09:01pm 21/10/2005
mood: aggravated
When can I get my break? I'm sick of living off of $10 a week, constantly worrying about anything and everything.

I'm sick of being broke.
I want to cry.
Why can't I find a damn job that allows me to go home for christmas? Curse you GR area part time jobs....

It's all a vicious circle and I'm afraid one day I might take the wrong way out, and end up with a sucky job when I finally DO get one.


When can I make some money so that I can get out of debt?

This sucks

At least someone loves me. Aishiteru yo
05:32pm 02/10/2005
mood: tired
i just worked some long ass days at joanns...im so tired and worn out...and somehow i'm supposed to drive home in an hour...that takes 2 hours to get back. dear god its going to be a long night!
10:22am 25/09/2005
  went to MONTES on yejees bday

went like this...
1-rum and coke, 1-fuzzy navel, 2-shots of jagermeister, 1.5-jager bombs...some beer...ugh god

hung was there!
11:23am 24/09/2005
mood: accomplished

i got an internship for this semester....as well as a sorta part time job. working tuesdays at the school cafeteria...haha

well, its something! YEY good for me!
02:03pm 23/09/2005
mood: exhausted
i'm spending my time doing the following things lately:

1- school
2- school work/studying
3- friends
4- school groups
5- going out
6- looking for a full time job for after graduation
7- looking for an internship
8- looking for a part time job right now
9- applying for various after-graduation things abroad, i.e. JET & Bosch
10- sleeping
11- driving
12- eating

anyway, i'm pretty bus lately...but we can't forget
13- the internet

hehehe.... ;)
07:30pm 02/09/2005
mood: ecstatic
i'm home for labor day weekend!
working 3/5 days...i hope it'll be fun!
i just took a shower, always feels good.
i'm going to meet my friend i met in korea, hatsumi and her boyfriend kunihito for dinner tonight, that'll be fun too! haha
05:56pm 24/08/2005
mood: exhausted
I've been back in america since thursday aug 19th @4pm...but then i got stuck in chicago for about 8hours until i finally got back to michigan around 1am on friday!

ive been working since saturday and i move back to school THIS coming saturday.

i cant wait for sept 26th!

i went to bed @5am this morning...

i have too much stuff to clean and pack...far too many clothes - i need to get rid of some.

my moms still as messy as ever.

my car is nice and clean and great ;)

hmm i think its that time of the month

i should also change the name of this from KOREA to michigan [again] ugh

also janie's in japan now...so jealous!!! kansai gaidai...hmmm urayamashiiiii i miss her though. meow
02:11am 20/08/2005
mood: tired
I'm back in the USA now, this sucks.

but i had a great time in Korea and JAPAN....good times....but back to reality now. i work today from 11am-7pm so i should go to bed now.

im also quite jetlagged....
i should update more what happened haha.
10:16pm 09/08/2005
mood: worried
hmmm...wow time flies when youre having fun. tomorrow all the people leave here, to mostly go back to cali :P but i am going on friday to japan. wow time flies. im so excited. but then that means on the 18th its back to reality.

my flight to japan >
Nippon Air
Seoul > Osaka
departs @1:20pm

my flight to the US>
United Airlines
osaka > chicago
departs @5:55pm

UA #5480
depart chicago @5:50pm
arrives lansing, MI @8pm

wow....sigh...back to the US i go.
11:55pm 08/08/2005
mood: sleepy
music: Everybodyknows + - el mirador
Well, today was it. Today i finished everything for my classes here at yonsei university. I woke up early, like around 10 and finished my paper, then did some laundry, took a shower, printed the paper out, turned it in, got my yearbook, came back, ordered some food, got my laundry, ate the food, came back to my room and put stuff away. wow so busy already and its not even 1pm haha.

at 2:30pm i find out my grade for my korean class. *crosses fingers*...i really dont feel like going coz i'd rather just go out shopping and get some last minute things [not that i really have room]. but i really should find out my grade. so im gonna do that and then go to namdaemun real quick and buy some stuff and come back. i have to meet some friends @630pm for dinner. that'll be fun.

i leave korea on friday, im nervous. but so excited at the same time.

tomorrow is the commencement ceremony, oh boy!

then on thursday, krista comes here and we go to the hotel in incheon [close to the airport so on friday i dont need to go far] and besides then i can relax sorta. haha anyway. it will go by fast, it makes me sad. sigh, where has the summer gone?!

last night i hung out with boyeon and mihyun. but this time in my area ;) sinchon! we had samgyupsal [sooo good] and some alky, then we just walked around, did sticker pictures, got some snacks. then they wanted to come back to see my dorm, so we came back here and just chilled for a little. im really going to miss them, such a short time but now such good friends. ahhhh. i cried when they got on the bus :( *sniffs*

anyway, i need a nap, i gotta go in 1.5hrs, ugh.
11:00pm 05/08/2005
mood: sleepy
last night, it must have been something i ate at the hard rock cafe. because at 5:30am, i woke up and had to go puke in the bathroom :( i didnt drink any alcohol at all, so that wasnt it. but i didnt feel good at all.

so its like noon and i just woke up, but i wanna go back to sleep.

i should be meeting my friend mihyun later sometime. that'll be fun. not sure what were gonna do.

hmmm this time next week i'll be in japan, YEY
10:28pm 04/08/2005
mood: good
music: Radiohead
my body hurts....

i just woke up and took a shower...man, korea really tires me out haha.

last night i did laundry for over 2 hours haha...but i got to use 4 washers at the same time. hehe. only 1 week left til i go to japan! yeyyy. but i'm gonna miss korea a lot. hmmm...i wanna get my degree fast so i can do other things with my life than stay in stinky west michigan.

last night i hung out with mihyun and boyeon. such great girls! we met at yangsan station and then just walked around. then ate SUPER expensive pizza hut. apparently in korea pizza hut is like johnny carinos or something, so expensive food. coz its western style food. but man..we got a super smalllll pizza and some small spagetti thing for ~20,000Won = ~$20. holy crap. but it tasted good, but still, i've had tastier for cheaper. anyway, it was a fun experience with trying pizza the korean way and with my 2 good friends. i got home around midnight.

hmm i wanted up for yudo but apparently he couldnt make it on. but thats ok.

i did laundry til about 230...then finally went to bed. so dog tired. i woke up around, hmm just before 11 haha.

I have my listening exam today, 3rd period. YUCK, wish me luck. then im gonna go meet krista and her bf at 640 at the konkuk university stop on line 2...then were gonna go to hard rock cafe seoul. it'll be fun :) hmmm im trying to bring another person with me so i dont feel like such a 3rd wheel, even though wer're meeting up coz of me. sigh. so lonely sometimes. korea is such a couple place. sucks.

anyway, gonna go get dressed now, im only wearing a towel....teeheeheee *blush*
10:30pm 03/08/2005
mood: hungry
oh man...so tired....wanna go back to sleep!!!
I'm so hungry too....i get to eat dinner with joon-sama and hatchumi soon...mmmm curry day at the cafeteria! hahaha....

hmmm only 9 more days til japan...yeyyyy im so excited!!!!

i just need to make sure i dont run out of money hehe. hmmmm....i think the rest of my time here, i will only spend money on food haha....damn...

My final days in korea schedule:
but tonight im meeting with Mihyun...yey!!
friday im meeting with krista
saturday not sure what im doing...finishing shopping, and studying
sunday im meeting with dusaeng to get new glasses and a haircut...shh!
monday is my huge exam!! ahhh!!!
tuesday..no idea whats gonna happen...hmm gonna finish packing
wednesday is the commencement ceremony
thursday i check out from the dorm and go to incheon with krista helping me to go stay at my hotel until
friday when i leave for japan!!! nippon hair, flight #9696 @1:20pm...YEYYYY

then i spend 6 wonderful days in japan...going to go to: osaka, tokushima, takamatsu, okayama for a little bit, then himeji, kobe, back to osaka...mmm sounds great!

anyway...mmm time to go eat haha joon sama is waiting haha
12:15am 30/07/2005
mood: awake
Well, it's about 1pm, and I just woke up...mmm good sleep.

Now i'm eating some yummy strawberry yogurt, a couple cookies and drinking coffee.

I wonder what i'm gonna do today. I dont have anything until like 5 or 6pm when hatsumi and her Aunt want to do something? actually she said it'd be tomorrow, so what the hell am i gonna do today? ugh so bored already, and its a nice day outside!!!

I also ran out of money last night, and i owe 26,000W to two friends, so i should pay them back. Last night i also finally remembered my login name to pay my credit card [i hate late charges], so i did that.

Damn, what should I dooo....I should call some of my korean friends and see if they wanna go out....sigh...so bored :P
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What a day....   
01:19am 29/07/2005
mood: moody
music: The Shins - One by One All Day
Today was a weird day

I didnt have my korean class, so i was done @2pm.

I was supposed to have a presentation for my korean business ethics class, but that didnt happen. hehe ;)

Then I went to the post office on campus and mailed out 18 postcards and 1 letter.
The locations to which they were sent are:
14 - America
2 - Germany
1 - Australia
1 - Japan and 1 letter.
Either....I must have a lot of friends or I'm just really friendly. According to my friends here its both. I took a photo of all the postcards together before i mailed them. hehe.

Then I went to the campus store and bought paraphanalia from Yonsei University. Some stuff for me and my family.

I came back to my room at about 4pm-ish...I was supposed to go with hatsumi to eat ramen with some people, i looked out my window and "what? she left without me!?" i thought as i saw this girl that looks like hatsumi leave. i thought it was her so then i would just go meet her at the ramen place. Turns out it wasn't her coz like 10mins after that she called me, she said she was in the lobby, and i had been calling her room. so we went to the ramen place

we were just there a few days ago, and i really didnt feel like eating ramen again. yet actually when i got it, it tasted realllly good, and i was quite hungry. so i ordered miso ramen [minus the beansprouts]. it was good. our korean friend jessica joined us. another friend of ours, Minhyub, was also supposed to join us, but he was extremely late, and he had hatsumi's camera that had jsut been fixed [and he wanted his money]. anyway, so after we ate, jessica had to go to her japanese class for 6:30, so she left, then hatsumi and i decided we would go to namdaemun. keep in mind minhyub was no where in sight and it was almost 7pm.

So, we call him again - no answer. so we hop on the train to city hall, then transfer to seoul station. We also saw some people from the I-house, this tall skinny guy who happens to be from michigan, [but i forgot his name] and some girl whose names eunnis, holding hands. a bit of a shock...but man...everyone hooked up. hmm anyway, so we get out of the exit and hatsumi decides we need to go to the payphone and call minhyub again. so we do. ok, so now from sinchon he's coming to seoul station again...sigh. so then we wait for 20mins more when he comes to seoul station exit 4. so he finally makes it, hatsumi pays him his 75,000W for getting it fixed [her second time dropping it she told me]. oy vey.

now, minhyub's with us...so he's like "oh, i wanna join you in namdaemun"...so we go shopping there. i wasnt planning on buying ANYTHING. hmmm...well, at first i bought a cute pair of heels for only 9,000W. very cute i must add. then we were walking around more and i found this shop that i bought some wallets from. the guy there clearly remembers me. and i mention i want a suitcase. so he leads me up to the attic of this store. i was just planning on looking at them and such. i wanted the big ones, on wheels that are hard plastic. most of the japanese use them, theyre quite good.

In itaewon they told me 85,000W for a suitcase, but they embroidered some kinda special thing to the handle tag, i dunno.. pff whatev! and then one of my first times to namdaemun they told me 65,000W. A week or two ago, i was back in namdaemun and i asked a guy how much for his suitcase similar to the one i wanted. Then that guy told me 50,000W. However today something went different. I bought some stuff from this one guy before, the wallets, and he told me 55,000W....but i said "oh come on, you remember me, i came back! aren't i cute?" and he said in japanese [haha]..."oh you are so cute and beautiful"....so i got this really kickass green suitcase.

And minhyub was around, so i told him "be a man, and carry my suitcase"...haha, and he did. :P he carried it around namdaemun for me, and all through seoul station coz he said he parked his car near there. that was convenient!

so we got in his car. pretty nice car! he just got his license he said. well, at first i wasn't too worried. but then, i found out that i was. how did this guy get a license? i was worried for my life the whole way home! haha. he went down a one way street, almost hit some things. holy...i wont even go on. but hey he was nice enough to drive us back to school. so that was good. and then when he went to move his car for us to get out, his left front tire went over the curb and made this horrible sound. i felt bad for the car.

Hatsumi and i got out of the car, about to kiss the ground! we were glad to be alive but also worried for minhyub's safety and the safety of others, if you will. so we watched as he left, worried, but he got back on the road ok....so it seemed.

The small supermarket/convenience store is nearby. so Hatsumi and i went there, bought some stuff. I got some delicious strawberry yogurt, some microwavable rice and curry stuff so i can have some small dinner sometime without havin to pay outside haha. then some sweet tasty stuff, a bottle of 2% korean peach water like drink [thats delicious!!!], some cute socks i've been wanting and a cute letter set that said "green tea" on it, hehe. Hatsumi got some stuff she normally does like yogurt and some stuff for her workshop tomorrow. Why am i telling you what she bought? hmm coz i remember, thats why!!!....

We made it home, and i was putting away my stuff and i realized that one of my yogurts was broken and making yuck all over! so, ugh i had to put it in a bag and chug back to the store to exchange it. That only took 10mins thankfully, but I would have rather been showering.

By the time I'm finally writing this entry, which has taken about a good 20mins, it's about 1:10am. So I hope you enjoyed it.

My shower was great, and now the special person i was waiting for has come online now. So, i've told the whole story of today.

About a Good Chingu   
06:55am 27/07/2005
mood: depressed
music: Linkin Park - Hit the Floor
So, I've been in korea for 5 almost 6 weeks now. I've been living in the dorm here, lots of students from all over the US. I've made many good friends here who i love a lot. But i must say, one of them stands out a lot, sometimes she can be an ass [but all in good fun] but she's just an awesome girl. I'm really quite depressed right now coz i had plans today kinda and they all fell through, that and a certain someone hasnt been online all day and i don't have a phone card right now to call them. so i've been bored all damn day. I started writing some postcards to send to my friends/fam in diff places in the world. But now i'm finally gonna go out even though its almost 8pm with jessica. hmmm, im gonna miss her so much when i leave here. I wish i could take her with me, but she'll always be a good friend, and our time together means a lot.

god that sounded sappy, but whatever. im gonna go now, i gotta meet her in the lobby.
Sae Chingu!   
02:39pm 26/07/2005
mood: giggly
music: The Beta Band - Space
Today after class I hung out with 2 totally cool girls!

-Kim Mihyun
-Han Boyeon

i met mihyun last saturday after the DMZ tour, at the chicken place we ate at, she's a really neat person. she speaks fluent english, as far as i can tell fluent japanese [she's taking the proficiency test soon] and obviously fluent korean...she's amazing. she also works for PR agency near Gwanghwamun station on the pink line 5.

so today she brought along her friend boyeon. they are co workers. boyeon speaks pretty good english too, she's so nice! im so glad i met them.

we had fun together...we met at gwanghwamun station and then took a bus to gangnam. there we had dinner, it was like a hot pot food. i wanted the ham&kimchi one...came with noodles in there...and then rice and other side dishes. it was so tasty!

then we walked around and briefly went shopping, then we took PuriKura...also known in korean as "stiker sajin" i think...hehe...then we went to RED MANGO!! which has the best yogurt, and yogurt with ice flakes which is known as "bing soo" hehe...so tasty!!!

anyway...so we did that and by then it was like 11:15pm...so we decided its time to go back home! so we left....i took the subway back to sinchon, green line stop number 240 and then the bus #7736 back to the dorm 'kisooksa' in korean hehe...talked with jessica...made it up to my room, eventually took a shower and now talking to my namjachingu...anyway...this has been a fun day, im glad i met some nice girls like Mihyun and Boyeon.

nihon countdown: 16 days
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The hover hole   
09:29pm 25/07/2005
mood: accomplished
in asia, women get holes to pee in...

however, squatting down to do a #2 is really not fun....i just experienced it for myself yesterday and i was uncomfortable....but i did feel a lot of relief haha....thank god i could balance myself!!!!
The DMZ   
02:47am 23/07/2005
mood: exhausted
The dividing line between North and South Korea aka DMZ aka the 38th Parallel

to start off the day, i only had 3 hours of sleep. hatsumi called to wake me up, then i got dressed and had some delicious baked goods for a quick breakfast. DELICIOUS!!!...then ran quick to the bus and the station...we were still late in getting to the tour bus...but they waited thankfully!

i just walked home in weather thats about 102F or 92F without the heat index. its hazy and has 55% humidity...dear god...i sweated A LOT...crazy seoul, south korea. so damn hot. the rainy season just ended so now its really hot.

Today i went to the DMZ [de-militarized zone] aka the 38th parallel. it was pretty cool...kinda scary with all the barbed wire and soldiers around! and of course hatsumi, anh, and jessica [not sure her real korean name] picked the hottest day EVER...as you read earlier its like 102F outside...holy schnikeys! anyway, going there was scary and sad. because of all the soldiers and barbed wire, all the restrictions on cameras and the like. but its also very sad because thinking of all the poor opressed north korean people across the line. and that damn dictator! why would anyone want to keep their people in such a horrible condition? i dont get it. ugh, i wish everything with that would just get better. but i still like south korea.

i was so close to north korea! i could see part of it through the haze! how crazy is that!?!?! all those times you see it on tv, in a magazine/newspaper, internet wherever, I WAS THERE TODAY!!! - and i bought some postcards ;)

i ended up buying a $42 amethist necklace ...damn them, the amethyst is from the moutains in korea, so its real, and real silver chain and around it...pretty purple things esp shiny ones make me drool. so i guess its a good souvineer...i also got them to give me an extra long chain, coz the one that was on there was crappy and short. yeah...so that was great.

and then all of us went to eat dakkalbi [which is spicy chicken and stuff that cooks in front of you]. it was tasty, then i came back coz it was far too hot to go anywhere else. on the way back i also got some free ice cream as well as a free bottle of tea and a photo with a guy wearing a huge bottle of tea costume. hahaha omg hilarious. and i also got a photo of a cute mommy and cute baby kid. then a photo of a pretty flower. all while sweating profusely!....i learned in japanese..... "ase ga kaita" ....saite...damn weather....

korea is awesome. thats all i got to say!
10:32pm 19/07/2005
mood: happy
OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!!! happy 28th birthday!!!