does good and everything.

Umm what else? I should update about my date with my girl but yea I'm just to lazy to do it. Make it short..we ate, we talked, we danced and when it was all over we kissed. Yea it was a good kiss. I mean just wow about it. I think I should of dated her sooner.

I have the weekend off..I THINK. I'm not sure anymore. But if I do I'll sleep then maybe go get Chris and have her stay with me. We both need rest so maybe we should just do it together.

Thats it for now. I gotta eat then try and get a nap in or something.
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07:27pm 22/10/2002
mood: geeky
music: Respect---Pink
I have 2 new icons. Go praise them!

Oh yes I have to add someone to my hot list...

Brian Littrell

Happy now Bri? *laughs*
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Because I wanna be cool...   
10:34pm 21/10/2002
mood: chipper
music: Dirrty
I'm gonna do a hot list! My hot list is the best. Ha no I'm kidding. Its gonna be kinda crappy because well yea I dont think to many people are hot anymore.

Anyway here goes...

Christina Aguilera (cuz shes mah Dirrty)
Britney (dont ask I dont even know)
Kelly Clarkson
Kid Nickay

Umm yea told ya its shitty. I have a better one but thats just off the top of my head
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04:15pm 20/10/2002
mood: thoughtful
music: Riot Girl---GC
To upload new icons or not to upload new icons. That is the question.

I just went for a really long walk by myself. Surprisingly I wasnt mobed by fans. I guess this hat actually works. Hmm well I did some thinking on my walk and lets just say I'm happy with my life right now. I may bitch and complain about it but I'm happy. I have the best people around me. Most of them I love some I dont. My album is going to be huge. And I forgot what else I was going to say because I'm just drawing blanks today. My mind is still spinning from last night. I asked out Christina. Ok well I didnt exactly ask her I demanded. But did I do the right thing? I mean she has been like one of my best friends since we were kids. When I had my whole brake up with Brit she was right there for me. *runs fingers through hair* I just dont want to lose that friendship. Maybe I should look around more. Ya know be the whore that I'am and just use people for sex. I mean only bad stuff comes from relationships right? *sighs* I'm just so damn confused right now. I'm happy but confused. I just need to clear my head.

I think I'll go down to the cafe and get a cup of coffee or something like. Then give Chris and Josh a call. I miss those two its always been us 3 and now its just me and well I feel kinda weird without them. So yea giving them a call is a definate. Then maybe I'll plan my trip to drop in and see Carter when he does his singing in 2 weeks. Just drop in to say hi and junk. Maybe we can chill or something. Who knows. I guess I'll stop in and see Joe too. Hes so busy doing Rent I havent spoken to him since like the first week of september. I just want us all to be together again. I kinda miss it. Ok wow I have talked wayyyy to much so I'll just stop now. Time for that cup of coffee.

*~* Jus *~*
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10:30pm 18/10/2002
mood: cranky
Uh yea my aim sn is....xXJustified81Xx
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Uhh yea   
08:45pm 18/10/2002
mood: content
music: Some song is stuck in my head
Hi. I'm here. You can all worship me and think I'm great. And whats up with me not being able to post in the community? Not cool
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