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KaCi's Journal

3rd February, 2003. 5:38 pm. Stressed

Ok so this day was MEST!
First off, I came to school down cuz'...well, I don't really know. THEN Molly told me that she told Bryan off last night for me. FOR ME but I didn't ask her to! So that got me even worse. Then I saw Bryan over withthe seventh graders. I really couldn't make myself look over their anymore than that cuz' I felt so bad. Anywayz this is what she told him:
SuMalpHa525: tryin to figure out why this chick says i should say srry
to u and kayz
SuMalpHa525: and she says.................................

SuMalpHa525(Bryan): that i embarassed u and her and "led u down" by makin u
think that i likes u guys.............but shes wack
kickFLIPbarbie21(Molly): ooo
SuMalpHa525: u tellin her everything
kickFLIPbarbie21: excuse me?
SuMalpHa525: nm
kickFLIPbarbie21: oooooooooook
kickFLIPbarbie21: n e way
SuMalpHa525: im so pissed
kickFLIPbarbie21: i figure
kickFLIPbarbie21: n e wayz
SuMalpHa525: u know xactly who that was too
kickFLIPbarbie21: friend tell u my
reason...(it was actaully 4 kc) wud b to let her down..ya gunna
try to b nice about this..
kickFLIPbarbie21: but wen u talk to a girl...we usually DONT like it wen
u talk about how u MAKE OUT woth a chick...ESPECIALLY wen they have a
VERY SMALL but vulnerable thing for u
SuMalpHa525: ooooooook
SuMalpHa525: i neva talked bout makin out wit her tho
kickFLIPbarbie21: yeah u was a while bak
kickFLIPbarbie21: i dont mean to b a partee pooper...but im just stickin
up for her
SuMalpHa525: actually.............i dont remember
SuMalpHa525: i know
SuMalpHa525: and i dont have a prob wit dat
kickFLIPbarbie21: ok
kickFLIPbarbie21: thank you
SuMalpHa525: sure
kickFLIPbarbie21: well, u sedd u met a carmikeal..and that u met, and
she had a nice "rack" and...u mad out..she was over here
kickFLIPbarbie21: but its all over now
SuMalpHa525: yea
SuMalpHa525: i g2g
SuMalpHa525: laterz
kickFLIPbarbie21: so consider the tale told
kickFLIPbarbie21: kk
kickFLIPbarbie21: c ya l8er
See? She said it was for me but that's not even how I feel...I'm sorry but it isn't. And everyone said that Bryan gave me dirty looks today. But I didn't do anything! And Bryan, if you ever read this, I'm sorry. And I really need to talk to you.

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1st February, 2003. 7:08 pm. Ticky Ticky

Hey...I'm bored as hell and I'm talking to Hana on the net, no one else is on believe it or not. At FYE there was one GC sticker left. I almost got it, then decided on shirt from's blue and has a star on it like the one that Pierre has on the back of the Simple Plan CD...check it out. Waiting for Molly to get on the net. And Aly. And Franni, though she wont be on much cuz' she's in trouble. Maybe it was from sneaking into the Battle of the Bands...who knows, she's pretty bad( jk jk). Maybe she drove to Waldorfy and raped Paul....ok ok baad thought but knowing her that could happen. Im kidding, don't worry LOL. My sisters horse trainer is downstairs watching one of her horsey vids, Shea's on the phone with Daryl. Dur I thought they broke up...Seems they spend more time with one another NOW than they did when they were together...strange people they is. Ok now microwave is going, Vicki must be getting something to eat. Making herself at home eh? LOL Joel e-mailed me back yesterday, seems he got a new book. Now that's something for Paul to be proud of. JK JK. They all just got back from Europe tour with Sum41, so he's real tired I'm bettin'.

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1st February, 2003. 5:09 pm. Bored

Hey, nothin's going on today...cept' Hana and I went to the centre to people-watch cuz' we were yea, we're sittin on the bench, watchin' everyone go by...preps...pajama dudes...workers...goths...punks...old people. Ok so we're sittin there, diagonal from these two punk-ish dudes. So he turnes around and asks me "are you goth?" so of course I say "No." He turns back to his friend. Then two seconds later "Are you christian?". I answer "Yeah." So he turns back. Theeeen "Are you lying?" and of course, "No." So I thought 'Ok, that's the end of that.' So Hana and I get up, walk to another bench, and people watch from there. THEN we pass the guys, and they're with these slutty preppy chicks. Then they have the nerve to call out "Hey Goth Chicks!! Heeeey!!!"...we walked away and while we were walking away I gave the dude the finger. Well, that's my day, don't wear it out!

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