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Tear Jerker entry for Mandy Moore. [05 Aug 2003|08:28pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Hearing the crowd SCREAM ]

- He hops into his chair quickly and goes to update his journal,with Mandy on his cell phone practically yelling for him to - "JUSTIN!I'LL SHOW YOU MY CLAWS IF YOU DONT UPDATE!" And Ladies and gentleman,you no longer have to alarmed..I DID A PEDICURE FOR THOSE CLAWS! -He Laughs -

Alright,so I finally did it.I asked Shauna to be my girlfriend,it may hurt some people,it may hurt Trace,but I feel so much better when i'm with her.I feel as if I can..do anything,and anything is possible..She makes me want to be a better man..And ..I told my mother about her,and she was like "Honey,make sure it's not Bri-.." And I cut her off by hanging up on her .. Shauna can't compare to Britney..Shauna is much more woman than Britney will ever be.

And with that..I dedicate a song to Shauna.Here you go,baby girl.

Dedicated to Shauna )

- Grins softly to himself as the song plays from his computer and hangs up at Mandy busts into the room ,trying to read the update and swats her away,Laughs- I'm not done!! - He pouts and continues to type -

I really liked Shauna's update,and how she put it.Very well said.She has a personal journal now. So..I suggest you guys GO and read it,and give her love,and add her as a friend - Laughs and stretches some - Christina is on right now,doing her set,and next is me..Oh yay,how fun! - Grins some and presses "Repeat" for the song to go replay and nods - That's much better..

I'm sorry to Trace .. He will probably hate me forever,and not support Shauna and I..but what can I say?I'm a firm believer in Love at first sight..If he wont support it,along with my mother it seems,than fine.So be it..but as for me..I'm happy,and if this relationship doesn't last..than I'm not relationship material..AT ALL.

But for now..this is JT and i'm out.

- JT

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