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Tim's Journal

16th September, 2003. 9:03 pm. One of THOSE days indeed.... ;)

WHAT A KICK ASS DAY!!! Despite having to wake up hella early for class, it turned out to be a great day! My first class of the semester got cancelled too! Then I got some work done around the office, had lunch with the ever so radiant Amy, and then went off to class again. Not to be down on the day, I then went to softball where we proceded to kick the crap out of the other team. I went 3-4 and played shortstop, left, and second. I had such a fun time! Among other things, my chin is to the sky and nothings bringing this down baby!!!! bring it on semester, but make sure you're ready for ME!!!!!


Current mood: rejuvenated.

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14th September, 2003. 10:29 pm. crazy weekend...

so my weekend starts by going out to dinner with my family. we went to outback, and I got the ribs. oh my god were they good! haha, but then I found out what ribs do to your stomach. that wasn't fun ;)

then I went to adams and we went to jeremy's gig. damn good thing that he drove and not me, or else I woulda slept in my car. I had a few drinks to take my mind off the busy/crazy week I had. (isnt that the first step of an alcoholic???) well it was bad because I started my own tab and had probably more than I shoulda. I remember laughing like an idiot, dancing with annabelle a few times, and partying like I haven't done since my birthday. I also apparently danced with christi and tried to dip her, which would not have been good for 2 drunk people. so it was absolutely great! before I even realized it, the gig was over and it was time to go. after a few drunken phone calls, we headed back to adams where I spent the rest of the night on the floor next to the bathroom :) ahhh the memories I'll have from this.

saturday day wasn't all that exciting. cleaning around the apartment and stuff. but that night, we had a euchre tournament here and it was a lot of fun! a lot of laughs and a nice talk with my parents.

had a rough night sleep, with finally drifting off around 3:30. but i got to sleep an extra 2 hours before my hockey game so that was nice. the game, however, was not. we ended up losing 2-1. this just absolutely devastated me. I know its stupid, but I really put my heart into the team and I really felt let down today. offense was just not clicking today and there was a lot of frustration involved. as some probably saw, I had a little bit of anger after the game. but after putting things into perspective, I was able to cool down a lot. next week starts the fall league, so it's a perfect time to start all over. now I just have to get through the week :P

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8th September, 2003. 6:13 pm.

ugh... study hall is not being fun! at least I'm getting paid to do homework and check my email. And of course, where would I be without all of you who I can talk to during this time! well, time to get back to it... hey, hanging out/dinner this weekend??

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5th September, 2003. 11:26 pm.

second week of classes down. thank god. this is definitely one of those semesters. on a positive note, tuesday I won a double header of softball, went to the movie with K at umbc and played in puddles, and then thursday tied my hockey game. so you can say its been a good week. oh, and tonight, we watched lotr 2 before I had to go so she could do work. I then stopped by the girl's apt since they have been buggin me since school started to see it. but then they went to the spot, so I went home and now I'm trying to come up with something to do. ooh! the orioles are on! gotta go...

Current mood: bored.
Current music: everclear.

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30th August, 2003. 10:36 am. DC today...

yay! in a little bit I am heading down to dc for the day! I haven't been there in such a long time. we're gonna hit up the air and space museum and some other cool places! it should be fun :)

as for the semester, its gonna be tough. from what I hear, my calc 3 teacher is absolutely insane when it comes to work, and my cmpe 314 class is gonna be a helluva bitch. oh well... time to buckle down and knock these babies out!

Current mood: okay.

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17th August, 2003. 11:23 pm.

have you ever just been in those kind of moods where its absolutely silly??? like, today I was playing hockey, and I was having so much fun! I was just gliding around during breaks, singing a song that was stuck in my head, and just enjoyin the day! it might have been due to that mountain dew code red though..... tbd.


Current mood: silly.
Current music: gin blossoms - lost horizons.

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6th August, 2003. 5:14 pm. haha... only 21 and already I am an alcoholic ;)

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3rd August, 2003. 9:17 am. my name as timothy...


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3rd August, 2003. 9:15 am.


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fights Tim using

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2nd August, 2003. 3:48 pm. the weekend is here.... thankfully

well, i made it. i wasn't sure if i was gonna die of exhaustion, but i made it to the weekend and survived today.

the trip to ohio was simply amazing!! i could not have asked for more fun. first the drive up was fun. i listened to month python and the holy grail, watched the necklace kaidye made for my birthday get put together, and only got lost once. and that wasn't really lost.

seeing terry was incredible! kaidye said I had a grin on my face the whole time and I would believe it. to meet the man who to me has written such books that give me the inspiration and admiration to want to be a better person. i really think i have learned a lot from reading these books. funny, or sad, as it may be, its true. i try to apply some of the characters intellect in my normal life, to help other people. i only hope it can help a fraction as much as it helps them.

then we went to our hotel in sandusky. i played halo with mike, while kaidye took a shower. when she finished, we were still playing, but then we all went to bed. eventually we fell asleep, with kaidye in my arms :) ::happy sigh/grin::

another morning of waking up early, and we all got ready for cedar point. it took a little warming up to, with their stupid rules and all, but by the end we all were having a great time. kaidye and I even went back when everyone else was too tired and wanted to go home. we went back and rode a few more rides at night which added to the fun! ::happy sigh/grin is getting bigger::

next day we wake up early, yet again, and head to pittsburgh for a pirates game. it also happened to be kaidye's first baseball game. it was a lot of fun (baseball terms for fun = decent time in regular terms). the game wasn't all exciting, but it was still at a beautiful park right on the water, and we ate ice cream, french fries, cotton candy, and drank fresh squeezed lemonade! then the final drive home...

960 miles after we left my house, we return. kaidye stays the night and then heads home friday. and I didn't like it! I got spoiled of seeing her everyday. and I can't believe I'm gonna say it, but I can't wait for school to start so we can hang out more! :P jk. I like school... just not the studying/test taking part.

and so today I went golfing with my dad. yet another morning of waking up early. it was fun. another drive to penn tho. but we got up there for our 8:00 tee time. I did relatively well, shooting a 52 on the front 9, and a 53 on the back 9. not bad for not playing often. I was pleased. I also saw a lot of little bunnies, mad geese/ducks, and 2 snakes. fun stuff!

but now, I am completely tired. I am gonna go read some more of this book as I fall asleep. good night :)

Current mood: tired.

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