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Tim's Journal

14th September, 2003. 10:29 pm. crazy weekend...

so my weekend starts by going out to dinner with my family. we went to outback, and I got the ribs. oh my god were they good! haha, but then I found out what ribs do to your stomach. that wasn't fun ;)

then I went to adams and we went to jeremy's gig. damn good thing that he drove and not me, or else I woulda slept in my car. I had a few drinks to take my mind off the busy/crazy week I had. (isnt that the first step of an alcoholic???) well it was bad because I started my own tab and had probably more than I shoulda. I remember laughing like an idiot, dancing with annabelle a few times, and partying like I haven't done since my birthday. I also apparently danced with christi and tried to dip her, which would not have been good for 2 drunk people. so it was absolutely great! before I even realized it, the gig was over and it was time to go. after a few drunken phone calls, we headed back to adams where I spent the rest of the night on the floor next to the bathroom :) ahhh the memories I'll have from this.

saturday day wasn't all that exciting. cleaning around the apartment and stuff. but that night, we had a euchre tournament here and it was a lot of fun! a lot of laughs and a nice talk with my parents.

had a rough night sleep, with finally drifting off around 3:30. but i got to sleep an extra 2 hours before my hockey game so that was nice. the game, however, was not. we ended up losing 2-1. this just absolutely devastated me. I know its stupid, but I really put my heart into the team and I really felt let down today. offense was just not clicking today and there was a lot of frustration involved. as some probably saw, I had a little bit of anger after the game. but after putting things into perspective, I was able to cool down a lot. next week starts the fall league, so it's a perfect time to start all over. now I just have to get through the week :P

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