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No Longer Stuck In The Past.. //Loving The Present and Always will. [02 Sep 2003|06:36pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | RL-Good Man ]

Tossing and turning in his bed,his eyes closed tightly in deep sleep. His Flashback coming too him as he stops moving

"Trace!..Stop it!" He laughed uncontrollably.." He grabbed his hands,and looks into his deep brown eyes,and sighs as he looks up at his best friend . . . . The memories,and thoughts running through his head as lightning would strike in a bad thunderstorm. He watched his best friend as he up and left him,sitting there in a cold tour bus,slamming the door on his way out.It seems as if he were in a horror movie..Everything changed so fast..so quickly. The feelings he felt were unbareable..didn't know how to control them..All he could do was sob into his pillow,and wait until the world would stop crumbling down on himself. He looked up at the clock through his teary eyes,and notices only 5 minutes have passed by.He got himself up,and wandered around the bus,trying to pace himself..trying to get his mind off losing his best friend..The best friend who was there through everything..Through MMC,through all of his girlfriends,especially the infamous,Britney Spears..NSYNC,and now even on his own..He missed all the inside jokes they had..And it's only been 5 minutes...5 whole damn minutes. Sometimes he wished he could turn back time,and go back to the MMC days and make it all better for the future..Knowing it's impossible..He reached out to his cell phone until he heard someone coming on the bus.Hoping it was him,but instead,it was a bodyguard telling him to get ready within 10 minutes. He frowned as he noticed Trace really did leave..He left..he really did walk out of his life.. He pulled on sweat pants for rehearsal,and threw on a wifebeater,walking off the bus he waves politely at fans taking his picture,and keeps walking until he reaches the rehearsal area. He wipes his eyes,assuring people that he will be "Fine.Everything will be fine" . . . He started rehearsing "Cry Me A River" and " Like I Love You " for the nights Club show..He sighed as he yet,did a "Great"job as always as the watchers would like to put it,and he puts the mic up onto the stand and walks off to go to an interview.He looked up at the black sky,and looks at his watch,not even is it 6:30PM ,and he knows it's going to storm. He walked in as he notices a brunette girl sitting there,legs crossed,her caramel complextion,her deep brown eyes,and her hair pulled back into a pony tail..He gives her the infamous Timberlake Grin as he sits down and immediately makes eye contact with her..Somehow seeing deep into her soul and suddenly backs off on his cocky ways..He realizes this interview has been the easiest one yet,the one he has ever really liked..He smiled at her as the interview was over and gets up and gives her a friendly hug..or was it just friendly? He gets escorted back outside and looks up at the sky and sees it suddenly bright with the sunshine shining down at him.He sighs contently as he somehow knows everythings going to be okay.He closes his eyes and all he remembers is asking her to go out for some coffee..His heart just jumping in so many directions..Wanting her..wanting to touch her, feel her..And what it seems like eternity..he finally asked her to be his girlfriend..He couldn't be anymore happier.. Trace came around after awhile,and he some-how just can't hold grudges anymore..He loves Trace,no matter what..Juan Trace Ayala will always be his best friend..in his heart,he will always know that..No girl can take that place... .

Feels a sudden pressure against his chest and his eyes fly open,and sits up,gasping for air.He runs his hand down his sweaty face and gets out of the bed..Walking towards the bathroom and flicks on the light,turning the cold water on,and splashes it against his face. "Justin..get a hold of yourself..it was just a dream.." ..-Looks over at Shauna sound asleep and rubs his eyes,frowning."I miss you,Trace.." He sighs and wipes his face. I know I make mistakes,but your still my best friend..Believe that." He thought outloud as he puts the towel up and walks back to the bed,and climbs in and wraps an arm around Shauna again,before falling asleep.

His baby blue eyes lighten up as he watched 20 year old,Britney Spears surprise him on a busy day,and he walks quickly over to her as he notice something wasn't quite right.Her eyes were red and puffy,and she couldn't look up at him.He wanted to comfort her,but all she could do is push him away..He looked at her and sighed.."Britney..What's wrong?" She shook her head nothing,I cant believe she thought it was NOTHING It took hours to find out what was wrong.We went back to the house we shared,the house where we bought together,the house where Britney and I made love for the first time and she was only what?19?"Damn" He thought to himself ... . Finally,she told me the devastating news..He closed his own eyes tight..Trying to hide the words.."J..I..I'm sorry..I just..I..another guy..and it..just..happened" The line that he will never forget.He already knew what she was talking about.She cheated..on HIM.How could she?He wanted to marry her,he wanted to love her like no one else did..Apparently,that wasn't enough.He tried atleast 2 or 3 times to make it work again..but Britney,she didn't want it..She didn't want what he wanted..She wanted more,and when she found out he wouldn't marry her right away,or did all of that"In too deep"relationship things..she had to escape..She was so happy though the day before..Fuck,the DAY BEFORE.He was going to go let her shop for a ring even for when they DID get married.How could she?I kind of know WHY..He just didn't want to accept it.A few days later,he got his things,and left..He packed and packed,and she watched him take all of the memories out of the house.She begged for him to stay,but all he could do was ignore her,and walk out of the house..and gave it one final look before turning his back on his true love since Mickey Mouse Club,until then. He made his announcement,for his Solo debut album,and performed at the VMA's,and released it,and it debuted at #2.# fucking 2.He was excited,and happy..The album was his therapy from the break-up..and it showed.. Go on and just..Cry Me A River..bitch,why dont you just cry about it?" He sang live on his concert date on the Justified and Stripped Tour on June 4th 2003 in Arizona .. Before you knew it,he was linked up to many celebrities..well,some of them were true,but mostly..they weren't..Janet Jackson?No.Alyssa Milano?....Yes.Christina Aguilera?Nah. Britney Spears.. Again? -- Nah.. Cameron Diaz?*The Girl who got ran over twice by a truck?*-Nah...

What the public doesn't know..Doesn't hurt them.He's dating engaged to a reporter,who works for The Times newspaper,and in love..So much in love..All he could do is embrace her.He loves her to pieces..and she knows that..The past was the past for him..Everything that happened ..was the past..and is the past.He moved on,and he's in love..and quite situated in his life.

- His eyes open up again as tears rolled down his cheek,wiping them and sits up again.The pain and heartbreak that he knew and that he suffered,was all gone..and he knew that for sure as he looked over at the Love Of His Life and smiled down at her through his teary eyes.He knew it was over..He knew that he won't suffer anymore pain or heartbreak from anyone,or anything.He laid back,curling up again against his fiance and smiles,wrapping an arm around her,taking in her vanilla scent -

And that my friends..are the dreams I've been stuck in for the past 2 years..and the best one yet?Was finding Shauna in my life,and her telling me that it's going to be"Okay".She knows me..she knows me so well..and so good.I love my woman,and that will never change.I loved her since the moment I laid eyes on her..I guess I do believe in Love At First Sight

The Justified and Stripped tour ends..TONIGHT .. I'll miss Christina and everyone on the tour..but it's time for a well needed break with my woman.-Grins and nods- Time for a wedding too plan! -Chuckles and heads off to the venue with his crew and Shauna-

And that's it..I'm JT,and i'm out.

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I've been thinking . . . [23 Aug 2003|10:45am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Musiq-Dont Change ]

- He sighs,looking around,making sure no one sees his update and begins to type -

Alright...I've been thinking about NSYNC and the future..The future more than anything.I wanna be able to settle down and just be with Shauna.Yeah,I know what you guys are thinking..I told some of you,and I even told everyone who was in the chat last night,but no one bothered to listen too me..Or thought I was joking.I wanna quit NSYNC,and even my solo project..The project turned out to be a success..I'm not going to lie,now I wanna be able to go too Tennessee,or wherever,and get a house,and put a fence up,and have a baby girl or baby boy running around,and having Shauna and I take care of the baby.Yeah,I,Justin Randall Timberlake wants to start a family.I don't know what my momma is going to think,nor Trace. I still care about what they think and say.I don't wanna hurt anybody..But I think i'm past that point,so what's the use? . .

NSYNC has brought me so many laughs,tears,and even love.Yes,i'm talking about the past,and Britney.She had such a good heart..and a big one at that.I thought I would NEVER find love like that again..Than here comes Shauna,and just by an interview..I felt so comfortable talking to her,and she was so understanding.Even when i'm wrong,she'll tell me i'm wrong,or if I get out of line..she'll tell me and put my ass in check. - Laughs . - I'm telling you,the girl knows how to get too me.She brings out the best in me..and that's what I needed.She came into my life at the RIGHT time..Couldn't come in at a better one either. My momma thinks the same thing now that I won't stop talking about her,and my momma just looks at me and gives me the look as if she's "the one"if you catch my drift.Shauna reminds me a lot like my momma. How?

Well,like I said,she'll tell me when i'm wrong,and she agrees when i'm right.She holds me at night when i'm upset or stressed out,and she kisses me on the forhead and tells me it's going to be okay..I believe her..because her words are so sincere and true.She always says how great I am,and how much she loves me,but the truth is..I'm more in love with her than she even thinks.She keeps me so grounded.She reminds me of just a girl back home in Tennessee..Which is..amazing. We know eachother almost so well that sometimes we think alike.Scary,ain't it? -Laughs. - When Britney and I were together,it was different.We were together for 3 1/2 years,and part of those 2 years we're good.We known eachother way to long,and to be in a relationship THAT long .. I think we just grew apart,and got tired of eachother at that.Notice in the media,where we just didn't wanna be around eachother?I would have this.. look..and she wouldn't even say a word to me for half the night. It was like that for awhile..and she did what she did..and I got hurt by it,because I tried so hard to save the relationship.I really did..but now,that was the past,and yes,Britney will always remain somewhere in my heart.I can't just forget her like nothing ever happened.I'm not in love with Britney,nor do I have any plans in present or future to go back out with her.So your hearts can stop racing. - Shakes his head. - But,she and I are friends,and I hope it remains that way along with Trace and I . I miss Trace..I seriously do.Well..maybe he needed sometime for himself,and to be with Ashlee.-Nods. - Gotta give them there time now.

Anyways,JC and I talked and he is convincing me to stay apart of what I am now..apart of NSYNC.I do admit,I love being on stage,singing,entertaining millions of people ..but what about what I want?Doesn't anyone ever think about that?What I want is,to be able to sit home,take care of a child,and Shauna,and live a happy,NORMAL life for awhile..And by normal,I mean without any paparazzi,or whatever.Yeah,they'll still be there.What can I do?Not a damn thing.I hate them sometimes,but they do give you good publicity. ;] .. But,that's what I want now..and I have like 3 or so months in Europe of MORE touring.I dont think I have anytime to make love on tour man.It's like..concerts,radio promotions,photoshoots,and than more concerts,and late night concerts,and yes,as much as I hate to say it,I do get paid sometimes to be shown up at clubs late at night..sometimes I go on my own and with friends who are on tour with me.Oh well,I guess this is the life of "The Famous" Justin Timberlake and I still say,people should treat me like Shauna does..everyone needs to talk too her more often,and see how she talks about me..as if I lived next door to her or something.

I talked to Alyssa,and we had an argument a couple nights ago,and I bought her a new scooter.-Smirks. - I hope
she likes it..becaues I know I did when I saw it.I didn't really 'talk'to her..just gave her the scooter,and had to jet out.I didn't know how to say SORRY to her..but I am..My opinion still stands,and i'm not saying sorry for what I said,just sorry for being an ass of how I said it. I'm sure she's thinking the same,or slightly the same.

Ameh,Thanks for the code <333

Shauna..Here you go -Grins. -
Shauna Click here )

And this is to Cameron Diaz.Who likes to fuck with my head,and fuck with the press.She's the girl who likes to go to the show and after the show.

Nasty ass Cameron Diaz ) .. Look.I rhymed. ;] .. Ick..How nasty is Cameron?!>:O

Shauna,baby..I love you.-Grins.- Today is here,and i'm ready to tell you what I was going too.So hurry up and come around! -Laughs.-

I'm JT and i'm out.


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I know you wanna get down . . . [16 Aug 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Christina Aguilera - That's What Love Can Do ]

-- He Grins as he reads Shauna's updated journal and starts typing what he decides to say --

Okay,well,ever since Shauna came into my life..I've been so much happier.It's like she gives me so much happiness it's like,I'm afraid to lose it..She's so fucking amazing I can't even explain it.She cares for me like no one has ever before.After reading her journal,she has told nothing but the truth.I love how I insist on things..
-Grins- It's only the truth. It's when she comes to bed with me,while i'm asleep,and crawls up next to me ..it's the best feeling when i'm asleep.When I wake up,and she's laying there,so peaceful and so beautiful..It's just amazing at how a couple touches can do that to you. I have a few things to Shauna..And Ladies,don't cry! -Laughs- *cough*LYSSA,MANDY*cough*

For Shauna )

Theres one . . -Laughs softly-I can't just pick one!!

For Shauna #2 )

For Shauna #3 )

- Laughs - Okay,I couldn't pick one!It ended up with 3. -Grins- I Hope Shauna likes them!

By the way,there pictures of Cameron and I going around,that's recent.Her and I are JUST friends.Nothing more.If you hear any different,come to me first before telling other people bullshit lies,Aight? -Laughs-Because,I really don't feel like arguing with people for no reason at all.

Mandy,where you at?

And Shauna..I love you more than anything.

I love you,baby girl.

And i'm JT,and i'm out.


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Shortest update ever,longer update coming soon ;] [13 Aug 2003|12:26am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Love Of My Life- Brian Mcknight ]

I love you,Shauna. That is all that's important to me right now,besides my bestest friend Nemo-Juan Ayala,and my family,and all of whatever I'm susposed to be concerned about. - Looks around - I'm tired..so later yall.

And this is JT,and i'm out.


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But you were brave enough .. [08 Aug 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Strong Enough-Stacie Orrico ]

- He steps into the room where his laptop is,looking at Shauna as she closes her eyes to rest and starts updating his journal . His blue eyes dancing with happiness more than ever before. -

So today's JC's birthday. - Laughs softly to himself - He's growing up! Although,I am younger than him -Shakes his head - Happy Birthday,man.I hope you have a good one..and get what you want..although,you have a beautiful family,and everything,I dont think you need anything else.
Faith,what can I say about that cute little girl?! -Laughs-She is so precious.Mandy Moore,is also one of a kind.She is like,one of the girls around here who has class,and is actually nice,and talks to me without bringing up stupid shit. Anyways,Jessi is pregnant,congratulations,girl.Joe's a good guy.

Last night,I flew back to L.A.I got a message to Wilmer person,if you ever fucking touch my girlfriend again,FOR NO REASON.I will KILL YOU.I don't fucking care who the hell you are..and at this point,I don't care what my "status"may be.I will turn into a vicious bastard on you.That's my girlfriend,and I love her.So go find yourself some fucking anger management classes,because you need it..And what the hell do you want from my girl?She didn't do shit to you.Leave her the hell alone.That is all I have to say to you,bastard.Anyways,I went back to L.A and got Shauna,she's okay,she has some bruises but that's it..I told my bodyguards what happened,and now Shauna has more bodyguards than I do -Laughs-But that's fine with me because I dont want no bitch to hit on my girlfriend the way he did. Anyway,she's back with me in PA because we have a show tonight.I told her about the UK tour that I have to do for like..3 months.I know,I know,it's long..But she'll be with me whenever she doesn't have to work,and when she does,I'll fly her out,WITH A DAMN BODYGUARD this time..

Anyhow,I talked to my momma about Shauna,and she wants to meet her soon,I told her let things settle a little longer,and she can.My mom is always hearing me talk about her,she's like"Oh lord child,your in it again" and we ALL know what that means. -Laughs- Anyway,Christina is sad that the tour is almost over,but I'm pretty sure i'll see her in the UK some.So we can chill there. I think my momma is gettin a journal,I hope so.

Anyway,I guess that's it..I love Stacie Orrico's album,everyone should go get it.It's very very good..very spiritual too.I recommend it to everyone. Oh and Christina will be performing at the VMA's,and Britney is attending,Oh lord.Here we go. -Laughs-

I guess that's it for my update now..Until next time..

I'm JT,and i'm out.


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Tear Jerker entry for Mandy Moore. [05 Aug 2003|08:28pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Hearing the crowd SCREAM ]

- He hops into his chair quickly and goes to update his journal,with Mandy on his cell phone practically yelling for him to - "JUSTIN!I'LL SHOW YOU MY CLAWS IF YOU DONT UPDATE!" And Ladies and gentleman,you no longer have to alarmed..I DID A PEDICURE FOR THOSE CLAWS! -He Laughs -

Alright,so I finally did it.I asked Shauna to be my girlfriend,it may hurt some people,it may hurt Trace,but I feel so much better when i'm with her.I feel as if I can..do anything,and anything is possible..She makes me want to be a better man..And ..I told my mother about her,and she was like "Honey,make sure it's not Bri-.." And I cut her off by hanging up on her .. Shauna can't compare to Britney..Shauna is much more woman than Britney will ever be.

And with that..I dedicate a song to Shauna.Here you go,baby girl.

Dedicated to Shauna )

- Grins softly to himself as the song plays from his computer and hangs up at Mandy busts into the room ,trying to read the update and swats her away,Laughs- I'm not done!! - He pouts and continues to type -

I really liked Shauna's update,and how she put it.Very well said.She has a personal journal now. So..I suggest you guys GO and read it,and give her love,and add her as a friend - Laughs and stretches some - Christina is on right now,doing her set,and next is me..Oh yay,how fun! - Grins some and presses "Repeat" for the song to go replay and nods - That's much better..

I'm sorry to Trace .. He will probably hate me forever,and not support Shauna and I..but what can I say?I'm a firm believer in Love at first sight..If he wont support it,along with my mother it seems,than fine.So be it..but as for me..I'm happy,and if this relationship doesn't last..than I'm not relationship material..AT ALL.

But for now..this is JT and i'm out.

- JT

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Long update,I think. >:oP [03 Aug 2003|02:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Someone To Luv You-Ruff Endz ]

- He tosses and turns in his bed on the bus,trying to get comfortable.He realized that its almost impossible to do so. He sits up tiredly,rubbing his eyes and gets up,looking at the empty bottles of pills and shakes his head in disappointment of himself . He walks to the front of the bus,noticing we reached our destination and finds no one on the bus and he sighs to himself,and he goes into where he usually puts his clothes,and gets out some casual jeans and a shirt and some boxers,and walks to the small shower on the bus,and gets into it,letting the warm water hit his body,he sighs of some relief. Relief to be alone,and no one to bother him,or so he thought . He hears the bodyguards yell for him to get off the bus and do a soundcheck. - " JT! ! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE ! WE NEED TO DO SOUND CHECK! " - He sighs and ignores the bodyguard and goes back to his showering. He finishes up 20 minutes later and gets into his clothes and walks off the bus after putting dedorant and cologne on and making sure he looks fine for all of the Press that he knows will be there. He gets off the bus,waving at the flashing camera's ,he gets escorted by his well known bodyguard into the soundcheck area,he notices Christina on stage rehearsing a bit ,so he decides to go in his dressing room to update .. -

- He gets to his laptop and he looks at the door,making sure it's closed and he goes to his journal and starts updating-

Dude..what can I say?I fucked up.I make mistakes..my last update obviously didn't go through to people.The only time when they fucking pay attention is when I DO SOMETHING WRONG. - Rolls eyes some - I'm a bad person in a relationship.Ask Trace. I cheated on him. I treated him badly,and yet..HE STILL LOVES ME. -He shakes his head and holds back his tears again -I'm sorry,Trace.I Really am..
I just..relationships for me are bad..and I think a certain someone should be reading this..all I do is hurt people..and it's not fair to them. - Sighs - Sometimes I wonder if I even deserved Britney all of those years,and than Alyssa came along,and taught me to go on late night fast food rides with her on scooters and shit. -Laughs-
She's one of a kind. Than Jessi.. She's a great girl,she welcomed me when I got here with open arms,and I was just..in awe of her..not just of her,but her beauty too...Than she had some relationship problems and I even told her I liked her,but again,I guess it wasn't meant to be...Than Trace came along - shakes head - He's so great.My best friend,my..ex lover..my everything. I hurt HIM .. I know what he's going through. I really do...Shit,I went through it myself. . Than Shauna came along with her interviewin-lovin life- self. -Laughs- God..she treats me like a guy who lives next to her,she treats me like an ordinary person.I love it.I love the way she smiles at me and knows that i'm a regular 22 year old person deep down inside.I told her,if she left,she's taking my sanity with her.-Laughs-So she's staying..Which is such a good thing. She really is someone who I can be in a relationship with..But I promised Trace,I will not get in a relat-... - Has Samara's words echo in his mind You need to do whats you,and get what you want for once - Shakes his head to get her voice out of his head - Anyway. . I think there calling me back out to do some interviews or some shit. .

- He sighs again and looks over at the empty room and wonders why it's suddenly cold and presses update and gets up,walking out of the door as he wonders . . -

" I took so many damn pills...Why didn't they work?Unfortuantly..I'm still up "

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Popstar=hate Trace=Love [22 Jul 2003|01:07am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | None ]

-Sighs,watching the Paparazzi getting pictures of him through the bus,as they leave Sunny Miami Beach,to go on there way to IL-

-He sighs,wondering what's so special about himself-

Why? -He wonders and begins to type his thoughts-

I hate being a popstar..I mean yeah,I love singing and dancing,and touring in front of 25,000 people or more,but it gets so ugh.

"Justin Timberlake,you can get any girl you want"
"Justin Timberlake has to have this"
"Justin Timberlake,the talented one of the bunch"
"Justin Timberlake,and NSYNC" < that annoys the FUCK OUT OF ME!!!
"Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears"

JUSTIN,JUSTIN,JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!! Leave me the fuck ALONE!! Before I really DO DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY,and go into an insane asylum!! Why me?Go look at JC,Lance,Chris and Joey.They have better lives than I do!! God,leave me alone.I want alone time with my fiance,and that's it.

I dont like it how people say I have everything.I don't.I dont have my privacy.I wish I could just vanish from everything.You know?
When will I have quiet time? -sighs softly,and looks down-Apparently never. -hears the tour manager yelling at him for not getting enough sleep,ignores him- I can't sleep.I can never sleep..Cuz when I do,it seems as if the next minute I have to wake up.So theres no use.

If ya must ask,Challenge For The Children was amazing.I loved it.It was fun just being ME personally..and it was just fun hanging out with the other guys,being NSYNC..not just JUSTIN.The solo thing is fun for awhile but..now it's time to finish this tour,and the UK tour,and relax..It's going to take some time before I do though.

I am engaged to Trace,and I am very happy.He completes me,my soul,and my heart.I couldn't ask for anything more.I love you,Trace.

My point is.. Leave me alone people.Stop treating me like the JUSTIN you see on TV or in magazines,and start treating me like J,one of your friends that isnt famous.

Trace said something to me,and he said something like.."Of course,your Justin Timberlake,you cant have the NORMAL ones" .. I realized ..well.. I'm not"average" or whatever.I can get material things but still,it doesn't make me happy.I just wish people treated me the same as any other person on an average day. -sighs-


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An update for everyone,and Trace. [18 Jul 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | All 4 One-So Much In Love ]

First and formost,since I've updated,no one really knows whats been going on really.Well,Challenge for The Children is here in SOUTH BEACH,so i'm still in Florida.Taking a break along with other people.FT.LAUDERDALE WAS CRAZY the 16th! .. Anyway,Lyssa and I talked and we're cool now.Jessi and I talked and we're good.So I'm pretty much set with stuff that had happened before.

Trace and I got together after Lyssa and I broke up,and it's been so amazing.Last night,I was talking to Trace,and we went to the beach,and I popped the question,and he said yes.So I'm engaged now...to Trace.Who ever would of thought? He's not just my"personal assistant" he's now my fiance.I cant be anymore thrilled,I Can't wait to say "I do" and make it official.No wedding date has been set yet..I think it'll be a lil while.

Anyways,my UK tour goes all the way till Dec 18th.Long ways,eh? Anyways,JC's album is getting released soon,I think in September?I heard some of it,it's awesome.Mad props to him.

I love you Trace,and I always will,and always have..no one can compare to you,not even Britney.Your so amazing to me,and even though you hit me most of the time,I still love you -winks-


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Trace. [12 Jul 2003|02:24am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Trace breathing next to me ]

-- What do I say?What CAN I say.Alyssa and I breaking up was a blessing in disguise,because last night..Was one of my lowest points,and one of my highest.Besides of all the arguing and bullshit,I got together with Trace.I honestly think that he's it.Im settling down for awhile,and it's with him.

Pierre and Chuck,congrats.I hope you like the envelope,and the gift certificate for unlimited porn tapes!! <333

I tried talking with Lyssa,I did.But,she laughed in my fucking face,so -shrugs- I said forget it. She can go out and about and do whatever she wants,because frankly,i'll just laugh in her face too.That shit hurt.She broke up with ME.HELLO FUCKING PEOPLE,SHE BROKE UP WITH ME,oh wow,just cuz we had an argument,we had plenty of those.Well whatever.

The tour is going great,the fans are great.IM JUST GREAT,EVERYTHINGS GREAT.-looks around-

Dont send me anymore chat invites,i'm taking a break from yall for awhile.Cuz 1.Yall are to crazy and 2.Im spending more time with Trace alone. And 3..Lyssa is a laughing stock around here. 4.Lyssa will laugh in my face,and 5.Cameron Diaz is making me sick,and 6.Im getting tired of fighting every two god damned seconds.

Marty,Trace,Nick,Kyle,Brian,and all of us are gunna have some kick ass times in FL,Challenge For The Children,and woooooo!!! .. Concert,can't get any better than that.We gunna be downin Jack Daniels like REAL southern boys. -winks-

Oh i'm changing my layout and icons.Be hold,SOON. -laughs-

"When you have a broken heart. . . you seek refuge somewhere . . "

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Wont let nobody hurt you . . . [10 Jul 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | the pretenders-ill stand by you ]

- he smirks, finally getting around to update ,starts typing -

Well,where the hell do I start? I guess i'll do a shout out type thing so I don't forget anyone.Mmk.Here we go.

JC and Lance : Congrats,you fuckers..Yall had a nice wedding,and I hope you enjoy Hawaii. -pouts- DAMN TOUR . . I'll meet up with you guys soon.

Janie : This girl is kick ass for doin my layout. I change layouts a lot so.. ;)


Alyssa : My girl,whom I did NOT MARRY LAST NIGHT .. . and the girl who has everything. Love You Baby Girl.

Amy : Your crazy as hell.But I love ya!

Jess : Happy Birfday girl.GO SHAWTY ITS YA BIRFDAY,WE GUN SIP BACARDI LIKE ITS YUR BIRFDAY! *gulps bacardi* ;x Hope you like the gift.Your 23 now. :D

Samara : After the many times goin in the well,your still in the Timbamob. YOUR THE MINI MOBSTAH!!!Kill BRITNEY. >:)

Pierre :Uhm,your in the mob now?Okay.You can be my sidekick,JUST NO FUCKIN WIT MY WOMAN,OTHERWISE I'LL KILL YOUR ASS. >:)


Why you wanna be a Timbamob:

That is it . HEHEHE. ;)

Oh and Britney is no longer in my life,mmk people?Shes with .. Fred,Colin,Wade,Her Brother,Her Cousin,and much more. :) So dont bug me about Britney.

The tour is going AWESOME,tommorow we will be in Memphis,so no hotels,and no sleeping on buses..I'LL BE HOMEEEEEE!!! Thank god,and I Get to show Christina around my home town a little bit.So that's cool -nods-

The next single from my album will be SENORITA...MMhmm..I'll let yall know about the video shoot later.

I guess everything is okay for now,so .. that's it.

And thanks to Janie for the layout :) MUAH.

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Back On The Road. [05 Jul 2003|01:12pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Kelly Clarkson - The Trouble With Love Is.. ]

- He Sighed. Getting up from the couch,and sits down by the computer,decides to give a worthy update. - Hey everyone .. I'm back on the road ..We had a couple days off. It was fun -Nods slightly- We mostly relaxed, hit some clubs,and than BBQ with everyone for the Fourth of July. I enjoyed it,actually..Spending it with the tour crew,my close friends,and Christina.She's such a nice girl. Anyways...The tour is going great.I couldn't ask for a better Tour Partner. Well I'm sure your wanting to the dirrty insides of my life..so..here we go.

The "Big Break Up"

Britney had a good heart.She was an amazing person.Made me laugh even when I was in one of my pissed off moods.She knew how to get me to smile.She was there through everything,even when I was on the MMC.What can I say?I fell in love at an early age..and it lasted for a while..And for as long as it did..I'm happy.I cherish those moments forever.I still care for her,but not like that..We're still friends..and I'm okay with that.I want her to be happy,and this isn't out of pity or anything.I do want her to be happy,I'm still going to continue to look out for her..because she's still my Brit,no matter what.I'm glad that we can still remain friends.

The "Others"

Okay..where the hell do I start? I'm not dating Janet Jackson,I'm not in love with Alyssa Milano,and I'm certainly not dating Christina Aguilera.I'm not dating Cameron Diaz.So we shared a kiss.Big whoop.Pimpin Aint Eazy,but it SHO IS FUN Trust me . I know -winks- Is there anyone else I missed?Oh yes,Jenna Dewan,I took her out to lunch..Whats wrong with that?Is that a crime?Geez..And yes,we're friends..And Alicia Keys,we had a business lunch as well..so,people need to stop trippin,and realize that i'm friends with practically everyone.So relax.Right now i'm just single..and happy that way..If I find that special someone.I'll make sure i'll let everyone else know as well.When I know,you know too.

NSYNC..Coming back

I miss the guys.I really do.I miss JC,Lance,Chris,and Crazy Joey..I still see them,they come to the concerts,and they wish me luck all the time.There like brothers to me..and we're close.We took time off,and we needed it.We needed a break.It's not like I got tired of the guys,don't get me wrong.It was to a point where..we needed it and I wanted to do the solo thing for awhile.Now JC is doing it too,and I'm proud of him.He has some damn talent.Some?No,a lot. -laughs- I'm going to buy his album,and make everyone else do the same. NSYNC will be back,it's not Justin Timberlake and NSYNC,it's NSYNC..Damnit,get it fucking right.

What else did I miss that everyone wants to know?Besides the relationship question,which I'm really tired of,anyways.

I hope all of you try to come out to the Justified and Stripped tour,it's an amazing show,with an amazing person as well.So,stop by.I hope everyone had a good weekend.Heh. Anyways,I gotta stop Trace from drinking all of my Jack Daniels,holla back yall.

- He presses update,and gets up and stretches. Smirks as Trace runs by him with his J.D and runs after him-

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